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We understand how hard it can be to sift through the numerous 'expert' paper writing sites these days. While it's hard, you don't want to give your assignment to a writer that will get you a poor mark or worse get you punished for plagiarism. We understand your plight.

We have seen students struggle to choose a reliable site for their papers, dissertations, and theses. We want to take that burden away from you and help you know what you are getting into before you commit your money.

Have you heard about Maybe a friend of yours gave you a positive Paperell review, but you’re still wondering whether you should trust their judgment? We can help you clear your doubts and know the facts about this site.

We will answer your questions on whether it is safe and legit in this review. Stay with us! is an essay writing site that helps you to write your assignment, dissertation, theses, and many other types of papers for a fee. The company hires professional writers who are experts in their chosen field of studies to help you with your work.

This website is owned by people who most likely understand your plight, no matter the challenge with your assignment. We learned that they started the site as students when they helped each other with their assignments.

After seeing the success of the system they created, they decided to extend it to every student who might need help with an assignment. Their objectives are to maintain the standard of writing, provide a fair price for students and writers, and reach as many people worldwide as possible.

The website is on its way to achieving these goals already. It only has a small percentage of 0.05 drafts returned for revision. The customer support is 24/7. Clients can always talk to someone.

The best part is that students have a 100% money-back guarantee if they're unsatisfied. They also promise zero plagiarism and complete confidentiality.

With all these qualities, it might seem unnecessary to ask the question, “Can I trust” or “Is Paperell a scam?" But, we understand that you still need to ask, and that's why we did some further digging for this Paperell review.

You have to read all we found and learn more about the website before paying for an essay!
Types of services

One of the big questions you might have in your mind right now is the types of services offered on this site. Knowing the type of services they offer will help you know if the site is for you at all, or you shouldn't even waste your time reading more into the program. Check out the list of services below;
  • Essay
  • Case Study
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Book Report
  • Research Paper
  • Lab Report
  • Coursework
  • Term Reports
This list of services is not exhaustive, though. They also provide editing and proofreading services. You could also contact them to help you with writing business articles and the likes. However, their primary focus is the services listed above.

If you need anything concerning schoolwork and you need it done well and on time, reviews claim it is the one to trust.

But, a list of possible services is not all you need to know. You want to know about the quality and prices of their work, and that's what we provide in this Paperell review. 

Let’s talk about quality first.


It is one thing to claim to be the best. It is another to deliver on that promise. If you keep your research on the surface and only check the Paperell reviews on the site itself or a handful of sites, you will think you have found the perfect essay writing service.

We went deeper in our investigation of the site to provide a review on Paperell that represents what you might experience if you use the service. What we discovered will surprise you. Paperell is not as good as they claim.

Let’s start with the writers. The site only has nine writers. This low number is hardly enough to cater to the requests on the writing requests they get. It begs the question of how these requests are handled.

While all these writers are professional native writers, it seems impossible that they can do all the jobs among themselves. Even if we assume that they can, some customer reviews that we found on other sites show that some papers have suffered from a lack of writers.

The paper ordering process also makes the quality of the papers doubtful. You fill out a simple order form. Once you place an order for a paper, writers bid for your paper. You get to choose one of these bidders to write your paper. If you choose the wrong writer, you might end up with a low-quality paper.

This situation was experienced by several customers who got papers with grammatical errors or bad formatting. You can avoid it by choosing a writer with a good profile, but all the profiles are good! So, it leaves you in a confused position.

The Paperell reviews indicate that the quality of the paper you get is not 100% guaranteed, as the website claims. If you are lucky, you might get an excellent paper. However, there is a possibility that you won’t.

With the quality in mind, you would want to know the prices and payment system. We also looked into that in this Paperell review!
Prices and Payment

The prices of papers differ based on the writer you choose to hire to write your paper. Writers that have a high rating on the page charge highly for papers. Low-rated writers charge less, but you stand the risk of getting a poor paper.

However, there is a start bidding rate of $18 per page. Compared to other essay-writing platforms, this price is high. When you consider bidding and writers could charge higher than this rate for your paper, it doesn't seem like a fair price.

What makes it worse is that there are no discounts. Considering the high start price, you will think that they will discount the students writing long papers or multiple papers.

But no such thing exists. When it comes to price, this review doesn't see the site as the best option. If you decide to pay the high price, payment is made through a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Most of the Paperell reviews we reviewed think the price is okay if you get a well-written paper. However, we do not advise that!


Is Paperell legit? We already told you about the guarantees on their website. But are these guarantees legit? It's hard to say yes.

Paperell keeps your information safe so your school or any other authorities won't catch you. But the papers are not plagiarism-free. The site also has specific terms of use that you should go through before placing your order.

You can also get your money back if you don't get the quality of paper you requested. But, you will have to go through low-quality customer support. So, let's see how effective the service is.

The customer support works 24/7. But we was waiting for an agent for a 30 minutes. This feature is one of the reasons why lots of reviews don't like the site.

You can always get timely service whenever you need it. However, the process of getting your money back can be a bit complicated.


  • Wide range of services
  • Direct interaction with writers


  • Unstable quality of papers
  • High price with bidding system
  • No discounts
  • Low quality support system

We looked into the Paperell reviews on the site itself, and we also paid close attention to different Paperell reviews on other sites. We put all this information together to give you the ultimate review to answer all your questions and help you make a choice.

So, is Paperell safe? Hard to say. The website protects your identity. But you would also get a paper with plagiarism. The support team is not always there to help you with any challenges you might face while using the website. The order form is also relatively easy to fill compared to some other sites.

Is it the best essay writing service you can get? Not really. Don’t fall for those 9.5/10 reviews. The site has a bit more flaws than that score. The quality of the papers cannot be guaranteed with the low number of writers. Also, the prices are a bit steep compared to other essay writing services.

The choice is left with you. If you think you can discern well and choose a suitable writer for your work, will work for you. You can also set a budget aside for the papers you want to write to afford it. Ensure you think it through before you pay, though!
What is is an online essay writing service. But this platform has nine writers only who bid for the customers’ orders. Additionally, many students have complained about the quality of essays from these writers.
Is Plagiarism-Free?
Some students have complained about receiving plagiarized essays from this platform. While the company promises zero plagiarism, there’s no way to prove the uniqueness of the content. That’s because the platform doesn’t have a plagiarism checker.
Is a Good Writing Service?
No. This platform has very few writers to handle all writing requests satisfactorily. Also, the company lacks native English writers. And the site has a complex ordering process where you must select a writer. Picking the wrong writer can have negative results.
Is Safe? is not safe for a student that wants to score the top grade. That’s because it lacks adequate professional writers. Also, the ordering process makes paper quality doubtful because picking the wrong writer will hurt your essay.
Is a Scam? is most likely a scam because it claims to have a pool of writers when it has nine only. Also, many customers say the platform delivers plagiarized and poor-quality essays.
Is Legit?
It’s hard to say is legit. This company doesn’t provide plagiarism-free papers. Also, the company has poor customer support that you must go through to get your money back.
Is Reliable?
No. is an unreliable essay writing platform. It lacks enough experts to handle orders from customers. It also delivers low-quality essays, and its customer support is poor.
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