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This MyPaperDone review looks at the services, quality, prices and payment, and guarantees of this academic writing and editing company and provides a list of pros and cons to help students decide whether they want to hire MyPaperDone to handle their assignments. We gather My Paper Done reviews, comments, and recommendations from all over the web, and we thoroughly evaluate the company by visiting the site, trying its features, and placing several test orders.

We found that this company is among the best you will find online. They deliver top-notch papers on time, have excellent customer service, and competitive prices which most students could afford. They have a large and loyal customer base that continues to place orders because of the quality guarantees. The answer to the question “Can I trust” is a resounding “Yes.” Our test orders had no problems. Each one was extremely well-written, well-structured, and plagiarism-free. Everything from research, presentation, and layout was perfect. We had no issues and agree with what other MyPaperDone reviews posted on the web have to say about this company..

We were extremely satisfied with our experience in evaluating this company and recommend them to any students that want to hire academic writing and editing experts that go the extra mile to ensure their clients earn the highest possible grades.
Types of services

Our MyPaperDone review shows that the company provides expert paper writing and editing service across a wide range of disciplines no matter the project. It could be a 1-page film critique or a 100-page dissertation. They specialize in:
  • Essays
  • Research Papers
  • Dissertations
  • Theses
  • Presentations
  • And much more
One student review stated that she needed to get a 5-page essay done within 24 hours and had no trouble connecting with a writer that had a master’s degree on the subject and delivered a well-polished essay within 15 hours. This gave her plenty of time to review the order and request any revisions if needed. This gives students peace of mind and answers the question “Is MyPaperDone a scam?” It is not. MyPaperDone reviews on the web all confirm the information we found ourselves.


Hundreds of student MyPaperDone reviews say they received high grades. We saw this across 93% of the comments we read. The company has completed over 60,000 projects and employs over 500 top-notch writers and editors. All of this suggests that they deliver high-quality assignments on nearly every order. .

Our My Paper Done review noticed that with all our test orders, the writers assigned to our projects had complete knowledge of the subjects we needed to be written. It was also clear that a lot of research was done to deal with some of the difficult questions we submitted as part of the assignment prompts. .

A student review stated that the work she received exceeded all her expectations. She did not have to request revisions and received the highest score in the class and her life. The quality of work was so high-level that ordered more assignments and relies on this company to bail her out of tough situations.
Prices and Payment

Our MyPaperDone review shows that the company has a straightforward pricing system. Proofreading starts at $3.32 per 100 words. This includes removing grammatical errors, checking punctuation, correcting sentence structure, and eliminating typos. Editing starts at $3.90 per 100 words. This includes improving stylistic unity, coordinating tone of voice, and correcting sentence structure, and free proofreading in any formatting style. Writing starts at $5.85 per 100 words. This includes 100% plagiarism-free content (and a report upon request), extensive review of literature, expert-level analysis, foolproof argumentation, and free editing and proofreading in any formatting style. .

The company offers promotional discounts and flexible installment plans for projects that span over two weeks and exceed $500 to help students manage their budgets. A My Paper Done review found the flexible installment plan extremely helpful. He could not place a full payment to initiate the project but needed desperate help. The company worked with him and established an affordable installment plan that made it easy for this student to maintain a budget while getting the best possible expert writing assistance.


This review noticed that the guarantees offered by this company are like others but are honored at a higher rate. It guarantees plagiarism-free writing with an option to receive a report. It also guarantees free revisions if they are requested within 10-days of the initial delivery. One-hundred percent safe and confidential orders and transactions. According to our My Paper Done reviews these guarantees are what answers students’ questions “Is My Paper Done legit?” It is. Any company that takes the extra mile is completely trustworthy.
Customer reviews indicated that the company’s customer support is great. The only drawback is that one needs to provide an email and telephone number to reach chat support. This may be a bit aggressive compared to other writing and editing agencies. But one My Paper Done review found this as a sign that the company is willing to work with students that are dedicated to getting assistance versus companies that simply want to make a sale. We had no trouble reaching the company by phone or email and found that customer support was entirely professional.


  • “Is MyPaperDone safe?” Yes, your order will be researched and written from scratch. And your personal information will be kept completely confidential.
  • Orders are delivered early. This gives you plenty of time to review your assignment and request revisions. All writers are professional and will take on your revision requests within the hour.


  • A handful of My Paper Done reviews did not like having to open an account before connecting with customer support. These students felt that sharing their information before getting answers was at odds with the other companies’ approaches.
  • reviews pointed to the company’s lack of discounts. It does offer a great payment plan on expensive orders, but there are no posted discounts for first-time buyers.

Our review on MyPaperDone considers all of the factors we listed above, our test orders, as well as student My Paper Done reviews we found throughout the internet. Our verdict is positive with very little criticism or concern. The only issue we found is that you need to provide personal information before initiating a chat session with customer support. But this alone is not enough to take away from the high-quality, affordable work you can get by hiring them to handle your projects. . reviews from students all point to the same verdict. This company is one of the most trustworthy online academic writing and editing companies you can work with. It takes great pride in hiring highly qualified writers and editors across several disciplines. It guarantees work will be done from scratch so that you do not have to worry about plagiarism. All the research is backed with detailed bibliographies so that you can verify facts and data. Additionally, the company delivers orders with plenty of time to spare, allowing you to conduct a thorough review and request revisions if you’re not completely satisfied. Indeed, this is a company we give a perfect 10 out of 10 score to handle any academic assignment.
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