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10/10 is perfect for you if you have a professor who won’t accept even a single mistake in your essay paper. seems to have studied all the types of professors and then they write accordingly. You should see the site, it is quirky and so appealing to the eyes.

Their comedy listings of types of professors, way of working, and everything is explained so informally yet so properly. not only understand the professors but also understand what the student wants.

Once you get in touch with them. All your writing burden is taken by IBuyEssay and you find yourself time for doing the things you want. You can even pursue an extra subject at that time.

After getting a positive answer to - is IBuyEssay legit? We had given IBuyEssay a chunk of information with a heading and they had to convert that into our essay. That chunk of information was converted into a fancy essay as if IBuyEssay have some magical writers with them. IBuyEssay is undoubtedly a pro writing service and has the best writers on board. You can actually call I Buy Essay the writing specialists!
Types of services

I Buy Essay provides all kinds of writing services. Even if it is a 500-word article I Buy Essay are up for it. Whatever they do we know they do the best. We have availed a couple of their services like dissertation writing, presentations, and article writing and we got the best result. The types of services they have are mentioned below-
  • Essay writing
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • College writing works
  • Presentations, reports, scholarship essays
In brief, they help with all the writing services that are necessary for a college, university, or to get to the desired college university. You are assigned a writer according to your needs of the writing. They have both native UK and US writers.


Their quality of the writing is impeccable. If you have native English writers on-board you know they will deliver the best of the language. This was the main point in I Buy Essay reviews. We were highly appreciative of the work that they provided us with. The writing quality was good and so was the quality of customer service.

In all, we would rate their service 4.5 out of 5 stars in terms of quality. 5 being the best. Our project was well-looked after and so were we. We were astonished when they said that they would even choose the topic for us if we are confused. They just wanted to know the basic details. We understood that these people genuinely know their work.
Prices and Payment

Quality comes with a price. They have mid-level prices. We would not say that they are cheap in terms of prices but you can get the assignments done at less prices if you give them enough time. Their prices start from $5.85 per 100 words. You will need to save up to give them more projects. Their prices are not too high but mid-level affordable, so saving is important.

But if the spent money is all worth it, nobody will regret it. They did charge us appropriately and there were no surprises in the final billings. IBuyEssay is safe and has properly secured gateways to make payments. The payment procedure was all safe and secure. We received proper billing of our assignments. Our I Buy Essay review for the payment process is thumbs up.


The site guarantees plagiarism free content and delivers the same. Even reviews say the same thing about them. They say they have in-built software to check the authenticity of the content. They proofread the document several times before delivering it. They also deliver the assignments on or within the time frames.

And above all, they guarantee customer satisfaction. The guarantee that they gave us, all turned out to be authentic. The content was plagiarism free and we as the customer were more than satisfied with the content and its structure.

The customer support is just awesome. Here the mail goes and within minutes you have their reply. They are on their toes for you. Any query or problem, the question is answered within minutes. They connect you to the writer so the writer can give a personalized touch to your assignment by being in touch with you.

You also get regular updates on your work and you can contact them anytime if you have any issues. We got in touch with their customer services various times for minor changes and they were always warm and welcoming. We are giving them 5 stars for customer support in the review.


Their writing and writers are their main strength. Well, even their customer support. We found everything lovely about them and their services. Especially their site design. It is so unique that it seems to understand you. They have designed the entire site keeping in mind exactly what students want. Here are the pros we found.
  • Customer service
  • Best team of writers, editors, proofreaders
  • On-time delivery
  • Patience with the client
  • Quick response, etc.
In short, they have everything that is required to have a good customer base. No doubt they have such excellent IBuyEssay review and recommendations. We are glad to say that we are one of their customers.


There were hardly any cons that we noticed. But yes the prices are a bit high. But if you are lucky enough they keep giving seasonal discounts and offers.  At times, there were some issues with contacting the writer and his behavior. Well, this issue was solved immediately by them when we raised a query about their behavior. So, all in all, the following are the only cons we observed
  • Prices
  • Grammar checking should be more strict
Well, we have mentioned the grammar because we had to send our couple of articles for the second round of grammar checks. The plagiarism-free is excellent but they should concentrate on the grammar. There were no huge grammatical mistakes but silly mistakes here and there. There were some issues mentioned in IBuyEssay reviews too, so hopefully, they must have resolved them by now.

Our verdict and IBuyEssay review about them is a truly positive one. From their first mail to the final result that we received we are completely satisfied. There was little scope for improvisations which we know with time they will improve or must have improved already. We would certainly give them 4.9 stars out of 5 for their complete dedication to our work.

We have and we will recommend them for future projects to whomever we can. And of course, we will seek no service other than theirs whenever we need a writing service! I hope they always keep coming up with good IBuyEssay reviews.
What is is the leading academic services provider built on the pillar of professionalism. It is the perfect place for students who want assistance with their academic work, including essay writing, reports, scholarship essays, proofreading, and editing.
Is plagiarism-free?
Yes, offers plagiarism-free work. It works with experts with a lot of experience in academic writing. They work on every task from scratch to ensure that it is original and free from plagiarism.
Is a good writing service?
This is an outstanding site, as evidenced by the positive feedback coming from past clients. Apart from working with expert writers to guarantee students of top grades, the site's services are also affordable.
Is safe? is one of the writing sites that have stood out because of its commitment to safety. They only use secure communication lines and also employ secure gateways to protect clients’ details.
Is a scam? is not a scam. You can place an order with and expect the task to be completed as per the pre-agreed terms and conditions. You have the assurance of getting the ordered paper in the stipulated timelines.
Is legit? is a legit entity and no service offered under its hood is illegitimate. Offering academic help is like other forms of ghostwriting because writers at only follow your instructions. So, feel free to seek help from the site.
Is Reliable?
Yes, the site is very reliable. When you place an order, it is handled by professionals who always deliver finished papers on time. Even when the order has very tight deadlines, the writers are still able to finish and deliver top-rated work on time.
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