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Looking for help with your homework is a tedious job. Although there are hundreds of this kind of service out there, it is hard to find a writing service that offers both quality and affordability. After doing a comprehensive search for a company that provides these features, seems like a great writing company, but there are some controversial features. Paymetodoyourhomework( pay me to do your homework) is arguably the unique online writing service you can find anywhere. When you visit their site, you can find a few useful content and a video interview with the owner, Jessica Mott.
A lot of online writing services do what they do to help the student solve complicated writing issues. It is disgusting to listen to the paymetodoyourhomework CEO, stating it clearly that she does her work mainly for the money. It is shallow and shows that the company is money focused and not reliable. They also don't work with high school students who tend to need homework assistance more. Although the company is trying to elevate itself to the pinnacle of online writing service, their services are suggesting otherwise.
Types of services

Services provided by Paymetodoyourhomework are quite much. They claim to have completed more than 17,000 orders already. So, these are a list of some of the services offered;
  • Programs
    Graduate school, College undergraduate, Online degrees, MBAs, Community college, Postgraduate school
  • Homework services
    Quizzes, Assignments, Writing, Tests, Full degrees, Online classes, Full courses
  • Mathematics
    Trigonometry, Algebra, Probability, Statistics, Pre-Calc, and Calculus
  • English, Literature, and Writing
    Essays, Critical reading, Eastern Literature, Critical Writing, Grammar, English literature, Digital media, Poetry, etc.
  • Languages
    German, Russian, Latin, French, Hindi, Arabic, Chinese, and Mandarin, Portuguese, etc.
  • Education
    Services offered in this field include Secondary education, Elementary education, Clinical mental health, School counseling, Education management
  • Science
    Sciences courses offered are Physics, Biology, Anatomy, and physiology, Physical Science, Earth science, Environmental Science
  • MBA
    You can have your MBA papers on Economics, Leadership, Communication, Business analytics, Operations, Consulting
  • Business
    Business courses offered are Auditing, Cost accounting, Business Law, Management, Real estate, Banking, and the financial institution,
  • Computer science
    You can get help in computer science courses like Design patterns, Programming language, Software engineering, Networking, Operating systems, Python, MATLAB, Web development
  • Miscellaneous
    General Fields where you can also get assistance include Art, Astronomy, Law, Humanities, Neuroscience, Psychiatric, Sociology, Architecture, etc.


Students are always interested in getting the best of academic help from the homework services company. If you are hoping to get quality help, don't rely on work from paymetodoyourhomework. There is a message that reads that the company does any subject and any class going through the paymetodoyourhomework site. The company can not offer any quality help as they are too busy being 'jack of all trade, master of none.' After patronizing them for essay homework, I realized that there are a lot of errors in their work, which includes grammar, spelling, incomplete sentences, and punctuation.
Paymetodoyourhomework also needs to work on its website usability. Despite having an excellent design, options are not set properly and also not user-friendly. Words and images are just overlaying each other, which makes the content unreadable. It poses a lot of difficulty in a first time user as they will be discouraged about the quality of work that will be coming from such a poor website organization. The paymetodoyourhomework site has been deeply studied to arrive at a useful review. This includes a review of the quality, types of service, pricing, policies, and benefits. Considerations were also given to feedbacks from users both on the site and other review sites. These are the conclusions we have found.
Prices and Payment

You can get your homework prices in nothing less than 5 minutes, and can also pay in installments for big projects and comprehensive courses. Here is a price listing for all of their services.
  • Full classes
    This class starts at $99 per week. With this price, you are guaranteed an 'A' or 'B' rating. There are also payment plans available for you. You can either pay in full or in small installments. You also receive a status update every time.
  • Test and Quizzes
    The pricing for this service starts at $49 per quiz or test. You also receive an 'A' or 'B' rating on test or quiz, and a 'quick turnaround' anytime you no longer feel the need for the service.
  • Finals
    The least pricing for this is $119 per final. Although you get assistance from the best experts in your field, the price still seems a little bit too high.
  • Essay and Papers
    For a single essay or paper, you will have to pay $29 per page. For this kind of payment, paymetodoyourhomework will have to do more than just having your paper free of plagiarism. Clear errors and mistakes will have to be avoided.
  • Projects
    For every single project, you are required to pay at least $99. Your payment comes with academic assistance from an expert - not a good return for that price tag.
  • Homework
    Homework from paymetodoyourhomework will cost you nothing less than $29 per assignment. This service doesn't extend to high schools, though. The quality of the homework service given will always be in doubt as the rush to complete different homework and topics will result in errors. Paymetodoyourhomework does not offer any discount on their prices. The prices listed above are even the lowest they can offer. This pricing is way too much considering the unsatisfactory services provided. You also shouldn't expect the best quality from this site. They have too much to do, which will mostly result in half baked


