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There are lots of scams in the writing industry today. They claim to offer quality services, but most of them don’t give hoots about quality – they’re after your money! However, this doesn’t mean that legit and trustworthy writing services do not exist. There are many of them. But what does our UKwritings review say about this writing service? Are they worth your time and money? Read on to find out!

If you want to know how reliable any writing service is, first check their customers’ reviews. However, you cannot trust a writing service simply by reading random reviews. Some scams hire lots of people to drop five-star reviews for them. Is this the case with UKwritings? We are about to find out!

In this article, we’ll be sharing our unbiased review of UKwritings. In this UKwritings review, we’ll be discussing several aspects of the business such as their “About,” Types of services, Quality, Prices and Payment, Guarantees, Customer Support, Pros, Cons, and Verdict.

This review covers the most important aspects of all writing services. Let’s see what UK writings have to offer and help you decide if it’s worth your time and money!

UKwritings is an online writing service that claims to provide academic assistance to students in the UK. But are they legit? And do they know their onions? Well, let’s find out.

UK writings seem to have an online reputation for poor quality. However, their review says slightly otherwise, with a rating of 4.13/5 stars. This is not farfetched; UKwritings has just 54 reviews on the site, so most of the reviews may have been engineered. Moreover, another site review scores them 2.9/10.

Although the positive UKwritings reviews may have been engineered, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and go on with the review. Who knows if the negative reviews were engineered, too, right?

We must admit that their website looks really cool and user-friendly. It’s something that will help you quickly decide what you need. No hassles. And at least you get your paper, so no, they are not scams in that sense. But you may not get what you bargained for – late delivery, poor quality, etc.

Let’s go on to see other aspects of this writing service that are worth checking. You ready?
Types of services

Let’s proceed in this UK writings review by checking out the services this writing company offers. This will help you to quickly decide if they are in the best position or not to help you in the first place. From the website, we see that they offer several academic services to students. These services are:
  1. Academic Paper Writing
  2. Rewriting
  3. Math/Economics/Physics/Statistics Problems
  4. Proofreading
  5. Editing
  6. Copywriting
  7. Admission Services
  8. Dissertation Services
  9. Resume/CV services
  10. Multiple Choice Questions.
  UKwritings offers so many services that it’s hard to tell if they have their audience clearly defined! Copywriting? Admission Services? They help students starting from GCSE/A-level up to Doctoral students. It all looks pretty funny and shady at the same time. But let’s proceed with other aspects of the review.


What can we say about the quality of papers received from UKwritings? Well, we can say that this writing service is average at best. You won’t be wowed by what they deliver, so it’s best not to raise your hopes high.

But we’re not the only one that has this to say. The internet is dotted with complaints about how bad this writing service is. One bitter student claimed the writers were not English natives and that they messed her about. Another claimed to have ordered for 1000+ words article and got only 514 words. He submitted it for review, and it took forever.

UKwritings claim to hire qualified researchers, writers, and editors. But most clients think that they are far from qualified. Many customers claim not to get the grades they want. Some claim to have scored 0% (because the writer wrote something entirely different than was asked); others 20%, and the list goes on.

Many other reviews claim that they received awesome papers. The writing service is absolutely brilliant and delivers on time. Could these disparities be a mere difference in the writers that handled the projects? Or does it go deeper than this?

This writing service allows for clients and writers to communicate, allowing for better collaboration. You can request a writer from their list of writers. And thankfully, this comes with a kind of filter system where you can streamline your search and choose the writer you want. But some clients have complained that the writers chat like bots. Or did they use bots?

We cannot guarantee excellent quality from this writing service. But let’s check if they have strengths in other areas.
Prices and Payment

One thing seems to remain consistent in most UKwritings reviews. And that is that the price for their services is slightly on the high side. And they don’t deny it. If you check the “writers” section on their website, you’ll see a statement where they mention that they are sure you’ll not want to go for the cheapest-priced writing service. Instead, they believe that you’ll be willing to pay more and have experts working on your paper.

UKwritings charge different prices for different academic levels. But let’s take a typical undergraduate student who wants to get his academic paper done. Such students will have to pay £13.95 ($18.99) per page for a paper that takes 14 days to deliver. And if it’s an emergency and the student wants to get it done in 3 hours? Such students will pay a whooping £30.20 ($41.12) per page. Looks like they are out to rip off students. We wouldn’t pay this with the mixed reviews online. However, they promise a 16% discount on your first order. Still on the high side, though.

