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Finding a reliable custom paper service gives students the liberty to channel their time and energy to other parts of their studies. The papers delivered by premium custom paper services can help students in many ways. They might gain more knowledge on specific subjects from such papers.

There are myriads of custom paper services out there claiming to be the best paper writing service. Unfortunately, a number of them aren't what they claim to be. In this Boom Essays review, we will focus on various aspects of the paper writing service.

Our mission is to help students find the right paper service that offers value for money. Keep reading to know what we discovered about BoomEssays.

Our first step in this BoomEssaysreview was to unravel the history behind this paper writing service. What year did they venture into custom writing service? This and many more were our focal point.

BoomEssays claims it started operation in 2016. Unfortunately, they failed to state the actual month they came into existence.

Another thing we discovered, which we will like to share in this Boom Essays review is the number of writers. BoomEssays boast 127 writers, which is certainly not a good number. Most custom paper helpers have over a thousand writers and can't even cover paper buyer's demands.

Having just 127 writers mean that BoomEssays won't be able to cover all the fields. There's also a possibility that their writers are a jack of all trades. And if that's the case, then there's no way paper buyers can get quality papers from this paper writing service. But then, we can't just jump to conclusions without further research.
Types of services

The type of services was another area we looked into in this BoomEssays review.

From our findings, BoomEssays offers essay, dissertation, research paper, thesis, admission essay, copywriting, and resume writing services. They also claim to offer additional services, which is proofreading and editing.

BoomEssays claims to offer several free features, which we found quite encouraging. These include limitless amendments, biography, outline, title page, and formatting, all free of charge.

But the question is can they deliver on their promise? It’s not enough listing a bunch of services or tasking people to leave a Boom Essays review on the website. We came across several reviews on the website, which we can confirm where from real paper buyers.


The next area we focused on was the paper quality, which is the most important thing to paper buyers. We wanted to know if Boomessays could provide A-grade academic papers.

On that note, we decided to order three papers, one each on three different academic levels. These include College 4th year, Master’s and Doctorate.

We received the college paper on the deadline, while the Master's and Doctorate papers came late. The outcome made us realize that is not reliable when it comes to keep to deadlines. Which is very important for a student.

Another surprising thing was the paper quality. Since we paid a premium, we expected the quality to be the same. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. There were myriads of grammar errors. The papers were also plagiarized and lacked depth.

Judging by the papers' quality, we would have gotten a D-grade. No reasonable paper buyer or student would pay a premium on a custom writing service, only to score a D.

So, on paper quality, we were not satisfied with what we received from
Prices and Payment

Next on this Boom Essays review is the price. stated clearly on its website that the price per page is $12.99. The deadline influences the price. And the shorter the project's deadline, the bigger the price per page.

Of course, paper buyers would have no problem paying such a high fee, provided the quality is good. also promises a 15% discount for first-time paper buyers, which was quite encouraging.

Unfortunately, this writing service isn't reliable when it comes to paper quality. In other Boom Essays reviews, we have seen paper buyers refer to them as 'scammers' because of the poor quality paper they received.

Charging $12.99 per page when you can't guarantee quality output is quite outrageous. Other custom paper writing services can deliver better quality at that price.

BoomEssays’ proofreading service is also on the high side. They charge $10.99 per page. Furthermore, BoomEssays offer a range of payment options, such as America Express, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Discover, Visa, and MasterCard.

Again, in all the BoomEssays reviews we checked, there was no complaint about the payment process. We also didn't experience any challenge while making payment when we ordered papers from


The refund this website offers are for unfilled requirements and deadline missed. Unfortunately, this won't make up for the damage caused. You also get a 70% refund if the paper has been assigned to a writer and 50% if the project has passed half the deadline.

When we contacted support to complain about the poor quality papers we received, they requested we give them time to launch an investigation into the issue. As of the time of writing, its past two months, and we're yet to get a conclusion on that investigation, nor a refund.

This writing service offers diverse options to get in touch with customer support agents. They have an email ID, a dedicated helpline, and an online chat to that effect.

The support agents claim to be active 24/7. But we had to call their helpline multiple times before getting a response. We also noticed that a chatbot, not a human, controls the online chat section.


  • Website looks professional
  • Diverse payment options
  • The website is super easy to navigate
  • Offers a wide range of writing services
  • Offers 15% discount to new buyers
  • Offers several channels to contact customer support


  • Paper quality is poor
  • High price per page
  • Might not refund all or part of your payment
  • Customer support doesn't respond all the time

BoomEssays, from what we discovered, is legit. But they are not a reliable custom paper writing company. Their price per page doesn't reflect the paper quality. The papers we ordered and complaints from other buyers are good evidence.

Furthermore, has a money-back guarantee policy that only favors them. So, if you choose to use this paper writing service, be ready to give up all or part of your payment.

We also suggest having a backup plan in case you face any disappointment. But overall, we wouldn't recommend this paper writing service to anyone, seeking high-quality papers.
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  1. For such a pricing policy, the quality of work should be clearly higher.
    We had to make a lot of edits because initially there was a feeling that the work was written by a complete layman.

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