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The thesis or dissertation is one of the most challenging academic assignments a student will have to deal with, especially if working with a tight deadline. As an undergraduate, you'll get to write at least one essay paper throughout the four to five years of your academic journey.

Then, you wrap up the undergraduate education with a final year project, which involves submitting a research paper and doing a defense. If you also applied for either MA or Ph.D. program, you'll be required to round up the journey with a thesis or dissertation writing.

You can decide to write your thesis or dissertation by yourself and get to struggle with the difficulty it entails. However, you can also choose to take a bold step and ask a professional writer to help you write the paper.
If you decide to go for the latter, you have to be careful of scam writing. There are several platforms online that offer professional writing service, but not all are genuinely professional like they claim. It would be best if you were sure you would get the value you paid for, research or essay paper good enough for presentation.

This review takes a look at, which is one of the platforms that offer professional writing service. From this review, you get to know if the service is worth it.
Types of services

As the name implies, Best Dissertation majorly offers dissertation and thesis writing. However, as one of the testimonials available on the website pointed, the name makes it seem as if the platform only offers a dissertation writing service. But, the company website says they do more, extending to every type of academic writing including;
  • Term Paper
  • Essay
  • Research Paper
  • Research Writing
  • Thesis Proposal and Other Academic Writing
    While they offer a complete dissertation writing service, they also help with the writing of individual chapters. So if you have all but one section of your dissertation or thesis available and need help with that one chapter left, the company claims they can help. They also do editing, formatting services, and proofreading for those who wrote their paper by themselves. If you need some to help go through the essay you've written, the company says they'll help you do it. Finally, the company's service covers a wide range of dissertation and thesis writing such as;
  • Financial dissertation
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Chapter by chapter writing
  • Research introduction
  • Presentation of results
  • Several other types of academic writing
The company website presents various samples that capture a whole range of subjects, and they are available for download. Therefore, you get to see the writing they tend to offer and decide if it's satisfactory. If not, you have other platforms ready to provide you precisely what you need and are prepared to receive you.


Do you need professional writing help, and you're considering the service of bestdissertation? Are you worried and seeking to know if the platform is legit and can offer you the quality job you desire? Then, you've come to the right place because here is where you'll get the answers you want. The best dissertation has been around since 2002, based on the copyright information given on the website. However, the testimonials on the site date back to December 2019, which could mean there are not many activities then.

The number of testimonials on the website is also not enough to determine quality. Even the little available testimonials that we can work with have complaints nicely embedded in them as some complained about the error within the writing, and some say they got their paper late. That's enough to make you think you need to tread carefully. If peradventure, you want to use bestdissertation service, you should probably give up your paper for writing early enough. Then, you'll have enough time to make the necessary corrections before you present it.

On the other hand, you might consider using another platform with much more credibility, which can deliver your order with good quality and, most importantly, do so on time, especially if you are working with limited time.
Prices and Payment

From the price calculator on the company's website, you can determine the price you'll pay for your desired service. However, Best Dissertation offers there price levels, namely, Standard level, Advanced Level, and Premium Level.
The price level you choose to order will determine the amount of money you'll pay, and they all have their difference in quality level. For example, the standard level offers only free add-ons, and plagiarism check. So, suppose you need more professionalism in your work. In that case, you may want to consider paying for the premium level because, according to the website, a writer with at least five years of experience gets to do your project.

Other factors that influence the pricing include; the type of writing you want, the subject area, and the number of pages. As at the time of writing this bestdissertation review, an Essay paper about Business and Management of 10 pages will cost $203.50 for standard level, $223.90 for advanced level, and $244.30 for a premium level service.
An essay on Hospitality and Leisure Management of the same number of pages will respectively cost $199.50, $219.50, and $239.50.

There are available discount options such as 20% off the first order for first-timers, and several other discount offers created per time under the membership program. However, according to bestdissertation reviews, promo codes provided do not seem to be available for anything, and the range of discounts is not impressive.


The best dissertation boasts of three things. They boast of offering you; certified writers, high academic standard writings, and plagiarism free work. The company claims to have up to 500 Ph.D. specialists ready to attend to your dissertation needs.
They also say they assign work to writers with the most extensive educational and writing background. However, customer experiences did not capture this as a review says the work delivered shows the writers are not fluent in the English language.

