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The online writing service industry is huge, lucrative, and highly competitive. And as with every other industry, it is filled with both authentic and scam writing services.

To know how reliable a service is, you first check what past service users say about them. Customer reviews go a long way in building or breaking a business. They give more insight to a potential customer. That’s why in this article, we’ll be giving an unbiased SpeedyPaper review. .

In this SpeedyPaper review, we’ll be covering the writing service under several headings such as About, Types of services, Quality, Prices and Payment, Guarantees, Customer Support, Pros, Cons, and Verdict.

This SpeedyPaper review covers all the important aspects of any writing service. Delve into our Speedy Paper review and see whether this writing service is worth your money! Don’t place an order until you’re done reading this article!

Despite being a newbie in the academic writing industry, has gathered a lot of positive buzz on the internet. But for what exactly? Well, we’ll tell you all about it soon. is an academic online writing service that emerged 5 years ago. They are known for their aggressive marketing campaigns that are always in your face. Maybe that’s the reason they became an outstanding writing service in such a short time.

The SpeedyPaper website doesn’t seem to give away a lot of information. It is user-friendly and goes straight to the point on why you should choose them. They even offer to call you to help clear up any doubts you might have about working with them. Again, aggressive marketing! We can conclude from the online reputation alone that SpeedyPaper is a legitimate online writing service and not a scam. A domain search authenticates this fact. .

From the SpeedyPaper website, we can see that they write for high school students and undergraduates. We admire the fact that they carefully defined their target market, unlike other jack-of-all-trade writing services.

Their mission, as they claim, is to make your education a fun experience. Of course, it sounds like something a child would want to hear.
Types of services

We will first consider in this SpeedyPaper review the types of services this writing service offers. The services they offer include:
  1. Essay Writing
  2. Assignment Writing
  3. Grading and Marking
  4. Dissertation Writing
  5. Editing/Proofreading
  6. Resume Writing
  7. Problem Solving
  8. Paraphrasing and Rewriting

Quality reviews online seem to be pleased with the quality of the paper they get. For instance, they have a 4.36/5 rating on but going through these SpeedyPaper reviews, we can see that some people have a lot of complaints about their papers. The SpeedyPaper representative seemed to have answers to them all. Which is quite a remarkable customer service effort on their side.

Although some of these Speedy Paper reviews are not targeted at their paper quality, we can not give them a 100% mark on the quality of their papers. But we can agree that they deliver papers that are above average.

This writing company prides in their fast delivery. But one may expect that they may sometimes have to compromise on the quality of the articles (which they often did). So, it’s almost always as if you have to choose between speed and quality.
Prices and Payment

The service does not make use of a bidding system like other online writing services. They have a comprehensive price list on their website. This provides a balanced system that is less frustrating for students. It also prevents the writers from overcharging the customers.

They offer quite an affordable rate for their papers. Their papers are priced according to the deadlines and the customer’s academic level. The prices also vary according to the service you are looking to purchase.

For example, To write a paper with a 20-day deadline for a high schooler is priced at $9, while the same paper for an undergraduate is priced at $11. How’s the deadline reduces the price increases with the quickest delivery at a 6-hour deadline with the price for a high schooler at $26 and $32 for an undergraduate.

There are a few exceptions to this price list. For example, assignments that require the special software appraised from $250 and above, depending on the complexity of the assignment.

Concerning the payments methods, they accept credit/debit card payments(Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, etc.) and Bitcoin. For the discount lovers, they have a referral service that gives a 10% SpeedyPaper discount for referring.


Let’s proceed with our SpeedyPaper review by considering the guarantees that this writing service gives its customers.
  • Revision Policy
They have a revision policy that states that you can ask for three free revisions 7 days after getting your final paper. You also have the option of requesting a different Speedy Paper writer if you’re not satisfied with the job that your current writer has done for you. . If you’re using this service, you’re most likely concerned about the speed. But, if they compromise on the quality and give you average papers, then there’s almost nothing you can do about that.

If you misuse this revision policy, they have the right to revoke and prevent you from getting any free revisions. We learned about this through a Speedy Paper review on that said she was denied a revision. The Speedy Paper representative stated that she abused this privilege, which was why it was revoked.
  •  Refund policy
Unfortunately, this is a writing service that DOES NOT HAVE A REFUND POLICY. After careful examination of the issue, they can decide whether a customer deserves a partial refund, full refund, or no refund at all.

Several SpeedyPaper reviews have claimed that they have not gotten any refunds.

An important feature that people seem to credit Speedy for is their customer support features. They have an email address, telephone number, request a call back as early stated, and an app where you can place and track your orders.

You can even contact them via social media platforms, and they will respond. This variety of communication alternatives gives them an advantage over other academic writing services.

A Speedy Paper review praises this company on its ability to respond to messages within minutes. However, the fastest way to reach them would be to dial the toll-free number or request a callback.


There are some benefits of working with this academic writing service. Some of these benefits include:
  • Low and affordable prices
  • Discounts
  • Great customer support
  • User-friendly method
  • They produce high-quality papers


Believe it or not, that doesn’t seem to be a lot of disadvantages to working with this writing service. Every good thing must balance itself out with some bad things. Hence, the cons of working with this writing service include:
  • A lot of spam emails
  • Few Speedy Paper reviews claim that writers do not pay attention to instructions
  • They have a no refund policy
  • Average quality paper

From our observations, we can see that this online writing service is decent. We have also been able to establish the fact that Speedy is not a scam. However, they can make a few adjustments to make the service better as there are many things to be desired.

Some clients have a few issues with the quality of their papers. And what does a poor or average quality paper get you? Average grades! We wouldn’t pay money to get an average grade – well, we don’t know about you.

Another downside of this writing service is that they do not allow direct communication with the writer. You need to constantly communicate what you would like your paper to look like to your writer. Allowing the customers to communicate directly with their writers would foster better customer satisfaction. And yes, some customers have complained that they didn’t get what they asked for.

Now, do we recommend this service to our readers? We can recommend this service if you require speedy delivery (though they sometimes even fail to deliver on time). If they can make a few necessary changes to their services, they can do better.

But if you need to know other writing services that can help you better, check out these best research paper writing services. We have 100% trust in this service, that is why we have recommended it to you.
What is Speedy Paper?
Speedy Paper is an online academic writing service that provides customized papers to its clients at affordable prices. They have a good online reputation for delivering high-quality papers to customers before their deadlines.
Is Speedy Paper plagiarism-free?
Speedy guarantees 100% customized paper that is plagiarism-free. There are little to no reviews that complain about plagiarism. So you can expect custom papers when you place an order with this writing service.
Is Speedy Paper good writing service?
Speedy claims to have produced over 1,000 customized papers for its numerous clients. Their online reputation is quite positive as several Speedy Paper reviews seem to be pleased with them.
Is Speedy safe?
Yes, it is. Speedy respects the privacy of its users. They assert that they do not give out the private information of their users to third parties. All financial transactions are carried out from secure platforms, and this website is not a safety threat.
Is Speedy Paper scam?
Speedy is an online writing service that is protected and insured by DMCA. There is no reason for us to believe that it is a scam. The SpeedyPaper reviews online validate this response.
Is Speedy Paper legit?
Yes, it is. This writing service has been in existence for about 5 years and is still currently running. It is still catering to the needs of its numerous customers daily. So we can agree that it is an authentic academic writing service and not a scam.
Is Speedy Paper reliable?
From online Speedy Paper reviews, we have confirmed that it is indeed a reliable writing service. They are known for their fast delivery of the paper to order from them. So you are sure that you will be getting your paper before your deadline.
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