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One of the most challenging tasks of college students is writing their essays themselves. They found it challenging to share their time between family, academics, and social life. However, no student will compromise good grades for any reason. As such, they have to source for help from professionals who can handle their essay writing and some other academics assignment. One of the online academic assistants that help college students with essay writing is Rapidessay. Rapidessay is an online platform with the domain name where you can visit to get help with your essay writing.

This review contains detailed information about the services offered by rapidessay to college students. This rapidessay review will help you understand everything you need to know about rapidessay and help you make a rational decision whether to order for their services or not. We will help you know whether rapidessay legit or not. You will as well be informed on how effective rapidessay is when it comes to issues of deadline, plagiarism, writers’ effectiveness, and scam writing.

The quality of the website, legit or illegitimate, their types of services, pricing and discount, support, guarantee, pros, and cons will also be analyzed in this review.
Types of services

The rapidessay offers a lot of academic services to college students on their website. The services are as follows:
  • Essay writing
  • Research paper
  • Course work
  • Case study
  • Term paper
  • Book/movie review
  • Personal statement
  • Presentation of speech
  • Research proposal
  • Creative writing
  • Critical thinking
  • Article review
  • Thesis/ Dissertation
  • Lab Report
  • Plagiarism check
Another major problem with their services is the demand for extra payment for native English writers. This practice is unacceptable because it is part of their responsibility to ensure they provide the best writers. Charging clients an additional fee for native English writers makes it easy to doubt if rapidessay is a legit company.


We must start the review from the stance of quality because this site has a lot to do with your grade. The quality of service rendered by rapidessay is nothing to write home about. Firstly, their scope of writing is limited to management, history, and educational writing. Engineering and sciences essays are likely to be of low quality.

Writers in rapidessay are most likely to deliver a good job only in management assignments but are ineffective when it comes to science and engineering assignments. Even with humanities assignments, reports have it that most times, the quality of the assignment delivered is not up to standard. Writers on rapidessay, most times, ignore instructions given on the project.

The prescribed formatting given to them by clients is ignored and compromised. Even after complaints, they find it difficult to fix the problem. Unimaginable mistakes like grammar errors and punctuation mistakes are common in the writings of rapidessay. It shows how inadequate and ineffective their writers are.
Prices and Payment

Prices on can be said to be decent ones. The prices are determined by the number of pages and the deadline given for assignment retrieval. The prices as well vary depending on the level of the students. The criteria used for pricing are High school, Undergraduate (year 1-2), Undergraduate (year 3-4), Master’s degree, and Doctoral degree.
The unit price per page for a High school student with a deadline of 14 days, seven days, five days, three days, 48 hours, 24 hours, 8 hours, and 4 hours are $10, $15, $17, $19, $22, $25, $32, $36 respectively.
For an undergraduate student in year 1-2, the unit price per page with a deadline of 14 days is $14. With a deadline of 7 days, five days, three days, 48 hours, 24 hours, 8 hours, and 4 hours the prices are $16, $18, $22, $24, $28, $36, and $40 respectively.

The rapidessay offers a month deadline for students in year 3-4, Master’s degree, and Doctoral degree. The prices per page for undergraduates in year 3-4 starting from a month deadline down to 4 hours are $17, $19, $20, $22, $26, $28, $30, $39, and $48 respectively.
For Master degree write up, the price per page for a deadline of one month down to 4 hours are $22, $24, $26, $28, $32, $35, $38, $47, and $59 respectively.
For a PhD writing, rapidessay prices for a deadline of 1 month down to 4 hours in that order are $26, $28, $30, $34, $36, $44, $49, $57, and $72 respectively. The prices might get discounted at some point, but there’s no obvious offer by rapidessay on their services.


Rapidessay is timely in the delivery of orders with extended deadlines. They have been proven to always meet up with demands with extended deadlines like a month, 14 days, seven days, and five days. However, rapidessay is deficient in meeting up with swift deadlines like three days, 48 hours, 24 hours, 8 hours, and 4 hours. Mistakes are indeed inevitable. However, in the case of rapidessay, their revision policy does not support the customers’ interests. Their revision policy states that revision is only possible after seven days after you have approved the paper. Assuming you are already running late for submission, this is not going to be in your favor.

