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The need for academic writing help is on the rise. Students are getting more occupied with a lot of assignments. As a result, many academic writing services are emerging. One such academic writing service is MyPerfectWords. There are also top assignment writing services.

Our research revealed that Skyscrapers LLC owns MyPerfectWords. This same company owns and manages another brand called 5starsessays.

MyPerfectWords offers various academic writing services, including essay writing, term paper, research paper, and dissertation writing. They also offer non-academic writing services like speech and presentation writing. Similarly, an editing and proofreading service is available on the platform.

MyPerfectWords academic writing service offers its lowest service at the price of $15. Interestingly, the brand claims to have applied a discount of 50% on all of its services. The minimum number of hours and the fastest delivery is 12hours for an assignment.

This brand claims to have writers who are native American writers. These writers claim to be experts in academic writing with knowledge of different academic formats.

We have subjected the service to a review to verify the legitimacy of MyPerfectWords. We analyze factors such as type of service, price, quality of service, and customer support adequately. We make use of the service to have a first-hand experience of the brand. Likewise, we considered my perfect word reviews by relevant bodies and customers' feedback on the service.
Types of services

MyPerfectWords offers both academic writing services and non-academic writing services. The following are services available on the platform;
  • Essay writing
Essay writing services of all kinds are available on MyPerfectWords. Students from all disciplines can order an essay assignment on the platform.
  • Research paper writing
Science students are always doing one research or the other. Writing research papers is, therefore, a necessity for such a student. You can get writers to write your research paper on this platform.
  • Term paper
A term paper is a regular assignment for college students. MyPerfectWords offers term paper writing services for students.
  • Dissertation
A dissertation writing service is available for Ph.D. students on MyPerfectWords. Bachelor's degree students can also have their thesis written by a writer on the platform.
  • Speech and presentation writing service
Non-academic writing service of speech writing is available on MyPerfectWords. Writers on the platform can help craft a presentation for any occasion.
  • Custom service
Custom writing services are available on MyPerfectWords. You can fill the order form and request any writing service of your choice.
  • Editing and proofreading
Editing and proofreading is a service of its own on MyPerfectWords. You can also edit and proofread your already written essay paper on the platform.


Enough has been said on the variety of services available on MyPerfectWords. It is vital that my perfect word review equally address the quality of the services. The brand projects itself as one of the best academic writing services. Unfortunately, we didn't see the reality of such a claim in their quality of service.

MyPerfectWords claim to make use of native writers only. Meanwhile, it is not valid, as some writers are hired outside of the United States of America. This writer's default has then become the basis of the brand's irregularities. The writers compromise the quality of the service.

The contents of the essays are partially satisfying. They are filled with grammatical and spelling errors that even a layperson can avoid. We are surprised to find such a fault in a brand that prides itself as one the best.

The writers were also not able to format the assignment perfectly. I wonder what you are paying for if you need to re-edit and re-format the work after delivery.

We felt it would be prejudice if we judged the brand on our own experience alone. We considered feedback on major services feedback platforms. You have to be careful not to be carried away by multiple positive reviews of the brand. We discovered such reviews are baseless, and the brand sponsors them. The negative reviews are detailed, and that proves their reliability.

The majority of My Perfect Words reviews features lamentation from students on the poor quality of assignments. We found out that the brand's supposed refund policy is not grounded to make the matter worse. All efforts to get a refund proved abortive.
Prices and Payment

This review also features the cost of services on the platform. The least price you will find on this brand is $15, which is the price per page for a high school essay. This price is far from the average price of an affordable academic writing service.

Unfortunately, the brand claimed to have implemented a 50% discount on all of its services to give such prices. That means MyPerfectWords would have charged $30 for a page of a high school essay. This cost of service is outrageous and ridiculous. Still, you will not get quality service for such high pay.

MyPerfectWords offers a flexible payment plan which we think of as bait. It allows you to make a 50% upfront payment and then balance your payment at delivery. This option sounds nice, but it is of no use as the prices are outrageous. Meanwhile, you can make a card payment option and an e-wallet option.


This review will expose you to the guarantees at stake when you choose the brand. No doubt, MyPerfectWords is not a reliable brand. This conclusion is based on the fact that there is no specific guarantee the brand offers.

The quality of service on MyPerfectWords is not assured. There are possibilities of finding grammar and spelling errors in the assignment delivered. Some MyPerfectWords reviews also claim that there is plagiarized content in their assignments. Hence, we can equally say there is no guarantee of a plagiarism-free essay.

Most important, the refund policy of MyPerfectWords is a mere word with no effect. Nobody has ever claimed to have a successful refund on the platform. It is safe to say that there is no guarantee of refund or money-back on the platform. We can not boast of any guarantee regarding this service.

Customer support is a vital structure of any organization. It is an avenue to display how much a brand esteem its customers. As such, this review must give a detail of the brand's customer support.

The most beautiful thing about MyPerfectWords is customer support. The response of the support agent can be regarded as top-notch. You can make use of the live chat option or the email option. However, they can only be polite and cannot provide any tangible solution to significant problems. They can assure you of resolving the problem, but it will never come to fruition.


  • Flexible payment offer
  • Friendly customers support agent


  • Quality of service not impressive
  • High cost of service
  • Bogus and unrealistic refund policy
  • Fake discount offer.

This MyPerfectWords review is not complete if we fail to give a verdict on the brand. This verdict will show our position and will equally serve as an idea to our readers. This act is not out of place as we have critically subjected the service to rigorous checks. Our judgment reflects what we have seen in the service offered and the quality of service.

My Perfect Words are not a reliable brand. We cannot recommend this service to our readers. The quality of service is compromised, and it is equally not plagiarism-free. Formatting is also a significant challenge when you order on MyPerfectWords.

Unfortunately, the refund policy of the brand is not adequate. They are not ready to make a refund even when they cannot deliver the quality. The cost of service is also outrageous. As a result of all these, we strictly advise against using this service.
What is
MyPerfectWords is an academic writing service. The website offers essay writing, research paper, term paper, thesis, and dissertation writing services. It also offers non-academic writing services like speech and presentation writing.
Is MyPerfectWords plagiarism-free?
There is no guarantee of getting a plagiarism-free essay on MyPerfectWords. You can get low plagiarism, or it's highly plagiarised content.
Is MyPerfectWords a good writing service?
MyPerfectWords is far from being a good writing service. The quality of the service is terrible. Assignments delivered are prone to grammar and spelling errors. There is no guarantee you can lay hold of as far as the brand is concerned.
Is safe?
MyPerfectWords makes use of a good website. The website is built with consideration for users' safety. Your credit card information and personal information are safe on the website.
Is a scam?
MyPerfectWords is not a scam service. They offer a service for whatever order you have made. However, the quality of service is not encouraging. Also, the discount offered by the brand is irrelevant and of no value. Hence the discount can be tagged as a scam discount.
Is My Perfect Word legit?
MyPerfectWords is a legit academic writing service. We have information on its owner and management. However, the quality of service is terrible. Likewise, the so-called refund policy of the brand is not reliable.
Is MyPerfectWords reliable?
MyPerfectWords is far from being reliable. A brand can deliver quality service before it can be said to be reliable. The refund policy is also bogus, which means you can't take them for their words.
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  1. This company ignores your appeals after they send the finished work. My historical essay was written with many grammatical and semantic mistakes, and my professor returned it for revision. But I had to modify and fix everything myself since MyPerfectWords began to ignore any attempt to contact them. I don’t highly recommend it, I’m disappointed.

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