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Most students find it difficult to spare the time necessary to do all their assignments. They all have one thing or the other going on in their personal lives. And come to think of it, you have a number of things going on in your life too! This is why most students consider outsourcing their assignments to online writing services. And one of these online writing services is Shark Papers.

Now, how do you recognize a reliable writing service that's worth your time and money? The first step to recognizing a credible writing service is to check through the past reviews of customers who used the service. And that is why in this article we will share with you our unbiased review of We will be discussing this writing service under several headings such as: About; Type of service; Quality; Prices and payments; Guarantees; Customer support; Pros; Cons; and Verdict.

This SharkPapers review encompasses all the essential aspects of any writing service. Get ready as we dive deep into the credibility of to see if the service is worth your money!

Shark Papers is an online writing service that helps students with assignments such as academic papers and essays. But with many online writing services doing the same thing, it is hard to tell at a glance who's telling the truth and who's not. So is SharkPapers legit? Let's see for ourselves. has a customer rating of 3.72 stars out of 5 stars from about 61 reviews. This shows that quite a number of customers feel this online writing service is just fair. There are a lot of things this writing service is doing wrong, and a few things it may be doing right. We'll get to know some of these things as we consider some aspects of this writing service.

This online writing service ranks 1199th among other online essay writing sites. Their website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
Types of services

In this SharkPapers review, we will be considering the services rendered by this writing company. From the website, we can see a list of several services that they offer to students. Some of the services they offer include:
  1. Research Paper Writing
  2. Custom Writing
  3. Essay Writing
  4. Admission Essay writing


When it comes to quality, this writing service is average at best. Many customers have complained about receiving copied and pasted works (plagiarized content).

The website allows a medium for rapport directly with the writer. Although they claim to use expert writers in various fields of subjects, this seems to be false. Some clients have mentioned that the people that wrote their papers did not seem to have any idea what they were talking about. This means they probably have just a few writers who try to do everything.

Most people complained that they got very bad grades on their papers and other assignments. This speaks very badly of the quality of paper you should be expecting. There are lots of complaints of the quality of the paper being very low because the writers didn't care to follow instructions.
Prices and Payment

Now let's check out the SharkPapers review based on their pricing. The prices for shark papers appear to be exorbitant. The system requires that you create a user account and then post your project. For a college paper that has a 3-day turnaround time, you'll have to pay $47.86 per page! However, there's currently a 50% discount on all their papers, and that will cost $23.93 per page. That's still ridiculously high considering that they are not the best writing service out there.

You will have to pay the full cost of a project into their wallet on the website before you commence work with a writer. At the end of the job, the client will release the cash to the writer in exchange for the project. Payments can be made into your Shark paper wallet with the use of bank transfer or debit/credit card payment options (MasterCard/Visa).


Shark Papers service has several guarantees. Among these guarantees are:  
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  Fortunately, this company has an existing refund policy. This means that after you have made the payment, your order can still be cancelled and you can get your money back. They state that if they don't meet your deadline, they will refund your money with no questions asked!

But in some of the reviews on, we see customers complain of being threatened with having their details posted online if they ever persist in requesting their refunds. Some even stated that the paper threatened to contact their school if they asked for a refund. Some clients couldn't even cancel their orders. Can writing services like this be trusted?  
  • Plagiarism-free Papers
  Sharks Papers promises to deliver papers with zero plagiarism. However, clients seem to disagree with them. There are complaints of receiving copied and pasted work. Anybody can copy and paste stuff from the internet. If any online writing service delivers plagiarized content, then they are most likely a scam.  
  • Copyright Policy states that they transfer any attachment they have to the paper to their customers. But there are clients who have complained of being threatened with SharkPapers claiming rights to the essay. They have even threatened some customers with legal action.

SharkPapers also guarantees that your information is safe with them. But this doesn't seem to be the case. There are lots of consistent reviews from people stating that this writing service has constantly threatened to release their personal details online. This is usually done when they want to threaten a client to change a review or stop the client from asking for a refund.
Customer customer support consists of a live chat system and an email address system. The customer service personnel seem eager to get rid of you once you make a justifiable complaint or ask an important question. Apart from that, they appear to wait at least 4 hours before responding.


Now, let's proceed with this SharkPapers review by considering the pros of using this online essay service. We can see that there are no particular features that make this writing service unique. The pros of working with them include:
  • Direct contact with your writer.
  • No unexpected charges. What is quoted is what you pay.


Here are many cons of working with this writing service: They include:
  • Plagiarised contents
  • No accreditation by a professional body
  • Personal details may be at stake
  • You may be scammed at the end
  • Poor customer support
  • Poor quality papers.
  • Formatting errors.

Sharks Papers appear to be a poor online wiring service as there are lots of customer complaints about them. Most clients even go as far as claiming that any good review the site has is probably engineered. And with more than five people saying that, there might be some truth to that.

This online writing service delivers poorly written content and still tries to take your money from you. Another aspect of major concern is the refund policy. Most clients complained about being threatened whenever they requested a refund. This is not a good sign. This means that they refused to stick to their refund policy guarantee.

Other guarantees seem to be affected too. For example, they have threatened past clients to share their personal details if they don't change a bad review to a good one. The consequence of plagiarized content could also be very bad for clients, as they can get kicked out of their programs.

So what do we think about Well, this writing service seems to be a scam as you cannot trust them. They are mostly after your money and will squeeze out whatever amount they can from your pockets. For example, you have to download the paper immediately after it is delivered to you, or else you may have to pay all over again to get another paper written for you if you can no longer access your paper.

Lots of people also mentioned that this writing service did not adhere to their instructions, such as formatting, number of pages, etc. They either simply don't care about these instructions or they don't know how to go about them!

There are other writing services that guarantee you a better overall experience than SharkPapers. Here are some of the best personal statement writing services you may want to look into! The best of luck!
What is Sharkpapers?
Sharkpapers is an online academic writing service that helps academic students with their college essays and assignments.
Is Sharkpapers reliable?
Sharkpapers is not reliable. It is also not accredited by any professional body either.
Is Sharkpapers legit?
The credibility of this writing service can be questioned due to most of the reviews they get online. Therefore, this online writing service may not be legit.
Is Sharkpapers scam?
Considering the reviews online, they are not exactly a scam, but can't be fully trusted. They will deliver your paper, but you may not be satisfied with it.
Is Sharkpapers safe?
Sharkpapers is not safe as there are cases where this writing service has threatened to expose the details of its users if they don't stop asking for a refund.
Is Sharkpapers a good writing service?
Shark paper is a good academic writing service. Though they have some good reviews on their site.
Is Sharkpapers plagiarism-free?
Sharkpapers does not always deliver 100% plagiarism-free papers to their customers.
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