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Are you a student trying to find the best essay writing service? This is similar to finding all other types of services. You want a reliable service that can offer what you need at an affordable price. There are so many essay writing sites on the web to choose from and it may be challenging to pick one. If you have searched well enough, you would have come across my essay geek. Is this the best service provider in the industry? Read this my essay geeks reviews.

MyEssayGeek is a writing services company that offers academic writing services to students around the world. Also, the company’s custom writing services aim to provide personal statements, academic essays, admission essays, research papers, thesis, term papers, and dissertation among others. The company has a team of writers as well as administrator to serve their client base.
Types of services

On the site, you can see the types of essays handled by the writers. They include:
  • Academic essays
  • Psychology essays
  • History essays
  • Scholarship essays
  • Nurse essays
  • Business essays
  • Management MBA essays
  • Admission essays
  • School essays
  • Marketing essays
  • Law essays
  • Literature essays
  • Application essays
  • Philosophy essays
  • English essays
  • Sociology essays
  • Quality

    MyEssayGeek has a team of stellar writers. They have been handpicked from top universities, and all hold graduate-level degrees. Some hold MBAs and Mas with Ph.D. holders in the team as well. The company assigns all papers to writers with relevant expertise. This is crucial for students who want top-quality essays within a short deadline.
    Writers with the requisite qualifications do not need to read so much or research excessively before starting the paper. This is because they have the required knowledge as well as experience on the subject to move through the writing stages faster. An experienced academic writer is a lot faster than a freelance writer. From reviews on the internet on this service, the quality of the work on this platform is top-notch. It is also clear that the site offers revisions where necessary, and you do not need to pay for them.
    Also, other reviews show that the writers on MyEssayGeek follow instructions to the letter. The modifications needed in most articles were few, and most were fixed in no time by the writer. When it comes to grammatical errors and plagiarism, none have been found in the papers written by the writers. This proves that articles here are written from scratch.
    Prices and Payment

    Most times, when you search for a service online, you consider the quality and perhaps timely delivery. When it comes to online writing services, clients tend to consider the price. Most people that use these services are students and may tilt towards cheaper but reliable services like Dissertationexpert. Clearly, everyone wants the best work at a reasonable price after comparing other services. This site has a transparent pricing system, unlike many other sites. You get to see the cost of every service according to the level and deadline.
    Here’s a breakdown of the pricing system:
    Essay writing service
    High school essays start at $20, but this is the price for a deadline of at least 15 days. When you need a shorter deadline, perhaps around 8-14 days, the cost is $22.25. as the deadline gets shorter, the price increases. The site charges $28.60 and $33.35 when you order high school papers with a deadline of around 1-3 days and 8-23 hours respectively. College essays cost a little more than this, but it is still considered affordable by many students. For a college essay with a 15-day deadline, the price is $22. For 8-14 days deadline, it costs $24.45 while a shorter deadline of 4-7 days, costs $27.50. For a much shorter deadline of 1-3 days, MyEssayGeek charges $31.50. When you need an essay within a shorter time frame like 8-23 hours, the cost is $36.70.
    Master’s essays are more expensive as revealed on this MyEssayGeek Review. The starting price is $27.95 for a deadline of more than 15 days. For 8 – 14 days, this service costs $30.20. Other shorter deadlines such as 4 – 7days and 1 -3 days costs $34.80 and $39.00 respectively. Deadlines within 24 hours, from 8 – 23 hours are charged $45.00. For Ph.D. students, this pricing is even higher. The site charges $32 for a 15 day+ deadline. For 8 – 14 days and 4 – 7 days, the prices are $35 and $38 respectively. Then shorter deadlines between 1 – 3 days and 8 – 23 hours cost $43 and $50.
    Editing and formatting
    The pricing is a bit different for the editing and formatting services offered by the company on this Review. However, the level of education is also factored into pricing.
    For high school students who have a 15 day+ deadline, the price is just $10.00. Other students who have from 8 – 14 days are charged $11.15 while shorter deadlines from 4 – 7 days cost $12.50. Students that need editing and formatting services within 1 – 3 days and 8 – 23 hours, cost $14.30 and $16.65.
    College students can get editing and formatting services at different costs as well. The company charges $11 for 15 days+ deadlines and $12.40 for 8 – 14 days. It is a bit higher for deadlines within 4 – 7 days, the rate is $13.75 and $15.75 for 1 – 3 days. Shorter deadlines of 8 – 23 hours cost $18. 35.
    Master’s students are charged $14.80 for 15 days plus deadlines. For 8 – 14 days, they are charged $15.95 and $18.55 for 4 – 7 days. Shorter deadlines of 1 – 3 days and 8 – 23 hours cost $20.40 and $22.70 respectively.
    Ph.D. students can order editing and formatting services for a starting price of $16 for 15 days + and $17.50 for 8 – 14 days. Shorter deadlines from 4 – 7 days and 1 – 3 days cost $19 and $21.50 respectively. Instant orders for 8 – 23 hours cost $25.
    Business writing services
    The last part of the price table focuses on charges for business writing services. This service is divided into two packages; standard and premium. The deadline determines the price of these packages. The lowest price here starts at $24 for the standard package for a deadline of 15 days plus. For 8 – 14 days, you pay $27 and $30.20 for a deadline of 4 – 7 days. Shorter deadlines for 1 – 3 days and 8 – 23 hours are charged at $35 and $41.
    The premium package starts at $26.95 for 15 days plus. For 8 – 14 days and 4 – 7 days, the cost is $29 and $33.80. The prices for 1 – 3 days and 8 – 23 hours are $38 and $44. Our MyEssayGeek Review compared the prices with rates from competitors and the $20 starting prices seem a bit expensive for high school students. However, it may be a reasonable cost for an advanced essay.
    On the price page, there is a ‘juicy discount’ offer but there is no list of what this entails. It is safe to assume that this offer is only applicable when you make orders with 15 days plus a deadline.
    The page doesn’t also list the refund process. However, there haven’t been complaints in this regard.


