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Online reviews are very helpful in making decisions about what to consume and what not to. With the advent of technology and the internet, a lot is happening in the online sphere, and for that reason, many people may face difficulties making a choice of the service to use or the product to buy for their own use. Today, students are making use of online writing services to learn and do their homework. Because they are spending money to do so, it is important to identify reliable service to help them get value for it. Quality and originality is the key to getting quality writing services.

One such platform in the industry is that I happened to use in recent times. Since everything is offered on a virtual platform, you really have to rely on the content provided online and other essaytigers reviews to establish the kind of help you will get from such a service. However, that is not a guarantee that you will get to have a great experience from such a service. It is important to be thorough in your online search and do extensive study to know what is contained in each of these online academic platforms. If you don’t do that, you may end up falling short of the help you needed with your assignments.

Even when you get recommendations from friends, spare some time to do research on your own and read online reviews to ascertain the claims made by past users. It is always good to look at everything concerning the website so that you don’t mess up your very important assignment. Working with a professional is always good because they will do their best to make sure you get a good grade in your assignment. Don’t limit yourself in the search, but instead, be thorough in everything so that you don’t regret using any platform. Your academics are too important to be left at the mercy of an online writer.

Placing an order with is not a guarantee that you will get the best of help from them. While some may have had a positive experience, not many have had instant solutions without any concerns about the quality of work provided through this platform. In that case, it is important to thoroughly check all aspects of online writing services in order to understand what is in for you.
Types of services

Reading through an essaytigers review, you will come across information about the types of services offered on this platform. Therefore, it is good to know what is provided by a given site before engaging them for anything. Actually, you can check through the different pages of the website before even engaging the customer care staff to find out more information about the company. For some, you may not even go past the home page.
From essaytiger’s site, you can tell that there is nothing special you will be getting from them. The language used on this platform is average and doesn’t offer you much hope except the enticing prices presented at the home page. Well, the outcome of the work done here may only be average but not the quality you may be looking for to improve your overall grade for the coming graduation. With this site, however, there are no issues of scam writing and here are some of the services that you will most likely to get from the company.
  • Write My Essay
  • Buy Essays
  • Academic Writing
  • Business Writing
  • Homework Help
This is a broad category of services provided on this platform. For that reason, you will have to provide your specific needs in each of the segments to get assistance with your assignment. This may be a drawback on your side, especially when you need instant help with your many academic assignments. The question of essaytigers legit nature is only a concern when it comes to quality but there is no chance that your money will be lost getting these types of services from them.


The quality of work produced on this platform range is average, sometimes requiring a lot more adjustment and editing to make it fit for submission for grading. Although there have been few exceptional cases of good quality, it is definitely not a good platform that students can use to get help with their academic needs. The differences in the quality of work provided means that there are writers from both extremes: good professional writers and bad writers working on the same platform.
From the look of the services offered, it means that the recruitment process is not done with the customer in mind. A reliable academic writing company should endeavor to have a thorough recruitment process that captures the details and qualifications of all applicants, and all be tested through a standard procedure. That way, they will be in a position to provide consistent results all through the different assignments tackled from their platform.
There have been cases of plagiarism that are not only harmful to your studies but are also punishable by the law. It is wrong to copy other people’s work and present it as your own. Any service caught with cases of plagiarism cannot be considered a good site, and that is why essay tigers lag behind among the top writing companies used among students in our world today.
The corporate colors are not pleasant to the user and don’t give the site a professional look. Ultimately when all these aspects are put together, the site gives average user experience when interacting with this platform. There is a lot that amounts to a dependable online writing platform, and essaytigers seem to lack in a number of them.
Prices and Payment

Compared to other online writing platforms, you can really get better offers because prices start from $10 per page for delivery in 14 days. However, the cost can go as high as $56 per page for deliveries within 3 hours. Therefore, it all depends on what you need. A shorter deadline for professional writing level will cost you a lot more than a basic form of writing done over a longer deadline. If you have the time to engage them and create time for revisions that are most likely to arise, you can use their services. However, you should be wary when your assignment is required within a short deadline.
One good thing with the site is that it is easy to calculate the price for various assignments. Everything is displayed at the front page of the site with details of the level of writing, deadline, and how much it will cost you per page. There are no hidden charges and costs that you will be required to pay much later after your assignment is complete. Everybody will be excited to get services from such a platform where the pricing policy is straightforward.
Despite a clear pricing policy, there are concerns about the benefits that you get for being a loyal customer. Ideally, there is no clear policy on discounts offered to students getting services from this platform. Money is of the essence, and therefore, students needed to know how best they are going to use it. Essay Tigers does not address this matter adequately.


