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Understandably, you don’t have enough time on your hands to write your paper – most students don’t. Usually, the best thing to do in this case is to outsource your paper to a reputable writing service. However, this is more challenging than it sounds. It’s not as easy as just going on the internet to choose any writing service. Now, that’s where the role of reviews come in.

There are many legit writing services. But on the other hand, there are so many scams as well. The industry’s scams either disappear with your money or deliver a paper that you could write in your sleep. Therefore, you need to read a comprehensive review on the writing service you want to use before you commit to them online.

This article will review and help you decide if it’s legit and worth your money. Our review will cover essential aspects of the writing service industry. Continue reading this unbiased review article to find out if you should use

The many controversial Assignment Expert reviews have promoted our investigation into this academic writing service. So, what did we find out about this service?

AssignmentExpert has been in the academic writing industry for about 10 years now. This means that they must be doing something right to still be around for so long. Furthermore, has a 4.3/5 rating on and a 4.4/5 rating on TrustPilot. This makes us believe that AssignmentExpert is indeed a legitimate business and not a scam. But are these Assignment Expert reviews genuine or fake? is one of the academic writing services on the internet today. While this service seems to focus more on assignments, they also write essays. The website design doesn’t appear as professional as other writing services’ websites. It has a poor design. The website design makes this service look more like an assignment cheat service than writing service. You have to look more closely to see that they also write essays.

The AssignmentExpert website accepts assignments on different topics, mainly Physics, Maths, and Programming. On the website, Assignment Expert further breaks down these topics into more specific areas of expertise which is good. But let’s look at this writing service in-depth.
Types of services

This website does not have a service page. Since they are primarily an assignment writing service, you won’t find anything on essay writing. You have to register by creating an account to know about the services that they offer. Assignment Expert provides quite a wide range of services. They offer assignment assistance in the following.
  1. Economics
  2. Programming and Computer Science
  3. French
  4. Engineering
  5. Philosophy
  6. Maths
  7. Law
  8. Chemistry
  9. Biology
  10. History
  11. Psychology
  12. Sociology
  13. Management
  14. Marketing


Since Assignment Expert specifies the topics they specialize in, one would assume they are experts in those topics. But, unfortunately, the AssignmentExpert reviews online begs to differ on their level of expertise.

There are numerous negative Assignment Expert reviews in respect to the quality of their papers. For example, one AssignmentExpert review accused them of rephrasing Wikipedia pages and not putting any effort into the paper. Another Assignment Expert review said they got a 4 out of 10 on the paper.

There are other positive reviews concerning this service. However, some of these positive AssignmentExpert reviews look generic. While they don’t look like authentic experiences, we can’t totally disregard them.

Considering all these, we have concluded that its best Assignment Expert papers are of average quality. Experts who produce wishy-washy papers are definitely not experts.
Prices and Payment

Assignment does not make use of the bidding system, which is definitely a good thing. However, they also do not have an onsite calculator where you input your assignment details, and then they show you the price. So how then do they calculate the price of a paper?

Well, when you place an order for your project, they individually access the assignment and send a quotation after some time to your mailbox. You may be asked to pay between $5 to $30 per page, depending on the complexity of your paper.

This is quite problematic as there is no breakdown of the cost. Dumping a price on and expecting you to pay seems absurd. Also, there is no space to include your deadline during the order placement stage. Like we said, their website design is not exactly the best. Maybe you can tell the writer about the deadline yourself or risk the possibility of submitting late.

Once you accept the price, you will go back to the website and make payments through PayPal. Unfortunately, they only accept PayPal. Maybe that will change later on.


Navigating the Assignment Expert website is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. Finding their guarantees was not very easy; in fact, they didn’t have any guarantees. Although we saw some things that replaced these guarantees and we were shocked by them.
  • Refund Policy

They do not have a refund policy. The website clearly states that they do not guarantee that the assignments that they deliver to you will be 100% accurate and plagiarism-free. So you will have to make do with whatever you get. So funny and absurd.

But one review that we saw claimed that after complaining about how their paper was so incomplete, they received a 25% refund. This doesn’t make any sense because why would they deliver an incomplete assignment in the first place. So simply put, you are paying for an inaccurate assignment, yeah? Red flag.
  • Plagiarism-free guarantee

As we said, this is also non-existent. Instead, they let you know that their writers have the right to prioritize another assignment over yours. Further, they state that if they exceed your deadline, they’ll try to negotiate a better date with you, and if you don’t like the date, you are not getting any refunds. In essence, this service is a disaster waiting to happen.
Customer reviews complain a lot about their customer support. They obviously have a lot of complaints because of how disorganized the service is. The Assignment Expert customer support includes an email address, a live chat system, and a phone number. There are numerous complaints that the customer support is highly unresponsive, and when they respond, they are not very helpful.

We took note of an review that claimed to get a response after 2 hours, and the attendant was not willing to help. This can be frustrating for the numerous customers that patronize this service.


  • They provide assignment answers for some of the most challenging courses in the world.


  • A strict no refund policy
  • The writers are not as experienced as they claim
  • They don’t want delivery assignments on time
  • Assignment Expert produces average papers at their best
  • The writers don’t follow instructions
  • There is no standard pricing system on this website.

What’s our final verdict on this assignment writing service? This is the part that we all have been waiting for. Do we recommend Assignment Expert? Our answer is a resounding no, and we will tell you why. You don’t even need to be a rocket scientist to understand our reasons.

First of all, We can see why this service might be called a scam. However, their terms and conditions, especially their refund policy, make it evident that they are only out to get your money and nothing else.

Even the quality of their paper makes this more apparent. We think this is a literal red flag, and you should not trust them with your money. Assignment Expert reviews show that they have no sense of urgency and responsibility.

Their statement that they have the right to prioritize other projects before yours authenticates this point. They also let you know that there is a possibility that your paper might not be accurate too.

You are not sure that your paper might be delivered on time. There’s also a possibility that your paper that was delayed might be incorrect. It is too risky for all the money that you are paying.

Other better assignment writing services would give you your money’s worth. Good examples are some of these top writing services – you should check them out. They would most definitely do a better job than

Unless improves its service, we advise or readers to stay away from this service. However, if you decide to patronize them after reading this, you would be doing so at your own risk.
What Is is primarily an online assignment writing service that assists students with their school assignments and answers.
Is Assignment Expert plagiarism-free?
Some reviews call out AssignmentExpert for plagiarism, and they have a no plagiarism guarantee. So once again, the possibility that you would get a plagiarized paper is there.
Is Assignment Expert a good writing service?
We cannot tell you that this service is a good one. We don’t want our readers to lose their money since the probability that you might do so is relatively high. Therefore, you are better off with another academic writing service.
Is safe?
This website is safe, and all transactions are carried out on secure platforms. But like every other online safety practice, we advise you not to release sensitive information to anyone on this website.
Is scam?
Unfortunately, we cannot say that AssignmentExpert is a scam. They might have an irresponsible way of handling their business, but this does not mean that they are scams.
Is AssignmentExpert legit?
They do deliver a paper to their customers, but the quality of the paper might be questionable. Customers should not have to guess our gamble on the quality of their papers.
Is Assignment Expert reliable?
AssignmentExpert is not reliable at all, and the reviews have validated this response. Furthermore, they clearly state the possibilities of their incompetency on their terms and conditions page.
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  1. can’t say that they are experts at all, lmao! my 10-year-old brother would write better for sure. anyways, at least their support works well enough to suggest to me the way to solve the problem with my paper and made a partial refund for that.

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