Interestingly, extra charges will be charged in case the instruction of the revision is different from the initial instruction given. The expectable quality of work done on rapidessay has no guarantee and can be compromised. The plagiarism rate of work done by rapidessay writers is high with unimaginable scam writing rate, and punctuation mistakes, grammatical errors, and typographic errors are common in the delivery of rapidessay writers.

As such, the quality of service rendered by rapidessay is negotiable and cannot be trusted. Rapid essays are lagging both in the deadline, return policy, and expectable quality. The absence of these three attributes shows that rapidessay cannot be trusted.

The greatest asset of a company is its customers. As such, they should be well taken care of and should be given optimum support. Any organization that defaults in this can be said to be incapable of good management.

Rapidessay support for their customers can be said to be unsatisfactory and inadequate. Rapidesaay has provided a live chat interface for its clients to be able to communicate with them as and when needed. However, on so many occasions, students’ review about rapidessay has revealed that the messages sent are not always replied. Even after several attempts to complain and demand the intervention of the support team, no response was given, and the messages remained ignored. Also, there is a call line provided by rapidessay for customers to get in touch. The report has it that requests of customers are always denied even after several calls to the support team. Information obtained on the website of the company ascertains that their support facilities are located in Ukraine while their head office is located in London. It makes it very difficult to make use of the contact number.
Also, the difference in the location of their head office and support office shows their negligence in customer support.


  • Good Website Design’s design is unarguably a perfect design with a beautiful interface. The website can be easily navigated even for a newbie.


  • Substandard delivery
    From reports and feedbacks gotten from users of rapidessay, it can be deduced that the quality of their delivery is substandard. Customers have reported plagiarism, grammatical errors, topographical errors.
  • Poor Customers Support
    Rapidessay lacks good customer support. Their return policy does not put their customers into consideration, but at the receiving end.
  • Lack Of Free Services
    Rapidessay did not offer any free service to its users. The plagiarism checker, which is said to be free, is ineffective.

After much consideration and review of rapidessay services, prices, and paper quality, it is safe to say that rapidessay is not recommendable for your paper assignment if you care so much about your grade. Rapidessay can only meet up with the demand for a long term deadline, which means an urgent task should not be given to them.

The quality of the paper, which is the primary consideration for grading, cannot be guaranteed. Mistake and errors should be avoided to ensure you get an A in your paper writing. However, with the above review, writing with rapidessay has a 50 percent probability of containing an error. Plagiarism is also an enemy of a good grade. Writers on rapidessay plagiarized their content from the web with little or no review. With all these deficiencies, rapidessay is not an excellent platform to help in your paper writing. We can't recommend it.
What is is an online service that claims to be able to write any essay or research paper for a student very quickly (in as little as 4 hours, or so they say).
Is plagiarism-free? sent us an essay that was over 30% plagiarized. Sources included multiple books that anyone can find online. This makes this service extremely dangerous for students.
Is a good writing service?
To our great surprise, the parts that were not plagiarized were amazingly well written. The writer really knew what he was doing. He tried to make more money by committing plagiarism.
Is safe?
Frankly, cannot be considered to be safe. The sheer about of plagiarized content puts students at great risk. Any plagiarism checker can detect it in seconds.
Is a scam?
The company offered us a partial refund because of the plagiarized content. However, they no longer replied after the first email. As such, we can safely consider a scam.
Is legit?
We can’t find any information about the company behind this website. We can’t say for sure that it is or is not legit. However, we would advise students to be cautious when dealing with
Is reliable?
Yes, the writing service sent us the essay on time. But given the amount of plagiarized content we found, the writer clearly didn’t work as much as he should have.
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  1. Not a bad essay writing service, but if you’re willing to put up with average quality. I was pleasantly surprised by the price but still hoped that the quality would be better than what I received. Overall acceptable, but I’m willing to pay a little more for better quality.

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