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UKEssays is one of the most prominent academic writing companies in the United Kingdom. Although the company extends its services to the United States and Canada, it is not as prominent as in the United Kingdom.

Aside from being an academic writing platform, the website offers other services such as plagiarism checks and freelance writing. However, these UK Essays reviews will mainly address the academic writing aspect of the company. .

Owned by Barclay Littlewood, UKEssays started operation in the year 2003. The website gradually increased its popularity to become one of the most known academic writing services. They offer different types of academic writing services. .

No doubt, the company is a reliable and secure platform. Over time, we have subjected this company to review. To this end, we can give our candid opinion about the service. .

These UK essay reviews are reports of what we discovered after making use of for academic writing. This piece will aid your right decision regardless of the UKEssays review you have read in the past.
Types of services

This UKEssays review must include different services the brand offers. It offers services such as academic writing, plagiarism check, and freelance writing. Meanwhile, the academic writing services have sub-categories. Academic writing services available on the platform are as follows;
  • Essay writing service
Students who are weak in writing essays can seek help on UKEssays. You have access to all types of essays regardless of specialization.
  • Coursework writing service
UKEssays offer help in the writing of coursework. You can find a writer to write your coursework for science, art, and business-related courses.
  • Dissertation writing service
UKEssays help students to put a professional touch on their dissertations. This help is available for both first-degree, master's degree, and Ph.D. students.
  • Literature review writing service
If you only need a professional to write your literature review, you can get that on UKEssays.
  • PowerPoint presentation service
You may need to make use of PowerPoint for a proper presentation of your assignment. Students can access help regarding formatting their assignments to a PowerPoint presentation format.
  • Report writing
This service transcends ascademic writing. You can get someone to write all manner of reports for you on UKEssays. This UKEssays review does not consider this anyways.


The quality of service rendered by this brand is the focus of these reviews. It is worthy of note that the platform has writers from different backgrounds. As such, a report on a writer might not be enough to decide for the entire platform. .

In our opinion, the papers are mildly good. The introduction aspect is pretty good and detailed. However, we found some faults in grammar and choice of words. This company is based in the United Kingdom, with most of its writers from the same place. .

Users from the United States and Canada have to go through the paper thoroughly. There are high chances of grammatical errors. The formatting is quite good as well. .

Nonetheless, we have a report from a customer who claimed to have a formatting problem after ordering for dissertation service. Meanwhile, this act is against the company's claim that its writers are versatile with MLA, APA, and Chicago formats. .

UKEssays made a refund policy to ascertain the quality of their papers. However, customers can't get a refund. The brand requires the customers to upload a grade report and an instructor's recommendation to get a refund. In the end, UK Essays will fault the customers for incomplete instructions. .
Prices and Payment

One of the most significant challenges you will have with UKEssays is the price. They have an outrageous price for the services rendered. The company boasts of being the most expensive academic writing platform. .

The situation will have been bearable if you are not going to experience a fault in the assignment. The minimum price you could find on UKEssays is $129. This price is high and does not encourage low-income students. .

Unfortunately, there are no discount offers of any type on UKEssays. Both new customers and customers ordering multiple services are entitled to a discount. However, all reviews reveal there is no such thing.


UKEssays is not a poor choice. If you choose the platform, you are bent on having specific experiences. Firstly, writers on the platform are time conscious. You will receive your order on time or probably a few minutes late. More like there is a penalty for writers who skip deadlines. .

Likewise, you can be assured of a seemingly good paper. While the contents are excellent, you have to watch out for grammatical and spelling errors. Furthermore, you can be assured of a plagiarism-free write-up. .

This guarantee is essential as the website itself has a plagiarism detecting service called Viper. Amidst all these, there is no guarantee of refund policy despite the company's claim of its availability. .

Another guarantee on UK Essays review is the fact that the website is secured. The company will not disclose the identity of its users to a third party. Likewise, your information and payment details are secured by high-end encryption technology.

Good customer support is an indication of how genuine a brand is to its customers. The welfare of the customers must be at the forefront of a brand concern. In academic writing service, good customer service is best judged when the customer has a complaint. .

UK Essays customer service is top-notch when you are a new customer. You have their full attention, and they reply to you as fast as possible. However, when you begin to complain about an order, the response rate falls. You will then have to wait for days to get an answer to your questions. .

The refund policy is not feasible, judging by the company's terms and conditions. You have to provide your grade report with instructors' feedback before you can demand a refund. You likely lose the challenge as they always claim the instructions given are not adequately presented. .

This challenge has been the fault of UKEssay on all reviews.


  • Plagiarism-free coursework and dissertation
  • Time delivery of the assignment


  • High and outrageous prices
  • Grammatical and spelling errors
  • More British writers
  • Unattainable refund policy
  • Poor customer support after bad service

UKEssays is a superior writing service in the United Kingdom. The company is prominent for its various services rendered in academic writing. Its service extends to customers without the UK, especially in the USA and Canada. .

The more significant percentage of writers on this platform are from the UK; hence most papers are written in British English. We have painstakingly compiled UK Essays reviews to guide your choice of a writing service effectively. .

We subject factors like quality of service, type of service, and prices to review. Hence, it is not out of place if we give a verdict after the review. UKEssays writing service provided great content, no doubt. .

However, minor errors in spelling and grammars are always noticeable. Meanwhile, such an error can go a long way to reduce students' chances of getting a good grade. Plagiarism is not the problem when you order a task on this platform. .

The prices pose a significant threat to low-income students. You may want to consider another platform as UKEssays offer services for outrageous prices. Moreso, the refund policy on UKEssays is unattainable. .

The terms guiding the policy might be difficult to be met despite your effort. You may need to consider some other writing platform if you cannot deal with their shortcomings.
Is UKEssays relaible?
Although the majority of reviews on the platform assure us of the company’s reliability in delivering orders before deadlines, complaints on quality have been made in areas involving; the wrong choice of words, poor sentence structures, and grammatical errors.
Is UKEssays legit?
The platform is popular in the UK and as such has legitimate standing. It provides all the necessary policies, but these policies are often full of specific terms that may not be easily understood by an ordinary student.
Is UKEssays a scam?
The prices are exaggerated and can be said to even be ridiculous. The lowest quote for writing from scratch is 129 dollars per page, this is an extremely high price especially for students looking to employ their services. Furthermore, there are absolutely no discounts or loyalty programs available.
Is UKEssays safe?
The ordering process requires filling out forms with certain personal data, despite the company’s guarantee of encryption and security, there really is no guarantee in online business.
Is UKEssays a good writing service?
The platform has not bad reputable standing, although they only deliver orders in British English. The services are overpriced and safety is questionable.
Is UKEssays plagiarism-free?
Complaints have been made accusing the platform of using papers submitted for plagiarism checks on their site as samples for their services. One client mentioned seeing a draft of her work in their sample section and upon confrontation with the management, the sample was removed from the site.
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