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We all know that students don’t always have the time to complete all of their tasks independently. That is why they consider using reputable writing services to complete their essays. However, outsourcing crucial tasks to random web writing providers is not a good idea.

To determine how trustworthy an online service is, look at what previous customers say about it. And you can do this by going through a review page. This is why we’ll be giving our unbiased assessment of PapersOwl in this article. We’ll look at the writing service under numerous areas in our PapersOwl review, including About, Types of services, Quality, Prices and Payment, Guarantees, Customer Support, Pros, Cons, and Verdict.

This PapersOwl review goes through all of the essential features of any writing service. So take a look at this PapersOwl review to discover if this writing service is worth your time and money. is an online academic writing service that claims to provide assistance to students worldwide by helping them complete any academic writing needs that they might have. First of all, we have to establish the authenticity of this service. So is PapersOwl a scam, or is it legit?

To answer this question, we had to do a thorough investigation first. We discovered that this website was registered 5 years ago, and it belongs to a Bulgarian company. This means that this online academic writing service is not a scam. The fact that it belongs to an ESL country raises other questions that we will answer in this post. Keep reading to find out.

Though it is still a relatively new writing service, PapersOwl has gathered an online reputation over the years. This service has a 4.75 /5 rating on from almost 1000 reviews. That’s pretty impressive. But are these reviews genuine?

We discovered that had a sudden growth spurt with just 7reviews in July 2021 to over 900 reviews in October 2021. Of course, this could only mean that the company bought these reviews, so some of them are fake.

When we checked out the website, we saw that looks so much like They have the same website design and everything. This cannot be a mere coincidence. Some PapersOwl reviews even claimed that both websites had the same writers. We obviously had to verify the authenticity of this claim, so we decided to compare both sites’ writers, and we found some similar writers on both websites. What else did we find? Keep reading.
Types of services

PapersOwl offers basically the same services as any online academic writing service. Some of the services that they offer include:
  1. Research Paper Writing
  2. Case Study Writing
  3. Thesis Writing
  4. Dissertation Writing
  5. Editing
  6. Essay Writing
  7. Admissions Essay Writing
  8. Scholarship Essay Writing
  9. Narrative Essay Writing
  10. Capstone Project Writing
  11. Coursework Writing
  12. Lab Report Writing
  13. Literature Review Writing
  14. Speech Writing


Since we suspect that this writing company bought some fake reviews on, we could not just decide based on those reviews. Instead, we had to read some reviews on other places like Reddit. And just as we suspected there were many complaints about this writing service.

Most of the PapersOwl reviews we found mostly spoke on how the papersowl writers did not follow their instructions. There was this Papers Owl review that complained that their paper did not get an A.

We doubt PapersOwl’s credibility because there is no method for selecting writers. Customers are provided no information at all, which is totally unfair. Even the names of the writers are questionable. The majority of them appear to be non-native English speakers who lack a college diploma.

When we search up consumer reviews, we don’t uncover anything specific. Surprisingly, all their authors have received positive feedback and ratings on the PapersOwl website, but not on any other platform.

Another review claimed that their paper was heavily plagiarized, with about 51% plagiarism on Turnitin. There were also some positive reviews, but we are not sure they are genuine. So considering all of the above, we can say that they produce average papers, and you should not get your hopes high with this service.
Prices and Payment makes use of a bidding system, meaning that there is no defined price list. We do not like this system because some customers get to pay more for the same thing. In addition, there is no standard pricing on the research papers.

You simply post your project with a budget and have the papersowl writers bid for it. But of course, you should know that higher budgets attract more bids. So you should start receiving bids from about $15 per page depending on your project and deadline.

While we all know that writing services can be costly, PapersOwl prices go above and beyond the norm. Their costs start at $20 per page and can go up to $30 per page, depending on the deadline. Depending on your needs, a ten-page research paper at an undergraduate level can cost anywhere from $260 to $600.

Even though the services are really expensive, the website does not provide any special discount. This can be a downside to this writing service. They claim to compensate for it with a free plagiarism checker. The service features its own plagiarism checker. This is an extra way to determine whether or not the document is unique. However, not everything is ideal. Unfortunately, the plagiarism checker does not work properly, and even non-plagiarized documents are deemed unique.

All payments are made into your account on the website and when you approve of the job done for you. Then, the PapersOwl team would release the money to the writer. Unfortunately, they don’t have any discounts, so you can’t really save any money.

You can make payments into your wallet via credit/debit cards or bank transfers. Unfortunately, they do not accept Paypal.

Papersowl Ordering Process

PapersOwl has made the ordering process simple and quick so that users’ time is not wasted. Within 10 minutes, you may place an order for the paper on the Internet. There are two stages to the procedure:

First and foremost, place an order. Here you must write the requirements and specify the details of your paper. The more information you supply, the better the author will comprehend the text’s details.

Second, choose a writer. At this point, you should look through all of the authors’ profiles to see their work experience, talents, number of successfully completed orders, and user reviews. Choose the author you wish to work with and get in touch with him to discuss the details of the project. Then you must wait for the SMS to arrive before checking it and adding funds to your account.


