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Before diving into this review, we need to learn something about the platform. It is an online database for you to work with some samples for preview. Basically, it will provide you with samples for its customers.

However, the site has earned a bad name. When we first checked the site out, we did not see any phone numbers, emails, or location. Additionally, we got charged immediately. This way, we were not very sure whether MegaEssays is a legit site or not.

We cannot say this for certain because we could not find many facts about the company. They do not provide you with any information until you pay. When you finally get full access to the library, they will write you your paper.

However, the service does not provide you with its location information and guarantees. Hence, we do not recommend using Mega Essays.
Types of services

Mega Essays is a site that is relatively new; the overall website is rough and the design will look very raw. No matter where you click, you will have to pay for your account. Even if you want to read about the Money Back Guarantee, you will have to pay. We found this quite amusing, at least.

When we decided to check on the services provided by MegaEssays, we could simply compare it to paying sums of money for plagiarized content. Even if you decide to pay for the subscription and get your papers written for you, they are not exactly professional.

When it comes to paid services, Mega Essays offers standard writing services like:
  • Dissertation
  • Essay
  • Thesis
  • College essay
  • Research papers


We decided to order a pre-written paper from MegaEssays. We chose one of the essays and asked the platform to change some of the content so that it does not seem plagiarized. Sadly, the paper we received was very poorly written and not like the original piece we chose.

As mentioned above, the site almost is a place for plagiarized essays. As mentioned above, even if you pay for the account and get a paper written from scratch, they are not up to the expectations you require.

The platform is a database that is filled with examples of how you will receive your work. But, the formatting did not reflect in the papers we received. Our paper also had a lot of silly grammatical mistakes. Additionally, we felt that we could have written a much better essay without having to spend so much money.
Prices and Payment

The pricing of the accounts are as follows:
  • Basic account: $19.95 for 30 days
  • Plus account: $39.95 for 90 days
  • Pro account: $59.95
Mega Essays do not have any type of order form; you will have to pay directly for the subscription. While the payment process is quite simple and fast, it still does not justify the pricing of the subscriptions. We feel that it is not worth paying this amount of money on a paper that does not match the standards of the samples and is filled with plagiarized content and grammatical mistakes.

Additionally, there are no loyalty programs or discounts. You will need to pay to gain access to a paper that is written by someone else.


We are not very sure whether MegaEssays offers guarantees or not. We also cannot say whether the platform is safe or you can trust the experts. We could not check out the assigned writer’s academic level and credibility before he started working on our paper. Hence, we can say that you will waste your time going through the sample database in hopes of finding a writer that can paraphrase the content right.

Additionally, the site does not guarantee any refunds for the subscription fees. The only way that you can stop them from charging you automatically each month is to head over to the refund link and fill-up the form.

Finally, MegaEssays also do not permit the use of the materials as the only references or guarantee any grades. Even if we consider this platform as a writing service site, it does not offer even the basic guarantees.

Before we decided to write down this review, we tried to get in touch with the customer support team to understand all the shortcomings that we faced. You can imagine our surprise when we realized that there was no way you could get in touch with customer support, except for a contact form. This means that there are no options for calling, emailing, or sending a live chat message.

Even if we were to consider the contact form only, the services of the agents are very bad. We read in some reviews that the agents will reply back to the provided email address within 24 hours. However, the agents did not get back to us, even after 48 hours. While waiting an entire day for a solution to your problem does not sound cool, you may even have to wait more than 48 hours to get a reply back.


  • Extensive storage of different levels and types of papers
  • These papers can easily be used for referencing or adding more information to your own work


  • You have to pay for the references that you can access from anywhere else
  • The support team is very bad and requires a minimum time of 24 hours to reply back
  • The credibility of the Mega Essays writers is very doubtful and you need to consider it very carefully if you are citing their works in your own paper
  • Most of the papers have already been used by others
  • The overall design of the website is very primitive

From the above review, we understand that something is definitely not right with Mega Essays. Customer support work was disappointing. The work is extremely bad and even the written content is plagiarized and not formatted properly. We were very disappointed with the service and do not recommend it to anyone.
What is is a relatively new site purporting to offer academic writing services. But this site has a bad name for lacking essential details like emails and phone numbers. Also, you can’t find much information on this company online.
Is Plagiarism-Free?
Nobody knows for sure whether this platform is plagiarism-free. What’s more, some customers claim to have received poorly-written papers from the size with plagiarized parts. Additionally, the site has a bad reputation for delivering work with grammatical mistakes.
Is a good writing service?
Many customers claim that delivers poorly written papers. Thus, it’s not a good writing service for students that want to excel academically. Additionally, the company provides plagiarized essays most of the time.
Is Safe?
Nobody can say with certainty that is a safe writing service. Also, you can’t tell whether it has trustworthy experts because there’s no way to check their credibility and academic qualifications.
Is a Scam? might be a scam because the customer care representatives do not respond to messages from the customers. Additionally, there’s no way to contact the company other than via the contact form. Also, this company doesn’t offer basic guarantees to customers.
Is Legit? doesn’t seem legit because it delivers essays that other people have already used. It also has a very primitive website and lousy customer support. Overall, this company has very doubtful credibility.
Is Reliable?
Many customers say that the site doesn’t respond to their messages. Also, there’s no guarantee that you won’t receive a plagiarized paper from the site. Additionally, the company delivers poor-quality essays, and there’s no direct way to contact the company other than via the online form.
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  1. Unfortunately, I am disappointed with the result. My work did not pass the test for uniqueness and turned out to be plagiarized. The support service responded in a day at best. Low-quality service!

  2. Disappointment. My work was delayed for 6 days from the agreed time, and the support service answered my questions only after 3 days. Naturally, I didn’t get an excellent mark, the work was mediocre, and had made spelling mistakes.

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