8 Best Research Paper Writing Services

With various learning methods being adopted every day, research paper writing services have been adopted by students too. The research writing services business has come to stay and is patronized by many academic audiences. 

best research paper writing services

People have stopped asking if students can use this platform. The question is now what are the best services to use, their rates, and how reliable they are. This article will cover some of these questions.

A research paper is an in-depth report and analysis of a chosen topic. It is usually based on rigorous reading and collection of data from books, articles, previous research, etc. this is very important as it gives you a unique perspective into whatever topic you’re discussing and, to crown it all, your personal touch. 

In the form of your result presentation, style of writing, and passion for your work, you add a personal touch to your work that makes it unique to you. What if I told you that research paper writing services could give that same effect if they handle your project?

Firstly, you need to understand that these research paper writing services are human beings, not just AI, so why not? Research writing services are usually a group of experts in various fields that come together with one goal in mind. 

The goal is simple: they offer their time, energy, and intellectual abilities to help you develop expertly written research papers in exchange for a fee. 

There are various reasons why your students need their services, and it isn’t necessarily out of laziness. Too much academic load for one reason, part-time students with full-time jobs, schooling and working parents, etc., whatever your reason, you’re doing it to get good grades; hence you should go to the best. 

Let’s dive into it! This article will explain to you practical steps for choosing the best research paper writing service and the criteria they should have that qualify them to be among the best. 

Ever wondered if they’re legal? We’ll also answer that question, so you want to keep reading. We’ll be looking at the eight best research paper writing services you can choose from. However, if you’re not satisfied, you can go through the next section as a guide to making your own decision.

List of 8 Best Research Paper Writing Services

You should already know by now that we are in the habit of doing the heavy lifting, so we have done the same thing here. We have come up with a list of the best research paper writing services you can always choose from. We have given you the option of more than one for various reasons. You may want to randomly pick or check them all out and see which best suits you. They include;

  1. 123Homework.com
  2. DissertationTeam.com
  3. IBuyEssay.com
  4. MyPaperWritten.com
  5. PaperWritten.com
  6. eWritingService.com
  7. MyPaperDone.com
  8. DoMyHomework123.com

While these sites may all come highly recommended, it’s left to you to check them out individually. See it as an attempt to help you sieve through the rest. Now you can choose based on factors like price, turnaround time, available offers, testimonials from previous clients, etc.


8 Best Research Paper Writing Services

Making an informed decision is very important. If you choose from our list of research paper writing services, then let’s tell you why we recommend them. We’ll go through some of the essential features that will help you to compare them in making your decision. This way, you don’t have to worry about any independent research. They’re all in one stop, so keep reading.



check 123homework review

The first step of solving a problem is understanding your target’s pain points, identifying the problem, and proffering a solution. 123Homework.com understood this task and ensured to state it on their website. That’s an excellent move if anyone is asking. They start by answering the questions as to why students need to outsource written projects. 

Every client coming to their site already feels connected and would want to proceed to the next step. They went further to give a list of available discounts you get if you sign up with them, which seems like a win-win for all. 123Homework.com offers services such as writing, editing, and proofreading.

  • Prices

Depending on the service you want, they have a range of pricing you can go with. To write a research paper, the prices are from $17.55. You can now proceed to find out the entire cost depending on the specification for your research paper. For the price listed above, they promise experts only get to handle your work. Their other detailed editing and proofreading services are priced from $11.70 for editing and $9.94 for proofreading.

  • Quality

While the site may be relatively new, the writers are said to be experts who have been in the business for years. They are a cross-community of experts from various fields who have mastered writing styles. This will enable them to provide quality work spanning multiple areas and industries. They cover writing projects such as essays and research works for both graduate and undergraduate courses. 

  • Guarantees

A significant pillar of operation at 123homework.com is that they are particular about the originality of their content. This is a reputation they have continued to build since they came into operation and are proud of. When the need to include external material arises, they ensure proper referencing. This is to ensure they stick to legal and academic ethics to protect the students from getting into trouble.

  • Customer Support

As an existing or potential client, you can always reach the team for inquiries or complaints. Their support system is carefully categorized to allow you to get help as soon as possible. There’s a team for placing new orders, financial inquiries, and questions on ongoing projects, all of which you can reach via email. They have a 24 hours- 7 days a week chatbot you can also start with. Also available is a US/Canada toll-free number.



dissertationteam review

If you’re looking for a website for your research paper, here is one worthy of mention. With the number of research paper writing services climbing every day, dissertation team.com has resounded its reputation. 

