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Seeking an online essay writing service is a common practice among most college students. It isn’t always because they are too lazy to come up with their own essay. They just need the help of an expert (with a fee) to aid their acquisition of the A+ grade (without sweat). There are numerous essay writing services online. Some are real and legit, while others are mere scams. Hence, the importance of real-time customer reviews and online reviews like this one cannot be overemphasized.

Most customers write a review after using these services, and such reviews can guide you. You need to check out and validate the online reputation of the writing service you want to hire or engage. You also want to be sure the platform has a reliable customer support team to help you navigate their platform and solve all queries. This is a GoNerdify review that speaks volumes about their online reputation. is one of the few unique essay-writing platforms out there. If you are looking for a unique essay-writing platform, GoNerdify is one of the options you have. In this GoNerdify review, we will be diving deep into what separates this platform from the rest.

The business model of this platform is rather unusual. This company portrays itself as a PA to students. If you visit their website, you will not find the conventional signup and login button that most platforms adopt and work with. You do not have to go through the process of signing or login in before you can order a paper. The company is more of an AI-powered platform and they render their services through text messages and Facebook Messenger. No wonder their online reputation rings loud like a bell.

However, you will still need to provide your personal information such as your contact number for them to be able to contact you. Unique right? This platform connects students with freelance writers in different fields and niches.

As a student, you can use Nerdify to order all types of academic papers. The algorithm on the platform uses AI to choose the most suitable writer for a particular order. This means students are assigned writers based on the type of their paper. Is Nerdify legit? Is Nerdify safe? Does Nerdify work? Will Nerdify write a paper for me? If you have been asking those questions, you are at the right place for answers. This is the nerdify review you have been looking for. Read our Nerdify reviews to find the answers to your questions.
Types of services

Nerdify is somewhat better than many essay-writing platforms out there. This unique platform is versatile and they work with different customers including businesses, students, as well as universities. As a student, you can order a paper on the platform or find someone that can put you through the necessary materials. You can also use this platform when writing, as they also help students to choose the right books and other resources needed for their work.

If you have already finished writing your book, you can order proofreading and editing on this platform as well. If you are a businessperson, you can find business consultants on the platform to help you with business plans and presentations. The services of the platform also extend to the creation of marketing plans. Universities can also use Nerdify to find interns for students, create tests, and also scout for talents. Here are all the types of services this platform renders:
  • Help students get into their dream school
  • Find study materials and books for their courses
  • Connect with a perfect tutor
  • Connect you with business consultants
  • Development of business and marketing plans
  • Preparation of materials for business presentation
  • Help you find interns and new candidate to join your team
  • Find internship for students
  • Facilitate corporate partnerships
  • Create study tests and various courses
  • Helps with talent scouting


After going through several GoNerdify reviews, we saw that many users were impressed with the service they got on the platform. Hence, they have a good online reputation. Many customers noted that they got a great quality of paper from the platform. This is obvious even from the minimal negative reviews compared to other writing services out there.

This company has a good reputation when it comes to the quality of work it offers because all the professionals, tutors, and experienced writers on this platform went through the examination process of Nerdify to prove that they can work on certain types of orders.

When you place an order, the artificial intelligence algorithm will cross-check the profile of different writers and link you with the one that has experience in the kind of order you placed. This is why many students get impressive and quality papers on this platform. Nerdify reviews say so too.

However, not everyone is impressed with the quality of the paper they got on this platform. Some nerds are not good in certain academic fields. When you get paired with such a “nerd,” chances are you might get an assignment with many silly mistakes – which has been the complaint of many users. This has been the subject of most negative reviews. Nevertheless, many users said the mistakes are not critical but more is expected from the writers though. This is why they still have a good online reputation.
Prices and Payment

Being a unique platform, the price estimation system of GoNerdify is different. Due to the nature of the services the platform provides, it is difficult to get an estimate on your project before you place your order. To get a price quotation, you need to tell them what you want first. Nevertheless, they do offer some fixed rates on certain services. They also offer hourly rates, which is a unique feature you will not find on many writing platforms.

Generally, the Nerds, which are the writers on the platform, will decide the rates. The prices on this platform vary a lot, as they offer a wide range of services. In some GoNerdify reviews, there are some complaints about overpricing on the platform. However, the general cost of the projects on the platform is not too bad. offers coupons occasionally. At the time of this Nerdify review, there are no coupons or promo codes on this platform. The payment methods on this platform include MasterCard, Visa, Stripe, PayPal, Discover, and American Express.


If you are not satisfied with the service or product on this platform, the firm will reassign you to another nerd or revise your order for free. If the revision does not cut it out for you, you can initiate the refund process to get back your money. However, the percentage of refund you will get depends on the terms and conditions. When users write a review, it is always obvious that they are not satisfied with the refund process.

Perhaps, it is because the waiting period for the refund is usually 30 days.

GoNerdify has a good customer support system. Getting in touch with them is free, all you will pay for is the time the Nerd spends working on your project and additional purchases like books the Nerd makes for you. The platform charges a fee of 11 percent, which is usually included in the price you have to pay for any service.

This platform has quite effective and quick customer support. The communication on the platform is quick and the customer service is always there to attend to your questions and complaints. You can drop your contact number on the platform and a representative will contact you. You can also reach them via their email address. Nevertheless, the response on Facebook Messenger is much quicker. Most users often have something good to say about GoNerdify customer support.


  • Making orders on its platform is very quick and easy
  • They offer a wide range of services for students, businesses, and universities
  • Their customer support is good


  • Getting refunds on the platform takes a very long time
  • They do not have a clear pricing system
  • Some nerds do not submit quality content

If you are wondering if Nerdify is real or fake, wonder no more. This is a real writing service company but they have contradictory feedback and reviews from students. They offer a wide range of services, but the pricing system and writing skills of some nerds could use some improvements.
What is is an essay writing platform that requires the customer to provide personal information. Also, some students complain that some of the writers on this platform deliver papers with silly mistakes.
Is Plagiarism-Free? does not guarantee customers that they will receive plagiarism-free content. Also, the company doesn’t have a plagiarism checker on its website. That means you can’t tell whether the essay you receive is plagiarism-free.
Is a Good Writing Service?
Compared to other essay-writing platforms, is not a good writing service. Students can get better quality essays at the same or even lower price than this platform offers.
Is Safe? is not safe for students who don’t want to provide personal information when ordering an essay online. Also, the refund process is long, and the amount you get back depends on the platform’s terms and conditions.
Is a Scam? is a scam because many students complain about receiving essays with many silly mistakes. Also, getting a refund when essay quality doesn’t meet your expectations is a long process, and the amount you receive depends on the company’s terms and conditions.
Is Legit?
The legitimacy of is questionable because the platform lacks a transparent pricing system. Also, the company doesn’t submit quality essays or refund the total amount when a customer expresses dissatisfaction with their work.
Is Reliable?
Overall, is not a reliable essay writing platform. That’s because it doesn’t guarantee you quality work. Additionally, it doesn’t guarantee you a full refund if the writer fails to meet your expectations.
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