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The number one rule for patronizing any online service is research. Proper research will save you from making decisions that you would probably regret. It is important to check for reviews to help you differentiate between legit and scam, seeing as there are a lot of scam services online.

The service we will be focusing more on is the academic essay writing service. There are a lot of online academic writing services, but in this article, we will be reviewing Is Paper a scam? Is reliable?. You will find out in this review we have curated for you. is one of the numerous online academic writing services that claim to offer assistance to students and anyone who might need their assistance.

For some reason,’s online reputation is a controversial and problematic one. This reputation has prompted this investigation from our side because we want our readers to be able to make informed decisions concerning this online writing service.

The origins of this writing service seem to be very sketchy as different sites record different dates and companies as the owner. A domain search reveals that this website was registered in 2008 but did not show who the company belongs to. So, we can tell you that this service has been running for about 13 years now, which probably means that they are on the right track. This rules out the possibility of being a scam.

From what we can see online, has a 4.63/5 rating on review sites like, which is quite a good score. But reading through the Paper Help reviews would give more insight into the authenticity and quality of service that offers.

We can see that there is a mix of both good reviews and bad PaperHelp reviews. The good PaperHelp reviews seem to surpass the bad PaperHelp reviews by a lot which could only mean two things. One, they are either really good or negative Papherhelp reviews are getting deleted.

Which of these two scenarios could be the case? Keep reading to find out.
Types of services

Their website was designed by non-English language speakers or ESL speakers because the website has a lot of errors and their services page is quite unclear.

This speaks volumes about the kind of writers they would have. From their website, we can see that they offer quite a large range of services. These services cater more to the needs of high school and undergraduate students. But they also have services for post-graduate students too. Their services include:
  1. Essay Help
  2. Writing Help
  3. Write my paper for cheap
  4. Custom paper writing
  5. Rewrite my essay
  6. College Paper Help
  7. Assignment help
  8. Write my research paper
  9. Personal Statement help
  10. Coursework help
  11. Term Paper Help
This is not very explicit, but we guess they are trying to say that they write all kinds of papers.


The positive PaperHelp reviews can swear that the papers they got from PaperHelp services got them at least a B, but how are we sure that these reviews are legit. We can not rule out the negative reviews; one PaperHelp review claimed that the paper had failed when he submitted it.

There are also Paper Help reviews that complain that the writers are not native English language speakers. We took note of one Paper Help review that claimed that their paper was full of errors. We also saw a PaperHelp review that claimed that their assigned writer did not have enough knowledge on their topic. Still, it seems that they were reassigned to a more knowledgeable writer.

The PaperHelp website claims that they do not plagiarize, but it seems as though there are a few complaints on plagiarism. Putting all these into consideration, we can conclude that produces papers that are of average quality.
Prices and Payment

This is one of the online academic writing services that does not make use of the bidding system. They have a more stable pricing system which we prefer. When you open the website, you can find a calculator where you input the details of your project, and they give you an estimated price.

You have to pay attention, though, as they would try to sell you their top writers, which cost more than the regular writers. The top writers are compulsory for more complex topics but check to see if you need them first.

This writing service boasts of the fact that their papers are very affordable. The average cost of the paper starts at $10 per page. So many factors affect the price of a project. The price varies depending on the client’s academic level, the deadline for submitting the paper, and the type of writer a client is looking to hire. You can get a more comprehensive price list on their website.

In our opinion, the VIP package costs way more and entails things that should normally be free. For example, a plagiarism report can cost up to an extra $10, depending on how many pages your work costs. This price increases by an extra $2 after 10 pages. This is unreasonable, and we feel that clients can do without it.

They offer some discounts to help reduce the cost of the project. For example, there is a 5% discount on orders above $500 and a 10% discount on orders above $1000. They also have a one-time referral discount. You can find out more about that on their website.

Concerning the payments, they accept PayPal and credit card payments. The client pays the total cost of their project into an online wallet. When the order is completed, the client will release the money to the writer in exchange for the paper.


Like we stated earlier, this website doesn’t have much information to give out. Their terms and conditions page are hidden away, and it takes quite an effort to find it. Their guarantees are quite regular. They include;
  • Refund Policy
They have a pretty good refund policy. But of course, it is implemented according to the discretion of the manager and situations. For example, they only offer 100% refunds if there was a payment error, like being debited twice or if they can’t get a writer for your project. If an order is canceled halfway, you can be refunded up to 70%, depending on the manager’s discretion. This is quite impressive as other online academic writing services only offer up to 50% refunds on canceled orders.
  • Revision Policy
Requesting a revision is possible with Their revision policy states that a client can request revisions within 7 days of the order’s approval and before the order’s approval. Before accepting the final result, you can request a revision at any moment. However, you can still request a correction within 7 days after you’ve authorized your order. The revision period is extended up to 14 days if your paper has more than 20 pages. Up to three free revisions are provided by PaperHelp. After that, you have 14 days to accept the most recent revision. They will automatically approve your amended work if they don’t hear from you within this time.
  • Copyright Guarantee
They state very clearly that all papers bought from them are solely the customer’s properties who purchased them. They relinquish all rights to the paper after payments have been made.

Their customer support is pretty impressive. They have an app, an email address, a phone number, and a live chat system. They claim that all these contacts systems are available 24/7. Still, there are complaints about how slow care customer support is when responding to complaints. This could be very frustrating for a customer that is seeking to rectify an urgent issue.

There are also PaperHelp reviews that claim that the customer care representative doesn’t sound like native English language speakers. Since the website gives no information on the quality of their writers, we cannot help but think that the writers are also not native English language speakers.


The advantages of working with this writing service include:
  • Affordable prices
  • Direct communication with the writers
  • Good refund policy
  • Papers are delivered on time.


The issues that we have picked up that could serve as cons of this service include:
  • The writers of non-native English speakers
  • Unreasonably priced extra features that should before normally be free.
  • The discount does not apply to returning customers.

For our final verdict, we have established that this writing service is not a scam. In general, this service looks promising, but there are a few loose ends they can tie up to make them better. One of the downsides of this writing service is that they do not give any information on their writers except that they are professional ones. If you feel like you cannot know if the writers are fully qualified, you can go ahead with this writing service.

Another discouraging factor is the overpriced add-ons. You should get quality work for affordable prices (the total package). Plagiarism tests should be free and not overly priced. If they can rectify these issues and slow customer service when will be willing to give them a chance.

If you would like to work with this service, you are doing so at your discretion. However, if you would like us to recommend an alternative to, you can check out these top research paper services. We have no reason to doubt their competency and authenticity.
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