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Kibin is a writing service that provides essay editing and proofreading. claims to boost your ideas and brainstorm them to get the best output of your chosen topic. Kibin also claims to have the best proofreaders and editors on board.

So, going by their Kibin review and regular postings, we decided to give them a try. We had an essay based on magnetic flux which had to be edited. It was almost 12 pages long. It was not arranged properly and needed better word replacements and structural arrangements.

We forwarded Kibin the essay and the work began post payment. When our work started we were given a week for our work to be complete. Post that, when we received our work, we were kind of confused.

The essay was said to be checked by a member from Kibin editing team, but we felt as if a grammar checking tool has done it. We also did not find much change in the essay structure-wise.

Thus, we were kind of taken aback when we saw the essay. We expected an essay that looked appealing to the eyes and mesmerizing to the readers. But we guess our expectations were either too high or their claims were so unrealistic.
Types of services

If you are wondering ‘is Kibin free’? Then , no, it isn’t. They have a set of sample essays for free reading but those are limited. Kibin essay mainly provides editing services for essays but Kibin editor services has a team of writers who provide other writing services as well. These include writing services for
  • Essays
  • Dissertations
  • Articles
  • Assignments
  • Stories
  • Copywriting
  • Rewriting
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
These are some examples of writing services that provides. But according to other Kibin review, we found they are mainly into editing and proofreading, as those Kibin reviews mainly contain views about proofreading and editing.

The team at claims to have dedicated and the best academic writers on board, but even here we felt cheated, as the delivered article seemed to be edited by two different writers, if not an online editing tool.

Quality promised qualitative work but we did not see any quality in the work that we received. The paper we got was bad quality. We have heard that their quality is the best at these prices but our essay was not even close to a mediocre level quality essay.

The sentences were also not reframed and made shorter to understand. The words which got repeated several times were never replaced by synonyms. So, we guess they do compromise on the quality or they do not have a consistent team of editors of proofreaders, as they claim.
Prices and Payment

Their prices are considerably lower than other writing services. Now does that affect their work? Maybe, yes. We paid $560 and well we did not find it to be worth it. Our online grammar subscription would cost us less and would do a better job. Kibin essay writing also has a subscription option for checking out other essays in their database. You can go through the essays and brainstorm your ideas to write a beautiful essay on varied topics.

However, if you ask us is Kibin safe? Yes, the transactions are all safe and secure. We do not know much about how that subscription is, but these subscriptions can also be availed at nominal costs.

They are also said to give discounts and special codes to avail offers, but when the quality is not up to the expectations, we hardly feel there could be any benefits of these.


Like any other service, Kibin essays claims to guarantee the best work with the best team of writers and proofreaders. And if you ask is Kibin legit? Well, technically you can say a “yes”.

However, when it comes to guarantee in our case, first of all, the work was delivered of bad quality and secondly, when we disapproved of their entire work, they charged us for the re-work.

So, they were heavy on our pockets plus they wasted a lot of our time. Thus, we would not agree with their claims of guarantee policy and we were guaranteed false promises.

Well, this is one department where we are satisfied and that is their customer care department. They were warm and welcoming. Of course, they did charge us with revision fees, but they said it was the company's policy. Despite having a bad experience with their team of editors, the way they put things to us and handled our matter was satisfactory.


Their behavior towards us was satisfactory and that is why we have some pros to list. It does not mean that we would recommend them to anyone. Or maybe if someone shows a really good essay edited by them, only then we would consider working with them again. And is safe? Yes, they are safe when it comes to making transactions. So, here are the pros:
  • Good customer service
  • Regular updates
  • Easy payment options
  • Easy to understand the process
However, we would like to mention that the site, Kibin reviews, and the prices are catchy. That is what attracts customers to their site. We also became their customers owing to the price that they offered for proofreading.


We have a nice list of cons for our Kibin editing review. Their proofreading services need to be critically checked. They should not fool clients by giving the documents by doing some minor changes.
  • Proofreading is not up to the mark
  • Hardly any editing done
  • Flaws with the editor who edits
  • No free revisions
  • High cost if you want to re-edit
  • Multiple editors (nonnative) seems to be involved
  • Editors don’t seem to posses the subject knowledge either (we felt the allocation was random)
These cons are enough for us to lose trust in them and not give them any further assignments.

Our verdict for the Kibin service review in one word is “unsatisfactory”. We waited for an extremely appealing content but all we got was just a basic grammar rectified essay. Unfortunately we had to do all the hard work again in so little time. We are not going to give them further work anytime soon.

Moreover, just believing the site and its Kibin reviews was a waste of time and resources for us. We would encourage them to improve the proofreaders and editors who work for them. We would even urge them to let the article go through an intricate scrutinization by only those professionals.
What is is an online writing service providing essay proofreading and editing services. However, many customers claim to receive poorly arranged content that requires better structural arrangements and word placements from the company.
Is Plagiarism-Free? doesn’t have a plagiarism checker on its site. Also, many customers have reported receiving plagiarized work from the company. And the company doesn’t provide free revisions when a customer disapproves of the work.
Is a Good Writing Service?
No. This company compromises on work’s quality. It doesn’t seem to have a consistent team of proofreaders and editors. Thus, you can’t receive quality essays as the company claims.
Is Safe?
Transactions are safe. However, the quality of the essays that the company provides is questionable. provides content with plagiarism traces. Thus, you may land in trouble if you submit papers from the company without checking for plagiarism.
Is a Scam?
Somebody can argue that is a scam because it doesn’t deliver its promises. Thus, the company’s claims are unrealistic. Plus, essays from this company seem like two different people edit them.
Is Legit? is not a legit proofreading and editing service. That’s because the company delivers low-quality work, and when you disapprove of it, you have to pay for a re-work. Thus, you can waste your time and money using the service.
Is Reliable?
No. The company hardly proofreads or edits essays as it claims. Moreover, re-editing costs a lot of money, and the editors don’t seem like native English speakers. Also, the proofreaders lack subject knowledge.
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  1. Received an order from them, but even on a cursory examination discovered a bunch of grammatical errors. and grammar is the basis of any good paper! had to send it back for rewriting and waited super long for the final result. so long that I missed the deadline.

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