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The choice of a paper writing service is made based on several factors that may be thought helpful, looking at the existing needs. Quality of service is very vital, and that is among the things that someone will be looking for in a platform like I have had an opportunity to get services from various platforms, and each has had different strengths and weaknesses. Definitely, some have been a lot better to work with than others. For paperhelp services, it may not be a choice for me in the future based on the experience I had from them.
Professional writing help puts together a number of factors, and that includes things to do with the general website appearance and design. Everything should be clear and straightforward for you. By just opening the link to paper help, you may not know where to click to get help with your assignment. The available taps are somewhat misleading and not well organized to get you the support you need to pick on a specific service.
Everything offered on this platform is for pay. The service has not invested enough in getting clients useful content. There isn’t a well-crafted blog to help visitors with valuable information about interesting academic topics. This is very helpful especially in deciding whether to use a particular service or not.
Getting help from a virtual platform calls for trust and the ability to deliver within the specified time limits and in a good quality fashion. However, that was not the case getting help from this platform. After checking paperhelp review posts from different users online, I thought I could try their services and get assistance with my assignment.
Types of services

Academic writing services form a wide range of options. Students are looking for platforms where they can get all their needs sorted at once without sourcing for help from different places. That way, they can stand a chance for discounts and better offers for their work. Anyone who wants to use paper help services can expect to get help in the following areas:
  • Essay writing services on various aspects
  • Custom paper writing help
  • Help with research papers
  • Customer writing help
  • Assistance with their homework
  • Personal statement writing services
  • Help with course work and so on
There is almost everything that a student would want help with. However, it is always good practice to establish the legit nature of the services being delivered. Help is more than just what is listed there. At the end of the day, quality is what counts. Other than just placing your order, you may never get to know who is writing your assignment. It will not be until the end of the writing when you know for sure who did it. The quality of the outcome is not guaranteed and that is why it remains a challenge for anyone using these services.


Comparing my expectations and the outcome of the services offered, I can say that the work done was below standard. After investing a lot of time and resources, the work delivered had to go through a lot of revisions for adjustments. As expected of any paperhelp legit services, customer satisfaction is important and especially when it is delivered without wasting any of their time.
Challenges with this site in terms of quality begin in the way it is designed. It doesn’t give a good user experience interacting with the different tabs on it. For me, I didn’t get the feel of a professional site ready to get me the answers I was looking for. The graphics used and the quality of information post on the site is too casual to be taken seriously. There is nothing special other than the average content you will get in most sites.
If you are looking for help within a short deadline, Paper Help may probably not the option you are looking for. Quality is a multifaceted aspect, and that is why it is important to look at everything from the writers’ qualifications to the company’s policy on quality and guarantees on the same. This is something that you cannot compromise.
To avoid a waste of time or engaging writers back and forth, it would be helpful to compare other platforms and get to find out what other reviews say about the list of companies that you want to engage in. Most of these revisions were necessitated by the presence of many typos in the writing, unoriginal content, and poor referencing. You obviously do not want to turn in a paper in such a sate.
It is unlikely that you will get quality work for complex assignments that require in-depth research and writing. Drawing from the information and content posted on the website, one should not expect a lot from this writing service. You may want to thoroughly engage the support staff to establish the kind of help you will get before picking on them for assistance with your assignments. Again, this is if you have the time to do so because there are assignments that cannot wait that long.
Prices and Payment

Sparing your hard-earned money for help with assignments is not an easy thing to do. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are getting value for it. Although quality is an important factor to prioritize, the services offered shouldn’t be expensive. They should be reasonable enough to make your life a lot easier when going about the business of learning and studying while at school.
Writing services for this platform range from $15 per page for services delivered in 14 days. Well, this may be an average price but expensive at the same time considering the quality of work delivered to you. Anyone will not find difficulties paying for certain services if they are getting more than what they paid for. However, it gets difficult when these promises cannot be met. Getting a service where you can bargain for the offer given to you is always a welcome option than working with a company whose prices are not negotiable!
The cost of getting services from this platform is one of the complaints you will get from several paperhelp reviews. First-time clients qualify for 15% discounts on their work distributed as 5% given as instant discount and 10% credits that can be used by the customer. This might be a good offer for anyone looking to save some coins and work with a small budget to get their assignments done.


