The Best Essay Writing Services Reviewed

When delegating your paper, be it an essay or a more intricate piece of academic writing, to a specialized service, you must be certain that your writer delivers it to the highest standards. And while many writing sites do claim to be “the best,” not all of them are as efficient at providing students with high-quality papers as they say they are. So it is our responsibility to give honest and unbiased reviews of writing companies, and list them for your reference.

How can a student distinguish between the best essay writing services and the rest, i.e., those that fail to deliver on their promises? The quickest and simplest way is to look through both customer and professional reviews. This way, you can get a broader picture of a company you are considering as a go-to place for assignments and eliminate the risk of using a subpar service.


How Essay Writing Service Reviews Come About

How do we approach every review? What does the process look like? To put it simply, customer feedback of a writing service is supplemented by our own in-depth investigation into the quality of its services.

To help you navigate through top essay writing services and make an informed decision, we have established a comprehensive review protocol that enables our team to analyze writing agencies based on genuine customer experiences, and give every service reviewed the ranking it deserves, with a particular emphasis on the price/performance ratio.

Other aspects of using a writing service that most people don’t take into consideration are also thoroughly investigated. Everything from money-back and no-plagiarism guarantees to security warranties and adherence to university standards are studied in detail before a service is given a verdict.

Because academic writing has so many “faces,” i.e., the number of areas of study and subjects is simply limitless, and because there are so many things to keep in mind during the writing of a project, it is important for a company like to state the uncut truth about the writing services. So, putting them “under the microscope” is what we do here. Armed with our professional essay writing services reviews, you will be able to choose the perfect fit for your unique academic needs and educational goals.


Are Essay Writing Services Legit?

While there definitely (and sadly) are scam writing sites on the web, it is our job to provide you with information on which services are legit, give them a fair and honest ranking, and list them for your convenience and reference purposes. When you have a list of legitimate writing companies like that in front of you, you will be able to choose the best service for yourself without having to worry about running into a bad or non legit service.


What Is the Best Essay Writing Service in the USA?

There are many well-established writing services on the internet that you can use, and all of them employ qualified experts based in the USA. (This may be of particular interest to students whose projects demand they adhere to the American English grammar and spelling.) And while rankings are often subjective, we always do our best to compile the list of best writing services in the United States for you, based on the thorough analysis of writing companies on the market, their pros, and cons – all of that is reflected in our college paper writing service reviews.



Dissertation Services

Writing a dissertation is a tall order, so it’s important to single out the companies that can do it right, and bring you a coveted degree. Through our impartial rating, you will be able to choose the best dissertation services for you.

Essay Services

This category is tough from the start, as there are so many essay companies to investigate, but that doesn’t stop us. Leaning on our professional reviews, you will always have a list of the best online essay writing services to turn to.

Research Paper Services

Research papers are not only about evaluation, but also about conducting proper and thorough research. Our approach to analyzing and reviewing such companies is no different, so we’ll find you the research paper services you can trust.

Homework Services

Your homework deserves to get an A. To pick up the services that will do your homework in the way it should be done, we look at the variety of subjects that writing companies cover, and check whether their experts can tick all the boxes. 


The Top-Ranked Sites

1 is a top essay writing service that caters to college and university students looking for assistance with a big variety of academic papers. Not limited to homework, this service covers practically everything, including more complex projects like dissertations. This is an asset for learners who want all their papers done in one place.

Featuring some of the best customer reviews of any writing services, doesn’t shy away from urgent papers. The minimum deadline is three hours. The experts are based in different parts of the world, which can be helpful for when your paper is due in just a few hours. 

All customers are given a 60-day quality guarantee, and can get lifelong discounts depending on how much they have spent.


As a reputable writing service, stands out in that it offers assistance with academic assignments based on deep understanding of various types of professors, their character, and expectations. That’s what makes this company truly unique. When someone who’s an expert knows what a professor wants from your paper, they will write exactly that.

