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UKEssays is an online writing company from Britain that claims to offer the best academic papers to its clients. The company provides the claim of delivering high-quality essays and often misuses the customer’s money. The company majors on essay writing and dissertation on all subjects that come under the education curriculum. You will have to go to the Uk essay to place your dissertations and get them done by the writing service site. Uk essay urges its customers to get their assignments and work done by the writing service site, with empty promises of timely deliverance and top-notched quality.
UKEssays has been in the writing service market since 2003. Up to their 15th year, the academic writing site has had offered its services to thousands of students around the world. While the site claims that many students were able to secure the top grades via UKEssays services, there were, however, many more who could not manage to get even the basic score. Is UKEssays legit enough to be called a professional writing site? You can check it for yourself here in this Uk essays review.
Types of services

The writing services offered by Ukessays can be found on the site's homepage. You can see four categories, and one of them includes academic writing services like thesis, literature reviews, coursework, essays, assignments, reports, dissertations, among several others.
The company also offers three other features for free, which are not common ones. Sadly, Ukessay does not offer free bibliography, title page, proofreading, or revisions, which is a significant disadvantage for the writing service. Instead, UKEssays com provides other features like finance ratio calculator, reference generators, essay samples, etc.; these free features do not stand out as useful.


With more than 15 years of experience in the market, it is quite understandable that the company should be aware of the quality being delivered to its customers. The writing service site understands the assignments vary in presentations and language sensitivity. But, they do not bother to train their writers on writing quality papers. Plus, they also claim that they test the writers to test their knowledge and grip on their language skills before employing them. Is UKEssays legit when it comes to quality? The answer would be no!
UKEssays claim that they hire native English speakers because they avoid grammatical mistakes and face lesser issues writing English compared to non-native English speakers. However, this claim is just a strategy by the company to earn and win the trust of the clients. The assignments done by the writers are of inferior quality and consist of too many silly grammatical and spelling mistakes. The writers are also unable to bring justice to Masters- and PhD-level assignments as well because the writers do not have any idea that can help them to reach the standards of Masters- or PhD-level assignments.
Like most other writing companies, Ukessay should always push and urge their writers to find new ways to write and deliver their assignments. Unfortunately, UKEssays does not allow the writers to work in new ways and are unable to keep up with the new standards. The company claims that the quality assurance department makes sure that the papers are perfect before submission. However, it can be said that this department is underperforming and is doing absolutely nothing to ensure the quality of the papers; instead, UKEssays maintains that everyone makes mistakes and, for this sole reason, will accept all necessary revision requests put forward by the customer. But even the revisions are done poorly as the company’s first and foremost aim is to gain new orders and earn.
Prices and Payment

Uk can easily be one of the costliest paper writing services in the market today! Even on the lowest academic level and the quality of the paper, the lowest rates offered here at ukessays are higher than the highest standards of other writing service companies. Are the prices at UKEssays legit? We think not! Have a look and compare it with other services like
For instance, an undergraduate-level essay paper of the lowest quality with one week of the deadline will cost you around $161 for 250 words (1/2 page) approximately. The same order costs $153 if the deadline is 14 days. These prices are definitely the highest in the market, and these rates only apply to Undergraduate papers. The same paper of the highest quality and 14-days deadline can easily cost you $397 for a mere 250 words.
At UKEssays com, the writing service site puts forward some conditions when a customer gets a discount for their assignments. Large assignments and customer loyalty earn a customer some discounts and bonuses. However, customers are charged twice when they are given a discount. This means that the customer ends up paying additional money that is more than the normal pay when he/she is handed out a discount. This is quite unhealthy for the customer as they are made to spend a lot more in the name of the discount being offered. In this case, it can be said that UKEssays is stealing from their customers and lying about the bonuses and discounts being offered for different orders.
UKEssays is a company that will never refund your money due to a canceled order. For instance, if a customer decides to reduce the number of pages, the removed pages are calculated, and the remaining money is refunded in other writing service sites. In the case of UKEssays, customers will not be refunded any amount of money because you decided to reduce the number of pages. In some sense, it can be said that the company is stealing from its customers.


