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Essay writing is one of the things many students detest. They would rather pay for essay writing services online to get the job done. To this end, numerous platforms like are springing up to help more students solve this essay writing problem.

Perhaps, you need an essay writing service, but you are confused about how to make the right choice, then this article is for you. Though we focus only on review, we have other resources on this site that would also benefit you.

Academized is still new in the academic writing scene. The company offers academic writing services to students from high school to Ph.D. level. It promises to deliver well-researched papers. Their mission is simply described as a great passion for helping graduate and undergraduate students around the world to solve their assignments. They promise top-quality essay writing services from highly qualified professionals and experts.

Is a writing service like a service you can count on for your school essays and research papers? Also, is academized legit? This review was created to give you a detailed information piece about the writing service. We took the liberty to order a paper just to test out the service to create a proper academized review.

At first glance, the site looks intuitive and well designed. There is a lot of content on the homepage, which could be a positive thing. But is it? It is one of the academic writing sites that is loaded with lots of content. Most of this content is useless to visitors to the site. Most of the contents are repeated over and over again, probably for SEO purposes. To read them fully, it could take a long time.

We went through this content to create an academized review so you won’t have to do so. site doesn’t offer much information about the service owners. When you visit the site, you are welcomed by a discreet and calm welcome page. The order form can be found on the top right side on the homepage. You can get an estimate of the price of your paper by filling in the necessary information just below that section.

This page contains only general information. To get more information about time terms, prices, and reviews. The services tab highlights the kinds of documents they offer on the site. There is a sample tab that shows visitors to the site the writing style. You can also know what to expect for the price, time, style, and level. It may come in handy to see the quality level and pricing if you don't want to go through the stress of requesting a quote.

The discount page is at the bottom of the page, and it allows visitors to calculate the amount of discount easily. The company offers 5-15% off for their essay writing service. This depends on the number of pages you want for your paper. All first orders are offered a 15% discount, and the reviews are found in the mid part of the site. In this part, you can see the testimonials from previous customers. Are these testimonials trustworthy? Is academized legit? Our Academized review will throw more light on it.

One impressive part of the site is its live chat feature. You can easily send messages to the support team to get answers to your questions.
Types of services

Academized has a limited services list, and this is quite worrying. However, this was to be expected since the number of writers available to work is fewer than most writing sites. reviews show the number of writers on the site is a little bit over 50 each time during the day to take orders.

The services include essay writing, dissertation writing, admission paper writing, math assignment writing. Other services include resume services, proofreading, and editing, among others.

We assumed that it was a one-off situation where just a few writers are available. We ordered and hoped to find a qualified writer to handle the paper. Depending on the specific type of essay you want to order, you need to read customer reviews to give you real information about that service type.


When it comes to quality, the price is a determining factor. If you want a more experienced writer, you may have to pay more to get a better paper. On the other hand, a lower price means that you may have to deal with some grammar and spelling mistakes. The paper may need more than one revision to edit all the mistakes. The reason for this is that new members of writing teams are eager to work more and earn less. This means rushed papers and inevitably poor quality. The content is rarely unique because you will only have papers that are paraphrased from the internet or plagiarized completely.

The samples we saw were impressive, but after ordering and receiving the paper, we discovered that the example was extremely misleading. The actual content was nothing close to this. The essay we ordered was far different from what we saw without any reliable content. The writer didn't seem like a native English speaker because of poor English writing skills. It was clear that the sample was placed carefully to deceive unsuspecting visitors.

The deadline was missed even though we gave enough time for the writer to deliver the paper. The entire essay was not worth even the low rate offered and the discount. The quality will surely get you a bad grade by the requirements of high school if you are a master’s student. This was so disappointing.
Prices and Payment

The prices for papers on are very affordable. Some start at $12.99 for each page, but this is for a fourteen-day deadline. Compared to other essay writing services, like Grademiners, this is considered cheap. However, it isn't as cheap as it looks, the price is just a little below-average price. The main determinants of pricing on this site are based on only three factors, including the number of pages, academic level, and urgency level. The deadline can be adjusted to fit your schedule and can go to as low as three hours. However, this service can quickly become more expensive as you order more pages with a shorter deadline.