Not only have they been in the business long enough, but they have also been able to maintain their track record all this while. With the company being founded in college, it’s safe to say they understand your pain points as a student. With a track record of over 1000 orders on their website, there’s a reason why their clients keep coming back.

  • Prices

Every service ordered has a specific price tailored to it. With their prices tagged according to the pages you would need, you can get your exact price after deciding how many pages you want your research paper to be on. For writing projects, they charge $19.91 per page, which covers writing your research paper from scratch, editing, and formatting your work as well. If you have a piece you want to be edited, it goes at $14.93, and for proofreading projects $13.94. If this is within your budget, you can place your order, expecting the best.

  • Quality 

The dissertationteam.com pays attention to its clients and ensures its services fit all specifications. They confirm thorough research and the appropriate writing tools to check grammar and plagiarism. 

To ensure no stones are left unturned, they also provide expert editors to go through your work. They ensure to set a fresh pair of eyes on every order and aim for perfection. With nine years in the business and having a percentage of about 92.7% satisfaction rate, they should be good at what they do.

  • Guarantee 

The anonymity their website guarantees you for a start is reassuring. They want to hear from you, and they ensure to include everything you mention. You remain anonymous to even your chosen writer, and they don’t have to contact you for anything except you have to make corrections to your work. Included in your order specification is a category for you to specify your exact recommendation down to your font size.

  • Customer Support

Everyone understands the importance of keeping in touch, especially when you have an ongoing project, and so do they. Starting from their chatbot section, their email services, and toll-free numbers you can call, it’s a whole package. 

Even before making payments for an order, placing an unpaid order still gives you access to a writer that helps you estimate the average number of pages your research paper will need. They ensure availability 24 hours, seven days a week.



ibuyessay.com review

The website takes an exciting approach to expressing its expertise, which is hilarious and makes you want to stay. They start by introducing attributes of various professors and how they go about matching the challenges they pose. 

They went further to list the benefits you stand to gain by enlisting their services, why you should patronize them and their available offers. They elaborate further on the stages they take to achieve this, down to editing. Their page reviews also show satisfied clients’ comments and how they have repeatedly delivered quality work. They have made quite a name for themselves.

  • Prices

Ibuyessay.com is particular about not being extravagant with pricing. They pride themselves on accepting little money for expertise. Their writing projects are from $5.85 per 100 words. This covers from writing your project down to editing, plagiarism check, and all you’ll require. Their editing service costs $3.90 per 100 words, and proofreading costs $3.32. For the services promised, this is a very affordable, student-friendly price your budget is sure to cover.

  • Quality

Quality content, grammatical representation, editing, and proper referencing are checked out and ensured they are perfectly written. They deliver articles that help improve your grades and maintain an above-average grade by providing custom research papers on time. The website also takes extreme pride in its method of selection of writers. According to them, they ensure they select the best only, which speaks to the quality of their work.

  • Guarantee

They give special credit to their system admins as they ensure the anonymity of their clients, which is very important. At ibuyessay.com, they are particular about ensuring the research papers handled are edited thoroughly. Their support managers also provide that at every stage you’re in, they are available to proffer guidance and address whatever concerns you might have. All you need to do is try to testify to their credibility.

  • Customer Support

From inquiries, complaints, and tracking of the current task, there’s always someone to answer you when you want to talk. There’s always a chatbot to address your concerns and provide basic guidelines you can use to navigate the site. Email services already sorted to answer different complaints are also operational. With a section set up for support, it is pretty apparent they take their clients’ concerns very seriously



best cousework writing services 6

At mypaperwritten.com, the process is quite a simple one. You place your order, get your quotation and wait for your work to be delivered to you on time. They are an affordable option for your research paper writing and are also very reliable. 

Before talking to someone, there is an option to view samples on the site. Another eye-opener on their site would be the extra category added for writers who want to join their community. This makes them stand out as a brand and presents them as a brand always wanting to grow itself and its environment.

  • Prices

As payment validates the order, and you’ll want to know what you’re getting yourself into, let’s start with that. The pricing system of this particular website is quite tricky compared to the other sites so far. While most other websites usually have their prices, or at least a price range according to words or pages, it doesn’t apply to this site. 

To get the quotation for your research paper, you must fill out a catalog provided on their page to get a quote. The record contains information such as a document of a work you started or want them to work on, personal work you want them to use as a guide, service you would be required, due date, etc.

  • Quality

 For first-timers, you can constantly scrutinize their samples and decide if you want to go with them or not. They quickly respond to clients, first-timers, and existing clients. They follow all information you provide strictly. And go the extra mile to ensure they write in your voice.

