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You may not have the time to write every assignment yourself. There are tasks that you can delegate to other persons to handle for you. Having someone else write for you might not be the best academic practice. But you cannot meet every deadline. This point is where greatassignmenthelp comes in. Several companies are into writing assignments for people, but a few of them have ticked the boxes. It is not enough to have written several assignments, but what matters is the quality of the work you do.

A greatassignmenthelp review is necessary for you to decide if you want to have them handle some of your writings. We will discuss the quality of work they do and the types of services they offer. We will also delve into their pricing system and guarantees to help you know if you can work with them or not. We also examined the pros and cons of their services and gave our verdict. We will tell you if it is safe to have them handle your academic stuff.
Types of services

You can have any form of academic writing done here, be it your homework, assignment, IT, network, accounting, budgeting, and lots more. Greatassignmenthelp specializes in assignments from different fields, including;
  • Law
  • Finance
  • Medicine
  • Marketing
  • Nursing
  • Economics
  • Mathematics


Anything that has to do with your academics should be treated with the level of importance it deserves. Therefore, it is advisable to write your assignments yourself. Before you give out your assignments to any writing company, you have to consider the quality of work they do.

The website,, has a great aesthetic appeal with its design and arrangement. It is also easy to understand, and you should not have a problem navigating your way around. There is a chat icon to speak with someone who can help you. They have a 24/7 customer support system that is geared towards giving you a great experience. Great Assignment Help has been rated by many users and has made a name in the writing niche. They have almost four thousand experts in their team.

Notwithstanding, you need to have your personal experience before you can vouch for them on quality. You cannot tell if they are expert enough to handle your assignment until they turn it in. However, with almost a hundred thousand orders received and delivered, one can tell they are legit and thriving in business.
Prices and Payment

Prices for writing services are not fixed. They are as flexible as the nature of the work. The cost of writing an assignment depends on the kind of assignment, the deadline, and the instructions the writers have to follow. You have to place an order to know how much you have to pay for your assignment.
You will fill out the order form and state the guidelines for your work. You will state the deadline, the instructions for the work, and how you want it written. After this, you will receive your quote and evaluate it. Note that you have a choice to work with them or not.

They may charge you higher than you want to spend on your work. But if you are pleased with the quote, you will pay half of it and pay the completion when you receive your work. Ensure to scrutinize your work for any loose ends. Since it is an online platform, you may be told of the writer’s expertise. But since you cannot verify, when you get your work, go through it properly.


Every writing company offers guarantees to put your mind at peace. If you want to work with greatassignmenthelp, then you should be aware of the promises they offer. If you are satisfied with them, you may want to pitch your tent with them. Their guarantees include;
  • Timely submission of your work. With every order you place, they promise to get your job done for you in no time. But often they are not strict on deadlines.
  • They provide a mobile-friendly access system. You do not need to have your laptop to connect with them. Once you have your phone and a good network, you can bookmark their website and reach them with ease.
  • You can choose your writer yourself. They have a lack of experts in different fields and can't guarantee completing any type of tasks and deliver to your expectations. You can decide who does your writing. However, you only know how good they are until you get your work.
  • Your work will bot be a hundred percent original with a trace of plagiarism. There will be errors, as well. The grammar check will verify your work for accuracy.
  • They have a smooth payment method. After getting your quote, you will pay 50% of the charge and pay the other when your work is done. All of these are done quickly with a payment channel you are convenient with.

A constant customer support system to attend to your needs anytime and on any day of the week. All you have to do is to reach them via their customer service access, and you will be served. But this statement is now about greatassignmenthelp.

The help you get when you contact greatassignmenthelp is weak. You unload your writing burdens on then and wait for too long your work to be delivered. Also the dissapointing part is that you may wait for the answer of the customer support service for several days.

Getting online support for services is vital to give you the awareness you need to communicate your requirements at the right time. Since this element lacks this platform, you may get dissatisfied looking for ready solutions to finish your assignments at a fast pace.


  • Smooth Transaction
    The process of getting in touch with them and getting your work done is smooth and stress-free. You place an order by filling the order form and wait for a response. If you strike a deal with the writer, you pay half of your charges and pay the remainder on completion. The payment system is hassle-free. It is a plus for them.


  • Inconsistent Pricing System
    Since there is no fixed price tag on their services, you cannot tell if you can afford it or not. This factor is not so good because it keeps you in the wait when you could have just known from the onset.
  • Writers
    Every writing company boasts of having experts who do their writings. However, the reality is that this is not always true. The thing is that you cannot tell if what they tell you about their writers is true. They can recruit anyone to pose as a good writer.
  • Assistance
    The help you get when you contact greatassignmenthelp is not comprehensive.

Greatassignmenthelp is a platform that makes doing your assignment a little easier. It is an online platform such that you can quickly get in touch with them. You can place your order online and receive it online.

They have written some good papers and are known to do so-so in writing. However, all of these are online, and you cannot thoroughly verify the authenticity of what you see online. Sometimes, people write fake reviews to spice up the website and get your hopes high. The best way to know if all that glitters is gold is to speak to someone with experience. Testimonies from someone who has used their services will set your foot on the right lane.

Although they do not keep to deadlines, you should be wary of substandard works. You still have to scrutinize your work to know if it is up to standard. The pricing system is flexible, depending on your work and what it entails. This factor is not the best.

If there is no fixed price, you do not know if you can afford the quote until you get it. Perhaps before you realize you have to look elsewhere, you are already near your deadline. It will be better to have a fixed base coat for writing specific assignments. So, I recommend you to choose another writing service.
What is is a website that provides assignment writing services to students in the United States. They claim to have over 5,000 expert writers at their disposal.
Is plagiarism-free?
Yes, we are happy to say that sent us a research paper that did not contain any signs of plagiarized content – according to all 3 of our plagiarism checkers.
Is a good writing service?
Even though the content is original, it is relatively poorly written. It’s almost decent, but not quite. Plenty of grammar and spelling errors are present, as well as some logical and factual errors.
Is safe?
To be honest, is safe just because it does not contain signs of plagiarized content. However, this does not mean you can use their research paper without extensive editing.
Is a scam?
We are disappointed to say that did not respond to our emails. We asked for a refund due to the poor quality of the content. We didn’t receive the refund, as you can imagine.
Is legit?
We don’t know if is legit or not. The website offers only vague information about the company behind it – nothing that can be verified. You should treat them with caution.
Is reliable?
Not only was the research paper poorly written, it was also sent late. The writer did not even bother to tell us why or to warn us that he will be late by 5 hours.
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