Finding their guarantees is not really difficult, but you can’t find a refund policy. They have basically the same guarantees as to any other academic writing service. Their guarantees include:
  • Privacy policy

Papers Owl won’t disclose their clients’ identities or personal information to anyone. This means that if you don’t say where you got your paper, nobody would know.
  • Plagiarism-free guarantee

Papers Owl promises their customers plagiarism-free papers, but with some of the reviews that we found online, we know better than to trust this guarantee.
  • Refund policy

PapersOwl does not have a money back guarantee. They clearly state that refunds are determined on a case-to-case basis. This means that it is the company that decides who gets a refund or not. So, you might want to be careful with this service.

Papersowl Offers and Extra Services has various services for its customers in addition to writing new essays.
  • Rewriting and editing If you have completed your task but are dissatisfied with the written paper, you can seek assistance from qualified writers. The authors of PapersOwl will proofread and revise your writing for errors. Writers will totally rewrite your text if necessary without losing the primary idea.
  • Choose a writer. Users can pick between three levels of writer quality: all writers, premium, and platinum. The premium level is the most popular with pupils. Platinum is the highest level of author certification. You will have to spend an additional $9.99 if you want to acquire text from this author.
  • Plagiarism checkers are provided at no cost. You may verify your work for plagiarism for free with the Papersowl plagiarism checker. This service is beneficial to folks who are unsure whether or not their writing is original. You can go over everything again to make sure everything is correct.

Their customer support is pretty impressive. They have an app, an email address, a phone number, and a live chat system. Unfortunately, the live chat is quite annoying as it keeps popping up on the website even after closing it.

Numerous reviews complain about the PapersOwl customer service being very pushy or very unhelpful. Papers Owl claims that all these contacts systems are available 24/7. Still, there are complaints about how slow care customer support is when responding to complaints. This could be very frustrating for a customer that is seeking to rectify an urgent issue.


  • You can speak to your writer directly
  • User-friendly website
  • Timely Delivery


  • Bidding payment system
  • Writers don’t listen to instructions
  • Plagiarism reports
  • No refund policy

Judging from surface value, has a positive reputation, but on further examination, you might begin to think otherwise. Now for our final verdict. Do we think you should trust PapersOwl with your money? No. We can assure you that they are not a scam, but we can not say for sure if you would be pleased with your paper. The paper quality is not so great, but if you would not mind, then you can go ahead.

Their bidding system is a major downside for us as we believe that all customers should be treated equally, which means having to pay the same amount of money. But if you are comfortable with this, then you can go ahead.

There is also the issue of the website being a clone of the Edubirdie website. While we do not have a problem with this, it somehow raises the question of a lack of authenticity. In addition, the sudden increase in reviews in 4 months gives the company a sketchy and suspicious image.

Another concern is the numerous reviews that claim that the writers ignore instructions. We can not let our readers take such a risk. On the other hand, there are also numerous genuine positive reviews. If you would like to work with Papers Owl, you would be doing so based on your discretion.

Suppose you are looking for our recommendation for an alternative online writing service. In that case, you can check out these best research paper services. All reviews are genuine, and we can vouch for them.
What Is
Papersowl is a writing service platform that looks almost the same as Edubirdie, another writing service platform. Most clients have suggested that the site is a clone of Edubirdie as they have the same features in design and interface.
Is PapersOwl plagiarism-free?
Plagiarism-free content is only possible on high-quality content. The percentage of plagiarism checks on Papersowl written content falls below 50%.
Is Papers Owl a good writing service?
The platform allows clients to select their preferred writers, this is not very common with other service agencies. But will the quality of writing be guaranteed? The reviews on third-party sites prove otherwise. Furthermore, complaints have been made on the platforms’ plagiarism checker feature. When 100% original content was entered in, the checker showed a high percentage of plagiarism. Below was a button that read “I need plagiarism-free content”, when you click on this button, it redirects you to a Papersowl order form. This is considered by most clients as a trick to make one place an order.
Is Safe?
Safety cannot always be guaranteed when working with any online website. With the company’s lack of information on payment and refunds, safety is not entirely guaranteed.
Is Scam?
The platform insists on having affordable rates, but these supposed rates are not visible on the site until you make an order. There is no information on prices or refund policies on the site. Does this suggest that the platform is a scam? Well, the absence of prices is quite strange.
Is PapersOwl Legit?
The theory of the platform being a clone of Edubirdie makes it a little less legit, because what exactly do they plan to gain by acting like and appearing to be Edubirdie.
Is PapersOwl Reliable?
Although it does not seem that much is done to screen writers and ensure their qualifications, papersowl cannot be said to be completely unreliable.
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  1. I waited a very long time for a response from Papers Owl, no one was in a hurry to contact me after my application on the site.
    There were no more problems with the support service, but the work that I got, as a result, turned out to be full of grammatical errors. I remade it myself and don’t want to contact them anymore!

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