Everyone looking for online writing help wants guarantees that their work will be completed, and all guarantees met from the start to the end of the project. PaperHelp writing service is, however, not reliable for students looking for exceptional quality and adherence to the assignment demands and guidelines. Using their services was did not come with a nice experience on various fronts as highlighted below:
Missed Deadlines
Over 50% of the assignments I have placed with have been submitted back to me beyond the set deadline. While the promise is there, there is no guarantee that your work will be submitted in good time. Therefore, you may only want to consider using their services if you have a lot of time to spare. Over and above that, you can consider shortening the deadline so that you create time for you to make necessary adjustments.
Dishonest Money back Policy
Even though the company promises a refund of your money for unsatisfied work, there is no 100% money-back refund policy even when the work was completely unsatisfactory. You will be charged for administration costs and some fees to take care of the time before the order was canceled.
Expected Quality is Average
If you are looking for exceptional quality, this is not the site for you. The services provided here present a 50/50 situation for you in terms of quality. Therefore, you may not succeed in getting the best quality writing from this platform. If you don’t want compromised quality, look for help elsewhere.

The company has provided various means through which you can contact them for assistance. There are toll-free numbers to call, Skype, and messenger apps. However, the instant chat messaging platform does not work. It may take you long to get a response to your needs once filed with the support staff. If you have an urgent assignment, this service may not be the best option for you. You may end up spending all of the remaining time establishing contact with the company for help.
Sometimes; it feels like you are working with a scam writing service. The experience is not that good, especially when you need urgent matters discussed concerning your pending assignment. A good writing platform ensures consistency in the way it engages its clients from the start all through as the deadline approaches. Therefore, these aspects are central to what makes a reliable writing service.
The support you get from any writing service tells a lot about the kind of service you will receive. For that reason, you should be wary of anyone taking too long to respond to your initial queries. Any sluggish tendencies will be replicated when doing the actual assignment. Ideally, every point of contact is a moment of learning about the service and whether they will give you the satisfaction you are looking for or not. This may not be guaranteed from PaperHelp.


  • Various writing solutions are available for clients
  • They are relatively average with the price compared to other academic services
  • Services can be worth using for long-deadline assignments


  • No guarantee for plagiarism-free content
  • Issues with communication and support
  • Quality of writing is not top-notch
  • There are no guarantees on various fronts – quality, money-back, revisions
  • You don’t get to choose your own writer based on their skill, experience and qualification
  • The process of placing an order is not straightforward based on procedures to be followed and charges imposed.

I would give this site a rating of 4/10.
There is are a lot of inconsistencies with the services offered by the PaperHelp platform. This is mainly for those looking for quick solutions to their academic assignments. If you are in a rush and want your work completed in the shortest time possible, this possibly isn’t the best option for you. A lot of time is spent doing revisions, and that may cost you a bad grade should you be late with your assignment by the time you are submitting it.
Plagiarism is a big concern for all scholars and must be treated with great interest. A good writing company must have in place policies governing work originality and systems for checking the work for uniqueness. Other than promises made on the home page, I didn’t get to find a copy attesting the novelty of my work. Therefore, you may have to take it upon yourself to check the work. At the end of it all, it will be additional work on your part.
Well, you can use if you got the time to engage in a back and forth manner trying to get them to understand your needs. This is not the kind of site that will do all the job for you as you rest free waiting for a high-quality product. To get it, you will have to work closely with them at every step. You may be lucky to have good work, but after you have actively been involved in the writing process. This might not be helpful to you especially if you wanted to create time to do other equally important things in life.
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