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How would you feel knowing that a professor from a writing service is the one handling your assignment? Of course, you will feel happy and relaxed. Well, that’s what Unemployed Professors claim to offer their clients.

Also, a look at the company website indicated that it started operation in 2011. That's almost eight years as of the time of writing this Unemployed Professors review. The company also claims that they only hire professors and have a wide range of UnemployedProfessors across various fields. But we were not sure about these claims and were curious to find out. This company has an impressive storyline. According to the write-up on the website, they started when an unsatisfied Ph.D. student met her teacher that happened to be a professor. The professor was also unemployed and angry with his state. Thus, they got talking and later came up with an idea to launch a writing service.

So, the company is legal, not a scam. They also allow people to buy, sell, or rent textbooks online. But what we cannot say is if they have professors working for them or can consistently deliver quality papers as claimed. We didn't want to conclude based on assumption. Read further to know more about our findings.
Types of services

A look at the various services the company offers opened our eyes to so many hidden things that show that the name "Unemployed Professors" was just for marketing purposes. One of the essays requested had too many errors that made us question the attentiveness and quality of the services the company offers.

We know that top writing services never joke with proofreading and editing services, like And that’s why you can hardly spot errors in their papers. It was clear to us that the unemployed professor that handled our job wasn’t an actual professor. If he or she was, then it’s obvious the individual was not a native speaker.

Even when we requested for revision, the company did little to fix the mess. The difference was evident when we hired another professional to edit the paper. Remember, we aimed to figure out if the company “UnemployedProfessors” was a top-notch writing service as claimed. Now, judging by the type of services the company renders, we were expecting them to be more specific. And that didn’t happen. We were also not satisfied with the quality of the paper we got. That made us question if the writers were professors.

More on the quality of the output later! But if we were to rate this company looking at the academic writing services they claim to offer, they will not get more than 2/10. Their editing service seems weak, and it looked like they don't have specialists for specific fields.


The negative reviews we came across, prompted us to embark on this Unemployed Professors review. We wanted to figure out if those complaining had genuine reasons. A lot of people complained about receiving poor quality paper close to the deadlines. Some also complained that they had to spend extra-hours re-writing half of the paper they got from the company themselves.

It was horrible to see such a negative review. The reviews happened to be from unsatisfied buyers who were students. We went on with our regular activity, assigned two different papers to two writers. The first thing that impressed us was communication. We had direct contact with two of the writers, who claimed to be professors.

We assigned a different topic to the so-called professors. The first topic was super easy and straight forward. So we expected it to be completed within a short time. Our expectation regarding the quality of the output was also high. The second article was a bit tough, though we didn't expect much. We wanted to see if they can handle the challenges.

Unfortunately, Unemployed Professors gave us an awful paper. We would have failed if those papers had entered the hands of any grader. It was apparent that they didn’t bother to conduct in-depth research for both papers. And even with all the information made available, it was apparent they didn’t follow instructions at all.

Then, there were several errors in the paper that a 10-year-old would never have made. And this made us wonder if the writers were truly professors as claimed. Bottom line, if you are seeking quality paper, UnemployedProfessors is not the answer. And with regards to quality, we can only award a 3/10.
Prices and Payment

This company is nowhere near the term “simple." We had to register before we could place orders. The process was also different from what other writing services do. Another thing that made us suspicious of the company is that its pricing system is not transparent. You won’t even find information about their pricing on their homepage.

Now here is how they operate. Before any of the so-called professors can look into your paper, you have to register first. After that, you have to turn in the details of the paper and wait for bids. You will find different writers placing bids for your essay, and this ranges from $10 to $35 for each page.

So, it's easy to hire lazy, inept, and unqualified writers via this platform. Little wonder we got poor quality papers. It would be better if they could provide a pricing table and assign the best writers to any project they receive. We were also not happy that the Unemployed Professors cost for essays is on the high side. Why charge so much when there's a high chance you might deliver poor-quality paper?


We discovered that the company has a strict privacy and confidentiality policy in place. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been in business if the reverse was the case. They have never been any complaint of credit card fraud related to the company. The credit card details of those who order a paper from the company are managed by a third-party. You can make payment via various means.

However, what we figured out about the return policy of the essay professors scared us. It was apparent that even when one receives shoddy quality work, the best the unemployed professor can do is to refund part of the money, not all. And for a writing service with tons of poor quality writers, the return policy shouldn't be favorable to the writers.
So, concerning the money-back guarantee, the unemployed professor still has much work to do. It would be better if clients can receive all their hard-earned money, instead of losing part of it to a bunch of lazy and unqualified writers.

Customer support is always essential in every business. Unfortunately, many companies hire unqualified individuals to handle this sensitive area of their business. In this unemployed review, we wanted to know if that was the case with UnemployedProfessors. What we did was send multiple email messages at different time intervals.

We wanted to know if they respond quickly to inquiries and complaints. And to our surprise, the response to our question was a bit quick. But the response we got with regards to the complaint about the poorly written paper was not immediate.

It took almost three days for them to reply. And this made us believe that they were avoiding our questions. If not that we were persistent, we may not have received any reply.

Make no mistake; we liked the fact that we were able to interact with the writers. However, the customer support at essay professors is poor. We expected them to react faster when we laid our complaint about the quality of work we got. But it seemed they have already gotten used to such complaints from clients, and so were adamant. If the company claims to be available 24/7, we wouldn’t have waited that long to get a reply.


  • Safe payment system
  • Has plenty of writers
  • Intuitive interface
  • Delivers plagiarism-free papers
  • High chance of finding cheap writers


  • Registration is compulsory
  • Shady return policy
  • Poor customer support
  • Lacks pricing table

Our final thought on UnemployedProfessors is that we cannot recommend the company to anyone. Whether you are seeking Ph.D., Master's, or undergraduate-level papers, you will be better off splashing the cash elsewhere. Even with a high Unemployed Professors cost for papers, there's a high chance the quality will be below par. Plus, the scary thing is, it's impossible to get a full refund once you place an order. So, it's a huge gamble to order papers from this company. And taking everything we experienced into consideration, we can award the company a 4/10 rating.  
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By Eric

Hey! My name is Eric, and I’m one of the experts for RankMyService. I’ve been working for several writing services and used to write academic papers while I was a student, so I know the things from inside. Why am I here? The question is vital and straightforward at the same time. I see the value of the qualified work, I know how important is time management, and I know how it is necessary for students to succeed in studying. I’m quite good at these things, and it is a pleasure to help younger mates to achieve their goals!

  1. I was very impressed by the positioning of this company in the market, you usually have high hopes that if a professor is writing your work – the result would be perfect. But minuses are their costs and troubles with the deadlines. It wasn’t critical, but I guess it could be for someone else.

  2. To be honest, I expected more from the name of the company. My teacher graded the work at B, criticizing a couple of points that even I’d have noticed when writing. In general, the deadlines were met, and the support service was polite and tactful. But from the work, I got the impression that it was clearly not the professor who wrote.

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