  • Guarantees

The diversity of topics available is quite commendable. The information collation pattern shows how they are particular only about what you want. They ensure they don’t miss any form of information or any critical note that would contribute to your work. They assure you that they have a vast enough clientele. What this means for you is that they are willing to deliver irrespective of your field. You’re in safe hands. 

  • Customer Support

To communicate with customers and keep them abreast as they work on their projects, there are available emails and phone numbers to call. Whether or not you’ve used their service, you can easily subscribe to their newsletter. All you need to do is drop your email address on their website, and they’ll keep you informed of everything they are up to.



paperwritten review

The team at paperwritten.com, like most client-centered websites, may ensure that they deliver the best to all clients. The onboarding process is seamless and sets you up in no time. It’s easy. First, you get to choose your writer from their array of top-notch writers with no questions asked on your reason. The next step required of you is to submit you is to discuss with your writer what you expect to get out of your project bearing in mind they will follow strictly. And that’s all, and you can constantly monitor your work if you would like, then download it immediately after it is due.

  • Prices

They have a unique pricing style according to your project and expected turnover date. While the standard pricing starts from $17.55/page, editing costs $11.70/page, and proofreading costs $9.96/page. Select the writing degree you want and the expected deadline to ensure the special rates you’ll pay. 

This then gives you a specific amount for your work. The degrees to choose from include High School all through to Master’s and PhD. the classes in between colleges, such as first-year, third-year student, and senior, are also available to choose from.

  • Quality

At paperwritten.com, a conscious effort is made to deliver original and content-rich articles before the deadline. They allow you to actively participate in the writing process by talking to your writer through the process to ensure everything is top-notch. 

They went as far as to mention the specifics they use, such as fonts, spacing, referencing style, etc., so you know how much thought is being put into your work.

  • Guarantees

One of their solid guarantees they are free to share is their money-back policy if you’re not satisfied with their work. They promise to give you top quality at no compromise, ensuring you get value for money paid. From writing, editing, proofreading, and on-time delivery. They got you covered.

  • Customer support

 Need help with navigating any of their services? We’re sure they’ll be willing to help with the numerous options available for that. Support is one of their strong points, from toll-free numbers to calls and various email categories you can send to. You can also use their automatic chatbot system for basic inquiries and directions to a customer service representative.



EWritingService.com review

Ewritingservice.com is one of the top research paper writing services there is. With affordability, originality, and professional writing styles as their watchword, they have continuously given the best in every instance. You also get to choose your writer and gain free services such as revision of your work, access to plagiarism reports, email delivery, etc., with over 300 expert writers who have established and maintained dominance in the academic writing field for years now. From academic writing to business writing of all sorts, they are available to help.

  • Prices

Writing detailed research, in any chosen writing style, with original content on any topic goes from $17.56 per page. This also covers a free session by a professional in-house editor. The editing service costs $11.70 per page, and proofreading costs $9.96. 

What is more with them? The site allows you to install services as your work proceeds. This means you don’t have to pay for everything at once after a full quotation has been sent to you. This is a very convenient and student-friendly arrangement.

  • Quality

Their well-written papers and expertly researched and edited services promise precisely what you need and are the exact value for your money. To ensure it is to your taste, you can monitor what is going on and adjust it to your liking. This also allows it to maintain not only quality but your unique voice.

  • Guarantees

Various arrangements have been put in place, to ensure that you get value for your money and even more. They’re doing their best with over 20 thousand returning customers and field experts. 

They have a smooth onboarding process that puts you at ease and is straightforward, so you’re sure there is no shady business going on. They take their confidentiality as binding law, so you have little to nothing to worry about.

  • Customer Support

There is a chat room where you can always reach out for any of your concerns. However, if you don’t feel that is effective enough, you can reach out through their toll-free numbers to talk to a representative. 

Also available is their email service, which promises quick responses. Like other sites with their customers at heart, their email services are also classified under different pain points to allow for fast answers.



mypaperdone review

Essays, research papers, dissertations, presentations, etc., are all expert writing services that the team at mypaperdone.com provides. Navigating the site is also easy, as all you need to do is indicate interest, and they get to work. 

Showing interest in any of the above services directs you to their sample catalog, where you can go through various samples. If you’re impressed by anything you see, then you can go ahead to place an order. With 500+ writers available, no wonder they have been able to not only remain in business but also maintain a high standard while at it.

  • Prices

To get a research paper, their rate begins from $5.85 per 100 words. This includes the whole package of writing, editing, and formatting. You also get free revision for your work until it suits your taste. Editing and proofreading services available go for $3.90 and $3.32 per 100 words, respectively. 

When necessary, they allow for installment payments while your project is ongoing. It’s a case of giving without stopping at mypaperdone.com, as they are affordable and have enticing payment plans.

