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This Thesis Geek review looks at several characteristics of this writing and editing agency, including the types of services offered, the guarantees provided, the cost of writing assignments, and customer support. We provide a list of pros and cons and then come up with a final verdict.

We read hundreds of ThesisGeek reviews written by students and posted on independent sites (we do not rely on what the company has posted on its site). We also conduct test orders to measure the company’s performance and compare our findings with what students had to say. reviews emphasized the company’s cooperative work and constant communication. There is no subject or discipline the company cannot handle. It has a strict vetting process to hire writers and editors, and the company prides itself on delivering high-quality assignments no matter what the situation may be.
Types of services

Thesis Geek reviews from students say that the company specializes in higher education writing. Specifically, they have the writing and editing experts to handle essays, research papers, theses, and dissertations. ThesisGeek’s services also highlight the following:
  • A thorough review of your assignment requirements, including the subject and specifications to a review of your advisor’s notes and required literature.
  • The selected expert will research your topic in-depth by collecting data from the most relevant and recent sources and conducting an extensive review of the literature.
  • Before the final document is sent to you, it is reviewed by a team of editors to ensure that the structure and format are accurate and that there are no typos or mistakes in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
Our ThesisGeek review of the company’s services is excellent. The company works within the mindset that a project will take several days to several weeks to complete. It dedicates itself to conduct unparalleled research to ensure the final product exceeds all its customers’ expectations. Its review process is immaculate in its approach as we were unable to find a single instance of missed error in any of our test orders. Customer ThesisGeek reviews validate our findings, as most say the in-depth research and constant communication resulted in excellent theses and dissertations.


All customer reviews on the web speak highly to the excellent level of quality this company delivers. Everything from customer service to writing ability, customers were highly satisfied hiring this writing and editing agency to do their work. We could not find any negative ThesisGeek reviews, and our test orders and interactions with the company were 100% positive. This should remove any doubts in students who ask “Is ThesisGeek legit?” It certainly is a legitimate company that delivers on all its promises.
Prices and Payment

Our review on ThesisGeek and its prices show that it is about average related to its competitors. But the quality of writing makes up for this and makes the company’s services a greater value. Proofreading 100 words cost $3.32. Editing 100 words cost $3.90. And Writing 100 words costs $5.85.

The student reviews we found online mention that the company also offers other services starting at $3.32 per 100 words. This service is posted on the web, but we did not test it and can’t speak to this point. Overall, our Thesis Geek review on pricing comes to a perfect 10 out of 10 score, considering the value it offers provided the quality of work and excellent customer service.


Thesis Geek reviews for this company’s guarantees are outstanding. This writing and editing service will do just about anything to ensure every order exceeds their customers’ expectations and earns the highest writing scores. If you have ever thought “can I trust” the answer is YES. This is one of the highest-ranked academic writing and editing services we have evaluated.

Our ThesisGeek review should point out that through the company’s strict vetting process you will always work with the top 2% of writers and editors who applied. Let us say, for instance, that 100 people applied. Their backgrounds are checked for educational degrees. The remaining candidates are then given a high-level English exam to ensure their proficiency is perfect. Then they must pass a phone interview and a trial assignment. Finally, their work is continuously monitored for quality. Through this process only 2 of the 100 candidates make the team, assuring that you are working with the top 2%.

Student ThesisGeek reviews about the company’s customer service were excellent. It is easy to chat with the support team online and phone calls were answered immediately. There are three emails to address specific needs, including sales, support, and billing so that specific issues are directed to the right people and addressed quickly.

According to ThesisGeek reviews, the company takes pride in dealing with and solving difficult situations. It will work with short deadlines, late-night messages, and changes in orders with extreme professionalism and genuine care. Our review aligns perfectly with what others had to say.


  • The company offers discounts on any type of order. They are sent when students open an account and are often posted on the web. There are also discounts applied to every page ordered all-time. For example, 25+ pages 5% off, 50+ pages 10% off, and 100+ pages 15% off.
  • A Thesis Geek review we found says that one of the best features of this company is the amount of research its writing team does is very thorough.
  • In our com review, we found that customer support immensely helpful and forthcoming with updates related to current orders.


  • Most Thesis Geek reviews we found that hinted at something negative were related to having to provide an email and phone number to contact customer support. This is a company requirement to make students open a free account.
  • In our com review, we were unable to find things we would deem as negative for this site, but we do want to reference a student ThesisGeek review that stated she had trouble getting support after midnight. We did not experience this in our test as we were able to connect within a minute, but it’s still something you might want to consider.

We were unable to be more intrigued with this current company's general presentation which is the explanation we give it an ideal score. To answer the question as to whether “Is ThesisGeek a scam?” we have to say NO. The writers, editors, and customer support staff are all experts in this industry and veritably go the extra mile to guarantee their customers get the products they deserve.

The pricing is in line with what similar services charge, but this company offers a better value with its vetting of writers and editors and its reviewing process. All assignments are reviewed by a panel of academic experts before they are delivered. Thesis Geek reviews on the web find this to be especially comforting as it minimizes errors and ensures that students receive the best possible documents for submission. All of this put together answers the question “Is ThesisGeek safe?” Yes, it is 100% safe and is among our highest-rated companies in the industry. We give it a perfect score of 10 out of 10 for its complete professionalism and dedication to deliver students the best experience.

Of all the writing and editing companies we encourage you to keep ThesisGeek at the forefront when selecting a service to deliver error-free, plagiarism-free, and high-quality assignments at prices that you can afford.
What is ThesisGeek?
Thesis Geek is one of the most trusted online assignment and homework assistant services. Hire qualified writers to do your assignments and papers for you in a short span of time.
Is plagiarism-free?
Yes. All the deliverables are thoroughly checked to ensure that there is no duplication of content. Thesis Geek provides a 100% plagiarism-free guarantee for all customers.
Is a good writing service?
Thesis Geek only has expert writers who are qualified to write for advanced academic levels. They provide high quality, plagiarism-free writing services at affordable prices.
Is safe?
Yes. The website is secure to ensure that all financial transactions are safe. You can also be assured of 100% confidentiality with any personal information that you provide.
Is a scam?
Thesis Geek is one of the most trusted thesis and dissertation writing services. Read genuine reviews by satisfied customers who vouch for their quality and timely services.
Is legit?
Thesis Geek churns out several assignments each day. The positive feedback from customers shows that most of them are satisfied with the commitment and level of services offered.
Is reliable?
Thesis Geek is an affordable option for students to get their assignments completed by highly skilled experts, with strict adherence to timelines and writing guidelines.
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