    Is my essay geeks legit? Well, this professional essay writing service can help you with your assignment. Myessaygeek review reveals that students get quality written papers at affordable prices. Besides, the value offered by the experts, you still enjoy other benefits when you hire an expert essay writer from The professionals will deliver 100% plagiarism-free and top quality content. They can efficiently use any citation style you have requested for your essay.
    The expert writers work with the instructions you provided to deliver a customized paper to you. With the specific details for your essay, a professional will provide a quality paper that can snatch marks from your instructor. Myessaygeek professional writers deliver authentic and original content. They do not resell or copy other client’s content.
    You can hire a writer of your choice to complete your work. Constant communication with the writer will help you to monitor the progress of your paper. Myessaygeek legit writing services do not use pre-written papers or indulge in other unethical practices. Hire an expert essay writer for quality and original content at a fair price. Besides, provides fast services and 24/7 customer support.

    This MyEssayGeek Review also covered the support offered by the company. From the site, it is clear that MyEssayGeek offers a free plagiarism report, outline, bibliography, revisions, and table of contents. Also, reaching members of the support team is simplified.
    The company lists three email addresses. Also, there is a phone number to speak with any of the customer support care members. This is impressive because you can easily reach them with any queries you may have around the clock. Many sites do not leave their contact information until the user signs up or has an account with it.
    Also, you can use the live chat option to ask any questions at any time. The company has staff members who attend to clients 24/7 every day. So it doesn’t matter which time zone you live in, you can always reach the support team. This justifies the 10/10 rating for the service.


    Outstanding service: the customer support team is accommodating and friendly. The pop up when you visit the site shows new users where to find help, especially if they have questions. There are three email addresses and a phone number as well as a live chat option to contact the staff. Immediately after orders are made, the support team contacts the client. The website is easy to use: the site is simple and displays all the information you need on the tab at the top. Everything you need to know about testimonials, pricing, contact, and more.
    Also, there is information on the site for users who want to know more about the types of essays the company writes. There is a page for the offerings for potential clients as well. High-quality work: from the reviews, the quality of work from the writers here is excellent. The writers can produce decent essays within the allotted time. Respect for deadlines: users got their orders right on time and could follow up with the progress of the work beforehand.


    No provision for refund page on site: the website doesn’t list a procedure for a refund on the homepage

    MyEssayGeek is a popular provider of essay writing services. This website is easily navigable and offers valuable information openly without a requirement to sign up. The company also has a lot of capable writers that create quality work while also adhering to deadlines. Its prices are affordable for its top-notch work, and its flexibility is commendable. Some changes to the site, such as an addition of a refund page will be welcomed.
    What is is a writing service offering academic writing to students from all over the globe. The writing service is built to help make writing assignments for students in colleges easy and enjoyable for learners.
    Is plagiarism-free?
    One of the key policies of is that all work done for students must be plagiarism-free. Therefore, every paper is done from scratch, ensuring all the points on the topic are covered and written professionally.
    Is a good writing service?
    Yes, is one of the top-rated services. The outstanding services of can be seen in two ways; they work with top writers and have utmost commitment to quality. Nothing comes in between and delivering quality work.
    Is safe? is completely safe for clients who come knocking. They know that your college would not want that and, therefore, ensure that the communication and your details remain 100% confidential.
    Is a scam? is not a scam. It is one of the services trusted by students all over the glove because they always deliver top-quality work. Again, you can easily reach them via support to place orders or follow the one in progress.
    Is legit?
    Yes, is a legal online service. The service is offered in line with all the legal requirements for online learning services. Therefore, you can reach their expert writers and ask for help without worrying of breaking the law.
    Is reliable? is one of the most reliable services in the academic writing industry. Their professional writers in different fields are more qualified and faster than freelance writers, and you can count on them to get every assignment completed professionally.
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    1. These are the people who know a lot about writing essays. I had the experience of ordering essays on history, sociology, law – everything was done perfectly. The order was accepted quickly and completed on time. Yes, the price may not be the cheapest, but it’s better than rewriting the same work several times.

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