Best Essay Writing Services Reviews

Before you outsource your essay to a writing service, you have to be sure that they can deliver on what they promise. Why? Because many writing services do claim to be the best custom essay writing service. However, only a handful are really excellent at what they do.

How do you know if a custom writing service can deliver on what it promises? The best way to know this for sure is through genuine customer reviews. To put this in another way, if you want to know that a writing service will give you an essay that will land you good grades, one of the best things to look at is its past reviews.

But why take the pain to check out the reviews? Because it’s essential to choose the best writing service for your budget and expectation. If you don’t, you’re risking not only your money but your academic success as well. And that’s if you don’t even factor in all the time you wasted, the anxiety the writing company caused you, and the frustration you experienced.

So instead of gambling with your essay (especially if it’s a critical essay), the best thing to do is to search online for the reviews of the writing service you wish to choose. And because customer reviews are so critical, we have decided to help you know writing services with some of the best online essay writing services reviews.


How We Write Our Reviews

To develop a credible and comprehensive guide on choosing the best custom writing services, we pay close attention to our review process. We analyze each of the websites based on past customer experiences, how reliable their services are, and the cost and quality of the service they provide.

Furthermore, we take into consideration other important aspects that most people miss out on. This includes customer support, money-back guarantee, plagiarism reports, revision policies, and lots more. We consider all these to make sure that you can find and choose the best paper writing service.

But how do we write our reviews? Well, instead of simply relying on what other people out there have said about a service, we try to do something different. We try to get first-hand experiences from these writing companies to write top essay writing services reviews.

The people on our review team have years of experience in helping people write their essays. Therefore, they know what to look out for in a paper to say just how good it is. So, if you’re looking for the best reviews of several writing services, this is the place to look. Let’s ride on by describing the steps and benchmarks used for each writing service.

Top Rated Sites

Rank Website Features Total Visit
10/10 Review Visit
9.9/10 Review Visit
9.8/10 Review Visit
9.8/10 Review Visit
9.8/10 Review Visit
9.8/10 Review Visit

Our Steps

  • Place an Order – Of course, the first thing we do to test a service is to place an order. We act just like other clients who are seeking help on specific writing services. We go through the usual registration process if any and then place the order. Suppose the writing service also has an express delivery option. In that case, we try out this feature and see what they can do within a short period, say 3 hours.

    Placing an order (or various orders to test serval “extra” services and features) helps us to be able to gauge different aspects of the essay service.

  • Check Support – It is usual practice for most writing services to claim to have 24/7 support. But do people really test these claims, and are the claims valid? As the writing service prepares our order, we explore their customer support claims. Here, our paper writing service zooms in on the online support promised by the writing company.

    Generally, we look at their various channels of support (calls, text, chat, etc.). Then, we establish if their support is genuinely active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week or not. We also look at how professional the support agents are, how fast they respond, and how helpful their solutions are.

    Interacting with a writing service’s (or any other company’s) support team is one of the best ways to know if that company truly cares about you – their customers.

  • Check Quality – The quality of a service is one of the most important parameters to look out for after reviewing that service. Therefore, in writing our reviews, we consider the quality and standard of the service. This is an excellent way to know the best rated essay writing service.

    To check the quality, we check if the writing company delivered a quality paper and followed the instructions given. For example, we check if they used the recommended resources, referenced the resources in the recommended style, and delivered within the agreed deadline. We also check whether or not a review is needed, how the request for a review is handled, and the outcome of the review.

    We have experienced instructors who can grade the paper. Of course, this is the most essential part for every student. If the paper gets an A+, then the writing service scores high on quality. However, a well-written essay is not enough: it must be delivered on time and per the instructions. Therefore, if a writing service flops on that aspect, it will be stated in our reviews.

  • Writing Review – Now, to the review aspect. We do our possible best to make our reviews all-encompassing. We consider our specific and overall experience with each writing service and supply a single detailed review. And yes, now we compare the experiences stated by other users – if it’s similar to ours or not.

    We write reviews as honestly as possible and without bias. We only report the review after the paper writing service has delivered the order and assessed the paper. Therefore, you can rest assured that any reviews we pen down are honest. So, as a college student (or any student for that matter) looking for help with your essay, you can be sure that you’ll make the right decision based on our review.

    Of course, you should do well to check if the writing company is well-versed in your type of paper because there’s only a limited amount of essay niches that we can test them on.

Our Benchmarks

Types of services

The first thing we look at to help us review and rate a writing service is the range of essay service. Good paper writing services must offer and provide a wide range of academic writing services for their customers. This implies that they need to write different types of academic papers in various subjects such as history, programming, and the likes.


