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The emergence of different writing services is not surprising. The demand for writing services is high, and more hands are needed. Interestingly, it is a profitable market for brands as students are willing to pay for academic excellence.

There are all kinds of writing services in the market. is one of the writing services available in the academic writing industry.

This writing service offers different academic writing services, including essay writing, dissertation writing, course paper, and term paper. There is also information about the ability of the writers to produce papers on different subjects. equally parades itself as the cheapest essay writing service in the industry. This claim is most likely true as the least amount on the service page is $9.

Nonetheless, it is important to know that low price is not equivalent to quality service. Hence, we need to carry out a CheapestEssay review to see if the quality of service is there. is bad in giving out information, and that is most likely the first issue with the brand. There is no data on the specific number of writers available. The only thing you will see on the webpage is an array of samples and a few writers with reviews.

This piece is an in-depth review to aid your decision. Essentially, we are trying to get you informed on the quality of the services before you make your way into it.
Types of services

This review will equally consider the available service. There is also no detailed information on the available services on the platform. The following are services as it is listed on the website;
  • Academic Writing Service
Academic writing services is a broad term. It covers all essay writing, course paper, term paper, thesis writing, and capstone project writing. The brand failed to specify which of these services is available. This act seems like a lack of transparency.
  • PowerPoint Presentation Service is loud about having a service that does PowerPoint presentations. However, we didn't find it interesting as this service is the least of services in academic writing. Many students are capable of handling this task without external aid.
  • Editing and Proofreading
Editing and proofreading service is also clearly spelled on the website. As good as this service is, it is not as important as the writer delivering quality work first. Editing and proofreading should be an extra service for an academic writing platform.
  • Other
There is a section called others on The other implies is not clear, but we think it is for a custom order. Nonetheless, there won't be a need for it if the available service has been spelled out.


Of course, you want to know about the CheapestEssay quality of service. The essence of this CheapestEssay review is also to acquaint yourself with the brand quality of service.

We are not doing this review to discredit the brand. Our sole aim is to get students informed on writing services and their quality of service. We noticed that does not have qualified writers.

The writer who wrote the paper we ordered was not in the same field. At the same time, the write-ups are filled with all kinds of errors. We rightly suggested this problem when we noticed such a low price.

We also tried to consider students' CheapestEssay reviews to give a wholesome verdict. Some claimed that the brand delivered a write-up that another client had already used. The other who claimed to have received an original paper found one or two faults in it.

It is crystal clear that the low price is paid for a poor job. Other CheapestEssay reviews complained about plagiarism and formatting. These two are the most important things academic writing services must pay attention to in the field.

We also noticed grammatical errors and spelling errors in certain assignments from CheapestEssay. Overall, the quality of service of is not quite impressive.
Prices and Payment

This review must include the price and payment option on the platform., as the name implies, is one of the cheapest academic writing services.

The least service cost is $9, which is low compared to charges from other academic writing services. An undergraduate can get a writing service for as low as $20 on

However, there is no discount or coupon code for customers. Of course, you won't expect this feature after such a low price. Unfortunately, the low price is a consolation for poor quality.


The CheapestEssay writing service guarantee is not stated clearly on the webpage. All we could see as empty and unachievable promises. The policies seem to be more favorable to the company than the user.

The brand assures customers of a high-quality paper void of error. They boast of writers with good qualifications capable of handling essays and all kinds of academic writing. Meanwhile, we found this claim to be untrue.

The CheapestEssay review policy is not solid. You can complain to the support service about the bad condition of your paper. Meanwhile, the response is very slow and frustrating. Unfortunately, you may end up getting the same rejected essay as a replacement.

There is no refund policy on the platform. CheapestEssay reviews so far indicated that no students have retrieved their money after rejecting the essays. All of these have just shown that CheapestEssay cannot be trusted. Equally, they are the same reasons students have the brand in their black books.

There is customer support available for complaints on CheapestEssay. You can access this support service via email and phone number. It would be best to use phone support as you may not respond via email. There is equally no assurance that the support agent will solve your problems.

You must know that there is no refund on this platform. You are only entitled to one revision. Asking for any more from the support agent might result in endless requests. The kudos we can give is that the support agents seem to be courteous. However, that is expected of all professional customer support agents.


  • Cheap and affordable writing service
  • Simple and easy-to-use website


  • Poor quality essays and assignments
  • Poor refund policy
  • Customers are entitled to just a review.
  • Lack of transparency about the writers and their abilities

The essence of this CheapestEssay review is to get students informed about the brand. Moreso, the review would be incomplete if we did not give a verdict. This verdict is based on the firsthand experience of the CheapestEssay.

We have also considered some other cheapest essay reviews to give an accurate verdict. We conclude that CheapestEssay is not a recommendable service. It is safe to say that the brand does come close to other top assignment writing services judging by the poor quality of the platform.

A good academic writing service must provide papers void of errors, but that is impossible with the CheapestEssay. There are complaints about formatting, plagiarism, and grammatical errors. Inability to meet deadlines is an issue sometimes.

These issues are detrimental to students' academic performance. Hence, it might not be safe for students to use this service. It is just proof that low service cost sometimes may result in low-quality service rendered.
Is CheapestEssay reliable?
We'll outrightly say that they aren't reliable. A website that lies about the capabilities of its writers and services can't be considered as a reliable service. Furthermore, we wouldn't recommend their services because they're just that bad.
Is CheapestEssay legit?
Well, they are a legitimate site. However, their refund policy isn't good. They have poor email service and although their customer service reps are attentive and nice, they don't really solve the problems you take to them.
Is CheapestEssay a scam?
Although we have a lot to complain about when it comes to their quality of service. We can't say that CheapestEssay is a scam because they actually deliver something when you pay them. However, the poor quality work they provide might be worth calling them that.
Is CheapestEssay safe?
When it comes to web security, protects its client's information very thoroughly. They use encryptions to ensure that there is no third-party interference in their website. So bank details and customer information cannot be accessed.
Is CheapestEssay a good writing service?
We wouldn't recommend CheapestEssay as a good writing service because not only do they not provide the quality of service they are paid for, their content is also full of errors and plagiarism which is not what anyone wants when they pay for essays.
Is CheapestEssay plagiarism-free?
CheapestEssay cannot guarantee that the papers they provide will be free from plagiarism. Furthermore, there's a high probability that the content will have a lot of plagiarism.
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