Although Paymetodoyourhomework does not offer any explicit guarantee on any of their services. There are still a few guarantees placed on some of their service which includes;
  • An 'A' or 'B' rating
  • Non-plagiarized guarantee on essays and papers
  • The expert assistance of projects
  • Site protection with an SSL certificate
Aside from these few guarantees, you will be unable to get any more security. Unlike most writing services, Paymetodoyourhomework does not offer any form of refund policy for unsatisfactory work. You can not also be assured of the quality of work you will get as many paymetodoyourhomework reviews have complained of errors and mistakes in their essays and papers. A lot of students that have made use of their sites had one or two complaints ranging from inadequate research resources that are not on the same levels as promised.
There is no guarantee of revision whenever asked for, low writing quality, and not receiving an 'A' or 'B' rating as promised. Paymetodoyourhomework does not also offer a guarantee for deadlines. Although when you reach out to them, they review and tell you if they can meet with the deadline, that doesn't still mean it is a guarantee.

One of the reliable and quickest ways to get feedback and support from a company is a live chat or a phone call with customer service. Paymetodoyourhomework does not provide any of these support on the main page of their site. You will have to click on the 'terms and conditions' option before you can get the number and address of the CEO. The purpose of this lack of support is unclear, but it is a bad reputation for a company not to have around-the-clock customer service. Although you can place your complaints through their email, there is still not a guarantee that you will get a quick response. You can not even find an 'order' button on the site. You will have to click the 'get a free quote' button, where you will be required to provide details of what you want.


  • Site protection
    With an SSL certification, you can rest assured that they are legit. This measure also protects the site against scam activities that might want to jeopardize the privacy of their customers.
  • 'A' or 'B' rating
    One of the visible features on the site is an 'A' or 'B' rating on any of their work. Although this has not been fulfilled as promised, you can still be open-minded to have such quality paper.
  • Payment options
    Paymetodoyourhomework offers different payment plans to make it easy for you. You can choose to pay in full for a service or in small installments.
  • Provision of professional writers
    One of the benefits promised on the site is having your paper handled by an expert. Although this is only promised for high pricing services, it is still a plus for the company.


  • High prices
    The prices placed on their services are outrageous. Paying $29 per page of an essay paper is too high. With no discount offered, this site cannot be seen as a beneficial service.
  • No clear customer support
    It is one of the shortcomings of this site. They don't have real-time customer support to address any of the problems that may arise from their service. This lack may result from breaking down of interests.
  • The priority of money over quality
    There is a lot of information to suggest that the site is more concerned about the money than the quality they are offering - the no discount policy, no refund policy, high price tags, and less guarantee on quality. It is easy to conclude that paymetodoyourhomework offers less help.
  • Complicated website
    This problem is one of the reasons paymetodoyourhomework may not be the best site to get a solution for your homework. A site that is not user friendly is not something to rely on. It isn't easy to know what options to click on as the content and images and not properly organized.

Paymetodoyourhomework is undoubtedly a platform where you can get most of your homework done. They offer services in practically all the academic fields. But what makes the site awesome is also what constitutes to their undoing. Their non-user-friendly site makes it difficult for navigation, and it is not good enough for their reputation. If they are going to attract more users, their site will have to be worked on to fix, mostly, the overlaying of content and images. We cannot also rate paymetodoyourhomework highly because of the quality of their services. It may be because users do not get the assistance of experts promised on the site. This problem may decrease how people use the site. It can also affect how much people rely on them to solve their homework.
There is also the issue of the high price tag on their services. With no discounts or refund policy, these prices seem too high, especially for students who are not financially stable. If you are to be making use of paymetodoyourhomework, you will have to do with all these issues. There is a risk in everything. It is good to know beforehand what you are getting yourself into, though. There are other online writing services you can check, since making use of paymetodoyourhomework is not the best option.
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Greetings! My name is Debra. For more than ten years of work with students, I have all the needed information about all types of academic papers. How should they be written, what should they be related to, what sources should be used, and so on. This task is not easy but also is not impossible, so many writing services provide customers with really good pieces. There are several points that everyone should pay attention to, luckily here you can find comprehensive information about plenty of writing services. I will help you to choose the proper one.

  1. I used PayMeToDoYourHomework several times, half were successful, half were not. I cannot call their work terrible, but works on literature and algebra had to be corrected. Thanks that the support service was loyal and accommodated.

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