This does not mean that a writing service should become a jack of all trades at the expense of quality. However, it does mean that a writing service should be intentional about being there for a wide range of students and should hire professionals to help them work on their papers.


A good custom writing service should also be able to write for students at all levels. For example, they should assist students with dissertation writing, business plans, proofreading services, editing services, and other types of assignments.


Suppose a writing service offers these different types of academic assistance to students. In that case, it becomes a go-to writing service and an asset to students. Why? Because students will not have to fuss and stress over where to write their business plans after going through that stress before getting the dissertation writing service they currently use.


Therefore, the fact that a student gives serval writing projects to their favorite writing service is a pointer that this paper writing service is good at what it does. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why it is great to look at the different essay services that a company offers. However, this does not water down the effort and efficiency of specialized services with a specific audience.

Prices and Payment

This is an essential factor when considering a paper writing service and when writing a review. Important questions such as: “how affordable are their pricing?” or “what payment method do they accept?” are very important. You won’t want to work with a writing service that offers low prices for their services but requires you to pay using complex or inconvenient payment methods.


Therefore, our aim (which should be your aim) should not be to simply pick the cheapest writing service. However, it is to find a top rated essay writing service that offers affordable prices.


Price is a very important factor when it comes to measuring value. However, both parties involved in an exchange must feel that the price is fair. If you select a writing service with a too high price, the amount you have to pay can quickly spiral and run your pockets dry. Therefore, we check each writing service and compare their prices.


Of course, you want a quality research paper even when your budget is low. However, if this price is too low, the college paper writing service may not want to take up your work. Why? Because they will have to pay their essay writers while making sure that you get a quality research paper. But there’s always a price that both the student and the online service will find fair and reasonable.


Regarding pricing, you must note that some writing services online charge per page; others charge based on word count. Therefore, you should look beyond the figure and down to the total amount you’ll have to spend to work with the online writing service.


There’s also something we factor in our reviews. We consider the additional charges for special orders such as fast or extra-fast delivery or additional revisions. For example, we consider how much they will charge you if you give them an essay with a deadline 3 hours from when you placed the order. It’s essential to always note charges for additional services as they can easily blow your budget.


As stated earlier, another essential factor to consider is the payment option. Does the college paper writing service allow for multiple payment methods that are convenient for you? We expect that a well-established writing service will accept various payment methods if they mean business.


Another thing that’s important for you to look out for is the quality of the service offered by the writing service. This is why we test the quality of not only the papers written but of other services rendered. How well did they communicate with customers? How much input do they allow their clients to have? Do they keep to their word? The best paper writing services are not only good at writing papers; they are trustworthy and reliable as well.


To paint a clear picture, let’s examine this scenario: You need to write an essay with an actual deadline of 14 days. You discuss with the paper writing service and give them a 10-day deadline, and you both reach an agreement. But on D-day, the paper service fails to turn in the paper, and even two days after, they’re still silent. They finally deliver the paper on the day of your actual deadline (on the 14th day). Although the paper was written excellently, if you missed the actual deadline, you may not be able to submit your paper and get an automatic F.


The scenario above shows that quality service is not restricted to just how well a paper is written but also timely delivery, seamless communication, etc. All these combine to give a truly wholesome experience.

Every online custom paper delivered by writers in different firms should have the following traits:

  • Plagiarism free.
  • Strictly based on the client’s instructions.
  • All sentences written using correct grammar.
  • Cohesive argumentation.
  • Thorough assessment of resources.


Another thing that we consider when reviewing paper writing services is what guarantee they give their clients. This includes a money back guarantee, refund policy, plagiarism report, free revisions, etc.


When you look at the guarantees a paper writing company gives its clients, you can quickly tell if customer satisfaction is their number one priority. Writing companies that guarantee their clients (and stick to them) pass across a message that they are really good at what they do. Therefore, we check out these qualities to know top-rated writing services.


An important question in the minds of every student when outsourcing their assignments and essay is what their grades will be in this outsourced essay. Obviously, the primary aim of you outsourcing your paper is because you need to get the best grade. Therefore, each writing service must be able to give you that guarantee.


The best paper writing services use native English speaking experts for student essays. In addition, they pay close attention to their team members to consistently give excellent papers and satisfy their clients repeatedly. This means that the best writing services hire experts in various fields to help students with their essays.


Poor writing services receive orders and then outsource them to cheap freelancers whose qualifications they are unsure of. But surely, this practice will backfire on the writing agency sooner or later. So here is a summary of the traits that the best custom essay service should have.

