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There is much to say about academic writing. Students find such tasks and assignments tedious. They are always looking for help to achieve such a task. Hence, the increase in the number of academic writing services.

SameDayEssay is not a new writing service platform. The brand has been in the industry for about a decade now. It is a popular brand owned and managed by Writerperfect Ltd. We were excited to find this information about the brand.

However, this long-standing status does not qualify it as one of the best homework cheat services. The brand offers academic writing services for high school, college, and university students.

Undergraduate students, masters students, and Ph.D. students can always find something to order on the page. Offers include essay writing, course paper, term paper, literature review, and dissertation writing.

SameDayEssay is also known for its affordable writing service. It has its lowest order go for a price of $14. It also offers different bonuses and discounts to customers. This feature seems to be one of the selling points that drives students to the brand.

Moreover, it is not enough to judge quality by offers. We cannot say SameDayEssay is a reliable brand due to its long-standing status. Hence, the need for this review.
Types of services offers different academic writing services on their platform. Their services are available to students from high school to universities. Postgraduate students, including masters and Ph.D. students. The following are services that are available on the platform;
  • Essay Writing
SameDayEssay provides essay writing services to students. This writing service is available in different types. You can order both argumentative essays and descriptive essays. Custom essay for special topics is also available.
  • Term Paper
Students can request for a writer to write their term paper. The writing service is available for students in the sciences, accounting, and humanities.
  • Literature Review
Literature review writing is also available on the SameDayEssay platform. The writers are said to be experts in such writings.
  • Thesis and Dissertation Writing
Both undergraduates and postgraduate can order their dissertation writing on this platform. SameDayEssay did not restrict the academic level that can order for dissertation.
  • Editing and Proofreading Service
There is an editorial service on the platform. It is an extra service that goes for an extra cost. This option is not impressive, as editing and proofreading should be a part of the writing service.
  • PowerPoint presentation
The brand also offers PowerPoint presentations on projects. Hence, you can also order a PowerPoint presentation of your write-up if you need it.


As said earlier, being in the industry for a long time does not directly impact the quality of service. We must, therefore, subject the quality of service offered by SameDayEssay to check. This check is what we have done and reported here.

We review to ensure you have the most accurate information before making your order. The most paramount quality a writing service must possess is a quality write-up. Unfortunately, this quality is absent on SameDayEssay.

We ordered an essay, but the delivery was not up to standard. Considering some other customer reviews, we found this to be so true. The SameDayEssay plagiarism is also nothing to write home about.

A larger part of the essay is found to be plagiarized. We also found out about a similar situation in a customer's report of SameDayEssay. The writer also commits the simplest of writing errors. We could find spelling errors and grammatical errors in the paper.
Prices and Payment

SameDayEssay offers affordable service, and you can applaud that. You can order the writing service for as low as $14 with a deadline of 20days.

The price increases as the deadline decrease. Likewise, the price increases as the pages increase. There is a price calculator on the website that will help you with the cost of your order.

Interestingly, SameDayEssay offers discounts to new customers. You can get up to a 15% discount on the first order. Returning users can also find bonus coupons that can give up to 25% off on certain orders.

These offers seem to be selling points for this brand, but it is not enough to retain customers.


SameDayEssay offers different guarantees to customers. While some of these guarantees are true, some are false. The principal guarantee is quality write-up. Unfortunately, this point turned out to be false as the quality of the essay here is disappointing.

Their service has a revision policy. The policy allows a request for revision within 14 days. Meanwhile, large orders can take advantage of the 30 days unlimited revision. However, the revision activity seems ineffective as you may not get back your paper in time.

Another guarantee is that if you have a plagiarism issue with your paper, your revision date will be extended to 180 days. This policy seems ridiculous and irrelevant as such a long period is of no use.

There is no refund policy on SameDayEssay. You either make use of the revision option or take the paper as it is. This act shows the service is not confident about the quality.

Customer support on SameDayEssay is commendable. The support service is available via three mediums. There is a live chat option, email support, and phone support. The live chat option is the most used and probably the fastest means.

The agents are courteous, just as expected of a good customer service representative. The response time is very short, and they refer you to appropriate channels. However, this feature cannot substitute for the lack of good quality regarding the essay delivery.


  • Affordable cost of service
  • Discounts and promos are available to new and returning customers.
  • Good customer service


  • The essay quality is disappointing.
  • Papers are not 100 plagiarism-free.
  • Fake review on Trustpilot and Sitejabber
  • No refund policy

We must conclude this SameDayEssay review with a verdict on the brand. After much analysis, we should know our position as far as the service is concerned. We have explored the service and considered customers' reports on the brand.

SameDayEssay is no doubt an old academic writing service. It is quite unfortunate to discover that this brand has compromised the quality of its service. The positive reviews gotten online about the brand are fakes and sponsored.

This act of unfaithfulness is enough to name the brand unreliable. SameDayEssay is not recommended for students. The quality of service is not encouraging. Such quality is detrimental to students' academic performance, and you may want to avoid the brand.

The remarkable things about the brand are affordable prices and discount offers. Nonetheless, these are not enough to substitute for quality service. Therefore, it is advisable to consider other top academic writing services capable of giving good quality.
Is SameDayEssay quality?
SameDayEssay is not a reliable academic writing service if we judge by the quality of service. The paper quality is prone to errors of all kinds. The writers are also unable to deal appropriately with plagiarism. However, in terms of legitimacy, the brand is reliable.
Is SameDayEssay legit?
SameDayEssay is a legitimate business operation. There is clear information about the business and its owner. It is an academic writing service that has been in operation for a decade. The managing company is known as Writer Perfect Ltd.
Is SameDayEssay a scam?
When it comes to privacy protection and transparency, SameDayEssay can't be considered a scam. However, the fact that they do not provide quality writing services is quite questionable.
Is SameDayEssay safe? has end-to-end encryptions to ensure that their customer's privacy is not breached. This includes credit card information and personal details. They are all well-protected.
Is SameDayEssay a good writing service?
SameDayEssay is not a good academic writing service. The fact that it is an old brand cannot justify the quality. A good academic writing service is known for the quality of paper produced. Since SameDayEssay does not meet up, it is safe to say the service is not good.
Is SameDayEssay cheating?
Using SameDayEssay cannot be considered cheating. It is an academic writing service that seeks to offer professional help to students. However, the answer might depend on what your school defines as cheating. However, just like other academic writing services, using SameDayEssay is not cheating.
How much is the SameDayEssay cost?
SameDayEssay offers affordable academic writing services. The least service on the platform can go for as low as $14. An undergraduate student can order a paper for as low as $20. There are also discounts and promo that you can equally take advantage of.
Is SameDayEssay plagiarism-free?
There is no guarantee that SameDayEssay will offer a plagiarism-free paper. What we got from our order was a paper that was partly plagiarized. The same applies to some students who have given their report about the service.
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