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123helpme is a company that claims to help students in writing papers, essays, or even thesis. So, let's emphasize the word ‘help’ because that is what the site actually commits to doing. It helps you in starting your essays, ending your essays, or provides pre-written material to inspire your thesis. Yes, you got it to write. The students who have previously written essays, papers, and thesis have their papers stored in the site’s database, which you can access and go through. You can read them and have assistance in how you should frame your paper. So, if you are looking for ‘actual’ help this site is not for you.

In fact, you have to register and pay some amount to access the pre-written papers. Well, why all this fuss when you can access such papers for free on the internet. They say they also provide tips and tricks for successful essay writing, but well that you can get that anywhere for free. These are just written tips which you have to read once. So why pay for all the stuff? They claim to help you make your essay plagiarism-free. But they aren’t writing your essay nor technically framing one for you, so in the end, you have to be your boss and check your own writings for plagiarism.
Types of services

Let's look at the list of services provided by 123
  • Writing Help
  • Writing Inspiration
  • Essay Topics
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Free Essays
They claim to provide the above services, which technically should be free, but they charge for it. Their writing help basically includes written essays from students. They have a huge database stored, and you can read the essays to find your inspiration. The same goes for the next service that is writing inspiration service.
As they have a vast database, they have many essay topics so that you could choose the one to read according to your field and choice. The tips and tricks they have jotted down are the ones they have gathered and put together from various writers. The free essays are a tricky part; they let you click on those and show you some portion of the essay, but then to read the full essay, you have to sign in or become a member. The service free essay is not actually completely free. You end up sharing your details when you could get the same information for free.


There is hardly anything to write about quality on the site as there is nothing unique about it. It says it helps you write as easy as 123help, but the truth is it doesn't. It just gives you essays of the same genre for you to read and understand, and you have to do all the writing on your own. We are sure this helpme123 is just like the college library help, wherein you can read a thousand books, but have to write and strive through the papers on your own.
Now coming back to quality, of course, the papers they give to read are truly a hundred percent unique and given access by the writers. You can read some excellent quality work done by the previous students of the same field as yours. But that defines the quality of the essays and their work and not the site. Students will not learn any qualitative writing just by having access to others' writing.
Thus, on a quality basis, this site is duping saying it helps write qualitative essays. As students, you have to do all the hard work on your own. There are no experienced writers present on board who are going to help you in a satisfactory way.
Prices and Payment

This is the game-changer of the site. Not in a good way, though. 123helpme reviews claim that people have been charged anywhere between $14 to $20 to get plagiarism and grammar checked. This is such a high fee for paying for some small checks done. You also can make sure and compare prices with Mypaperwriter service, for instance. They claimed to help you, but hardly any significant editing is done, and they charge money just for checking that, which was, by all means, a very high price. Helpme 123 asks you for all your details and binds you in paid subscriptions for even the free things.
They accept payments in all forms of debit and credit forms, even international. 123 claims to have a free registration, but it is not. As it asks for your bank details to be stored and lets you access the data only after that. Also, if your amount gets deducted for some weird reasons, then be prepared for the stress, as there are people who are still filing cases but have not received any refund.
Students should be more than assured when they give their personal and bank details to any site. There are many writing sites which claim to be legit but are not.


This is another area where 123helpme com review helped to track the correct information. This site disclaims that the information it provides on its website is solely the work of the user. It has just posted the information for others to read. If the information is copied by the user in any form, then the site is not responsible for the original writer. Well, it does say you should not copy the articles, but it does not provide any copyright tools or watermarks to avoid such circumstances.
The other thing which does not guarantee is that you will find help on their site. You did spend on their membership but could also end up paying on other sites for actually getting help to write your essays. So, there is no guarantee that when you pay, you will end up feeling satisfied with your essay or papers. Because there is no proper writer help available on this site. www 123 helpme com claims to help you, but there is no guarantee at all that you will find all the help you need.

