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Assignment writing services have continued to boom over the years. And the reason is not far-fetched. Most students don’t have enough time to write their papers themselves. In that case, students outsource their assignments to assignment writing services. However, not all stories have happy endings. Some students get scammed and ripped off their money while still failing the assignment.

This is why we have decided to review writing services on the internet. And one of such writing services is BoomEssays. Our BoomEssays review will help you determine if you should use this writing service or not. Furthermore, with our comprehensive and unbiased review on BoomEssays, you’ll be able to avoid them if they seem like a scam writing company to you.

This review article will cover the essential aspects of any writing service industry. These are the “About,” Types of services, Quality, Prices and Payments, Guarantees, Customer Support, Pros, Cons, and Verdict. Continue reading this unbiased review of BoomEssays to find out if you should use their services or not.

Don’t hand over your money to them until you’ve finished reading this post. Let’s get started.

Boom Essays is a professional academic essay writing service established by a team of experienced freelancers known as NetFix LLC. These writers claim to have a passion for writing and a desire to help students succeed academically.

BoomEssays is relatively new to the academic writing industry. They have been around for about 6 years now, which explains why they don’t have a lot of reviews. Still, you can credit its little publicity to its affiliate website, GrabMyEssay. helped BoomEssays gain prominence amongst the students and other members of their target market. Fun fact! The same company owns both and BoomEssays.

Boom Essays’ website is relatively comprehensive, with an easy-to-navigate style. It has everything that a professional writing service should have. It includes a list of services, BoomEssays rates, available writers, paid samples, Boom Essays discount offers, and a blog with free-to-read articles that will help you learn more about how to create an excellent essay.

To has a 4.3/5 on review websites like and Trust pilot, which is a fair rating. But let’s not forget that their affiliates have more knowledge about the writing industry. Some comments suggest that these reviews are fake. They are a marketing strategy by their founders.

We don’t know how valid this claim is, so we decided to investigate the truth. Are the reviews fake or genuine? Do we recommend this service? Keep reading to find out.
Types of services

BoomEssays quite a wide range of services. They cater to all levels of students, from high school to Doctoral students. Some of the services they offer include:
  1. Academic writing
  2. Rewriting
  3. Editing
  4. Proofreading
  5. Copywriting
  6. Admission Services
  7. Maths/Physics/Economics and Statistics Problems
  8. Dissertation Services
  9. Multiple Choice Questions
  10. Resume Writing Services
  11. Capstone project
  12. Coursework
  13. Book/Movie Review
  14. Research papers
  15. Annotated Bibliography
  16. Case Studies
  17. Lab Reports
  18. Reaction papers
  19. Book Reports
  20. Outlines and many more


Of course, according to the general Boom Essays Reviews, the papers are always excellent, and customers are generally pleased with their papers. But we know that there is a possibility that these reviews are not genuine, so we decided to dig deeper.

Lucky for us, BoomEssays has samples of their papers on their website, and they are accessible to everyone. So we decided to go through a few. Going through these papers, we could see that there’s no way ENL speakers wrote these articles. However, some of these BoomEssays papers looked like what an ESL speaker would write. In addition, there were a few grammatical errors.

After going through these essay samples on, we decided to go through some reviews too. Well, we took note of one BoomEssays review that accused the writer of plagiarism. The BoomEssays review claimed that the BoomEssays writer plagiarized 100% and didn’t even bother to change the words or rewrite the work.

Another BoomEssays review accused their writer of not following any instructions that were given to them. There were also a few reviews that confirmed our suspicion that the writers were ESL speakers.

Putting all these into consideration, we concluded that BoomEssays provides pretty decent papers. If you are assigned to a good writer, you might get a paper that is above average. On the other hand, if you are running out of time and can do with an average paper, you can try BoomEssays.
Prices and Payment

BoomEssays has a standard price list which is an excellent thing. This price list varies according to the client’s academic level, the deadline, and the number of pages. The average cost for a one-page high school level paper is $12.99. This price is relatively high when compared to other academic writing services in the country. Because they have non-English language native speakers as their writers, the price should be lower.

On the other hand, they provide discounts of up to 15%. They also offer certain “free features,” such as a title page, formatting, bibliography, and plagiarism report. However, the irony is that all writing services should have these functions as standard.

