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Do you have an important paper to write but are unsure which writing service to outsource to? Your fears are justifiable – there are so-so many essay writing services, and some are outright scams!

If you want to hire a writer online for custom writing, you need to scrutinize the hiring platform. This is just so you can be sure they are legit and capable of writing an A+ worthy essay for you. It is worthy to state that numerous online platforms for writers have emerged over the years, mostly pure scams.

However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t excellent essay writing services on the internet; there are several. But before you can trust any of the numerous essay writing services, you have to be sure that they can deliver on what they promise. The easiest way to go about this is by reading comprehensive customer reviews and review articles. And that’s why this article was written.

What does our Master Papers review say about this essay writing service? Is this writing service legit? And even if it is, is it your time and money? In this article, we’ll be sharing our unbiased masterpapers review.

Our Master papers review covers the most important aspects of all essay writing services. These are the “About,” Types of services, Quality, Prices and Payments, Guarantees, Customer Support, Pros, Cons, and Verdict.

Continue reading this review article to find out all you need to know about

Master papers is an online writing service that has provided academic assistance to students for over 15 years. But are they legit? And how good is the paper writing they deliver? Well, let’s find out.

Most reviews seem to point to the fact that it is a fairly good writing service. For example, their review awards them with a rating of 4.47/5 stars from about 224 reviews. This looks good on paper, but it’s not new for shady essay writing services to engineer 5-star reviews to buffer negative reviews.

Some clients have complained of getting shoddy papers. They have a string of terrible reviews and a host of embittered clients. Apparently, this writing service has botched papers, cover letters, etc., affecting the grades and careers of their clients.

Most negative reviews have “Scam,” “Never Use It,” “Fraud,” etc., written as their heading. And some even gave their order numbers and boldly stated that they believed the positive reviews were fake. Our review will help shed more light on this.

There’s nothing to get excited about when you go through the website. It rates itself 4.6 stars from (when it’s actually 4.47) and 4.8 stars from Trustpilot (when it’s actually 3.7). Why the discrepancies? Other review sites give them very low ratings – most below average.

Let’s go on to see other aspects of this writing service. Shall we?
Types of services

Let’s proceed with this Masterpapers review by checking out the services they offer. From the website, we see that it provides a wide range of services. These services include:
  1. Blog Post
  2. Book Report
  3. Book Review
  4. Capstone Project
  5. Case Study
  6. College Homework
  7. Coursework
  8. CV Service
  9. Dissertation Writing
  10. Essay Writing
  11. Editing Service
  12. Job Application Online
  13. Lab Report
  14. Literature Review
  15. Math Problems
  16. Movie Review
  17. Personal Statement
  18. Powerpoint Presentation
  19. Proofreading
  20. Research Paper Writing
  21. Research Proposal
  22. Resume
  23. Scholarship Essay
  24. Social Media Content
  25. Speech Writing Help
  26. Statistics Project
  27. Term Paper
  28. Thesis…
The list goes on. offers so many services that it’s easy to see that they’ll flop. Movie reviews? Job application? OK…that’s enough! Red flag!


From the genuine MasterPapers reviews online, we can see that this paper writing service is average. Previous clients have tons of complaints; therefore, this writing service may not necessarily be your best bet, especially for academic writing.

Why do we think this writing service is bad? Well, first, we should not be too quick to forget that they give their site higher ratings on their website than they’re actually rated. This mismatch of reputation is a red flag. And if they claim they’re yet to update it, then it means their rating is actually falling. Either way, it screams “Poor Quality!”

Despite the long tale on recruiting writers, MasterPapers writers are not as good as they claim to be. There are numerous complaints of clients flopping in their thesis and having to take on an extra year. Some also complained of heavily plagiarized papers. Well, whatever way we try to look at it, it’s probably a waste of time and money.

The ordering process is quite tedious, although it is simply painted as a 4-step process. But there are numerous sub-steps involved.

So, what does our review say on the quality? Well, we cannot guarantee that you’ll get excellent quality papers from this paper writing service. So, it may be in your best interest to check out other essay writing services. Maybe they make up for all these by charging less? Let’s find out.
Prices and Payment

When it comes to pricing, this paper writing service charges $13.28 for a standard one-page college essay. A Master’s thesis costs about $20.28 per page. This is for a 7-day delivery which seems kind of cool.

The prices for their deliverables seem fair. Although it varies largely on the type of essay you need or the academic level of the paper. But what is a low price if you do not get the quality you desire? Moreover, you can get better bargains for more confident results from other good essay writing services.

They have the profile of their writers and say a few things about them, including the number of orders they have completed. This looks very cool – although anyone can put up any picture and paste a few good things underneath. So, don’t get carried away by that.

You can choose a writer to do your work for you. There are three categories – Free, Top Writer, and Premium Writer. To hire a top writer, you have to pay an extra $3.98 a page, and to hire a premium writer, you have to pay an additional $7.97 per page. These are all marketing gimmicks to get more money from unsuspecting clients. So, do they mean if you choose a free writer, you do that at your own peril and may not get the quality you want? That speaks volumes about the types of writers they have onboard – mostly substandard! This is also clearly revealed in their customer reviews available online.