  • Quality

From providing experts in the industry, avoiding extensions, and compiling excellent original ideas, mypaperdone.com is sure to get your research paper done. With over 60 thousand projects completed in their years of operation, they have attained mastery, if not perfection, in their job. The same expertise is what they dedicate to every client, no matter what project they are handling.

  • Guarantees

Choosing mypaperdone.com means you get to decide how your paper goes. Your provided details remain private, and there’s no need to worry. Not only are you guaranteed professionals handling your work, but you also get to decide what stays and what goes. With a ten days revision window, you can reach out to your writer, who is always willing to make corrections. They have a money-back policy they do not fail to adhere to. 

  • Customer Support

There’s always someone to listen to. They understand how students can make last-minute decisions regarding assignments, so the team is always on standby. They ensure a quick response and help resolve whatever issue or complaint you’re reaching out for. And if it’s to place a new order, many writers are waiting to jump on it. Phone calls, emails, and chatbot, all available 24 hours, seven days a week.



domyhomework123 review

A major priority at domyhomework123.com is their perfect turnaround time. You tell them what to do and when you want it and leave the rest to them. They have an extensive group of writers covering various work categories such as coursework, research papers, lab reports, essays, etc., with expert writers from different industries. 

They can create original pieces based not only on theory but also on experience in the field. Your first time outsourcing? No problems at all. Here is a site we do not only trust but also comes highly recommended.

  • Prices

The pricing system at domyhomework.com is both strategic as it is commendable. The pricing comes with a timeline of when you want your work to be turned in. A timeframe of 15 days requires you to pay $17.55. If you’re working with a 7-day window, that would be charged from $21.90, and a short period of 3 hours will cost you $33.38. 

It is reasonable to set a higher charge for the short notice, significantly if you’re not compromising quality in any way. And yes, you’re informed before time. It’s not some arrangement to scam you of your money. They always advise you to place your requests on time to pay less.

  • Quality

A working team of expert writers, editors, and proofreaders is put in place to provide you with top-quality research papers. Their team is selected through rigorous processes and is particular about their onboarding process. They listen to your specifications and combine them with their years of experience. The result is an excellent research paper.

  • Guarantee

To ensure you receive quality work through a smooth process, the team ensures that your personal information is kept secure. Since payments are made online, they also guarantee fast payment lines for consulting transactions. Not satisfied with their work? You get a money-back window of 60 days, which shows you how confident they are of their writers. You also get a free revision window for your work.

  • Customer Support

To register your displeasure, inquiries, placing an order, or information about existing orders, you can always reach out to the team at domyhomework123.com. You can call their toll-free numbers to speak to a customer care representative. 

You can also send in emails depending on the category of their emails, such as billing, inquiries, placing of the order, etc. If you would also like to receive information on ongoing discounts, plans, etc., you can also request to be added to their mailing list.


How to Choose the Best Research Paper Writing Service?

In choosing a research paper writing service, you want to be particular about your choice. You want your paper to be credible, you want it to be from in-depth research, and you want it to be based on facts. 

In addition, there’s the obvious factor of having to pay for your service, so you won’t want to throw all this away in return for a poorly written research paper. Bearing this in mind gives you a level of understanding of this decision’s importance.

Finding methods that have worked will help save your time and energy and help you not make the same mistake. There are a few methods that have proven to work. We hope it works for you too! They include;

Do Adequate Research Online

Your research paper is significant, so conducting adequate research is inevitable. The least you could do is ensure you’re outsourcing to the right person when you decide to. Factors that include client ratings, number of clients, their offer categories, and how long they’ve been in business are all knowledge you can gain.

While how long they’ve been in business may not be a determining factor, experience is sometimes crucial. If you’re trying a new company, be sure to ask for samples to at least get a glimpse of what you’re getting into.

Pricing Range

Before choosing a research website, you also want to know its price range. This is important, especially if you already have a budget for the amount to use. Overly priced custom research paper sites don’t necessarily need to be the best. Making a market survey is always an intelligent decision compared to jumping on the first choice you get.

After researching their different prices, you can comfortably make an informed choice. Even better is making a choice that suits your budget. Not only will this help you decide which to go with, but you are also at least relieved you weighed your options.

Available Research Paper Samples

In all honesty, trust doesn’t cut it. Regardless of reviews on the site, testimonials, etc., samples are equally as important. Most places have models readily available on their pages, but if not, you should always ask to see them. You can get an idea of the company’s writing style from the samples provided and decide if you like it. 

