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There are numerous writing service providers on the internet. Just a simple search online will help you to find them. This post is about BestEssayTips, a company that claims to have started operation in 2005.

Also, the official website is And it's an online platform that claims to have built a strong reputation for itself. The company is set up to offer various academic help, which includes providing custom writing help for interested clients.

However, a look at the About Us page gave a clue about the owners of the company. It clearly shows that Patrick Saintsbury and Keith Adams are the founders. And according to web records, started operation by providing comprehensive guides to help with essay writing. And in the year 2010, their focus changed. moved from being a website that was offering essay writing tips to providing writing services. And today, that's what the company offers.

We also discovered that the company claims to have over 1000 qualified writers working for them. Plus, the support team also claims that the company only hires professional editors, writers, and researchers with a Master's degree or higher. But the question is, do they have quality writers as claimed? Well, talk is cheap! You will also find out before the end of this review.
Types of services

As part of our effort to offer a robust BestEssayTips review, we wanted to know the various services that offers. But we were not impressed by the outcome. They claim to provide all the different kinds of writing services, but they don't. Upon visiting the site, we only saw a handful of writing services. When we clicked to know if they offer professional editing services as other top writing services do, we were very disappointed.

We clicked "More services," and instead of getting the requested results, we got tips on how to write essays. And from the look of things, would have done better by providing writer tips, not offering writing services. The site looks attractive and professional. But it doesn't look like they mean business.

Again, how can a platform claim offer quality papers when it doesn't even render editing services? This aspect raised some questions. And even though we made an effort to know if they offer editing services, our aim was a waste. We didn't get a reasonable response even though we approached them as genuine buyers, and this was troubling.

So, it was apparent whatever we ordered from them would be laden with errors. It's not that professional writers don't make mistakes while writing. The good thing is they tend to proofread and edit ruthlessly. But it was apparent this wasn't going to happen with BestEssayTips.


The report and complaint we were getting prompted us to embark on this research to deliver an unbiased BestEssayTips review. We wanted to be sure if those complaining were doing so genuinely. The research took us to some BestEssayTips reviews, which were equally disappointing.

However, we didn't want to believe those reviewers were genuine. To us, the Best Essay Tips reviews we came across were mere assumptions. By the way, the website "" looks professional. Plus, the name "Best" made us believe that the writing service offers nothing but quality.

Now here is the shocking thing. All three essays we requested were below par. Two out of the three topics were super comfortable. It was also easy to get materials to produce quality essays on those topics. So we were expecting BestEssayTips to finish those without any challenge. But we got disappointed in the end.

We understand that one of the topics was a bit difficult. Just that we wanted to see how well they can handle such challenges. And to our greatest surprise, they failed. The paper we got was of poor quality as the first two delivered. We also noticed three things about this writing service provider that claims to be offering quality papers.

The first thing we noticed was that the majority of the writers in BestEssayTips are not native speakers. Secondly, the papers delivered had too many mistakes. Thus, submitting them would be a disaster for any student. The third was that the majority of the writers in this company are not right in the area of research. It showed in the paper delivered to us.

But then, is BestEssayTips legit? The answer is yes! The company is legit, only that they are not a top-quality writing service provider. If we had the chance to rate the quality of the paper received from the company, it would be 4/10.
Prices and Payment

Whenever we analyze the price of any writing service, our focus is always on the quality of the output. When a company charges high, it's because of the quality. You can see from the numerous BestEssayTips reviews out there that the company is fond of delivering shoddy papers. And on top of that, their prices are way too high in comparison with many services, like Assignmentgeek or Mypaperwriter services.

One might end up spending more time or hire a professional editor to get rid of the errors in their papers. So, it's a waste of resources to seek writing help from this company. We also didn't believe that anyone that's looking for a high grade will splash the cash on a highly expensive but poor quality writing service.

We also discovered that their payment option was limited to just six. These include PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Maestro. We didn't dwell much on this aspect because we believe that they will add other payment options over time. So, in the area of price, we would rate the company 4/10.