Some other review reveals that the quality of work given does not tally with the level requested according to the price agreement. As a test to these claims, you can download the "Risk management in Automation and Power Industries" sample published on the page under the sample list. You'll find that the paper has a touch of professionalism written all over it. However, it's tedious, and it's almost unreadable with grammatically incorrect statements.

The company promises a refund if you do not get the value you desire, but that's after you have asked for a revision, and you're still not satisfied. Some customer reviews say the refund involves an investigation process that seems to take forever. If you can wait that long to get a refund, then go ahead. However, if you need a service where you won't need to ask for a refund, you might want to consider some other platforms.

Communication is crucial for the successful completion of your writing project. If you are going to choose any service, you need access to the platform's customer support. It's also essential that you have direct contact with the writer in case of any correction and the likes.

The best dissertation offers the support you need in this area. However, reading through reviews, you'll find customers complain about the company not been able to provide a writer after seven days of a ten days order.

They sometimes cancel orders when they are unable to meet up, but expect you to use the amount for your next order by using the company's store credit. Some customers complained about how the company called to tell her husband she paid for their service using his credit card. Something she considers a bridge of client privacy.

However, the company responded about them trying to confirm that the credit card belongs to her before authorizing the transaction. It is good that they try to stay safe, but intruding into a client's personal life is not an acceptable company policy.

Therefore, if you are not planning to disclose your identity or don't want to go beyond established customer to client relationships, it's best to use some other reputable platforms.


The best dissertation specializes in dissertation writing and gathering information about the site. You can conclude that the following are its pros;
  • Useable website
  • Great way to get your writing needs met without going through the stress of writing them yourself
  • Covers a wide range of writing options
  • Provides sample essay in its sample list
  • Relatively low price
  • Customer relationship and support
  • Discount offers and promo codes


While all the above-listed features are great, it won't take long to discover a few drawbacks and some negative features. Some of which include;
  • Delayed delivery of order not for persons working with a deadline
  • Writing quality is average, best for undergraduate students
  • Price not for someone working with a budget
  • Low discount offers
  • You may have to revise the work yourself before presenting it.
  • May not get a refund when you request for it.

There is no denying that is one sure way to get your writing assignment done. For a site that concentrates mainly on academic writing, there's an expected standard of excellence.
However, the Best dissertation seems to drift away. It's, therefore, best to look into other alternatives that are not so specialized. So far, the Best dissertation seems like a helpful service when you only stay on their website.

The testimonials will entice you to pay for the service. Reading through one or two of the samples listed on the site will make you think you are in for the best of service. While all of these are true to some extent, you might not know about the specific service you'll get until you try it. However, merely reading reviews like this and others on the internet lets you know you might not get what you expected.

The conclusion of our study to the question; is Bestdissertation legit, is that, while it offers various academic writing, it's probably best for undergraduates and not for MA or Ph.D. students. However, it's best to do your research well because, in the end, the decision is yours to make.
What is is, as its name suggests, a dissertation writing service that claims to be able to write any dissertation. They allegedly have more than 480 PhD writers.
Is plagiarism-free?
We ordered a dissertation and we are disappointed to say that more than 15% of the content was plagiarized, according to 3 different plagiarism checkers. This is unacceptable.
Is a good writing service?
The rest of the dissertation (which was not plagiarized) was written relatively well. It’s clear the writer cut corners and hoped we didn’t notice that he used other people’s work as his own.
Is safe?
No, we do not consider to be 100% safe. Why? Because the amount of plagiarism we found would get your dissertation rejected and you penalized. Very disappointing…
Is a scam?
We wouldn’t have labeled this dissertation writing service as a scam, but they absolutely refused to refund our money – claiming that their work is 100% original. This is a lie, and they know it.
Is legit?
No, is not a legit writing service. They are very risky to deal with because they will send you plagiarized content and claim it to be original. Don’t expect a refund either.
Is reliable?
As far as reliability goes, was reliable. They did send us our dissertation on time. However, this does not excuse the other problems that we’ve encountered with this service.
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