  1. They must consistently deliver plagiarism-free content and include a plagiarism report that shows the plagiarism check results.
  2. They must follow their client’s instructions to the letter.
  3. They must give their clients a money back guarantee
  4. They must deliver papers that are grammatically and fundamentally correct.
  5. They must offer free revisions and take responsibility for errors on the paper.
  6. They must deliver articles with short deadlines (if they state that as part of their services.

Deadlines are critical. They are as crucial as the quality of the papers. Therefore, if you’re in a fix and need to get your paper done and delivered within the same day, you might want to opt for writing companies that guarantee delivery with a deadline 3 hours from when the order was made.


A section every client should be interested in looking at is the pros and cons section. This is because this is a section where you can see the complete pros and cons of choosing a particular writing service. If the pros are strong enough for you and the cons are weak points in your opinion, then you can choose to outsource your essay to any of those essay services. However, if the cons carry weight in your opinion and the pros are things you can overlook, you should avoid those essay services.


Our experts have several writing services reviewed. The outcome is summarized in the pro and cons section. You can trust our judgment because we make sure we do in-depth reviews on every writing service. And as much as possible, our experts make it their objective opinion. Since our experts approach different writing services just like any other student will do, we can go “undercover” and get a first-hand experience without any bias.


For example, suppose a writing service guarantees that their clients will remain anonymous and retain privacy privileges. In that case, that’s a plus to their writing service compared to another writing service which does not give that guarantee.


If we state that a writing service can handle “complex tasks” or “work under pressure,” it is because we have tested them in those aspects. We don’t just assume that they can do something because they say they can do it. We test them.


Can there be a perfect writing service? Well, probably, yes. But almost every writing service has its cons as well. However, not all clients care about the cons enough to discontinue or avoid using a particular writing service.


Some writing services have cons written all over them, from shady payment methods to poor papers and the likes. Unfortunately, some “writing services” are just out there to make some “easy” money from unsuspecting college students. However, our reviews help you to avoid such writing companies like the plague.


Different writing services have their cons. For example, even though they deliver quality papers, their asking price is high compared to other writing services (which isn’t a con to every student). And for some, it is the payment method. Others might have cons about how difficult it is to place an order or slightly late delivery because they have too many orders in queue. Finally, some writing services do not use native English speakers and therefore deliver grammatically incorrect essays.


Whatever the cons of using a writing service may be, it may or may not deter you from using their writing service. Let’s take, for example, a con is that the writing company only accepts payment using Bitcoin. If you have Bitcoin, the payment method won’t be a con to you.


In all, the cons section helps us to be able to warn students of scammers and also to highlight the “not-so-great” aspects of a writing company.

Customer Support

The level of customer support you can get from a writing company is significant. For example, suppose you outsource your academic writing assignment to a writing company. In that case, you want to be able to reach the support representatives easily. For example, if you have a pressing question, you want to get answers ASAP. Therefore, in our reviews, we considered the ease of reaching customer support and handling matters that concerned essays.


Usually, we rate the writing service high in this aspect if the writing services can handle students’ queries through toll-free phone numbers, live chats, FAQs, company emails, and even blogs. Of course, the best writing companies have blogs and also give sample articles and drafts to clients. In all, a good writing company will take customer support very seriously.


Customer support agents must be knowledgeable about the service and be willing to help. In addition, they must be able to solve problems creatively and make the clients happy.


This is the final aspect of the review process. Here, we share our final thoughts and verdict for each writing service reviewed. This verdict helps you look at the big picture at a glance, especially if you’re not interested in looking at a particular feature.


A verdict helps you to make your final decision on which research paper writing service to choose. Therefore, if you don’t have the time to check out each writing company for specific factors such as price, you can check the verdict and make your decision. Chances are that you’ll make a good decision because the verdict for each writing service will be objective and without bias.


That said, let us consider how to choose the best essay writing service.

How to Choose the Best Essay Writing Service

So, how can you find the best essay writing company in a sea of writing companies? First, of course, if you have a significant academic writing assignment, you’ll want the best essay writers to work on it. That’s why it’s essential to find and choose the best essay writing service for your purpose. Outsourcing your research paper writing is always a good idea. It’s the “how” that matters because no one wants to choose a writing service that ends up disappointing them. There are several essential things to look out for when choosing the best essay writing service for your paper. Here’s a list of 15 things to check before you make your decision.
  1. Go through the service reviews
  2. Ask for recommendations (both online and offline)
  3. Do they have experts in your niche?
  4. Do you have access to previous samples of their work?
  5. What is their average response time?
  6. What price packages per page or per word do they offer?
  7. Is their website legal?
  8. Will they give you a plagiarism report?
  9. How reliable is their customer support system?
  10. What is their client privacy pledge?
  11. Are they flexible in their formats and style of writing?
  12. What is their refund policy like? Any money-back guarantee?
  13. Is it easy to use their service?
  14. Do they give free revisions?
  15. Do they deliver orders before the deadline?
  The best essay writing service for you should score above 13. You should take existing customer reviews very seriously to help you avoid scams. But it’s really a lot of work trying to go through many writing services and evaluating each of these points yourself. To make things easier for you, you can look at our verdict for each writing service. It sure will save you a lot of work.

