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Students who seek to stand out among their peers need to add extra effort to their academics. Academic writing can be one of the toughest nuts to crack. Therefore, a lot of students seek professionals to help in their academic writings.

They visit websites that are capable of connecting them to professional authors and researchers. One such website is Custom Essay Meister. Custom Essay Meister is a website where students can visit to order different services in academic writing. It offers help to students in different levels of education who seek to write academic write-ups.

MediaTech LTD is the company that owns and manages the operation of Custom Essay Meister. The platform has 13 years of providing writing services to students under its belt. The website provides services for high schools, colleges, and universities, including Masters and PhD students. It boasts of over 500 authors who are proficient in different academic fields.

Customers' satisfaction rate on the platform is unknown as it only displays a few customer's CustomEssayMeister reviews. Essay Meister makes use of a website that is appealing. The website features excellent designs and simple interfaces.

Navigating through the website is easy for all users. Judging by mere outlook, you may be tempted to give credence of exemplary service to the website.

However, after we carried out an extensive CustomEssayMeister review, it wasn't so. We discovered some discrepancies and irregularities in the services of the website. We have given a CustomEssayMeister review by analyzing its quality of service.
Types of services

We will start our review with the type of service available on the platform. There are five different services a student can order on the website. We have critically evaluated each of the services and considered student reviews on the Custom Essay Meister. The services are listed below;
  • Essay Writing
Custom Essay Meister offer help for students who cannot write their essay by themselves. While the author serves as the prominent writer, the students can coauthor such an essay.
  • Research Paper
Writing research papers is another service available on Custom Essay Meister. The platform boasts authors who claim to be research-oriented.
  • Dissertation
Writing dissertations on a particular subject is inevitable for university students. Such students can visit Custom Essay Meister to hire professionals who can write dissertations on their behalf.
  • Course Work
Writing a course work on a topic related to a particular course of study is also available on
  • Resume Writing
Additional service of resume writing is also available on Custom Essay Meister. You can hire professionals to craft your resume to suit your job application.
  • Powerpoint Presentation
Custom Essay Meister claims they will write academic writing and create a suitable PowerPoint presentation. However, this is an extra service students will have to pay for separately if needed.


This Custom Essay Meister review must address the quality of the service rendered by the website. It will help us answer questions such as 'can I trust' and ‘is CustomEssayMeister safe?'

These questions and others alike have been the inquiry we received from students who want to know if they can choose the website. Hence, the need for us to carry out this review.

Having successfully ordered an academic write-up from the website, we can boldly say the quality is inferior. We were shocked to realize that the website was the opposite of what it represented.

The website makes use of writers from different countries and not Native English writers. As such, the formatting was poor, and the arguments in the thesis writing were weak. We reported to the customer service to ensure we have a taste of how they worked. Surprisingly, the customer service was equally slow and even non-responding at times.

The refund policy is equally poor as it makes you go through five revision processes before the refund is done. All of these are what we experienced. The students' experiences on the platform have also formed our opinion about the site.
Prices and Payment

We equally seek to consider the price system in this Custom Essay Meister review. We discovered that it was also total thrash as there is no special fixed price for the services. However, the least price for services is $16, which is outrageous.

You have to make an order by filling out a form explaining your assignment and submission date before having the price. There are no prices tables to give you a clue of what to expect.

New customers on Custom Essay Meister are entitled to discounts. They receive a discount of 10% on services ordered using a given discount code.


To ascertain the reliability of Custom Essay Meister, we must suggest a guarantee. Likewise, it helps us answer the question, 'is CustomEssayMeister safe?' The only positive guarantee we experienced, as well as other customers, was the timely service.

The delivery came in time without skipping the deadline. Meanwhile, the quality was compromised. The assignment contains highly plagiarised content. The formatting and the arguments are poorly done, which makes the delivery worthless.

Evaluating the customer's support on this platform is part of the review. The customer support of every company shows how willing the company can be in times of difficulties.

However, we discovered the opposite because the CustomEssayMeister customer's support was not supportive. They are fast to respond when you need help on how to make a deposit. But when issues arise on assignment quality, the customer support becomes irritably slow and unresponsive.

You can make use of either live chats or submit a request via email. The customer support claims to be available 24/7, which we greatly doubt.


There is a need to identify the good sides of the Custom Essay Meister. It ascertains that we are not being prejudiced in our Custom Essay Meister reviews. The following are pros of this platform;
  • Timely Delivery
The authors on this platform deliver assignments in time. It is as if there is a punishment for late delivery they try to escape. Unfortunately, fast delivery is not a substitute for good quality.
  • Extra Services
Not all academic writing platforms offer extra services. Custom Essay Meister offers extra services such as resume writing and PowerPoint presentation. The website should have focused on this aspect more than academic writing because they are exceptional.


We will equally consider the downsides of Custom Essay Meister. It is a result of our experience and past client custom essay reviews. The cons are;
  • Poor Delivery
The quality of the essays delivered by authors on Custom Essay Meister is poor. They are below standard and cannot earn students a good grade.
  • Poor Formatting
Employing writers from different countries is a disadvantage to Custom Essay Meister. It results in a lack of good formatting by the authors who are not conversant with standards like Harvard, MLA, and APA.
  • High Prices
With the lowest price being $16, we believe Custom Essay Meister charges are high. It is outrageous as it doesn't even give value for money.

We are at liberty to educate our visitors on the consequences of choosing a Custom Essay Meister. Having experienced the services offered by the platform and the reports of CustomEssayMeister reviews, we can conclude. We conclude that Custom Essay Meister is not a good option for students.

Compared to the quality portrayed by the website, the actual quality of this delivery is substandard. No doubt, the authors are timely in their submission of tasks. However, this does not substitute for the desired quality of write-ups.

The majority of students' feedback and CustomEssayMeister reviews complain of a high plagiarism rate. The deliveries are also lagging in formatting. The authors on this platform are writers from different countries. As such, they are maintaining basic standards such as MLA and APA can be difficult.

The price quoted by Custom Essay Meister is also ridiculous regardless of the discounts. Websites with higher quality charge students a low price of $10. No doubt, the website is safe and secure.

Equally, they offer extra services which are uncommon to academic writing platforms. Nonetheless, the quality of the services rendered in academic writing is not recommendable to students who desire good grades.

Our final submission is that Custom Essay Meister is not suitable for academic writing. Note that the answer to the question, 'is CustomEssayMeister a scam?' is no. However, they lack quality service.
What is is an academic writing service owned by Media Tech LTD. But the company has an unknown customer satisfaction rate. Also, many reviews claim that its writing services have irregularities and discrepancies.
Is Plagiarism-Free?
Feedback from many students indicates that essays from this company have a high plagiarism rate. Thus, you can’ depend on this platform to deliver unique papers, which could hurt your grades.
Is a Good Writing Service? is not a good writing service compared to the other options for students. This platform delivers substandard papers with plagiarized content. Also, the company charges ridiculously high prices despite the bad content quality.
Is Safe? is not a safe option for learners who want to score a good grade in an essay. It delivers poorly done papers and plagiarized content that could land you in trouble.
Is a Scam? is a scam because it doesn’t fulfill its promises. The company doesn’t give customers value for the money they invest in its services. It also delivers highly plagiarized content. So, it’s a scam!
Is Legit?
No. is not legit because it does not deliver on its promises. This company produces low-quality, plagiarized essays that could land students in trouble. What’s more, getting free revisions from this site is a nightmare.
Is Reliable?
No. You can’t count on this platform to deliver quality essays on time. Most papers from require extensive revision and editing to meet high-quality standards. Thus, you can’t count on this platform for quality.
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