They have several payment options such as American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover.


Let’s proceed with this review by checking out the MasterPapers guarantees. These guarantees include:

Safety guarantees the safety of its clients. It promises that orders will be confidential and payments secure. It also guarantees 100% privacy.

Zero Plagiarism promises zero plagiarism. However, there have been reviews stating that they delivered plagiarized papers. Did those clients use one of the “free” writers? Well, if they cannot deliver plagiarism-free papers or academic writing, it says a lot about their other guarantees.

Timely Delivery promises to deliver papers before the deadline. They promise fast and timely delivery, even for papers and academic writing with a 3-hour deadline. They guarantee a “no-missed deadline.” Well, that’s easy to do if you go about copying and pasting. Though their customer reviews say otherwise. One was even complaining about a missed deadline (by 2 days). Unfortunately, does not give a money-back guarantee. They put this guarantee somewhere towards the end of their page, where it’s difficult to see. But from client’s experiences, these paper writing services do not give refunds.

Clients take it “personal” when people don’t show concern about the kind of services they are getting from anyone. The customer support given is, therefore, of importance to clients, and that is what many masterpapers reviews have highlighted as a concern to them. Customer service is everything, and everyone wants to feel appreciated for the businesses they are offering their dealer. Therefore, it is important for any writing company to show concern and attention to client needs. For long assignments, customers want to get frequent updates on the progress, something that is not a guarantee at masterpapers. If you read customer reviews, you’ll get to know what real people are saying about this platform in real-time, which will inform your decision.

The available mode of communication at this site is via messenger and WhatsApp. Their response time is relatively good but the mode of communication may not be the best when delivering long instructions. Effectiveness in communication is enhanced through channels that are set to capture the most details for a given assignment. You can quickly get your work started by these professionals although keeping track of the work may be a challenge.

Getting services from a virtual platform requires constant reassurance all the time and dedicated service to meet the needs of students. Also, customer reviews have a way of placing the required validation on a writing platform. Therefore, it is important to work with people who will take all the time to understand your needs even before promising to work for you. From the outcome I got, it was proof enough that masterpapers didn’t take time to listen to my needs. That is why I ended up getting an average result out of the time and money resources I invested!


  • Choosing and directly communicating with writers
  • Good customer service support
  • Stick to deadlines (more often than not).


  • It can quickly get expensive (Top and Premium Writer concept). For example, using a top writer can easily cost you almost $20 per page.
  • Shady money-back guarantee
  • Poor-quality papers
  • Plagiarized papers.

Based on our findings and the many MasterPapers reviews online, we are ready to give our final verdict on

From our review, this writing service is not a scam and has been offering writing services for over 15 years. Their website is just basic and easy to navigate. MasterPapers rank 61st among the essay and research paper writing services online. However, we have established that most of their 5-star reviews are engineered.

Overall, this writing service is average at best. Plagiarized papers, shady pricing, poor-quality papers… These are not ways to satisfy clients. And these are the major drawbacks of choosing this writing service. In addition, pushing clients to choose a “Top Writer” or “Premium Writer” so they can have better papers is shady. Why don’t they just relieve poor writers of their duties or train them well?

Most writers complained of poor quality papers and some an outright F. This shows they are not excellent at what really matters. Perhaps it’s because they spread themselves too thin trying to offer a host of services, including those unrelated to academic papers!

We can hardly recommend this writing service. Why? Because other great writing services can give you excellent papers at more affordable prices. To see our recommendations, you can check out these top research paper writing services!

What is is an essay writing service that covers all areas of writing such as paraphrasing, essay writing, dissertation, etc. It claims to have writers with advanced degrees, some being Ph.D. holders and others having master’s degrees. Are these claims real?
Is Master Papers plagiarism-free?
For some students, paraphrasing might not pose a problem. But in cases where the professor recognizes the source, running it through plagiarism detection tools can identify the original content.
Is Master Papers a good writing service?
The platforms’ online reputation do not seem to precede them. The platform has a large percentage of 5-star reviews but at the same time have nearly an equal amount of 1-star reviews with most people complaining of having been delivered orders which were not written by native English-speaking people, contrary to the platform’s claims of having “professional English writers with advanced degrees”
Is safe?
The ordering process just like any other site requires inputting personal data, there is no telling what could happen if this data gets into the wrong hands.
Is MasterPapers scam?
It has been argued that the site spread fake reviews, which look the same just to attract clients. This can be considered a scam as it gives people false information on the quality of the site. Why bother writing fake reviews if your clients can attest to the quality of your orders?
Is MasterPapers legit?
For a platform that offers all writing services including paraphrasing, the question of legitimacy cannot be argued. The act of paraphrasing violates copyrights because the writer uses another’s content without referencing.
Is MasterPapers reliable?
Clients have repeatedly complained of punctuation errors, poor lexical structuring, and problems with the logical order of paragraphs in their orders, all these sums up to a lack of quality which makes the platform a bit unreliable.
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