Your essay writer is very important especially in determining whether you will succeed in your academic work or not. For that reason, it is important to pick one that will give your assignment the attention that it deserves. After using, I would be reluctant to engage them for my academic work due to the bad experience I got from them. You cannot be sure of what to expect, and that means your vital assignment will be left to chance. This is due to the following concerns:
Issues with Work Deadline
A missed deadline can produce detrimental effects on students’ success in school. Therefore, it is something that you don’t want to experience. Most of the instances that I have used essay tigers services have been disappointing moments. It is never a guarantee that your work will be turned in within the agreed time. Various online reviews have indicated such complaints, and therefore, you should be careful using these services.
Ineffective Money Refund policy
Have you ever asked yourself what happens when you don’t get your work done as agreed? The policy in many online services is to get a refund for unmet promises. However, this service may not honor this promise as agreed upon the failure to submit the quality of work desired for a client.
Poor Quality of Work
The quality of work produced by essay tiger service is below the expectations when compared with set academic standards. There are issues to do with work originality and correctness of grammar and punctuation.

Having a 24/7 support system is vital to students. When there is a need for an assignment to be completed, students are looking for a ready solution that will guarantee quality help almost instantly. There are assignments that are required within short periods of time, and therefore, it is important for an academic service to offer such solutions. For that reason, instant live chats are very helpful during such occasions.
Unfortunately, the live chat provided on this platform doesn’t work. The main channels of communication are a call free toll number and contact through email. Even with free toll numbers, connecting to the recipient of the call may not be easy, and emails may take too long before getting a response. As a result, this site may not be the best when it comes to getting urgent assignments addressed.
Getting online support for services is important to give you the attention you need to communicate your needs in a good time. Since this element lacks in this platform, you may get disappointed looking for ready solutions to help you complete your assignments in a good time.


  • Straightforward pricing policy
  • Affordable costs on some assignments


  • Unreliable support
  • No guarantees on work quality
  • Inconsistency in service delivery
  • Unmet deadlines for work submissions

I will give Essay Tigers a rating of 4/10.
When looking for a legit platform, there are various aspects that should be looked at especially because you don’t want your money to go down the drain. It is always good to take time to reflect in these aspects prior to making a final commitment on any online academic writing platform. Despite offering somewhat fair prices and some guidance to students on the kind of help they can get, lags behind in a number of ways that could make it a top academic site. For that reason, this is not a good site to engage.
As you look for help with your essay, go for the best. There is no need of spending your money on half-baked things. Choose top-notch services that understand your needs and will walk with you to achieve the best grades in your learning. All that essaytigers will give you is an average result that will only get you a passing grade. Every opportunity should be a moment for you to shine and make the most of your assignments. Therefore, don’t go for cheap at the expense of quality. Pick a service that will give you peace of mind as you take care of other important things in your life.
What is
EssayTigers is an online writing service platform that was established in 2012. Its services include academic writing, business writing, assignments, and essays. For a company that has been around for almost 10 years, it is not quite as popular as it ought to be.
Is plagiarism-free?
Getting plagiarism-free content is expected from such services but there have been cases of complaints from clients on a lack of uniqueness of content. Although the platform claims to be plagiarism-free, it does not use Turnitin, so there is no telling what results would be seen when you run your content through it.
Is a good writing service?
The platform does not seem to have a huge record of late deliveries, but they have a very late response service when dealing with their customer care. They also have a refund policy which might not be excellent but functional.
Is safe?
While filling out forms for the ordering process, safety is felt like the site doesn't require too much personal information, but when reading the terms and conditions, it is best to not rush.
Is a scam?
One thing certainly calls them out as shady is the location of the company. When investigative research was carried out, it was discovered the said location on the website was fake.
Is legit?
Refunds are possible only when you are yet to approve an order. Once an order is approved or a free revision requested, a refund is no longer possible. It is also suspicious to note that a majority of good reviews about the platform are only found on Sitejabber.
Is reliable?
It has been recorded that second-time users tend to have contents of low quality when compared to first-time users. It would seem that the platform takes only the orders of first-timers seriously.
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