Marked with a fancy design, the website offers personalized access to your writer. It comes in handy when your project needs to have your tutor’s feedback implemented before the hand-in date. The customer support team works around the clock, which means that all your queries will be answered fast. If you are tasked with a larger project, you are given an option of paying in interest-free installments.

3 is a professional writing service known for its custom academic papers. The company offers services such as editing and proofreading, research and thesis paper writing, essay writing, dissertation writing, homework writing, and business plan writing.

The experts are specialists with immense experience, and they cater to a wide range of clients. Whether you are a student, professional, or business owner, will cater to all your needs no matter when you reach out.

The professionals at are highly experienced and committed to offering clients quality work. Additionally, the website provides guarantees, affordable pricing, quick turnaround, and plagiarism-free work. 


This writing service is great in that you can choose an expert from a pool of top 2% writing talent, selected through an “Ivy League-level screening process.” This figure means that during the hiring process and out of 100 candidates, only two will make the cut. All the experts hold degrees in your area of study. employs writers from both sides of the Atlantic. So, if your paper needs to use a strictly UK or a strictly American way of spelling, then this is the place to go. This is certainly good news for those who are particular about all the different language nuances.

5 is a writing service for all your projects and academic needs. The team is well-versed and comprises over 500 experts based in different time zones. Besides writing, they can also do editing and proofreading, which many students will find helpful.

Pricing starts at $17.55 per page. It may go higher for last-minute papers because a shorter deadline usually means a higher price. If your project is a long time away, however, you can save up to 50% by placing your order in advance. First-order discounts are also available, which new customers will certainly be drawn to.


DoMyHomework123 is a writing company that delivers papers on time, thanks to a team of experts who are good with deadlines and can work just as well under time restraints. This service is particularly great to turn to when you need instant help with projects or when your deadline is closing in. 

Besides regular assignments for school, college, and university, you can get assistance with tasks like online exams, which many students will find useful during demanding exam sessions. The customer support team also works around the clock; it is accommodating and quick to respond to all your queries.


With more than a decade in the business, MyHomeworkDone is a college paper writing website whose experts can do projects in almost every academic field. Customers love using this service because of its versatility, as it caters to students of all ages and backgrounds.

The experts here are handpicked through a rigorous vetting process, their performance is evaluated on a regular basis, that’s why you can expect consistently high results.

And if you want to get acquainted with the service before placing an order, there’s a nice video tour on the website’s main page for you to enjoy – go and check it out, it’s lovely, further pointing to the service’s consistency.

8 is one of the top essay services with a primary focus on essays and their different types. So if, let’s say, you need a five-paragraph essay, you can get it here and expect a top-grade result.

The experts at write on a variety of subjects, and are known for their dedication to quality, and adherence to standards. All the content is composed entirely from scratch; papers can be written in any citation style.

Customers can also request free revisions (up to 10 days) and a plagiarism report, while new clients can look forward to juicy discounts.

9 delivers papers of all types, including more complex projects like dissertations. This writing company will also appeal to students who seek help with various types of essays. does them all, including law essays, nursing essays, MBA essays, business essays, etc. Expect the high-quality of writing and timely delivery.

All the guarantees a top-rated service should give are here. You can also request free revisions if you feel your paper needs fine-tuning. Every project comes with a plagiarism report, sent to you upon request.

While the prices vary according to the type of project, they are not higher than those of competitors. Their experts are also great when it comes to professional editing and proofreading.

10 is a three-in-one (writing, editing, and proofreading) service for students who seek assistance with projects across all academic fields. The Geek team is made up of degreed experts with a solid background in various disciplines, including math and statistics, humanities, applied sciences, natural sciences, and language arts. Students can also choose a writer based on their language proficiency level.

While, according to some reviews, this may not be the best essays writing service for last-minute papers, stands out with its attention to detail and a meticulous approach to handling projects with longer deadlines, which is its strongest suit. This is also one of those services that you can use for multiple projects.

Our Steps

  • Placing an Order 

    There’s no better way to test a writing service other than by placing an order, and this is the first thing that we do when reviewing any writing company for you. Acting just like a regular client would, we go through the registration process step by step, and no detail, big or small, will go unnoticed. That includes all the various extra features a service has to offer (if any), and we check them scrupulously to make sure our essay writing service reviews don’t miss a thing.

