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StudyBay is an online platform that is designed to enhance the educational space across the globe. This platform has a team of enthusiastic geeks and seasoned professionals who are driven by the idea of enhancing the educational process in the world. They believe that they can make learning more effective and easier with collaboration and bringing the best minds in the world together.

They developed this revolutionary educational technology tool to help students and scholars get to their most determined goals in partnership with the best educationalists and mentors across the globe. This platform has brought more than 50,000 professionals together and they have helped more than 3 million students across the globe. They have also helped to improve learning in more than 100 countries.

StudyBay is quite different from other essay writing platforms. Rather than providing just paper writing services, Study Bay advertises itself as the go-to platform for students who are having issues with their assignments. This means you can get at least one writer at StudyBay to help you with your assignment.

This platform was launched back in 2012, and it is relatively new compared to other top essay writing platforms. It has been functional since its launch and it has helped many students globally. However, this firm went through a series of transformations before it got to where it is today. This platform provides some indisputable advantages and it is very common among students. Nevertheless, it has not been able to maintain a spotless reputation, which is why we are doing this Study Bay review.
Types of services

StudyBay essay writing platform offers a wide range of services. This firm portrays itself as an academic help service provider rather than an essay-writing platform. Nevertheless, after we did some findings on the platform, we discovered that they provide the same services as many other essay-writing firms.

This platform is focused mainly on writing essays. However, they provide other services such as grant proposal, annotated bibliography, PowerPoint presentation, capstone project, book reviews, and more. Based on our findings, the range of services offered by this platform is less than what many essay-writing platforms offer. While the experts on this platform can probably edit your work for you, they did not state it in the list of services they provide.

However, Sturdy Bay seems to have a very impressive list of things that they can do. They portray themselves to be capable of handling any kind of work you bring to their table at the university level, ranging from your admission letter to your Ph.D. dissertation. They have a long list of services but it still lacks some basic services that other platforms provide. The list of services offered on this platform are as follow:
  • Business plan
  • Case study
  • Research
  • Essay
  • Homework
  • Thesis
  • CV
  • Biographies
  • Reports
  • Speech
  • Humanities
  • Coursework
  • Dissertation
  • Essay by subjects
  • Formats


The quality of services this platform renders depends on certain factors. However, the most important factor is the writer you choose to do your job. As we mentioned earlier, this platform has succeeded in bringing more than 50,000 experts together to help students across the globe. With different teachers or mentors come different levels of experience.

To get the best of work on this platform, we recommend you check the knowledge of the writer during your conversation before you place an order. With this approach, you can get a great paper. A little bit of research has also made the gigantic writing team of this platform somewhat unrealistic.

There are also some pictures of some purported professionals on the platform with their areas of specialties and roles. With the kind of photos we saw, it is difficult to believe that those in the picture are the actual people rendering the service. The people in all the photos look very attractive and most of the photos are looking like they were pulled off social media or stock platforms. This has resulted in the question “is StudyBay legit? Is StudyBay real?”

As we said earlier, there are many writers on this platform and some of them deliver very poor jobs. You can get an essay with lots of mistakes or very poor vocabulary. You can also get some quality writers that can provide you with high-quality content. The level of expertise of the writer will determine the quality of the job you will get. Generally, their jobs have fewer mistakes but grammar and vocabulary could use some improvements.

The quality of the work is measured with text originality in anti-plagiarism systems. They are also cross-checked with the instructions of the student. The student can ask for a revision if there is anything wrong with the assignment.
Prices and Payment

The minimum payment on this platform is $10. You can negotiate the rest with the writer you choose. When it comes to payment methods, this platform is somewhat versatile. You can pay with the traditional means of payment, which are Visa and MasterCard. You can also pay with PayPal, which is one of the most popular payment methods.

This platform does not have a real pricing system and its pricing system is not impressive. It uses a bidding system where you post the details of the work you want to get done and writers then bid on your post.


A Money-Back Guarantee does not really work well on this platform. However, we found some unclear phrases in their Terms & Conditions to mislead clients. We were able to find something in their frequently asked questions section. Regarding the guarantee of funds, your funds are secured by E-Money and Platron when you make deposits on the platform.

When you make a payment transfer, that is when you pick a writer, the funds will be on hold. A writer will earn his/her money after uploading the assignment and a 20-day warranty period. Your money will be refunded if the writer does not complete the assignment. The 20-day warranty period is also there for you to lodge complaints and resolve any dispute.

The customer support of this company is also not impressive. Their representatives are either always very busy or not available. Most of your communications would be with the writers on the platform. Their support team is available only on weekdays.


  • The identities of their writers are not hidden
  • They offer a wide range of services
  • Negotiable prices


  • Vague Money Back Guarantee
  • Poor customer support

This platform offers some great services and the charges are friendly. However, the quality of service you can get on this platform depends on the writer you are working with. The platform does not have a pricing guide and the bidding system is not convenient. The platform also lacks editing services.
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