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If you are here you are probably asking Is unemployed professors legit? Well, luckily, this article answers this question. One of the best ways to know the reliability of a service is by checking their customers’ reviews. That’s why in this article, we’ll be sharing our unbiased review about Our Unemployed Professors review covers this essay writing service under several headings: About, Types of services, Quality, Prices and Payment, Guarantees, Customer Support, Pros, Cons, and Verdict.

Our Unemployed Professors review covers all the important aspects of any academic writing service. Without further ado, let’s delve into our Unemployed Professors review and see if it’s a wise decision to outsource your essays to this academic writing service. Let’s roll! is an online essay writing service targeted at helping students write their assignments, dissertations, and many more. Their website claims to hire real-life Unemployed Professors and former ivy-league students to help students with their college papers. You might be wondering why real professors choose to work on this website. Well, so are we. Imagine your lecturer doing your homework for you? Now imagine a jobless professor who promises you writing assistance. Isn’t that fascinating? Well, we found it very amusing and unbelievable, so we decided to see it for ourselves. Do we think that part is a marketing strategy to make students believe that true professionals write their papers, but is that really the truth? Do they deliver quality work? Is there any reason to question the paper quality? Keep reading to find out.

This website has been around for about 10 years now, which is very impressive. A little search on the domain name makes us believe that it is a legit site, so the site’s authenticity is established, but there’s more!

Some of the Unemployed Professors reviews that we have come across on the internet have prompted us to carefully investigate this online academic writing service, and we would love to share our findings with you.

These Unemployed Professors reviews were given by students that they have apparently done some work for, and not many people have good things to say about this site. Apart from these reviews that we found, we did extra investigations on our own to confirm.

When you visit the website, you expect to see a professional website to give you some kind of reassurance that your paper would be handled by professionals. Still, you are met with a fun, comical website. It makes you wonder why they would do that. Is it to make them look cool?
Types of services

In this UnemployedProfessors review, the first thing we’ll be considering is the type of services they offer. From their website, you can see that they offer a range of services. The services that they offer include:
  1. Essay Writing
  2. Writing Research Papers
  3. Buying & Selling Of Textbooks
  4. Dissertation Writing
  5. Thesis Writing
  6. Editing Services
  7. Resume Writing Services
  8. Admission services
  9. Tutoring Services


From the reviews online, we see that Unemployed Professors deliver on time. Sometimes before the deadline, as agreed. However, most of the complaints were that the papers sent back to them were full of errors. Some other UnemployedProfessors reviews claim that their papers were plagiarized.

Upon placing a test order, we discovered that their bidding system isn’t as efficient as they reported it to be. You can place an order without getting a single bid for 1 hour. This simply implies that you can’t get your paper delivered promptly. If you want to get your job done on time, unemployed professors may not be your go-to plug. This impacts their level of quality of service delivery.

However, their writers, who are acclaimed unemployed professors, opt-in as writers on the platform after a thorough review. They are scrutinized and made to prove their qualification. These are just false claims. The writers on this platform do not have their degrees or country of origin stated on the site. This means you can’t get to choose the right writer for your project based on your country of origin or being a native speaker or not.

The platform also has a roster of writers, of which over 50 are active writers. These 50 active writers have completed over 100 projects. This means you can request for a specific writer to skip the imperfect bidding system- only that this comes at a higher price. Overall, if you can’t pay to request a specific writer, you have to go for the cumbersome bidding process.
Prices and Payment

How much do Unemployed Professors cost? Here, we’ll talk about the Unemployed Professors prices? Let us look at what their pricing system looks like. As we mentioned earlier, it is a bidding system. To be able to bid, you have to register a user account with them on their website. This is what gives you access to the bidding.

Like every other academic essay writing service, Unemployed professors charge per page. The Unemployed Professors average cost starts from $17 per page. The lower prices mean fewer bids, though, Sure you can start your bid at a lower price, but you might not get any bids on your jobs, so you will want to go higher.