BoomEssays claims to be giving away $70+ in free features, but this is pure nonsense, in our opinion. We think it is just another ruse to make their offers appear more spectacular. Don’t be fooled by these low-cost marketing schemes.

Concerning the payment methods, all transactions are completed through PayPal, credit/debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

You should fund your account on the site with the total cost of the project. Then, when the buyer confirms that they are satisfied with the job, they can release the money to the writer for the entire assignment.


They have a few guarantees of the regular academic writing services like a plagiarism-free guarantee, a copyright guarantee, a privacy guarantee, and other guarantees. But what interests us is their money-back guarantee.
  • Refund Policy’s refund policy is quite sketchy. For example, they state that if you receive a late submission from their writers and don’t need it anymore, probably because you already failed and got a bad grade. You won’t get any refunds.

Suppose you are requesting a refund based on a bad grade. In that case, you should know that you are also not getting any refunds because, according to them, the papers they produce are not ready for submission. So instead, they are simply referencing materials.

If you are requesting a refund based on the quality of your paper, you won’t get higher than 70% because, according to them, you have approved it at some point which means that you like it.

This policy seems like it was crafted to rob BoomEssays customers of their money. Therefore, we advise you to be careful with this service.
Customer has an email address and phone number that you can use to contact them. But, unfortunately, they don’t have a live chat system that has become a standard means of communication in the academic writing industry.

They claim to be available 24/7, but there are complaints that the customer service is relatively unresponsive. They take a lot of time to respond to minor issues.


  • They offer same-day delivery. You should get your paper delivered to you in under 6 hours.
  • They have good discounts.


  • Paper quality is poor
  • BoomEssays has a very tricky money-back guarantee
  • They are more expensive than the average industry price. The prices are not so student-friendly.
  • The writers are non-native English language speakers.
  • Inexperienced writers

Now for the final part of our Boom Essay review, we think that’s major selling point is its huge discount program that can be very useful to cut down their exorbitant prices. But it shouldn’t be enough to entice clients to return and do business with them again because, with these discounts, they are still paying the typical academic writing industry price. So yeah, that’s a marketing tactic.

They try to sell “special” features to their unsuspecting customers. Under normal circumstances, these features should be fundamental components of the paper. Therefore, they should not have to be sold.

Their tricky refund policy is also another reason to be very careful with this writing service. The fact that they assert that their papers should not be used as ready-to-submit products also baffles us.

We do not recommend this service to our readers. We feel like they are better off without these BoomEssays. However, if you need an alternative to BoomEssays, you can check out these top writing services. There’s still a lot more that can be done to improve the overall quality of their products. Their shady policies continue to favor the firm over the wellbeing of its customers. They have to improve the quality of their service if we are to trust them again.
Is BoomEssays reliable?
From the numerous BoomEssays reviews online, we can’t tell you that this service is reliable. Their non-existent refund policy also strengthens our belief. They want to take your money and give you a mediocre paper, so you don’t call them a scam.
Is BoomEssays legit?
Despite its problematic reputation, we cannot say that BoomEssays is a scam. They do provide papers to their clients. Even though sometimes the paper might not be one that you are pleased with.
Is scam?
It is difficult to see why people call them scams from the many reviews of BoomEssays and the terms and conditions we read. But BoomEssays is not a scam website.
Is safe?
BoomEssays is safe in the sense that they do not pose a security threat to you. All financial transactions that are carried out on these platforms are safe and secure. But once you give money to them, you can’t get it back.
Is BoomEssays a good writing service?
In our opinion, BoomEssays is not an excellent online writing service. They deliver mediocre papers to their clients at exorbitant prices. You can most definitely find a better alternative.
Is BoomEssays plagiarism-free? has received a lot of reviews that accuse them of high levels of plagiarism. So no, BoomEssays is not completely Plagiarism-Free. Therefore, there is a possibility that the paper you bought from them would be plagiarized.
What is
BoomEssays is a professional academic essay writing service established by a team of experienced freelancers known as NetFix LLC. They provide educational assistance services to every student that is willing to patronize them.
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  1. For such a pricing policy, the quality of work should be clearly higher.
    We had to make a lot of edits because initially there was a feeling that the work was written by a complete layman.

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