    Placing orders for different types of paper enables us to understand all the various aspects of a service and see whether it succeeds or fails in bringing you the result you as a student are after. 

  • Testing Customer Care

    Because most college essay writing service reviews usually omit detailed information on the efficiency of customer-care units, we take this matter into our hands and investigate as best as possible into the real extent and quality of both online and offline customer assistance, including the availability of various channels of communication (telephone calls, website chat windows, emailing, etc.), quality and speed of response, and many more.

    While even the best essay services claim to have a dedicated support team available around the clock, for one, we are here to discern the validity of such claims. This is true for every company under review. For two, we zoom in on how professional the team are, how good their solutions are, and how fast they respond, no matter the time of day or night.

  • Checking the Quality

    This is the most important outcome of any writing service, so we look into the end result in the form of a paper very closely. Therefore, before setting out to write our reviews, parameters like the quality and standard of the service are considered.

    To evaluate the quality, we first check whether the paper follows all the instructions shared by the student. Second, we look at whether all the recommended resources have been used and then properly referenced. Third, we want to know whether the paper has been delivered within a set deadline. If we feel the paper could do with some revisions, we request them and later check how well they have been incorporated.

    Before rating the company under review and before reviews on essay writing services roll out, the paper (or papers in case of multifaceted writing services) will be graded by a team of experienced instructors. If it’s graded an ‘A,’ then the service will score high on quality. If it’s a well-written paper with a missed deadline, this will be reflected in the review.

  • Compiling the Review

    To make all our essay writing service reviews all-encompassing, honest, unbiased, and helpful to the student, we attempt to share as much insight about our personal experiences with each company as possible, focusing on the quality of the writing, guarantees, complimentary services, revisions, and everything else that is instrumental to bringing you a top-grade paper. Every verdict is further reinforced by comparing our own review with those of various users.

    Reviews are written only after the delivery of certain paper types, and after they have been assessed, so the journey is long but necessary. This way, you can know that you can trust our judgment, and that every review is practical and honest. By studying and taking our essay writing services reviews into consideration, you will be able to make the right choice for you, i.e., choose the company that suits your unique goals/requirements best. You will also become aware of all the pros and cons of a writing service and how it will personally benefit you.

How We Rank

Types of services

The range of services offered by a writing company is important because a good, let alone the best online essay writing service should cover various project types and academic subjects, and that’s what we look at in the first place when undertaking a review. A good service should also handle different kinds of tasks so that a student doesn’t have to look elsewhere. An agency will certainly get a higher rating if in addition to the mandatory writing option, it offers editing and proofreading services, or if it can take on ‘unconventional’ tasks like business plans or online quizzes.


When a student entrusts the service with more than one project type across the academic spectrum, it usually means that the writing company delivers on the promise, or the customer wouldn’t have stayed. So, with top-rated writing services, you can expect the same excellent result no matter what your project is or how complex it is.

Prices and Payment

The second question to ask when looking at a writing service is how reasonable their pricing is. So, when reviewing a writing company, we make sure that the price/value ratio is in a fair range. The fairness of price is essential to investigate because unjustifiably high price tags may scare the customers away, while the cheapest prices, despite looking appealing, may land you in deep water, mostly because of low standards and inconsistent quality of writing.


Usually, the price of a finished paper depends on the complexity of your project, its deadline, the proficiency level of a writer, the number of references used, etc. Additional charges for extra services, such as extended revisions or a paper review, may also apply, and we study such cases thoroughly.


When writing essay writing service reviews, we also consider the variety of payment methods (credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.) accepted by a company, and how convenient they are.


The quality of writing and the services crucial to the success of your project is what puts you in the winner’s circle, both in terms of grades and reputation as a student. Or it does not if the paper is simply not good enough. We are here to make sure you know where to order top-grade papers.


