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Many students do not enjoy doing their essays or writing their academic papers on their own. This is why many students prefer to outsource their essays to reputable online writing services. It’s easier, plus with an expert handling the paper, one is sure to have an excellent grade. But is it as simple as this? Well, not exactly. You’re going to see why as we go in-depth in this review.

With the increase in demand for online writing services comes an increase in the influx of people into this business niche. While some are out to help students with their essays, some are only interested in making money. And yes, some are only interested in scamming students. This makes the simple idea of outsourcing one’s essay to an online writing service not so simple in the real sense.

To determine how trustworthy an online service is, you must first take some time to check out what previous users have said about it. That’s why we’ll provide our honest Chief Essays review in this article. We’ll discuss this online writing service under headings such as "About, Types of services, Quality, Prices and Payments, Guarantees, Customer Support, Pros and Cons" in this ChiefEssays review. From there, we’ll go on to give our verdict on this writing service. Let’s get ready to dive right in! is one of the many online writing services that provide academic help to students. But are they legit or scams? And how reliable are the services they offer? Well, we’ll get to find out in this ChiefEssays review.

Review sites like Sitejabber give this writing service 3.9 stars out of 5. Another review site called Scam Fighter gives them 2.5 stars out of 5. Judging from online ChiefEssays reviews, this writing service is average at best.

The website looks cool, though no information about the number of professional writers on staff is provided. Nothing appears to be revealed about this site other than the services it provides, which we find quite disappointing. In addition, several links lead to 404 error pages, and the website is all glitchy, giving room for suspicion.
Types of services

The first major thing we'll look at in our review is the service that this writing company provides. We can tell from their website that they provide a variety of academic services to pupils. Among the services provided are:
  1. Coursework writing
  2. Custom Writing Service
  3. Dissertation Writing
  4. Thesis Writing
  5. Custom Writing Service
  6. Research Paper Help
  7. Article Writing Service
  8. Case Study Writing Service
  9. Urgent Essays
  10. Calculus Homework Help
  11. Accounting Homework Help
  12. Personal Statement Essay


Using just one or two online Chief Essays reviews cannot guarantee the quality of this writing service. It is difficult to determine their track record just by looking at the website. They claim to use highly skilled writers with high professional qualifications. But it does not give any more details. How can we know if this is true?

Many customers complained that this writing service handed out crappy papers with terrible grammar that made no sense. Of course, turning in this type of paper will surely lead to low grades. Their papers come with lots of errors, and it’s easy to tell that these papers are not written by native English speakers. College papers read like gibberish that can hardly pass for high-school papers.

All in all, there are no guarantees that you will get the quality you want from this writing service.
Prices and Payment

Now, let's take a look at this ChiefEssays review in terms of price and payment methods. The first thing you’ll notice is the 15% discount the writing service gives you on your first order. However, there are no testimonials of people who enjoyed this discount.

The average price for a single page of 275 words of a simple academic essay is $9.97 a page. One of the most expensive services is Admission Help, which starts at about $41 per page for a 14-day deadline. You can also bid for a different deal based on the sort of job and the writer, but this pricing seems fair enough.

If you want a premium specialist to work on your paper, you’ll need to shell out an extra $2.29 per page. And if you want one of their top 10 writers to work on your paper, you’ll have to pay an extra $5.78 per page. These add-ons can easily increase the price of your paper from $9.97 to over $50 per page. Why would you even do that? Do they mean you won't be able to get a good service for $9.97 per page?

In terms of payment, you will be required to deposit the amount for the entire project into their website wallet before you can begin working with a writer. You must release the funds after the assignment is completed, and the writer will then hand over the project to you. Well, you’ve got to be cautious because some customers complained that the website no longer allowed them to log in after they had made payment for an essay.

Bank transfers or debit/credit card payment (MasterCard/Visa) can be used to deposit funds into your wallet.


In this review, let’s take a look at the guarantees that come with this online writing service. First, their terms and conditions page is difficult to find and requires some work. Finally, we were able to find some of the guarantees. The important guarantees are:
  • Plagiarism-free Paper Guarantee
ChiefEssays guarantees plagiarism-free papers. However, it is difficult to tell if this guarantee is true or not because one cannot rely on what they state. However, you can get a refund of approved orders if you can present proof of plagiarism of over 10%. If you want a plagiarism report, you’ll have to pay an extra $9.99.
  • Money-Back Guarantee
Fortunately, this company has a refund policy in place. This indicates that after payment, you may be able to get your money back "but probably not all of it." Again, this is only if you can prove that the paper was not well done.

ChiefEssays' customer support is rather good. You may be lucky enough to find helpful customer support personnel. However, you’ll usually have to share some of your personal details before you can proceed to get help from their customer support. This is a rather tricky way to expand their customer base.


  • 15% off the first order.
  • The ease of placing orders.


  • No reliable reviews online.
  • Malfunctioning website.
  • Annoying pop-ups.
  • Poor site maintenance.
  • Poor quality work.

We cannot guarantee that this writing service is not a rip-off. They need to tie up loose ends if they want to come out clean. There is too much shadiness to even trust this site with a dollar.

One of the major drawbacks of this writing service is that they do not allow their customers to review their work! There’s no transparency in the sense that customers cannot leave honest reviews or feedback on the site. What they do have on the site are some testimonials from “past clients,'' and that’s all. Of course, those must have been engineered. ChiefEssays are likely not confident in their work and are ashamed to admit it and have their issues resolved.

Another disadvantage of ChiefEssays is that they do not provide any information about their writers other than that they are highly skilled and have professional credentials. If you don't think you need to know your writer's qualifications before doing business with them, then you're good to go with the Chief Essays writing service. And, you won’t even get far before you realize that the paper you’ll get will be nearly useless.

Another deterrent to using this service is the number of advertisements and pop-ups you’ll likely encounter, watering down a good user experience. If you choose to work with this service, you do so at your own risk. However, if you need a more reliable alternative to ChiefEssays, you can look into some of the following top online writing services.
What is is an online academic writing service that helps students with their assignments and projects.
Is reliable?
We don't recommend using this website at all. The lack of customer feedback, the lack of information about their writers, the high probability of getting a bad paper, and the number of ads and pop-ups on the website make it extremely shady. It's best to go for another website.
Is legit? has been around for five years and they claim to have helped many students with their papers and assignments. However, since there are no reviews to back this up, we can't tell for sure.
Is scam? has been in the market for a long time. Though there are several shady things about the website, it's not a scam.
Is safe?
The website promises that they protect their client's privacy but we only have their word for it. It's best to be careful and avoid sharing any personal details on the website.
Is a good writing service?
We can't tell if is a good writing service as there are no customer reviews. We only have their word that they are good and that's not enough.
Is plagiarism-free?
ChiefEssays promises original work. Since we cannot rely on what they say, we don’t know if this assurance is accurate or not. If you can show that your work contains more than 10% plagiarized material, you may be eligible for a refund on authorized purchases. You'll have to pay an additional $9.99 if you want a plagiarism report which is very sketchy.
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