From the samples provided, you can also look for changes you would want in patterns or what you want to be done the same way in your article. For some sites, you may need to see more than one, but the case might not be the same for all. Whatever you do, ensure you go through them thoroughly to make the right decision.

Online Reviews

Online reviews are one of the best ways people make decisions nowadays, and you should use them. These reviews are usually detailed on the services these companies provide, so you can rarely get it wrong. It would interest you to know that simple actions like “best research paper writing services in the USA” would make your search easier. 

They review these websites under categories such as turnaround time, how long they have been in business, pricing, etc. They include positive and negative remarks, giving you all the necessary information.

Good Client and Customer Rapport

The saying that first impressions matter applies everywhere. Your experience when reaching out for the first time matters a whole lot. From how they respond, how they present their offers, and proffer solutions to your concerns is a start. Nobody wants to feel they aren’t valued enough when asking for a service, especially for a service you’ll clearly be paying for. 

If they’re patient enough, put in the effort to understand the details you want in your work, and accept reviews, then that’s a good start. If they agree to a discount during a negotiation? Then they should be the ones! 

As a first-timer, that period of uncertainty and trying to make up your mind may drag on, and you don’t want to feel like you’re disturbing anybody.


What Criteria Should Best Research Paper Service Meet?

Not just anyone can be part of a research paper service or start their website. But most importantly, you shouldn’t accept them just because they say they are good. The best-rated research writing services didn’t just become the best overnight. They have built a reputation for themselves by doing the right consistently enough for them to become top-ranked.

Simply searching for “best website to write my research paper” will give you a couple of options. These options can be from an individual or a group point of view, and they must have all seen something. There are specific criteria these research paper services have in common that make them come highly recommended. Some of these criteria include;

Always on Time

What’s a research paper if you don’t get it in time to turn it in? Research services must ensure they turn their work in on time to avoid unplanned inconveniences. Most students who look for these services are looking for a quick save. So what this means is if these websites aren’t able to deliver on time, then that defeats the whole aim of needing their service.

Accurate task turnaround should never be compromised. 

Pay Attention to Clients

There’s a thin line between being good at what you do and forcing your opinion on your clients. While the best sites to buy research papers from may have gained the title because of their expertise, it doesn’t always make them right. 

Your clients should still be able to share their ideas on how they want their projects to go. If your client is wrong, then you should be able to explain it to them the right way. They should still feel heard and that their opinion matters.

Deliver Quality Research Paper

There’s no other way to say it other than this should never be a compromise. The aim should always be to deliver quality content, a critical criterion. Whether impromptu tasks or tasks you’re adequately informed of, your research paper must be well written, thoroughly researched, and according to all the guidelines it should be. 

A research paper supposedly done by an expert should be significantly different from that done by an inexperienced student. Your clients should get the worth of their money.

Research Methods

The title “research paper” alone gives you an insight into how research-intensive your work should be. As a research paper writing service, your research methods and sources should be in-depth enough for a significant change if your clients do it themselves. 

You should be able to go the extra mile and find out what isn’t on the surface. Expecting top-notch work and getting a mediocre one at best will not only kill your business but also put your clients’ grades at risk.

Online Reviews/Reputation

Words on the street about you should be existent and positive. Do people know what you do, how you do it? What is your company known for? Potential clients will ask questions, and if they don’t ask you directly, your reputation in the market should still be able to convert them. Websites with bad reviews or complaints from numerous people do not help your conversion ability. 


Are Research Paper Writing Services Legal?

It’s a yes! It is if you’re asking if you can outsource your research paper to one of the best-rated research paper writing services for a fee. If you want a well-written, in-depth, researched, correctly formatted work, the law wants it for you too. 

If you find a reputable brand you wish to carry out the job for you, then, by all means, all you have to do is ensure you are using the right one. That’s the tricky part.

While you’re free to go with whichever agency you see fit, no one is promising you that the one you choose is credible. You have to work hard to find the right one for yourself. Individuals own these websites, so there’s only so much you can do other than adequate research.

While online services can be credible, it doesn’t mean they haven’t had records of failures before. Sites collecting your money without delivering on their end of the bargain, rendering poor service for money collected, etc., must do adequate research and choose wisely. Best research paper writing service reviews provide you with that information, so let’s dive into it. 

For our next section, we’ll list some sites that have delivered the best research papers.



This article is to help you choose a reputable research paper website for school. The good thing is you have several top research paper websites to buy research papers from. With the number of leading research paper writing services available, you can choose which to go with based on different criteria as you see fit. 

You may get lucky sometimes, and other times you don’t initially, so it’s safer to go in with a reasonable amount of information. We’ve given you top picks, criteria they should have, and other information you need.