For instance, if you pick the high school level of difficulty and maximum deadline, you may be required to pay roughly $13 for an essay or any other essay writing service. College seniors may need to pay a higher sum of $20. Graduate courses are also higher, and you can pay as high as $22 for each page with the most extended deadline. This implies that it can cost more as the deadline shortens. Urgent papers for a senior level with a 3-hour deadline puts you at $45 per page. Also, there are extra costs for individuals that want some additional features, such as a UK writer or a preferred writer. This service charges an extra 10%. Others that need a draft or originality report may also have to pay an extra $30 and $20. One aspect that makes’s price seem more affordable is the discount feature.

There are so many discounts on this site. When users order more than 15 pages of content, they can get approximately 5% off. If the clients order for more than 50 pages, the discount is about 10%. More than 100 pages give clients up to a whopping 15% off the price of the paper. First-time clients are given a 15% discount for any paper they order, no matter how long.

The only problem with this discount service is that there is ambiguity around how it works. So far, there is no way to know how the discounts add up. It is easy to get confused while calculating it. Are you eligible to get 15%? 20%, 24%, or 30% off each time? If simplified this process, it would make things easier. We tried to get some clarification in this regard and didn't get a response from the customer support team.


These are promises offered by essay writing services to their potential and existing clients. This site offers quite a few, and they include:

Revisions and money-back guarantee

This provision on the site appears legitimate and is even impressive because it means the writers will put more effort into the work. Sadly, this is not the case; we read the guarantee and began to doubt the veracity of the statement. Many academized reviews also attest to the fact that there may be something shady about their guarantee. For example, if you say the paper you received was not of excellent quality and you accept a revision request, you will be compensated with 70% of the payment you made. This means that a revision request is being charged to your account, and it means that you have partially approved it. Also, one more tricky thing on their page is the deadline policy. If you request a revision with a short deadline of 3 hours, you cannot receive compensation or refund of any kind. If you request, it will be declined. The site explains that it cannot guarantee that the quality of the paper or essay writing service delivered would be top-notch. They believe that the short deadline compromises its quality.


The site guarantees customer satisfaction, but there was no provision to confirm this as well.

Safety and security

Academized guarantees its user's privacy and security of their data. They promise not to sell such data to third parties. We didn't find any reason to doubt this, and we found no academized reviews online that complained.

After a thorough review, we asked if the customer support was present and available around the clock. So we decided to test the feature out. The site has a live chat feature, a phone number, and email to reach the support team. We tried to reach support, and the response was slow. The live chat was also worse because we waited for a long time before we could get a response.

However, the response from their email was better. We got an almost immediate response after sending an email. The support staff was helpful and kind. They also tried to pay attention to our needs. We were able to get some answers to our questions. There are also other academized reviews online that have the same submission.


  • Lower than average prices: all prices are within the budget of an average student
  • Rush delivery: they offer shorter deadlines, but the quality is nothing to write home about.
  • Decent discounts: they offer 15% discounts for new clients


  • Questionable writer profiles: there is little or no information on writers, so we strongly doubt the claim of hiring only ENL writers.
  • Bad reputation: the site has many bad reviews online as well as fake positive reviews
  • Money-back guarantee isn't exactly what it seems
  • Poor quality papers
  • Poor customer support on live chat and phone calls.
  • Complicated ordering process

Academized has some positives such as lower prices and discounts, but are these factors worth the grammar mistakes and plagiarized the content? You would get better services in other writing sites. We can't fully recommend this writing service.
What is is an online essay writing service that is relatively new on the market. They don’t offer much information, except some vague promises and a list of prices.
Is plagiarism-free?
In our tests, sent us a compare and contrast essay and a persuasive essay that were both over 50% plagiarized. This is completely unacceptable because the content is copy-pasted.
Is a good writing service?
To our dismay, even the content that was not copied and pasted from other sources on the Internet was poorly written. Truth be told, the two essays we received were 100% unusable.
Is safe?
Of course is not safe. They were quick to take our money but sent us plagiarized content that they claimed as their own. No guarantees, no refunds, nothing.
Is a scam?
Yes, is most definitely a scam. There is no clear information about who is behind this company and its essay writing services are a lie. Do not trust this website and its promises.
Is legit?
No, cannot be considered to be legit in any way. We don’t know who is running the website and they didn’t respond to our emails and messages after taking our money.
Is reliable?
You should not trust to write an essay that you can use. They will just scam you out of your money and stop responding to your emails and messages.
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  1. Did the writer even look at the instructions? He missed the simplest of structure and formatting! This is not what I paid for. It appears he wrote the paper in a hurry or does not understand what academic writing means! I could have produced a better paper with my eyes closed! You are a scam and deserve to be sued!

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