We were encouraged to discover that BestEssayTips legit claims about privacy guarantee weren't just mere claims. The company does have a strict privacy policy and guarantee in place. Outside that, we also had a look at how reliable their money-back guarantee is. Again, we were not impressed.

Every writing service provider is expected to have a definite refund policy. What's the need for withholding people's money when you cannot provide quality? We contacted and complained to support that our essays were a total disaster. And from the response, it was apparent that they weren't pleased with our refund request.

It took weeks and a massive effort to get a refund. Also, the deadline was another area of focus in this review. We wanted to know if the company is as reliable as they claim. The thing is deadlines can cause stress. That's why students are always asking to know if a writing service can meet their deadlines.

We figured out that BestEssayTips is not a reliable writing service provider. Their deliveries take longer than expected most of the time, as seen in other BestEssayTips reviews. So, if you have a short deadline to meet, it's obvious this company isn't the ideal platform for you. Anyway, they don't disappoint all the time.

In our quest to evaluate the company's customer support, we sent them a bunch of messages from different emails. Well, the reply came, only that we noticed errors in most of them this time around. The only positive thing we can say about their customer support is that they were helpful. The few responses we got showed that the support team handling the company's communications would improve over time.

Just that allowing spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in their replies wasn't a wise thing to do. It only strengthened our belief that the majority of the writers the company has are not native speakers. Even if they were, it goes to show that they have poor attention to detail. And really, it will be wrong to expect quality paper from such a company because there's a high tendency one might get disappointed.

The company also offers VIP support, which seems like the real deal. It was set up for customers who placed premium offers, not for everyone. They had VIP support for deadlines and paper quality. But we believed it was out of place to treat clients in such a manner. And this made us conclude that such a decision would serve as their excuse for the poor quality paper they deliver to their low-paying clients.


  • Professional website design
  • Website is super easy to navigate
  • VIP support for premium customers
  • Easy to make payment
  • Strict privacy guarantee 
  • No BestEssayTips scam
  • An impressive number of writers


  • It's difficult to get discounts
  • VIP support is for a few clients
  • Might not get your order at the stipulated deadline
  • Regular referencing mistakes is a big challenge
  • A high tendency for papers delivered to have quality issues

The truth is if we are to rate the overall performance of this company, then it will get a 4/10. The only good thing we liked about the company was the website design and support team. Those handling VIP support are doing a great job. But make no mistake; this support service isn't available to everyone. Again, their prices were on the high side. Why charge so much when you cannot boast of delivering quality paper?

On the other hand, we didn't come across any BestEssayTips scam, and for that, we were pleased. But saying BestEssayTips legit doesn't mean it is worth splashing the cash. The company still has a long way to go. So we can't recommend this writing company.
What is is a writing service that claims to have over 1,000 highly qualified writers at their disposal. Well, they do not. And even if they had, their writers are far from being qualified.
Is plagiarism-free? sent us plagiarized content. Their “qualified” writers did their best to hide it, but our plagiarism checker still detected it. And your school’s plagiarism checker will too!
Is a good writing service?
The content that did not appear to be plagiarized was not up to our expectations. We’ve found many grammar and spelling errors, and quite a few factual errors. The essay was subpar, unfortunately.
Is safe?
They promised to send us an amazing paper in 4 days and we paid a premium for a quick turnaround. They sent the paper after 9 days and refused to even hear about a refund. Not safe!
Is a scam?
We don’t know if it’s a scam or if they simply don’t have decent writers on their team. However, they did submit plagiarized content, finished the paper late and then refused to refund our money…
Is legit? started as a website that would list tips on how to write essay and later changed to a writing company. The founders are listed on the website, giving the service some legitimacy.
Is reliable?
No, is not reliable. The truth is that the content was poorly written and some of it was copied from other sources. The essay was unusable and we did not receive a refund.
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  1. The writer missed all the instructions provided. I even provided a sample to guide him yet he still could not format the paper accurately. It required intense editing as though it was a rewrite! Terrible services!

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