You’ll have to pay the full amount before you can proceed to place your order. And if you want a US writer to do the paper for you, you’ll have to pay 10% more of the total order. They even have different prices for different papers. For example, if you want to write an e-commerce paper, you’ll pay $21.99 per page for a 14-day delivery period. However, if you need medical paper, you’ll pay $26.99 per page for a 14-day delivery period. And an engineering paper? $31.99 per page, with all other criteria being the same. Woah!

They have several payment options such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Wire Transfer.



The UKwritings service has several guarantees. These guarantees include:
  • Limitless Amendments
We see that they guarantee limitless amendments. This means they can help you revise your paper over and over again. But from the reviews we see, this can take forever. A reviewer stated that he paid for urgent delivery, and they delivered less than half the job. When he submitted it for revision, they kept extending the time by one hour, and he still hadn’t gotten his paper after 24 hours. Deadline missed.
  • Plagiarism-free Paper Guarantee
UKwritings assure you of 100% plagiarism-free papers. There was hardly any bad review about receiving plagiarized papers. So, they seem to write custom papers always.
  • Money-Back Guarantee
UKwritings assures users of a money-back guarantee. People who had asked to request refunds due to the poor quality of jobs received only a 50% refund.

UKwritings uses a live chat system. You can also place a call directly to them. They seem to shine in this aspect as people tend to get feedback from customer support. Most of the reviews about customer support are positive, even for reviewers who were dissatisfied with the paper delivered.


Although this service is hardly unique, they do have some pros, which include:
  • Picking and communicating with a writer directly
  • Plagiarism-free papers
  • Awesome customer service


Here are some of the cons of choosing UKwritings.
  • Overly expensive to use
  • Missed deadlines (a customer complained of a 3-day deadline taking more than 8 days to deliver).
  • Shady money-back guarantee
  • Poor-quality papers
  • Revisions could take forever.

So, what’s our final verdict on UKwritings? First, we established that this writing service is not a scam and their website is user-friendly. UKwritings ranks 135th among the writing services online. Therefore, overall, this writing service is average at best. They still have a long way to go if customer satisfaction is their priority.

One major drawback of choosing this service is their exorbitantly high price and the large disparity in pricing systems. The price wouldn’t have been a problem if they delivered excellent services as promised. But this is not the case.

The fact that they delivered articles without regard for the deadline is very repelling. Deadlines are very important – everyone seems to know this. But it seems UKwritings simply doesn’t care. A review stated that UKwritings kept extending the time for a 3-day deadline paper by one hour, but after 5 days, the client had still not received her order.

One of the positive features that stands out is their plagiarism-free papers and customer support service. But of what use is good customer support if students cannot get their papers delivered as and when due? Nothing if you asked us. It’s like having a friend you can whine to but who cannot do anything to help you. Maybe that helps at times.

We can hardly recommend this writing service. If you’d like to see our recommendations, you can check out these top assignment services!
What is UKwritings?
UKwritings is a writing service platform basically for UK college students. Their services include; editing, proofreading, assignments, dissertations, etc. Since it is owned by the same company that runs GrabMyEssay (a poorly reviewed writing site), it is natural to assume that the platform offers the same writing quality.
Is plagiarism-free?
Reports show that contrary to the platforms’ claim of having UK and US writers on their team, they have non-native writers who often plagiarise or paraphrase the content.
Is a good writing service?
One client noted that the article he ordered was written so simply, it lacked structure. We cannot say it is a bad writing service, but with consistent reports of poorly written and plagiarized content, we also cannot say that it is not.
Is safe?
There is always a risk. There is always the possibility of getting what you ordered Vs what you got, not receiving a refund, or receiving less of what is expected. Furthermore, a complicated order form process such as is visible on the website might pose problems of insecurity.
Is UKwritings scam?
The platform has less than 3 years of experience in the writing industry, its reputation so far has been far from perfect. When content is paraphrased, reviews faked and profiling of writers faked as well, it might be assumed that such a platform is a scam.
Is UKwritings legit?
Although the free revision feature makes it possible for clients to request as many revisions as possible, sometimes these free revisions are no help in making the order better.
Is UKwritings reliable?
It would seem that the company’s conditions for their refund policy have little or no consideration for their clients. It has also been reported that the platform is not as student-friendly as it claims to be because of its high pricing policy.
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