The platform has 3 levels of writers. Gold-level writers are the new writers on unemployed professors. Though new, they have extensive teaching and writing experience. Platinum-level writers are those who have worked for the company for a long period. They also have a lot of repeat clients and customer satisfaction.

Diamond-level writers are the best writers on the platform. They deliver the finished work and have lots of successfully completed customer projects and a high level of customer satisfaction.

On the UnemployedProfessors site, after you want to pay, they ask you if you would like to pay for a VIP package or a plagiarism checker package for your job. The plagiarism checker part is questionable because they already promise custom papers. Why would you need to pay an extra $18 for a plagiarism check?

The UnemployedProfessors website claims to produce papers that pass plagiarism checkers like “Turnitin” and “Safeassign,” but they still ask you to pay? That is obviously some kind of marketing scheme.

We guess that most people that ignored this part are the ones that have complaints about plagiarized papers. You should not have to pay extra for a plagiarism checker.

Apparently, payment validates orders on the Unemployed Professors website. Unemployed Professors claim to accept payment in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherum, and others. They also accept USD via regular banking methods like credit cards and Paypal.


Expert guidance is one of the website’s assurances for students who, for whatever reason, are unable to create quality academic papers on their own. They imply that a client’s success is also their success. The website claims to engage the best essay writers and academic analysts dedicated to exceeding client expectations and meeting deadlines.

Every writer is carefully chosen, which explains why they can execute projects accurately, qualitatively, and on schedule. Other guarantees include:
  • Money-Back Guarantee
This would be a good time for us to mention that Unemployed Professors have a strict zero-refund policy. This means you cant get a refund after paying. This non-existent refund policy is definitely a red flag.
  • 100% Plagiarism-Free Guarantee
As earlier stated, Unemployed Professors guarantee their customers 100% plagiarism-free papers. Still, with the Unemployed Professors review online, it is safe to say that this guarantee holds no value.
  •  Copyright Guarantees
Unemployed Professors give their customers the right to transfer the papers made for them to third parties, which we suppose would be the client’s lecturers. But they ask you in the same clause to remember that it is for non-commercial purposes. A part of this clause that we find suspicious is asking their customers not to use this paper purchased from them to fulfill any academic course requirements. What does that mean? Students purchase these papers specifically to fulfill their course requirements. They also ask you not to mention them as the source of the paper. Again, red flag!

To access the customer support on the Unemployed Professor website, you need to create a user account. This means that only customers can reach out to them.

Any complaints you might have would have to be directed to customer care, which unfortunately is via email that takes hours to respond. Other academic writing services make use of a live chat which is faster and less frustrating.

How Does Unemployed Professors Work?

The site has an auction-style bidding design. When you place an order, you can be sure that one of the top professors will accept it because many writers bid, and you have to pick the best. You can expect delivery in a few hours for popular jobs like essays.

If you need a 50-page research paper, however, don’t make a high demand. Even the most gifted writer will require a significant amount of time to finish challenging work. Check out our best research writing services list based on how well they fared in our tests.

There are a few things to consider before placing an order:

Decide on a deadline. Consider asking your teacher for an extension if your paper is too long.

Give the writer specific instructions to understand your needs, such as whether you want your paper written in American or British English.

To place an order on the site, you must first create an account and complete the order form. Wait for authors to submit bids on your project and pick one that you like. The professor then begins working on your paper after you deposit the agreed-upon amount of money into your account. When your paper is finished, you will be notified to download it and submit it to your teacher. When you are satisfied with the paper, the money is released to the writer.

If you wish to use Unemployed Professors’ services, you must first register an account. You must fill out a registration form with your user ID, email address, and order information. To proceed, you must first enter a password. You are not required to use your real name when enrolling. It’s best to pick a unique user ID that won’t be linked to your real identity.

You cannot, however, use your account to impersonate someone else. Then your password should be quite secure. If you suspect that your password has been compromised, contact customer service right away. Because any unethical conduct on the site can expose your information to breaches, you must keep your password confidential.


