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Affordable Papers is a well-known writing platform across the US, UK, and Canada. The company claims to have 13 years of operation in the academic writing industry. The website offers to students who may find it tedious to write their academic papers on their own.

The website has enjoyed overwhelming support from its fanbase, who we suspect was attracted by its low price. Affordable Papers, as the name implies, offers a low price for academic writing.

We discovered that the lowest price this company offer is $9. This price is meager and could be appealing to the student populace. As such, we want to believe this is the secret of its wide popularity, regardless of other AffordablePapers reviews.

We have decided to carry out our own AffordablePaper review. This is an attempt to answer questions coming from all sides. Questions such as 'can I trust', 'is AffordablePapers legit?', and 'Is Affordable papers safe?

These are the questions we hope to give answers to. We had to visit the Affordable Papers website and make use of the service to answer these questions. At the same time, we considered the AffordablePapers reviews from students who have ordered the service. Likewise, we considered the AffordablePapers review on major feedback websites.

Our submission about Affordable Papers is summarized in this piece. Our problem with Affordable Papers started when we could not ascertain essential statistics about the websites. Information such as the number of authors, number of tasks completed, and the success rate is unknown. Likewise, the owner of the company's identity is unknown too.
Types of services

Affordable Papers is notable for offering different services of academic writing. Unlike other conventional writing websites, Affordable Papers offer other unique services. The following are services offered by the website;
  • Essay writing
Essay writing is one of the most tedious assignments students have to battle with. Students who are not language students had to request the service of a professional to help with such an assignment. Affordable Papers offer professional help to students with assignments.
  • Research paper
Research papers are an essential requirement for students in college and universities. Authors on Affordable Papers help in making findings and writing out the conclusion.
  • Coursework
Writing coursework on one's course of study is another tedious academic assignment. Affordable Papers also help in this regard.
  • Term paper
At the end of each semester, it is required that students engage in term paper writing. Affordable Papers can help in the writing of a term paper.
  • Dissertation
Dissertation writing can be a tedious task for students as it entails comprehensive exposition. Affordable writers boast of authors who can be helpful in dissertation writing.
  • Personal statement and speech
Affordable writing offers a service in crafting personal statements for any form of application or interview. Likewise, you can get help to write out your speech for you in the most professional way.
  • PowerPoint presentation
Affordable Papers offer help in creating a PowerPoint presentation. You can order this service on the website.


After listing all of the services available on Affordable Papers, we will let you know the quality of these services. This section is vital as it is the essence of this AffordablePapers review.

The first defect in the quality of service on Affordable Papers is the writers. This website makes use of both English native writers and also writers who are English speakers. Unlucky students can get a writer who is not a native speaker and will experience formatting issues.

A writer who is not a native speaker may lack adequate knowledge of standard formats such as MLA, APA, and Harvard formats. We also found the task delivered to have a low percentage of plagiarism.

It is ridiculous to find Affordable Papers asking their customers to disregard Turnitin reports. Late delivery is also an issue to deal with when you make use of affordable service. We are amazed to find similar complaints on other reviews.
Prices and Payment

It is equally essential we analyze the price and payment in this review. This price of Affordable Papers is no doubt significant. It has been the primary area the website has appraisals in all AffordablePapers reviews.

The website makes use of an introductory price system instead of a bidding system. Therefore, your payment does not in any way determine the quality of the write-up.

The lowest price on Affordable Papers is $9. This amount is what they charge for a school with a deadline of 14 days. The highest price is $42, which is the cost for a university dissertation of 4-days delivery.

Discounts are also available on Affordable Papers. You can benefit from the discount when you order three assignments at the same time from an author. You can make payments through card payments and e-wallets. You can make use of either MasterCard, Visa card, American Express, or PayPal.