123 reviews are filled with complaints about customer care. As said earlier, once you enter your bank details, and the amount gets deducted, the customer care is of least help. Their initial automated mails and calls will be as polite and intriguing as possible. But it will just be a matter of time before they forget you. You will be so tired of following up that you will finally go to google and search if 123 helpme, legit? Only to find out that they are not.
Initially, when you register, they will welcome you on board and give you free perks to make you feel the best. But it's just a matter of time when even a single wrong click will cost you money and nobody would be there to answer your queries. You will be doing rounds of 123 essay, but they will be just the opposite of what their name claims- that is no help at all.
We are sure that your messages will flood their inbox, but you will not get a single relevant reply. So, if you have registered on this site, get ready for a warm welcome but not helpful support if you have any queries or questions.


The only positive of this site is that you find all the data of your use under one roof. The data is alphabetically arranged, and you can easily find what you are looking for. There are endless topics, and you can read very well, researched topics, and gain ideas for your topic. 123essay is safe in such a way that the people who have posted their work have willingly accepted to post their work, and their work was not taken or posted without consent. So, the question is 123 helpme safe? so yes, it is!


The major con of the site is that it is totally misleading. An ideal writing paper site claiming to help will have writers on board either to write or help in writing the essay. But 123 helpme claims to help just by providing sample essays. You can’t write a beautiful essay just by reading another one. You need out of the box thinking and experienced help at hand. The next major setback is 123helpme free claims. A site that keeps bank details at hand cannot claim to be free, and it is highly misleading. Even the free essay sections have nothing free in them.
The customer support, as discussed earlier, is another major setback. If you have a query of how to cancel 123helpme they will have no answers because they don’t want you to leave as you are paying for nothing, but they are getting their profits made. Also, 123helpme essay review system is not at all worth the money you pay. You can get your essay checked and reviewed at a much lesser price and a really better quality on other websites. Even after availing of their services, you will not have the amount of satisfaction that you were expecting.

123 helpme, as the verdict says, is not at all a helpful site. Students will feel duped and cheated and gain no help whatsoever for their essay or thesis. 123helpme service is of the least use that can be to the students to secure a good grade. This site also redirects you to other sister sites, and then you have to pay again to avail their ‘additional’ services. By studying and going through all the 123 reviews, it is suggested that students look for better options and for the ones that will be really helpful.
But before making and selecting any other choice, students should be completely sure of the site being helpful and not misleading. If they are paying for something, they should get the desired results in return. Even if you have to check or read out others’ work, there is plenty of free stuff available to get an idea or glimpse of the work done.
So, surveying and reading all the user reviews intently, one can comfortably give the verdict that 123 is not a site worth enough asking for the paper related help, and not at all worth of paying hard-earned money.
What is is a website that offers various writing tools, as well as an essay writing service. It’s a pretty basic website, so don’t expect much in terms of functionality.
Is plagiarism-free?
Around 20 percent of the research paper we got from was plagiarized. They did try to hide it by rewording some sentences and shuffling paragraphs around.
Is a good writing service?
We don’t think so. The content that was not plagiarized was relatively poorly written. This indicated to us that the writing service does not employ ENL writers and does not have any editors.
Is safe?
The website appears to be safe, but working with is not safe because of the plagiarism. You risk getting your paper rejected if you don’t eliminate the duplicated content yourself.
Is a scam?
We won’t go as far as saying that is a scam. They just don’t care about the students they are supposedly trying to help. Plagiarism can never have an excuse.
Is legit?
It depends on what you consider legit to be. did send us a paper, but it was poorly written and contained plagiarism. They refused to offer us a full refund.
Is reliable? is unreliable because they managed to miss the deadline by almost 24 hours. This delay can be very dangerous, especially if the student is on a tight deadline.
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  1. The experience of interacting with this service turned out to be negative for me. In addition to the fact that I received the ordered essay a week later than the agreed time (fortunately, I ordered well in advance of the deadline), contacting the support service turned out to be another challenge. The essay was average, it was accepted, but it cannot be called excellent work. For a fairly large sum, this company provides low-quality services. Do not recommend it.

  2. 123helpme have messed my academic and athletics careers! They promised to help with coursework and assignments only to miss every thinkable deadline! I have had to work late into the night instead of preparing for my next game! They should have said that you cannot manage! Useless scammers!

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