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Hey! My name is Eric, and I’m one of the experts for RankMyService. I’ve been working for several writing services and used to write academic papers while I was a student, so I know the things from inside. Why am I here? The question is vital and straightforward at the same time. I see the value of the qualified work, I know how important is time management, and I know how it is necessary for students to succeed in studying. I’m quite good at these things, and it is a pleasure to help younger mates to achieve their goals!

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Hi there! I am Mark. As being a part of RankMyService team my job is to provide you with qualified reviews of different writing services. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and only a few of them are certainly the ones you are looking for! My experience as editor gave me a great ability to inspect and catch all the tiny errors and oversights and this is my weapon against wrong grammar, misspelling, logical issues, etc. Every paper should be written in a proper way! So just keep calm and let me find out whether it is a great writing service or you should pick another one.

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Greetings! My name is Debra. For more than ten years of work with students, I have all the needed information about all types of academic papers. How should they be written, what should they be related to, what sources should be used and so on. This task is not easy but also is not impossible, so many writing services provide customers with really good pieces. There are several points that everyone should pay attention to, luckily here you can find comprehensive information about plenty of writing services. I will help you to choose the proper.


All you need is just to read through our reviews to find the truth. Here you will find reviews on the most popular writing services and receive answers for all yours questions about them. At RankMyService.com, you will meet a pool of experts who are strong and skilled in this kind of work. With their creativity, they do high-quality reviews that will help you to choose the best writing service for your purpose.


How do we make our reviews?

Everything is quite simple. We just do all things like any other customer.

First of all, we search the most popular writing platforms, look through numerous feedback and then we make an order. We order different types of academic papers to have the fulfill information about service.

Next step is to check the customer support. While the order is preparing, we find out how we can get the support: by phone, by online chat or via email. Also, we check the speed of response and whether it is available 24/7.

When the order ready, we check it. Is it written due to our instructions? Which resources were used? Was it delivered within the deadline? Is it free of plagiarism and has perfect grammar? And more questions to inspect all the details.

At last, we enclose a complete and accurate review that students can use to make the right conclusion on which company to seek help from.


What writing service criteria are the most important?

Our experts evaluate writing service by several parameters. They are Types of Service, Prices and Payment, Quality, Guarantees, Customer Support, Pros and Cons. And then the verdict comes.

The best writing service must provide customers with different types of papers. Service should be able to prepare essays, dissertations, assignments, researches, biographies, and others. Writing platform with a set of many types of academic papers is a cure to students. It is a great advantage that students can get the entire educational help without jumping from one website to another, so it is vital to have all the needed in one place. In case students find a reliable writing service, they may desire to work with them further.

The most expensive doesn’t mean the best, and the cheapest doesn’t mean the worst. So here, we want to encourage every customer to find the solution quickly. It is evident that every student needs quality writing, including those with a little budget. An excellent writing service should have the potential to provide high-quality work for affordable prices. Also, customers should have an opportunity to choose from several variants so that everyone can easily make payments.

The main purpose of students ordering their writings is to get the best grades. Quality must be at the highest level. Every custom paper delivered by writers in different services should have the following attributes: free of plagiarism, based on the client’s requirements, correct grammar, persuasive argumentation, authoritative resources.

There is hardly any task that doesn’t have a deadline. Some even have tighter periods, also though they are more complicated. There might be a penalty for failure to meeting deadlines. If there is an agreement to deliver the writing at a specified time, they must do everything possible to meet it.
The extra thing we respect in writing service is their refund policy. In case the customer wants a moneyback company should have a refund policy.

The best writing service should have customer support representatives that have sound knowledge throughout their company. Also, they should be well aware of every single feature of their website. No matter how hard the situation is, the customer service agents should be able to give the required help to customers.

The verdict contains a squeeze of all processed information so that your choice is based on real facts.

It is not a secret that studying sometimes may be quite tricky for some reasons. On the one hand it can be a lack of time due to the overall workload or combination of work and study. On the other hand, a student can be interested in several subjects, and it will be hard to do all the tasks for all of them. Moreover, everyone knows the type of teachers who say that their subject is the most important. But to be honest, it is not equitable! Because it is Sisyphus labor – to make all tasks on time. Sometimes it is just impossible. And here comes the digital era and brings affordable for every student solution – writing services.

Talking about writing services, it is crucial to mention that there is a large amount of them. They do provide different types of papers, for example, assignments, essays, researches, dissertations, etc. And here comes the right question: “Which writing service to use?”. That’s why we are here. We will separate the wheat from the chaff and help you to choose the appropriate, legit, free of plagiarism, and qualitative writing service!


So, to sum up

With a team of competent experts, we are doing our best for your success. There is no better way to decide which writing service to choose than to read through professional reviews made by competent experts. We have a strong team, defined methods, certain criteria, and a great will to find out which service is the best! Of course, you will choose the most appropriate one due to your requirements and needs.
Also, we would like to receive suggestions from you to review.
We are here at your service!