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Every year, thousands of college and graduate students struggle with their dissertations and thesis. It has always proven to be difficult, which is very understandable from choosing a topic to writing a proposal, to data collection and analysis, drafting, revising, and then putting out the final work. Generally, writing a dissertation can take its toll, along with the pressure that accompanies it. The issue is that these problems are not peculiar to one person or a set of people. Almost every student writing a dissertation faces the same challenges. If you are thinking of getting help, by all means, go ahead. Several students reach out to online writing companies for help.

There are different stages where you might need help. You could have started but got stuck and do not know how to proceed while writing your dissertation. Or do you not even have any idea on how to go about it?
There is help for you. Have you ever heard of As the name sounds, they are a professional online service provider. They assist with writing your thesis for you with a guaranteed topnotch outcome.

While there are a lot of online writing service providers, thesishelpers are the best at what they do, and they are also very affordable. Their services cut across a wide range of subjects and courses. It is possible due to their massive pool of experts in different fields. Whatever field you find yourself, know that you are covered.
Types of services

Writing is required not just in the academic field but also in other sectors. Thesis helpers provide a wide range of services that are suited to meet your needs. So, depending on what you need the thesis for, you can be assured that there are writers who will work with you and for you to get your needs met. Whatever type of writing you need to get done, they are your go-to guys. Below is a list of some of the service which they provide:
  1. Writing Services
    The primary service offered by this platform is majorly writing. Some of the values you get for your money when you use this platform is that you get quality content well suited to you. Your work is more personalized, and it reflects your idea and newly developed ones by the writer. This skill is made possible as you get to communicate and interact with the writer all through the process. So, it is not just a copied work, and you rest assured that there is no plagiarism in your work. You should also know that the writers are all professionals in their different fields and experience with whatever topic you are bringing in. Whatever subject you need to write on, you are covered. Below is a list of the types of writing services provided by
    • Custom thesis writing
    • Thesis introduction
    • Graduate thesis writing
    • Linguistics thesis
    • Politics thesis
    • Dissertation Topics
    • Finance thesis help
    • IT thesis writing
    • MBA thesis writing
    • Bachelor thesis
    • Environmental thesis
    • Philosophy thesis
    • Ph.D. thesis help
    • Clinical psychology thesis
    • Computer thesis help
    • Macroeconomics thesis help
    • Nursing thesis help
    • Engineering thesis
    • History thesis help
  2. Editing services
    No matter how good a writer is, there is always the need to edit and proofread your work. Professionals should also do this. So, you may have written your thesis yourself and need professional help with your editing and proofreading. There are editors made available for you on this online platform. Their job is to help check for spelling and grammatical errors. They also work on sentence structure and word use and then review the overall look of the write-up. These services are affordable and available round the clock.
  3. Rewriting services
    There are situations where you need an overhaul of your thesis write-up, they’ve got you. A rewrite is fine-tuning or writing a new thesis but using the same old idea in the former. If this is the type of service you need, thesis helpers can help you out with this.


While the website is majorly useful for academic purposes, one cannot help but notice its design and how well laid out it is. The layout makes the website easy to navigate and use. A first time user doesn’t need a manual or directions to find his or her around the website. The color scheme is appealing and attractive. It is not cumbersome and too busy. The right amount of information is provided with straightforward directions. One of the primary emphasis of the website is its usability.

There are clear cut instructions on how to make an order and efficiently use the services provided. Apart from how well the website works, there is also clarity. The purpose of the website is visible from the first look. The information is straight and direct o the point. There are not too many redirections on the website. Considering the level of order, you would be hard-pressed not to want to write with them.

The quality of the content is topnotch and marketable. Their words are well researched and drafted. The quality of the website look and functionality is a reflection of the service they render as a company.
Prices and Payment

The prices are payable for the services rendered by thesis helpers vary. Even though they differ, they are affordable, so affordable that people tend to ask if the services are legit. They are real and used by a lot of people with positive testimonies. The services are usually charged per page, and prices for writing are different from those for editing and proofreading.

For writing projects, the prices start from $26.03 per page, and you could get discounted prices if you make your orders on time. For editing projects, their prices start from %17.35, while for proofreading projects, prices vary from $17.75. Discounts are made available depending on when you place your order. Considering the values you get, the prices are low. You get to work with experts in your various field. You get to choose whoever you want to work with. You also have the privilege of checking out a sample work that the writer had previously done. You also have one-on-one access with your writer—all of these at a low price.

The method of payment is also easy. In situations where the cost is high, you do not have to pay all of the money at once. This offer helps in cases of financial constraints. You can pay as the work progresses. Usually, thesis writers encourage you to pay a particular amount at the initial stage to qualify you to get a writer. You can then continue to pay in installments. Take all the time you want until your project is fully completed.

