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When we heard about, we were immediately interested because the platform seemed to offer exactly what most students are looking for. We found a lot of My Perfect Words reviews that stated that the site was suitable. However, we also found several negative MyPerfectWords reviews, which is why we decided to look more into this writing site.

While the main website was full of information, we could not find the relevant ones, like the services provided, when the site was formed, how many writers did the platform employed, etc. We did find one bright corner, though – a 50% discount; however, there was no mention of how long the discount is valid for.

Additionally, we found that the list of services offered by is quite limited. While you can see some common types of academic papers, other specific ones are not seen in this list. Let us get into the details in this review.
Types of services

When we visited MyPerfectWords, we saw a wide range of common services that were categorized into eight different sections, which were:
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Thesis writing
  • Custom non-academic papers
  • Term papers
  • Research papers
  • Essays
  • Assignments
From this list, we understood that the site has a rather specific focus on students. However, the way the services have been displayed will definitely boggle your mind. You will not see a separate drop-down menu or ‘Our Services’ tab.

Additionally, even the provided services are not up to par, according to a particular My Perfect Words review. We chose certain services like proofreading and editing; however, the writer assigned to us failed to proofread our content. Additionally, we noticed that there were several hidden service charges, which we will discuss in the latter parts.


On the MyPerfectWords website, we saw more than 2,000 MyPerfectWords review posts that were rated 5-stars, none of these reviews have any date; this could either mean that the reviews were no longer relevant or are outdated. Because of this, we had to look for more information from other review sites.

When we decided to order a paper, the topic we chose was a 10-page paper (MBA-level). Our topic was the impact on the climate of doing business in California.

The work we received was rather disappointing, to say the least. We entered a deadline of two days; however, we received the paper after approximately five days. From the deadline perspective, we were not satisfied.

When it came to the overall quality, our My Perfect Words review is not any better. The paper did not contain any business-related statistics or graphs, which are important elements of any MBA-level academic paper. While the paper managed to focus on the subject, it was less than satisfactory for a Master’s level academic paper, since it had no clear structure. Even if we could forgive the above-mentioned problems, the other problem we saw was that the paper was full of silly grammatical errors. While the site did offer us free checks after we pointed out some mistakes, it is still not expected from any platform that offers writing services.
Prices and Payment

While writing this MyPerfectWords review, we saw a chart where the prices were shown; additionally, we also saw the above-mentioned 50% discount that made the prices look very attractive. However, the pricing is still not reasonable, even after you apply the discount.

For instance, for a high-school essay, the prices start at $15 per page with a deadline of 6-8 days; this is the price after applying the discount. If you remove the discount from the equation, the pricing is $30 per page. This makes one of the costliest writing services today.

Of course, the pricing may seem inflated, which creates an illusion that customers can avail of a discount of 50%. However, customers will not be duped hat easily. In the age of the Internet today, students and customers can research and recognize instantly whether the prices and deals are misleading and manipulative or not.


While it is not common for writing services to boast more than what they offer, offering fake guarantees is considered a very serious offense. The site states that it provides 100% money-back guarantees and unlimited revisions. Sadly, terms and conditions state that the revisions will take anywhere between 12-24 hours and only a minor amendment will be offered.

The delivery and deadline are disappointing beyond words. The deadlines can range anywhere between 12-hours and eight days. The site guarantees that it meets deadlines at all times. However, our test turned out to be exactly the opposite. We used the service more than once, and it was very disappointing to see that the work was delivered after the deadline more than half the time. Even if the work was delayed, we were expecting the quality to be decent, to say the least. However, even the research and writing qualities were horrible.

We also found quite some negative MyPerfectWords reviews related to the guarantees. Most of them stated that the revised papers had no improvements and no edits were made, even when they chose the proofreading and editing service. One very critical review was that a certain customer was threatened by the company when he started demanding refunds.

When you head over to the contact page, you will find a basic email form that you can fill in and address your query. Additionally, there is also a physical address, info email address, and phone number.
Sadly, MyPerfectWords does not provide international support and there was no division between pre- and post-sales. From this, we understand that customer support is very poor and you may be left in the dark if the service gets very busy.


  • The writers are US-based and native English speakers
  • The customer service is still better than the other services


  • Known to blackmail customers
  • Navigating around the website is very confusing
  • The safety features of the site are very questionable
  • The positive reviews and guarantees on the site are fake
  • The prices are very high and the delivered quality is low
  • There are no refunds

Is My Perfect Words legit? We would say that MyPerfectWords is not a great choice for any level, whether you are looking for a simple school essay or a detailed MBA-level research paper. might seem like a good choice for someone new; however, it definitely is not.
It is recommended that you read and share this My Perfect Words review so that you cannot be duped and keep your friends safe from the platform’s exploitation as well.
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By Mark

Hi there! I am Mark. As being a part of RankMyService team my job is to provide you with qualified reviews of different writing services. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and only a few of them are certainly the ones you are looking for! My experience as an editor gave me a great ability to inspect and catch all the tiny errors and oversights and this is my weapon against wrong grammar, misspelling, logical issues, etc. Every paper should be written in a proper way! So just keep calm and let me find out whether it is a great writing service or you should pick another one.

  1. This company ignores your appeals after they send the finished work. My historical essay was written with many grammatical and semantic mistakes, and my professor returned it for revision. But I had to modify and fix everything myself since MyPerfectWords began to ignore any attempt to contact them. I don’t highly recommend it, I’m disappointed.

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