5 Best Dissertation Writing Services

Academic writing can be very tasking, whether a dissertation, project, or thesis. Your dissertation goes beyond choosing a topic you’re passionate about or a problem you’re trying to solve. As tasking as it can be, it is also a significant milestone for your academic background.

best dissertation writing services

You would need to put in long hours of research, follow proper data collection processes, compile them all together and make them all make sense. It is not only time-consuming, and it takes energy and resources. While the above are also necessary, your writing skills, such as formatting, style of writing, and referencing, are also vital factors.

Your writing skills are essential points your instructors pay attention to in grading your work. It gets more demanding when you are a part-time student with a full-time job or a parent.

So let’s face it, having someone to do all these for you at a fee is not a bad idea. 

You would agree with me about how vital these dissertation services are. But then there’s the question, “are dissertation services even legal?” I mean, someone had to ask. Well, since you’re already here, let’s dive into it. If you’re using dissertation services, you want to know if it’s legal and the best services to choose from, which is what this article will do.

In this article, we’ll also be giving tips on choosing the best dissertation writing service, so it’s a win-win for everyone. Keep reading while we start with the question of how legal it is.

List of 5 Best Dissertation Service Websites

If you’re using a dissertation service for the first time, you may be entirely clueless. However, if you’re not a newbie, you may already know some of these sites. To reduce stress, we have devised a list of dissertation writing service providers you can choose from. They include;

  1. DissertationTeam.com
  2. thesishelpers.com
  3. DissertationExpert.org
  4. ThesisRush.com
  5. Thesisgeek.com

These sites have been vetted and are coming highly recommended. They have proven to be experts in the field, provide quality, and honor deadlines over time. You’ll have more questions like their pricing and the quality of their services, and you should. Please keep reading to find out more about them.


Best Dissertation Writing Services Websites

We don’t want you to choose these services because we said so. We want you to do so because the facts are correct. In this section, let’s discuss in detail why we’ve singled them out and recommend you try them out. We’ll tell you important information about them that will address all the questions you might have, so keep reading! 



dissertationteam review

DissertationTeam.com is a group of trained and experienced writers who provide writing services you may require. With their group of writers sourced from all walks of life, they have the experience to add that personal touch. They have delivered quality to their clients for over 12 years since they’ve been in business. It is no surprise that they have been able to build their dominance in the industry over these years, mastering their craft, and hence are one of the best. Let’s look at some other things about them that you would want to know below.

  • Prices

They have several available services ranging from writing, editing, and proofreading of works. Their writing category, which covers dissertations, literature reviews, and paper formatting, has a starting price to be $19.91 per page. 

While this may not be cheap, it is worth it as you always get value for your money. Their other editing and proofreading services go at $14.93 and $13.94 per page if you ever need them.

  • Quality

If the content on their website is anything to judge by, you would already rest assured they are experts and are confident about what they do. Their group of writers are not only industry experts in whatever field of study you’re in, but are also practicing experts. 

The extra touch this gives your work is that they research facts and figures and write from their personal experiences. Also in their team are expert editors who scrutinize and properly deliver your works. What could possibly go wrong with your dissertation?

  • Customer Support

DissertationTeam.com has implemented systems such as emails, 24-7 toll-free contact team, and response forms, all to ensure a seamless support system. Their email response doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes to respond to messages, so you don’t have to bother about staying in the loop when they’re working on your project. 

To top it all off, there is the option of a live chatbot system that answers your basic questions and finally links you to a human customer service representative for further clarification.

  • Guarantees

Dissertationteam.com is ready to prove they have set up a working system that delivers quality and on time since 2009. Their transparency, and rapport with clients before, during, and after handling their projects is a stellar characteristic that will help put your mind at ease. In addition, several reviews have been done about them you can always go through before making your decision.



best dissertation writing services

A central pride point of thesishelpers.com is how they deliver on time on all assigned tasks. They have garnered a good number of writers who provide expert services on any topic or field of your choice. 

They have a couple of solid points they emphasize their services are bound by, such as being powered by knowledge, being passionate about what they do, and don’t fail to deliver results. They are particular about how their customers feel, ensuring they don’t do anything short.

  • Price

Dissertations under the writing catalog are priced at $5.85 for 100 words. This offer covers a thoroughly researched work with the proper citations and edited to perfection. It also covers a revision period that allows you to review your work, present corrections where necessary, and have them attended to. 

As expected, they have editing and proofreading services with attractive points. The editing and proofreading services cost $3.90/100 words and $3.32/100, respectively.  

  • Quality

With Ph.D. holding writers from various fields in their team, they deliver highly professional dissertations to those in need of their services. Only experts in your area are assigned to write for you, and you can choose from their array of experts who you want to write for you. 

They also offer you one-on-one access to your writer to ensure an easy and swift workflow. Their long review window, plagiarism check, and professional proofreading for all works are more than enough proof of an excellent delivery on projects.

