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Our Pen Drago review indicates that this company is perfect for you. If you have strict instructors that will take away points for minor mistakes in your academic assignments, then Pen Drago is one of the best services you can hire to get high-quality work at an affordable price.

According to PenDrago reviews, we found on the web, you are not going to find mistakes in your orders. The company claims that it is in the top 2% of the industry. This is not hard to refute considering its tough hiring process. It conducts a background check that ensures all its experts are carefully vetted. According to student reviews, only a third of its applicants are accepted. Each expert must pass a language exam to prove English writing skills and then participate in a phone interview to identify specific academic strengths as well as communication abilities to deal with clients. reviews on the web also site that the company commits to monitoring every writer and editor’s ongoing work to ensure assignments live up to the expectations you expect from a top-rated writing and editing company.
Types of services

PenDrago reviews on the web mention that it’s unclear what areas the company specializes in. We also had some trouble finding this information without having to contact customer support. We found that PenDrago does not limit its writing and editing services to one educational level. It is willing to take orders for middle school level assignments through Ph.D. level assignments. The company offers support in:
  • Essays and Reports
  • Research Papers
  • Term Papers
  • Theses and Dissertations
  • Article Reviews
  • Book Reports and More
A student’s Pen Drago review pointed to the flexibility that comes with placing an order through this company, citing that “PenDrago will make sure you get the highest quality writing assignment or your money back.”


This PenDrago review finds that the quality of editing and writing is impeccable. They have a team of native-English writers that know all the ins and outs of crafting great essays that earn high scores. We were completely satisfied with the written work we received which is the reason why our review is near perfect positive. reviews on the web also touted the company’s high-quality essays which varied in length and type. There isn’t a discipline this company cannot work in, so students can have the peace of mind that there will be someone available to take on any assignment.
Prices and Payment

According to PenDrago reviews, the company follows a straightforward pricing scheme. Proofreading starts at $3.32 per 100 words and includes 10 days of free revisions, a 60-day money-back guarantee, a full grammar audit, correct punctuation, removed typos, and any formatting style.

Editing starts at $3.90 per 100 words and includes working with Top 2% of the company’s talent, 10 days of free revisions, 60-day money-back guarantee, improved structure and flow, optimized word choice, full proofreading service, and any formatting style.

Writing starts at $5.85 and includes working with Top 2% of the company’s talent, 10 days of free revisions, 60-day money-back guarantee, 2x anti-plagiarism protection, in-depth research, accurate citations, review by a trained editor, and any formatting style. There are no apparent discounts posted on the site but you can receive free quotes on odd orders (e.g., math quizzes and math answers).


Our Pen Drago reviews found that the writers included bibliographies so that we could verify where the information was gathered from and they delivered the orders to us long before our established deadlines, allowing us to thoroughly review the orders and giving us the time to request revisions.

We are giving a max rating in this review because the company makes sure content is written from scratch, conducts its independent research, does plagiarism checks, and has an expert editor review the assignment before sending it to the customer. It also guarantees free revisions up to 10 days and a full money-back guarantee for up to 60 days.

This positive PenDrago review must also recognize the company’s commitment to the safety and privacy of its clients. It has ultra-secure payments in place and will never retain or share your data. They will encrypt all information while they do have your data on file, so there is no risk of your info being stolen.

All the Pen Drago reviews we found on the web say that this company’s customer support is exceptional. Customer support is available 24/7 and responds by chat, email, and telephone quickly. This isn’t the case with some other writing and editing companies that often lag when you try sending them an email or making a phone call. You can contact support at any convenient time for you.

We write this positive review because our experience with the company verified everything we found online. In our test orders, we contacted the company on several occasions and received immediate updates. When we requested revisions, we did not sense any pushback from the support team or the writer. This factors heavily into our overall verdict.

One student PenDrago review what stood out to us stated that customer service went above and beyond when a student needed a paper done overnight but was having issues placing the order on the web. Customer support answered the phone quickly and walked the student step-by-step through the payment process so that a writer could start immediately.


  •  "Is PenDrago safe?” Absolutely. We ordered several revisions in our test orders and found that the company was courteous and took our requests seriously. They delivered excellent final assignments that would have earned the highest marks in any situation.
  • “Is PenDrago a scam?” Not at all. The company’s secure ordering and paying system are 100% secure. All our personal and payment information was erased after one order. We were only allowed to store information by giving the company permission to do so.
  • “Is PenDrago legit?” Yes. Not only do they offer some of the best customer services you will find on the web, but the company also offers the best customer service we have dealt with in the past few years.


  • Some students asked, “can I trust with my financial information?” The concern comes from students that have never used this time of service. The company could emphasize its security protocol a bit more.
  • Student Pen Drago reviews found the need to enter email and telephone information before receiving customer support assistance.

Our review on PenDrago gives this writing and editing company a perfect 10 out of 10. Over 95% of student Pen Drago reviews we found online were entirely positive. There were only a handful of comments we found that pointed to something negative, but they were largely concerned about the site’s payment processing.

These were made from first-time users that were afraid their information could be shared with other companies. We paid close attention to this and found no problems. Its secure encrypted system is one of the best available. Payments and refunds were processed quickly, and the company guarantees that all financial information will be secure. The only other issue with the small number of comments is that the company requires students to provide contact info before providing support. This extra step is not needed on other sites.

We did not think revisions were needed, but we requested them on a few orders to see just how much attention our assignment writers placed on our needs. We were completely satisfied with the revision process. Our assigned writers addressed our change requests quickly and precisely as we wished. Its team of writers and editors is knowledgeable and dedicated to handling your orders in a highly professional manner. We are glad to recommend this company for all your writing and editing needs.
What is is a company that provides high-quality, well-written content for its clients. Their services include; proofreading, editing, formatting, etc.
Is plagiarism-free?
A major upside to using PenDrago is the assurance that your work will be completely free from plagiarism. They provide unique content that is written by highly professional writers. It's obvious that they properly edit, proofread and test their content because they ensure that it is free from plagiarism.
Is a good writing service?
To state it bluntly, PenDrago is a good writing service that goes the extra mile to provide well-written essays and papers. When they edit and proofread, they offer free reviews to ensure customer satisfaction.
Is safe?
PenDrago is a safe website that ensures that you get your money's worth when it comes to their writing services. They ensure that you get papers that can get high grades and that even without reviewing you don't have to worry about errors.
Is a scam?
A major advantage of PenDrago is that they encrypt their site to protect clients' information and they request for permission before they store any personal details. They offer secure payment options which allow you to use your card for web payments without worrying.
Is legit?
They offer amazing customer relations and they are very thorough with their services. If this doesn't prove their legitimacy, the fact that they are transparent about their management and ownership is also added proof.
Is reliable?
Yes! They are 100% reliable. They do not collect their customer's money without giving valuable services. Furthermore, PenDrago also makes sure that their customers are satisfied when they reach out to their customer service.
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