To fall into the best custom essay writing service category, a company under review should meet the following criteria:

  • the absence of plagiarism;
  • accurate referencing;
  • compliance with instructions;
  • flawless grammar and punctuation;
  • proper assessment of resources.

When a company meets all the criteria above, it will be ranked as one of the top writing firms on our website.


When it comes to penning college paper writing service reviews, we cannot ignore the guarantees given by such companies. While some of these guarantees have already been discussed before, let’s list them again for more clarity:

  • a money-back guarantee based on transparent refund policies;
  • a no-plagiarism guarantee backed by a report;
  • confidentiality and privacy guarantees;
  • a guarantee of timely delivery, also for last-minute projects, or papers with short deadlines;
  • high-quality writing consistent with a student’s instructions and university’s or college’s regulations;
  • accurate formatting and referencing;
  • additional features related to the project at no extra cost, such as revisions (usually for as long as 10 days);
  • full customer support by a dedicated and knowledgeable team, and effective problem-solving.

In the long run, the best essay writing service should be able to fulfill the guarantees listed above. When a service does, it is certain to provide customers with effective writing solutions that will help them accomplish their educational goals.


The pros of a writing service are what influences one’s purchase-making decision. If the pros outweigh the cons, a customer will order a paper with greater probability. If the cons cannot be overcome by the pros, or if the latter aren’t strong enough, a client won’t consider such a service and will probably try a different one. We at list the pros and cons of every writing agency truthfully and unbiasedly, so that you can choose the best essay service for yourself.


How does this process work? Our experts investigate all the writing services we can reach, based on the algorithms stated above. While reviewing is usually subjective, we do our best to make it objective. The same is true for the pros and cons section.


We can also do a review of a writing service upon your request. If that’s your case, please contact our Support Team, and we’ll be happy to oblige.


Is there a writing service out there that ticks all the boxes when it comes to academic projects? Yes, and it is one of our jobs to find you such services. That doesn’t mean, however, that every writing service is not without its cons. So, it is your responsibility as a customer to mind the pros and cons, and it is our duty to list both.


Some writing services claim to have quality written all over them. In reality, they may offer poorly composed papers with plagiarized content or misplaced quotes. Or their experts can’t beat deadlines. Or their security systems aren’t good enough to guarantee the safety of your personal data. So, every essay writing service review we publish will help you avoid using unreliable services.


All in all, listing the cons of a writing company is an integral part of its rating. It will make you aware of the “not-so-good” aspects of an essay company.

Customer Support

The level and scope of customer support is another factor that will define your satisfaction with a writing service. That’s why it’s important to understand how a support team functions, how knowledgeable it is about the service, how fast it responds, and how efficient it is in answering customer queries. The latter will range from filling out a form and placing an order to requesting revisions or a money refund.


Means of communication are also important. If a service can only be reached through email, you might not be able to get a quick response to your urgent questions. The best essay writing service would normally have more than one means of communication (toll-free phone, email, online chat, etc.), an FAQ section, a blog featuring writing tips, and samples of the project types such companies offer. The easier it is for customers to reach a company whenever they need it, the more value it will hold.


This is the final stage of the essay writing services review process. Having spent a considerable amount of time with a writing company in every way we can, and examined all its various features, we give our final thoughts on it. So, in this section, you will basically find a summary of the most significant aspects of a service crucial to you as a potential client (such as prices, quality, customer support, etc.), without going too deep into each separate component.

If for some reason, you don’t want to study each aspect in greater detail, a verdict will suffice. It will also become the starting point for your decision-making process. Because the verdict for each writing service we set out to review is all-encompassing and unbiased, chances are pretty good that you will make the best decision based on our reviews, and excel in your academic goals with zero risk of failure.

What criteria should top essay writing service meet?