  • Customer Support

You want to know how your work is going, and the team at thesishelpers.com understands this. They have a 24-hour – 7days week contact window. Their email services for first-timers, the support team, and the team that handles finances are available anytime you decide. 

As expected, a chatbot is also available to help you navigate the site properly. A toll-free number is also available to call if you choose to. 

  • Guarantee

Ensuring their clients get the best of their requested service is a top priority to the thesishelpers.com team. One of their significant sales points is their ability to handle projects with tight deadlines. They understand the urgency that may come with them, so they are equipped to handle it when the need arises. 

They have an installment payment plan which only goes further to show their confidence level, and you’re allowed to pay as your work progresses. As a bonus, they also have a money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with their work.



dissertationexpert org

DissertationExpert.org is another site that helps connect you to experts who help you write custom dissertations just for you. The team emphasizes the importance of a dissertation to your academic success as one of the reasons why they take it so seriously. 

From helping in researching topic options to writing, dissertations are the services they offer. They are another dissertation service that takes pride in its ability to deliver within tight deadlines and at any time. A reputation they are not only proud of but intend to maintain.

  • Price

The writing service available at the site will cost you $19.91 per page for starters. This price covers writing your dissertation from scratch and an in-depth literature review. There are other services the site offers, such as editing and proofreading. 

The costs for those services are $14.93 per page for editing and $13.94 per page for proofreading. At DissertationExpert.com, they emphasize how you get value for money paid, so you should rest assured the price is just right.

  • Quality 

Their array of writers are experts from different fields who write original articles and do not repeat the same papers for various clients. Their team of creative writers ensures the proper format of writing, citations, as well as editors. They also have an anonymity policy that ensures that all clients’ details are kept anonymous from both clients and writers. 

The anonymity policy, however, does not stop the client from talking to their writer if the need arises. Their testimonial section is another testament to the excellent work they do and how they have returning clients. 

  • Customer Support

An essential customer care tactic is the automatic chatbot, which is an inevitable feature on DissertationExpert.org. You can call, chat, or email their customer care representatives 24 hours, seven days a week, for any service, inquiry, or complaint you might have. 

So their clients have stress-free access to them anytime they feel like it, they have split their response team into different sections. They have a selection of billing questions and two other areas for existing clients and potential clients.

  • Guarantees  

The site ensures value for your money, alongside a revision period that does not attract extra charges. They offer discounts to their customers and assure you of not only an express delivery of your work but also an “A” grade on your dissertation. If the need arises, you can always speak directly to your writer to communicate any questions, complaints, or views you might have.



thesisrush review

At ThesisRush.com, they promise a dissertation written by Ph.D. holders and a guarantee of earning an A grade with it. They follow your specifications and suggestions to ensure your dissertation is just what you need. The flow of your thesis is also as important, hence one of their essential marketing points. 

They have the necessary documentation that ensures they are allowed to provide these services and have, over the years, been able to build both mastery and a reputation of excellence for themselves.

  • Price

The available services on the site include writing plagiarism-free, in-depth, researched, and no-error dissertation pieces for Ph.D. students. Their rate for writing a dissertation starts from $17.55 per page while you negotiate the length you want your dissertation to be. 

If you have something written already but want a professional to edit for you, they offer that service at $11.70 per page. Also available is their proofreading service, which they offer at $9.95 per page. If this suits your budget, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

  • Quality

The writing services promised are top-quality content without any contradictions or repetition of previous works that might implicate you. Their mode of picking their writers is a rigorous list of activities to ensure they get the best and nothing less. 

The experts that they select are not only requested to submit relevant certificates, but it is also essential they provide proof of previous works. With the information you provide, their writers ensure they follow your guidelines, coupled with research, and deliver excellent results.

  • Customer Support

The customer care options cover new clients and resolve payment issues. If you are an already existing client, there is also the option to be able to monitor the progress of your work and ensure it is in line with your guidelines. 

Their chatbot can always listen to your complaints and refer you to an agent when you need one. Their phone number is written boldly on their website so you can contact them when you want.

  • Guarantees

Choosing ThesisRush.com ensures you get value for money spent. The team of professionals that cut across various fields is always available to work on your article. While your project is ongoing, they also ensure they keep you in the loop on everything. 

If you’re informed of all the processes, you can monitor them closely and ensure they’re doing the right thing. They also encourage revisits until it is finally per the excellence level you want it to be.




Thesisgeek.com dissertation service prides itself on the quality of its writers, which they like to call the 2% of the best writers there are. Their rigorous screening systems include background checks, phone interviews, trial assignments, performance reviews, etc.

Another essential screening criterion is their English exam, which is mandatory irrespective of the degree the writers may already hold. This makes their services one of the best in the industry.

