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PaperNow offers writing and editing services. Its name sounds attractive to an intuitive website, but does it deliver high-quality articles on time? Several internet users on online PaperNow reviews have complained about the company’s failure to meet deadlines. Other PaperNow reviews report that the papers were plagiarized.

To help you decide if is a good service, our experts have prepared a detailed PaperNow review. The PaperNow review is based on personal experience. An article was ordered to test the service. Hopefully, it will help you to make an informed decision about the service.

Let us take a closer look into what offers and how trustworthy it is.

PaperNow offers custom writing services. Its head office is based in Ukraine and headed by WritePerfect LTD. The mother company has been in the business of education and eCommerce since 2005. This company is known for its several academic writing services online. The company touts itself as one of the best writing services for students. It claims to provide fast writing services and has more than 1,200 writers that have mastered 50 different subjects.

Sadly, we couldn’t find any information about when the company started offering writing services. Hiding information like this is often considered a red flag. People want to use a service that is transparent so they can know whether to trust it or not.
Types of services has a versatile choice of academic writing services. Students from high school to Ph.D. levels can get help from this site. The main function is academic writing, and students can order essays, book reports, research papers, case studies, articles, and coursework, among other things.

Also, the service is available for graduate-level students who need to get a dissertation done. They can order chapters in their dissertation or the full dissertation. Research proposals and MA theses are also written at When we decided to review PaperNow, we discovered that the company also offers to write job application documents like cover letters and resumes.

Another service offers is rewriting papers. However, this service is not recommended for college students that want original content.


To get a proper PaperNow review, we decided to order an article to test the quality. We saw some samples on the page that looked professional. After ordering a paper, it was nothing like what was promised on the site. It didn’t look like it was written by a native English speaker as written on the site. Also, it didn’t look like the writer has a Ph.D. or Master’s degree. You can find more qualified writers here - The paper was average, but we expected top-notch quality. The standard was low for the price paid for the paper. Also, after ordering, there was no provision to discuss with the writer. It is always better to be able to follow the writer up and ensure that the writing is up to standard. There was no insight into which the writer was assigned the paper as well, so it was disappointing.

Another discovery we made with is the rewriting services they offer. The problem with this is that some students have complained that the rewrites are copies of other sites. They aren’t truly rewrites but copies. Even when students request that the paper is written from scratch, the paper is simply paraphrased from online sources.

The paper we ordered didn't meet the deadline. It was a day late, and this is a problem. Missing a deadline can affect grades, and this goes against what the service promises.
Prices and Payment

Pricing on is quite affordable compared to others in the industry. For a start, students pay $11.87 for each page, which is about 200 plus words. However, this price is solely for high school level assignments. Also, the deadline for submission of the assignment is 20 days. This deadline is too long for any assignment. If you want a shorter deadline for a one-page essay, the price is $17.05 for 7 days. For a 10-day timeframe, high school students are billed $14.65 per page. This means that the cost for five pages is $73.25.

The service is more expensive when the deadline is shorter. For instance, the cost of a one-page essay with a 3-hour deadline is $36.39. The cost increases to $43.60 when the period is just one hour. For college students, the starting price is $17.01 per page, which is pretty expensive for 275 words. Also, this price is for a 20-day deadline. A shorter deadline of ten days costs $18.77 per page, while a one-hour deadline costs $45.56. Master's level price for one page and a 20-day deadline is $24.02. The quotes also progress as the deadlines get shorter. The quality level also costs more as it increases. We didn’t find any discounts on this site. This doesn’t make it affordable for students who want to order several pages at a time.