Why Are Essay Writing Services Reviews Important?

But why are essay writing services reviews important? First, reviews help you to know just how well a writing service is doing. Just as reviews for apps can help you choose which app you’d like to use, the same applies to reviews for writing services. When you can read the experiences of people who have worked with a particular writing company, you’ll be able to tell if you’d like to outsource your essay to that company or not. Without reviews, you’ll be making a big gamble which may or may not turn out well. However, only genuine reviews are essential. Sometimes, writing services pay people to give good reviews to their writing service even though they have loads of unsatisfied clients. Some writing services even go as far as deleting bad reviews from their website. That’s why you may need to read reviews from third-party companies whose interest is your satisfaction.
Why is it important that I read reviews before ordering for services?
Why should you read reviews before placing an order with writing services? Online reviews are as critical as personal recommendations. It helps you get a feel of other people’s experiences with a particular writing service so that you can decide whether to use that service or not. Without online reviews, you cannot know what to expect from a specific service.
Is it legal to use essay writing services?
The short answer is yes. It is entirely legal to use essay writing services. It is in many ways similar to receiving help from a friend or getting someone to help you ghostwrite your book. Since ghostwriting is entirely legal, essay writing services are legal too.
Can I trust all reviews?
The short answer is no. You cannot trust all reviews on the internet, especially if the review is not done by an unbiased third party or company. No company or writing service likes terrible reviews. However, some go the extra mile to hire people to write fake reviews so that their services can rank well and look good. This is why you should not trust all reviews you see on the internet.
Is it safe to use essay writing services?
Yes. It is safe to use essay writing services for your academic writing assignment. Most essay writing services ensure that you remain anonymous when you use their service. They also pledge to keep your information private, including your email, credit card details, etc. Therefore, to ensure that you enjoy safety when using essay writing services online, you must be sure that they are dedicated to keeping your information private.
Why do I need the best essay service?
Why do you need to be so particular about which writing company does your essay for you? Well, you need the best essay service because you surely want to have a good grade. If you need a good grade, then only the best essay services can assure you of that. However, if you’re not concerned about your grade and just need to get your essay done, you can use just about any essay service.
Can essay services deliver plagiarized essays?
Yes, some essay services offer plagiarized content to clients. This is why one has to be very careful when choosing essay services. Therefore, you should request plagiarism reports from writing services when they deliver your order. And if they don’t include plagiarism reports, you should run plagiarism tests before submitting the essay to your instructor.
Will native English speakers write my essay for me?
Well, it depends. The best essay writing services hire native English speakers to write essays for students. Therefore, you should go through their site to check the quality of experts they hire for your essay. Suppose they mention that they hire only native English speakers but deliver an essay with many grammatical errors. In that case, you can ask for a refund. A refund can only work if they have a money back guarantee, so be sure to check that before using any service.

Best Assignment Services

Doing your assignment right is a great way to boost your score and get a good grade. But, of course, your assignments are important to you, and you wouldn’t want to blow your chance to land an A+ in that course. So, if you need reliable help for your assignment, here are some of the best assignment services that you can trust.

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Sometimes, it’s hard to find dissertation services that are good at what they do and are dedicated to helping students write the best dissertation. Unfortunately, not many writing services offer dissertation writing services because of the many complexities involved. However, we know where you can find some of the best dissertation services that can help you with your dissertation!

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Homework Cheat Websites

Many students turn to Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia, Quora, etc., when seeking websites to help them cheat on their homework. Unfortunately, however, most of them end up submitting plagiarized content which tells on their overall score. However, the good news is that custom writing services serve as real homework cheat websites. Check out some of these websites here!

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Not every student has the time to write coursework, term papers, etc., on their own. Therefore, they always tend to look for the best coursework services. In addition, every student wants a high-quality paper delivered to them before the deadline. So, if your work is crucial and you require guarantees that it will be done well and in time, here are some of the best coursework writing services you can use!

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