There are a number of criteria we outline and consider before making a decision about a particular writing service. If a company meets them, we will rank it as top. If writing businesses do not meet such criteria, we will rank them lower. Normally, top rated essay writing services should have a proven record of delivering successful services based on the following criteria:
  • transparent guarantees, including those of money-back, no-plagiarism, confidentiality, data security, etc.
  • the high quality of content
  • diversity of academic disciplines, and types of projects handled
  • a pool of vetted and certificated experts in various areas of study
  • ability to meet deadlines
  • adherence to student’s or professor’s instructions
  • accurate formatting, referencing, etc.
  • a no-plagiarism policy backed by a plagiarism report
  • revisions and availability of other extra features
  • a clear order form
  • transparent pricing and safe payment
  • online security
  • around-the-clock customer support
  • efficiency of communication with customers and of problem-solving

How can I make sure essay service reviews are real?

Our reviews of writing services are the real thing because the people who write them are the true experts in the loop. Our reviewers boast unique experience in evaluating academic services, as well as doing assignments professionally, long enough to know the difference between what’s great and what’s not, and to give a fair judgment. Our reviews of writing services are an indicator of whether their users got a good value for the price they had paid, and whether the paper they had ordered yielded a good grade. Of course, academic performance is not something students are happy to talk about freely when things are not looking bright, so when customers do mention a top grade in a review, it is usually a good sign of a quality service. Why do essay writing service reviews matter? And why should you take the time to study them? Honest customer feedback gives students, planning to use a certain service, a look into the average client experience with it, transparency into its features, and first-hand testimony of the quality of both the product (a piece of writing), and the complimentary services like customer support, revision policies, account security, plagiarism reports, etc.
Is it legal to use essay writing services?
Yes, it’s completely legal to use such services. In many ways, hiring the best essay writing services is synonymous with asking professional help from someone who has all the academic credentials and whose writing experience you can benefit from.
Is it safe to use essay writing services?
Yes. The essay writing services we have listed guarantee complete anonymity when using them. It means that your personal information, including that of email, payment details, etc., will be kept private and won’t be shared with third parties.
How to protect yourself from a fake essay company?
The best way to protect yourself from scam writing companies is to do research, and study reviews from other users. You can also rely on our reviews to provide you with honest and impartial information on writing services and their features.
What is the best essay writing service in the USA?
Our essay writing service reviews are based on personal experiences, including those of clients using such services. So, the ‘best of’ list, despite being put into a 1-10 ranking, is not limited to just one writing company that we consider great.
Are essay writing services worth it?
Yes. Our ratings are based on professional inspection. It means you can choose the service according to your academic needs, and be certain that it will deliver on the promises in terms of quality, turnaround, guarantees, etc.
Do essay writing services plagiarize?
Yes, some services may offer their clients plagiarized content. To avoid getting into trouble, you must order papers only from trusted writing services that offer both a plagiarism-free guarantee, and a plagiarism report (often upon request).
Can professors tell if you bought an essay?
No. Writing services that offer high-quality papers take customer confidentiality and its protection very seriously. So, unless you confess it to your professors, no one will ever find out you have purchased a paper from a writing company.
Are all essay services fake?
It’s our job at to help you distinguish between fake and genuine services. The latter will always have a distinct number of features, such as money-back and no-plagiarism guarantees, a pool of certificated writers, etc.
Can I trust all essay service reviews?
It’d be unwise to trust all reviews published on the internet. Since bad feedback usually dampens the reputation of a service, some companies may go as far as publishing fake reviews to lure gullible customers, that’s why you must stay alert.

Who reviews services

Eric I. Howard

Eric is a great writer with over ten years of experience in academic and essay writing. He specializes in writing academic papers, essays, resumes, cover letters, and business plans. He's the expert you need for the best essay writing service. Thanks to his emphasis on following instructions and meeting the client's specific needs.

Mark M. Cornelison

Mark has a wealth of experience working as a writer and editor. He is skilled and an expert in producing quality research papers and informative content suitable for different audiences. He's an essay writer who knows to capture your audience's attention. His reputation for delivering exceptional papers continues to stand out.

Debra T. Timms

Prof. Debra holds a PhD in special education and elementary education from Penn State University. She's known for her best essay writing service and dedication to work. Thanks to her 10 years experience in handling even the most urgent papers, our students don’t miss out on any deadline.