Many academic writing sites offer guarantees as an incentive to draw in more customers. Do they really live up to the guarantees? PaperNow provides a couple of guarantees, including:
  • Free revisions: this implies that clients who aren’t satisfied with their order can get free reviews. However, this may take more time than necessary.
  • Quicker submissions: the site allows clients to choose shorter deadlines. The most extended deadline is twenty days, while the most concise is one hour. From our experience, there was a one day delay in the paper we order. This means that this guarantee isn’t set in stone.
  • 24/7 support: this assures clients of support around the clock. The site claims to have support members available on chat, mail, and a phone call to respond to clients.
  • 100% unique: the site promises papers that are written from scratch and not simply paraphrased from other web sources. Sadly, most reports from PaperNow reviews have shown that this was not the case. Some papers came with more than 50% plagiarism, and this isn't acceptable at all.
  • Professional writers: on the site’s homepage, you can click on “hire a writer” it leads you to the order page where you can choose a top writer. There is no information about the writers, their ratings, numbers of completed orders, area of expertise, and years of experience. All this information makes it easier to pick the best writer for your project. During this PaperNow review, we could not verify that the writers on the site are professionals. Their experience and credentials are also not verifiable. The paper we received was not of the best quality, and it certainly didn't look like it was written by a native speaker.
  • Secure online payment: the company promises safe online payment, and this wasn't an issue at all. We didn't notice anything fishy when it comes to the privacy and safety of online payment. Also, from reviews online, we didn't find any complaints about payment and privacy issues.
  • Refund: the site guarantees a refund when clients are not satisfied with their work. However, there is a condition that must be met before the refund is approved. The refund must be made within 14 to 30 days of submission. This also depends on the length of the paper. There is some lack of clarity in this regard.

The site claims that there is always someone available to talk to curious customers or customers who need help with their order. The staff members are said to be empathetic to customers and listen to problems to help them solve problems. This was not the case when we tried out the service. We had a totally different experience.

The customer support team actually works around the clock, but it has a long waiting time to get any response from team members. We waited for 12 minutes to get an answer to a question, and this was during the day. Compared to other services, this is definitely below par. We chatted with a support team member who couldn't provide the information we clearly needed. However, the staff was friendly and accommodating.

We also tried to contact the support team in the midnight to check if the response is swift. Sadly, it was not. We got no response from the team on all channels. However, they sent an email later in the morning and offered to help. This clearly means that the support team is not available at all times. However, they are supportive and try to be helpful whenever they answer. Sadly, there is a little they can do when a writer is late with a paper.

Aside from the live chat feature, the site has a Facebook messenger option. This is quite impressive, and it may be a more comfortable option for clients.


  • Good web design: the website is neat and intuitive, and everything is easy to find.
  • Friendly customer support: the customer care support team is friendly and happy to help.


  • Expensive service: the prices are higher than average. With such high rates, clients should be guaranteed excellent service. Sadly, this is not the case. There aren't a lot of benefits, such as a discount that can reduce the cost of repeat customers. This is a major disadvantage.
  • Twin website: this site is tied to many others under a parent company, and this is not a good look.
  • Failure to meet deadlines: there are lots of complaints about missed deadlines.
  • Poor grammar: the papers are definitely not written by native speakers of English, let alone MSc or Ph.D. holders.
  • No proof of professionalism: so far, there is no evidence of the writer’s professionalism on the site. Also, there is no evidence of their experience or expertise.
  • Several fake reviews: we found so many unfounded reviews on the internet.

You must have seen so many positive reviews on PaperNow, but most of them are fake. While the site has some excellent features, their prices are high, and the page count doesn't tally with the general standard of 300 words. The quality of the work leaves much to be desired as well.

We ordered an article to be sure of the service's credibility, and we received an average paper. There were delays with submission, and the paper wasn't 100% unique, as promised. We also could not follow the progress of the paper or talk to the writer. The service is no scam, but you may be better off getting professional services elsewhere.
What is is a writing service that boasts about its ability to write any essay for US students. They offer various academic writing services and the prices are quite high.
Is plagiarism-free?
No, unfortunately, is not free of plagiarism. Even though the website promises to deliver original content to its customers, their papers did not pass our plagiarism scan.
Is a good writing service? did not manage to send us a usable research paper during our tests. Communication was inexistent and the grammar, spelling, and spelling of the writer they assigned us was horrendous.
Is safe?
After digging deeper, we do not consider to be a safe website. It doesn’t appear to be operated by a legit company and does not offer any of the guarantees we’ve been offered by other services.
Is a scam?
Taking into consideration everything we’ve seen so far, it is safe to say that is a scam. The content is plagiarized, the quality is horrendous and the service does not offer any real guarantees.
Is legit?
No, is not a legit essay writing service. Unfortunately, we did not find any kind of proof that would indicate that they can be trusted. Stay away from this website.
Is reliable?
No, we cannot consider a reliable academic writing service in any way. The content is subpar and they did not respond to our emails after we complained about it.
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  1. A scam! I always feared writing services and you have proven me right. The paper delayed by two days! I missed the submission deadline and was penalized. Worse still, the writer did not communicate about the delay. It was the worst experience. I will never work with you again. I do not recommend your services to anyone for whatever reason!

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