Discounts are given at a particular time. They are usually given for first orders at a specific period. You should hurry and make your order now, the earlier, the better.


The primary reason why college and graduate students patronize online writing service providers is to get quality work done. They also want maximum value and satisfaction for their money. They are some of the factors which make thesiswriters legit. Some other factors which are unique to this online platform are their ability to meet up with deadlines. Because they are professionals, they make sure that you get your work at the specified time without delay. Such information helps you to keep your mind at rest that you will turn in your work at the right time.

They also have a redo policy. In cases where you are not satisfied with the initial outcome of the job due to one reason or the other, worry not. You have the opportunity to reach out to them within the first ten days of receipt of your work. A review will be carried out while communicating with them on what you want to be added or removed from the work. You are sure to get a perfect result within those ten days. You can also be sure of the quality of work you will be getting afterward.

Some of the benefits you get from working with them are plagiarism-free work. Your ideas are also included in the work. You get to be a significant part of the project. They also have a confidentiality policy. Your business is yours and yours alone. The icing on the cake is that the platform offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If, after receiving your order, you aren’t pleased with it, which rarely happens. You will be given your money without any hassle. Or if your supervisor has gone through the thesis and finds some things missing, they can still make adjustments for you. This is within the first three months after completing your work.

Some of the data gotten from thesishelpers reviews indicate that their support system is topnotch. If you go to the website, you will notice at the right bottom of page two pop-ups—one of them indicating that they are ready to start a chat with you whenever you are.

You can get information, make complaints, or give general comments about the website and their services. While the other is for answering whatever questions you might have about the operations. These pop-ups are available all day long and are functional. It indicates that you can have 24 hours, seven days a week, access to them wherever you are. You can either put a call through to them at whatever time you need to if you require talking to a person and getting immediate feedback. You can also visit their e-mail address.

If you have complaints or you need to pass information across to or from them, they are always open to you. Their customer service is topnotch and always on the standby to help with your every need. There are provisions made available that allows you to speak with your writer at any time. Once you have an account with them, and you choose your writer, a set-up is installed. It is a private message channel with features and your account, which allows you to speak freely with them without a third party interfering.


  • Professional assistance
    According to reviews from previous users of, all of the writers are professionals in their fields. They all have long years of experience and have attained a level of expertise. It gives you more leverage as you get ideas from people in the fields and guarantees safety from scam writing.
  • Your voice is heard
    Although you do not write the thesis, you get to be carried along through the different stages of the process. The whole thesis is centered on you as much as possible and reflects your ideas. So the entire work doesn’t feel foreign to you.
  • Work confidentiality
    With this online platform, all of the details of your work and even yourself is safe from the public. There is a functioning non-disclosure rule. Only you and the writer of your choice has access to information.
  • No time boundary
    You can have access to the platform at any time and from any location. It means that you can have a person assisting you with your thesis halfway across the world.


  • Because they are humans and not machines doing the writing, mistakes are bound to happen. So it is expected that slight errors might occur.

Apart from the testimonies gotten from theisshelpers review, it is worth mentioning that this online platform is the best there is. I will give them 10/10.

It is designed to needs accordingly. Using the platform is easy. Just reach out to them and let them know what exactly you want to do. From then on, you become the one directing the motion of the project. The writing is, of course, with professional interjections from the writers. And then, you get a thoroughly researched and well-written thesis.

They are reliable, strong with years of experience to their name. They also have experienced professionals at their disposal, and a fully functional user interface and support system. They also possess an excellent payment route that guarantees the safety of funds and transactions between customers and the thesis writers.
What is is an academic writing service that is dedicated to helping students stuck with their thesis or dissertations. They have professional writers with all the experience to handle even the toughest thesis dissertations
Is plagiarism-free?
Every dissertation prepared by is original. The expert writers understand the dangers of preparing plagiarized work and go to every length to ensure that it is not just high-quality but plagiarism-free.
Is a good writing service?
It is a very good service. Since their establishment, the commitment to customer value has been outstanding. This focus on quality has won the service a lot of praise, with quality rated 10/10.
Is safe?
Another area that score awesomely is that it puts a lot of focus on safety. Their ordering portal is secure and communication channels are fully encrypted so that no one other than you can know a third party did your paper.
Is a scam?
This is not a scam. The site is real and with all the structures that are required to offer top-quality services. It has top-notch support to help you if stuck and writers committed to delivering high-quality work.
Is legit?
Yes, is legal. The site is established in line with all the applicable legal requirements. The writers are here as your helpers who only follow your instructions. Therefore, do not hesitate to use for assignment assistance.
Is reliable?
Yes, is highly reliable in the academic writing industry. In addition to working with experts, the service has a strict policy on quality, deadlines, and plagiarism. Therefore, you can only expect one thing: the best.
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