  • Price

You may already have a budget, so we might as well dive right into their pricing. Writing a dissertation with Thesisgeek.com will cost you $5.85 per 100 words. This is quite a fair price as they cover original content writing, literature review, and field experiments if your project requires it.

An appealing point to note is their variety of discount offers, available for grabs depending on the number of pages you’re ordering from them. Their editing and proofreading services are priced at $3.90 and $3.32 per 100 words.

  • Quality

With their writers’ screening process, you expect nothing less of the best from your work. They ensure you have well-written and in-depth research of any topic you provide for your project.

They work closely with the goal of the project you provide for them before starting and ensure they don’t stray from the point or lose sight of the unique fact of your paper. In conclusion, they have a team of professional editors that edit your works to perfection.

  • Customer Support

An impressive feature on the site is their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that can address some of your primary concerns before even contraction support. It is a bonus, especially for potential clients, so they know what they’re getting into.

They have a chatbot feature that can always redirect you to a customer care representative if you’re unsatisfied. Their email address is also available for you to reach them through and a phone number to call, with 24 hours, seven days a week access.

  • Guarantee

Your chosen writer gives you tailored work that fits your topic. Included in their services category is an option for other related services you might want them to offer. They also have an extensive window for revisits and reviews till they meet your desired taste.

Included in their policies is the unique offer of a refund with a 60 day window if you’re unsatisfied with the service offered. To ensure anonymity, your information is not disclosed to anyone so there is no trace back to you if you use their service.


Are Dissertation Services Legal?

The simple answer is yes, dissertation services are legal. While students can use these services as writing aides, it also, to a large extent, depends on the site you choose to use. While some tutors do not welcome the idea, the quality of their work is also essential.

Your article should be original, written correctly in the correct format, and delivered on time. If the site you choose does not ensure all these, it defeats the aim of sourcing your work. The need for your work to be original is non-negotiable, which is what you should look out for. This means that while it may not be authentic, it should be an original article and not plagiarized.

While some dissertation service sites may not be all that credible, it becomes your job to ensure that you search for top dissertation writing services. Choosing the best will help save you the stress of having to redo, exceed deadlines, or, even worse, fail the whole exercise. The following section will help you with tips on how to make the decision.


Tips for Choosing the Best Dissertation Writing Services

Your dissertation is a significant make-up of your entire grade score, which is very important. If you’re going to do it, then you should do it right! The hassle of ensuring you choose the right topic, proper research, and that your dissertation is written correctly goes away with choosing a dissertation service. But that’s not all. There’s the hassle of selecting the right one. 

At first glance, they may all seem credible to you, but that doesn’t mean you should go with the first one you come across. These sites may start good and, over time, lag in either quality and ability to meet deadlines, so yes, they may have worked just fine for a friend but deliver abysmal work when it’s your turn. 

With many of them out there, you don’t need to try them all before choosing the best. It would help if you didn’t try them all out. That’s why we have these sections. Here are some tips you can use in choosing your next dissertation service.

  1. Onsite review 

    The good thing about the internet is how we can all share information. The review section is an excellent place to look out for when going through these services. Here, you can get insights from people who have used their services before, which will help influence your following line of action. 

  2. Pricing range 

    Sometimes, more isn’t always the best. Here, you can also compare the prices of your various options. After making these comparisons, you can let your set aside budget decide for you. This comparison can also help you know if you’re underpricing or overpricing. The pricing list of the dissertation service will also help you decide if that’s the best way to go at the moment.

  3. Quality of sample provided 

    Going through previous samples is very important in choosing your required dissertation service. If you like what you see, go ahead and contact them. This proves that they have other clients and gives you an insight into the quality of work.

  4. Independent ranking sites 

    Checking reputable sites for best dissertation writing services reviews may just be the help you need. If you go through the suitable sources, which are credible and trustworthy, then you can easily choose any site from their listings. This is because these sites have a reputation to protect, so they would have done the research for you before adding these sites to their list.

  5. Ask a friend! 

    Yes, the age-long organic referral method of asking a friend is still very much valued. Instead of going through the hassle of searching and going through price lists and samples, it’s a way more accessible option. Asking a friend for the best place to buy a dissertation will do the magic. Your friend may have gone through these methods before choosing theirs, so going through their work and going with them is simple. If you’re unsatisfied with their work, at least you have one site to strike off your list.



A dissertation is one of, if not the most challenging piece of writing you would need to earn a Ph.D. It is always bulky, containing chapters and sections on a topic you chose as a student or assigned to you by the department. Whoever selects a topic, your dissertation should be written correctly and expertly, and there is no negotiation in that regard.

Suppose you choose to outsource your dissertation, then this article has told you exactly how to go about it. From answering whether it is even legal to do so, it has also provided you with tips on choosing the best dissertation writing services. Also contained in the article is a list of top-rated dissertation writing services that you can choose from. 

We’ve done the heavy lifting, so go ahead and choose from our best dissertation services review.