The writing service company offers its customers a lot of false guarantees like:
1. Plagiarism-free content claims to deliver a dedicated plagiarism report with Viper, the site’s go-to plagiarism scanner. Apart from producing plagiarism free content, the site also claims to prove it. The scanning is done against online resources and the company’s previous database for copied materials. The company is apparently so confident that their work is plagiarism-free that they are willing to pay out a £5,000 guarantee.
A lot of reviews about ukessays claim that the writing site blatantly copies directly from the source materials. When checked in other plagiarism-checking sites, you will see a lot of red warnings; the company does not bother even to change the words of the sentences that they copy.
2. Timely submission
UKEssays com claims to stand by their commitments to deliver all your assignments and work on time. Even if the company is late by only a minute, you will be handed over the submission free of cost. The writing service also maintains that they will be in touch with you regularly and have a panel of dedicated writers for an emergency. However, it is safe to say that these claims are false and not worth your time. A lot of online
3. Assignments and work done are up to set standards
The company is exceptionally proud of its work and the standard that it has set. As per their website, all the assignments are subject to strict quality checking processes. Once the writer has completed your work, the assignment will be proofread, inspected, and scanned for plagiarism. Additionally, UKEssays also claims to provide a quality report and check all the points requested by you before the final submission. But, the online reviews state otherwise; people were not exactly happy with the work submitted by UKEssays. Some of these reviews also showcase the fact that the writers are not experts in their fields, and minimum studies and research were done before starting the work. 4. Quality work
The company claims that providing quality work is their priority. All the action and assignments are done by industry experts like nurses, lecturers, doctors, and barristers. The company also claims to have leading writers who are ready to get your work done today. From the above, we can see that UKEssays has a lot of tall claims. However, backing up these claims is an entirely different story, and this UKEssays review says differently. The work quality is not up to the mark, and you will see a lot of silly grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

UKEssays has a dedicated support team that is available 24*7 for customers. According to the writing site, this makes it possible for the customers to get in touch with the company while placing an order. The company also states that you can contact the company via the customer support to request a revision on a paper, add more instructions, or cancel a paper.
While the facilities might sound good to hear, UKEssays’s communication system is quite slow, redundant, and unable to serve the customer well. Since communication is slow, it makes it extremely difficult and tiring for customers to add urgent instructions to their work.
The company takes a lot of time to convey the message that has been sent by a customer to the writer. This results in a paper without added instructions. To make these changes, the customer will have to pay additional charges since the writers will not accept instructions once the paper has been submitted. The system is so slow-paced that even placing orders can get complicated and takes a long time. Students are more at risk due to the slow customer service of UKEssays because they have a fixed date of submission. Are the customer services at UKEssays legit? From the above, we can say no!


  • User-friendly interface
  • Provides a report of your assignment


  • High prices and no discounts
  • Vague guarantees
  • Bad customer support services
  • Plagiarized content
  • Limited services

According to this UKEssays review, UKEssays is not suited for academic writings. Hence, students should stay clear of UKEssays and avoid making use of its services for their assignments. The site has many issues that showcase why students should not use this writing service site to handle their academic dissertations, essays, and assignments.
The foremost problem is that the site employs the services of non-native English writers; as far as the overall language and sentence structures are concern, the papers are of deficient quality. Additionally, you also do not know the writer who will be handling your tasks.
Assignments submitted by UKEssays are also not plagiarized. While the company claims to make use of Turnitin for checking plagiarism, most of the writers end up submitting work that is blatantly copied from the source materials and not worthy of submission. Due to this, students might be charged with academic fraud.
When it comes to payment, the payment system here is quite complicated and stressful. Customers can head over to other writing services that offer more natural payment systems. On top of that, the cost of getting your assignment done here is exuberant. A refund is also not possible at UKEssays, which means that if customers who do not require the paper anymore cancel it, the amount will not be refunded back.
Lastly, the customer services of UKEssays are very slow and take a lot of your time. Since writing sites are some of the busiest work, things need to be done fast and in a systematic order. Sadly, UKEssays sorely lacks these qualities, judging by this UKEssays review. Hence, if you are a student looking to get your assignment done in time, you need to look for better writing service sites other than UKEssays.
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