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TrustMyPaper is a writing service that claims to be the best. They write everything from research papers, articles, etc. They even make PowerPoint presentations, do editing, and proofreading. They claim to have the best academic writers on board who know their job right to left.

On searching, is TrustMyPaper legit? We found a mixed response. We had gone through their entire site and several other TrustMyPaper reviews and then to check their claims, gave them 5 research papers to write on varied topics.

We explained TrustMyPaper team everything and were assigned a writer for every different assignment. The starting process was smooth but there was turbulence later. TrustMyPaper did follow-ups with us from the beginning and then we had to stay in contact with our dedicated writers. However, when they gave us the first revision (which was free), at once it seemed neat, but when the work was submitted to us, we noticed a lot of errors.

We thus requested a revised version of 3 of the research papers. This was the follow-up that caused turbulence. The follow-up was not easy and they took days to respond. Plus they charged too much for the revision procedure. We also saw that TrustMyPaper charges more than other writing services claiming they are the best, but we were disappointed.

So let’s discuss how is TrustMyPaper in detail.
Types of services

TrustMyPaper provides almost all types of writing services to their customers. Some of these include:
  • Writing dissertations
  • Making PowerPoint presentations
  • Proofreading
  • Editing pre-written writings
  • Research and then write on relevant topics
  • Writing applications for colleges
  • Writing articles, stories, essays, etc.

So, they have writers from all around the world who write almost everything. Plus, they claim that these writers are all native-English speakers so they know their job really well.

No doubt their writing services array is vast, but to write an honest TrustMyPaper review we needed to check if their claim of having all native English writers is true or not – and we found it wasn’t. It was clearly evident from the tone of the content, that it wasn’t written by native speakers.


We would divide the quality of TrustMyPaper into two sections. One is customer service and the other is the writers. Well, to tell the truth, we found that both were mediocre. Initially, all was fine, but once we made follow-ups with them for revisions, the customer service team took a long to respond. hardly replied to our emails or entertained our calls.

Secondly, the writers had written the research paper in a very generalized and amateur way. We did not feel that any special efforts were taken. The two theses that we approved were also of mediocre quality and were restructured by us to save time and money.

So if you have a question that can I trust TrustMyPaper? You will have a 50-50 answer from us in this TrustMyPaper review.
Prices and Payment

As stated earlier, TrustMyPaper prices are higher than other writing services. Even for a week’s time, they were charging $16.55 per page. However, since their payments were high and thus we thought that they had the best writers on board- but again disappointed here too.

Moreover, the drawback of their payment procedure is that they start the work only once the complete payment is done. Although they accept payments in various modes and currencies, they don’t often come with up discounts as compared to other writing services websites.


Is TrustMyPaper legit? TrustMyPaper guarantees that they will be 24 hours at your services and won’t be resting unless you are satisfied with their work. But, we felt that only if you are the lucky ones, you may get the best writer and your work will be the best in one go, but if you are stuck like us, it will be a headache to get back to them.

Their guarantees are everything before the payment but post that, we felt they just gone with the wind. Professionalism drops instantly.

Initially, you won’t find a better talking customer service than that of TrustMyPaper but later on, when you are pointing out their mistakes, they do not want to hear. Well, that is human nature but we have paid you and you need to listen.

All we demand is qualitative work.

In the initial phase, will send you emails on updates of your work, you can even chat with your writers but once your work is delivered they will ask you for your feedback. If you are satisfied, good for you but if you are not - you got to deal with it!


We will write about the pros of TrustMyPaper only considering the initial part of their reaction. Please note that these do not apply to the entire procedure that we had to deal with. And yes, is TrustMyPaper legit? It is legit in the sense that they do have a business running on with a team, and that is also one of the pros these days. So, here is the list of pros:
  • Welcoming staff
  • Writers often understand your needs and demands
  • Deliver updates on your work
  • First free revision
  • Meet deadlines mostly
  • Sometimes delivery before the deadlines
  • They do accept reviews
These pros actually matter a lot if you get your work done by an amazing writer at and you are all satisfied. But if you get a writer who does not know his job, you are stuck in a vicious circle.


These are the points you have to keep in mind before giving TrustMyPaper your work. We would never notice the cons if we would had just gone by the designs and reviews of the site. These little points were enough for us to give them such a detailed review.
  • Work starts only after the full payment is done
  • Only the first revision is free
  • Revisions post-delivery are charged very high
  • No proper treatment of the customer post entire work is submitted
  • Long wait to receive replies and call-backs if you order a revision probe
  • Money-minded management
  • Claims that they only have native English writers (we do not agree)

If you ask us, is TrustMyPaper worth it? Our verdict about Trust My Paper will be “not exactly”. We believed in reviews and were disappointed. We were not satisfied with the way they treated us. Even if the writer did not do a good job, they did not even try to come forward and resolve the matter. Plus they kept charging us for revisions.

So, do not just completely trust reviews We would not recommend this site for their irrational behavior and the loss of time and money that they caused us. The best way out will find another service with good reviews.
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By Mark

Hi there! I am Mark. As being a part of RankMyService team my job is to provide you with qualified reviews of different writing services. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and only a few of them are certainly the ones you are looking for! My experience as an editor gave me a great ability to inspect and catch all the tiny errors and oversights and this is my weapon against wrong grammar, misspelling, logical issues, etc. Every paper should be written in a proper way! So just keep calm and let me find out whether it is a great writing service or you should pick another one.

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