For clarity's sake, we need to reiterate what your experience on Affordable Papers may look like. As part of this review, we will be listing the guarantee on Affordable Papers. They are as follows;
  • You will have the lowest prices you can see anywhere. Affordable prices offer low prices compared to all other academic writing platforms.
  • There is no refund policy on Affordable Papers. You need to understand this before using their services. Therefore, you must discard the option of requesting a refund in case of a poorly done assignment.
  • Your data is well protected. The website makes use of top-notch security that enhances customers' privacy.
  • Revision policy is frustrating. You may end up not having a revision as they will insist on a difference in a comment.

The impressive thing about Affordable Papers customer support is that you can make use of different channels. You can reach the customer's support via live chat, email, Facebook messenger, or phone call.

However, the customer's support is not available 24/7 as claimed. It is only accessible during working hours. The response time is also not impressive and frustrating. Major Affordable Papers reviews from students equally state this anomaly.


There are always two sides to a coin. Affordable Papers as well have their good side and a wrong side. In this Affordable Papers review, we will let you know the good things about this website. The pros are as follows;
  • Low price
Affordable Papers are affordable for students. The prices are low with great discount offers.
  • Expert in generic writings
Authors on Affordable Papers are exceptional in generic writings. The write-ups are outstanding and excellent.
  • Privacy and security
Affordable Papers are security conscious. The website features security tools that protect customers' information from third-party.


The cons are the downsides of Affordable Papers we noticed. It is equally the same complaint of students on Affordable Papers reviews. The cons are as follows;
  • Poor formatting
Writers in the affordable paper are not inclined with standard formats. Most assignments done on affordable Papers lack good formatting.
  • Partially plagiarised content
Tasks done on Affordable Papers do not always pass the plagiarism test. It may contain a low percentage of plagiarized content.
  • Slightly late delivery
Delivery from Affordable Papers is always a bit late from the specified delivery time. The order came 3 hours behind the expected delivery time.

After we have subjected Affordable Papers to a thorough assessment likewise, we have equally considered students' Affordable Papers reviews. Therefore, it is not out of place if we pass a verdict about the company.

Meanwhile, the verdict is our opinion about Affordable Papers, which is likely to change with time. Affordable prices offer low prices for all of their services which is great. However, low cost is not a substitute for quality.

We would instead go for good quality with high price than low cost with inferior quality. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a pocket-friendly service, you can opt for Affordable Papers. Don't forget you will have to deal with re-editing the assignment.

Affordable Papers are excellent in the writing of generic write-ups. Suppose you are writing on a topic that is not scientifically inclined. You may choose to try out Affordable Papers. The website produces poor quality for science-related topics. Therefore, it is safe to say that Affordable Papers is not the best option for science students.

We advise that you should avoid Affordable Papers if you desire excellent quality papers. Good formatting, zero plagiarism, and great content are what make up for a good grade. Affordable Papers may not be able to offer you all of these. It is therefore advisable you avoid this website.
What is is an online academic writing service. While the company purports to have many qualified writers, finding information about its owner, authors, completed tasks, and the success rate is difficult.
Is Plagiarism-Free?
Work from does not pass plagiarism tests. Thus, you receive papers with plagiarized content from this company, despite promising you 100% unique content. And this could hurt your academic grades.
Is a Good Writing Service?
No. is not a good writing service because it substitutes low cost for quality. Ideally, you pay a low amount for a paper but get poorly done work. Thus, you must edit documents from this platform before submission.
Is Safe? is not a safe essay writing platform. Papers from this company don’t reflect good formatting, great content, and zero plagiarism. Therefore, students should avoid this service due to quality issues.
Is a Scam?
Absolutely! does not deliver on its promises. The site compromises on the quality of its papers despite charging low prices. And every student wants quality papers to excel academically regardless of their educational level.
Is Legit? has a questionable legitimacy. This platform has many negative reviews from customers. Its papers also don’t pass plagiarism tests. And getting free revisions from this company is a complex process.
Is Reliable?
Many students have complained that delivers orders late. In some cases, a customer can receive the paper they order from this company three hours late. Thus, you can’t depend on for timely delivery.
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