As terrible as this writing service might be, there are a few pros to working with them. But does this mean that we are advising you to go work with them? We will let you decide right after you see the cons. The pros include:  
  1. They claim to have experienced writers. What better person to write a paper that is sure to get an “A” than a fellow professor, even though they are unemployed.
  1. You might get cheaper prices if you are lucky with your bidding. Since other writing services don’t offer this option, it is pretty decent.


Now for the important factor that should influence your decision-making process. Some of the cons of working with Unemployed Professors include:  
  1. There is no way to ascertain if the writers that are working for you are really qualified.
  1. Their non-existent revision policy. This means that they are under no obligation to compensate a customer if the work is unsatisfactory.
  1. They reserve the right to call off a job with their freelancer if you are not satisfied. They claim that you are solely responsible for the writer you pick to work on your paper for you.
  1. The prices are not fixed. They tend to fluctuate depending on the writer’s choice.

Now for our verdict. From all indications, is not a scam website. But we do not recommend this website for obvious reasons like their total negligence of customer satisfaction. You don’t have to risk losing your money or compromising on paper quality. You pay for quality papers, and that is what you should get... But the possibility that won’t get satisfactory results with unemployed professors writing service is very high.

The Unemployed Professors site works by asking you to put up your work auction-style and have their writers bid for it. Then, you go ahead and pick the one you would like to work with, pretty normal right?

I mean, it’s not new, but they don’t tell you that you are solely responsible for that decision and don’t have any control over their staff. One review claimed that when they contacted customer care to complain about how plagiarized the paper was, the customer support attendant that spoke to them clearly told them that it was their fault for choosing that writer and that they had to deal with the consequences of their decision. Whoops!

Does that mean that they do not check to train their writers on the common practices of commercial writing? People pay money to get custom-made papers. The websites even charge extra for a plagiarism checker, but it is clear that it is just a way to rip people off their money.

Another part is the numerous complaints that they have on the internet concerning plagiarized papers. By now you should already know the answer to your question. When you are asked, “Is unemployed professors legit? You’ll definitely have a response. It is safer for you to use your money to purchase custom papers from more reliable, trusted, and best research paper services.
What Is Unemployed Professors?
While some people find the name “unemployed professors” very unprofessional, pathetic, and suspicious, others find it humorous. This writing service platform was established in 2011 and since then has somehow managed to remain in the writing industry till date.
Is Unemployed Professors plagiarism-free?
Plagiarism-free content is often promised by such sites. Every site would claim that the content they offer is completely plagiarism-free, but complaints on their lack of uniqueness have been recorded on some third-party review sites.
Is Unemployed Professors a good writing service?
Contrary to what the platform’s name implies, most of their writers are not actual unemployed professors. While the platform does claim to have a lot of experienced writers, many of the writers' profiles are elusive with little or no information about the writer's educational background as having zero projects in their name.
Is Unemployed Professors Safe?
The platform does not have a clear revision policy. According to their Terms and Conditions, a writer would do anything to satisfy a client’s order, unfortunately, when this was test-run, the supposed writer failed to follow instructions and deliver a satisfying job.
Is Unemployed Professors Scam?
Since fixed prices are not provided prior to placing an order, It would mean that any order placed through the platform’s bidding system would be made by blind faith. Asides this, clients have made several complaints on the complexity of the platform’s ordering process.
Is Unemployed Professors Legit?
When a platform goes against the rules they provided on their Terms and Conditions, have trouble responding to a client’s cry for help and reportedly fake reviews to attract clients, it would only be natural to question the legitimacy of the platform.
Is Unemployed Professors Reliable?
Grammatical errors and broken English were noted in many of their works, upon investigative research it was discovered that approximately 23% of their audience comes from Kenya, this percentage may consist of some of their writers.
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  1. I was very impressed by the positioning of this company in the market, you usually have high hopes that if a professor is writing your work – the result would be perfect. But minuses are their costs and troubles with the deadlines. It wasn’t critical, but I guess it could be for someone else.

  2. To be honest, I expected more from the name of the company. My teacher graded the work at B, criticizing a couple of points that even I’d have noticed when writing. In general, the deadlines were met, and the support service was polite and tactful. But from the work, I got the impression that it was clearly not the professor who wrote.

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