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In education, assignments are a critical part of the learning process. It’s used as part of continuous assessment. Professors also use it to gauge students’ level of understanding of several courses. 

Students have to do their assignments, regardless of their cumbersomeness and a short deadline. However, instead of neglecting these assignments, most students have learned to take the burdens off their shoulders by hiring custom paper experts. 

Unfortunately, not every custom essay service out there is genuine. Some promise to deliver quality papers but end up wasting paper buyers’ precious time.  With that in mind, our team decided to embark on a journey to provide unbiased paper writing service reviews.  In this 99Papers review, you’ll learn about all there is to know to make an informed decision.   On this 99Papers review, the first area we focused on was the history of this paper service. What year did 99Papers start? 

Unfortunately, we were disappointed. This paper writing service didn’t state the date it started operating. It’s unbelievable. No reasonable custom writing service would hide such crucial information from buyers.

As if that was not enough, we discovered that 99Papers claims that it has been in the custom-writing business for over a decade. 

Again, we didn’t know when they started operating, so we couldn’t confirm this to be genuine. Our 99Papers review team’s conclusion was to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

From our discovery, 99Papers is a custom paper service. According to them, they boast writers who are “fluent in English.” They stated that having fluent English speakers is one trick that places them above other paper writing services. They didn’t specify if the writers are native speakers. They only tagged them as “fluent English writers.” They didn’t say the writers are expert level English writers, either. 

99Papers also stated on its website that their writers include people that know how college works. On the contrary, knowing how college works won’t translate into success. It doesn’t make possible premium quality papers. 

The things that counts are the specialty, experience, and qualifications the writers have. Any custom paper service that wants to excel needs to have the quality of the writers mentioned above. The writers have to be intelligent and have a keen eye for detail. Not writers that have only college experience, which we believe are the caliber of writers 99Papers have. 

This paper writing service also claims to have over 15,000 clients already. Unfortunately, we have no way of verifying this claim. But we know that a writing service that delivers premium quality papers is an asset. Students will prefer to buy their papers there. 

The one thing we admired about is their website’s quality. The website looks professional, and it’s super easy to navigate.
Types of services

Our next focus on this review was the type of services. Here’s what we discovered. claims to offer a wide range of academic services. These include term papers, essays, coursework, research papers, and dissertation writing services. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t find proofreading and editing among the list of services. It was glaring that they don’t have such professionals. 

So the unlimited revision written on their website is just a way of luring paper buyers. The absence of professional proofreaders and editors means that students searching for such services have to look elsewhere. 

But it would have been far better if students can access all academic services in one place. On this note, we were disappointed with, a writing service that claims to have been in existence for over a decade.


On this 99 Papers review, another critical area we focused on was paper quality. Can 99Papers provide A-grade academic papers? This was what we were interested in finding out. 

First, we checked five samples, which were a bit encouraging quality-wise, though they weren’t premium quality. 

The next thing we did was to order three papers on various topics. We paid for each paper and didn’t disclose our intent to the writers.

To our greatest surprise, the papers were laden with errors. They were so poorly written that we might have to spend a similar amount to get a professional proofreader to work on the papers. The errors and lack of depth were spotted on all three papers.

  It was obvious from the papers’ quality that native speakers didn’t write those papers. They had too many obvious grammar mistakes. 

From our experience, it was obvious that 99Papers aren’t reliable in terms of quality. If you’re seeking an A-grade academic paper, you have to look elsewhere. But if you want to meet a tight deadline and don’t care about your paper’s quality, feel free to use this writing service.

Our papers arrived before the deadline. The only major complaint is the quality, which for us, is the ultimate thing.
Prices and Payment

On many 99Papers reviews, buyers hardly mentioned prices 99Papers charges. But we understand that this 99Papers review won’t be complete without doing so. 

99Papers clearly stated on its website that the price per page is $9.95. Now, we wouldn’t have had a problem paying this amount if the quality was good. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. We expected the price to be much lower. Charging a premium when you can only offer poor quality papers is a rip-off.

The next area we focused on during this review is the payment option. We used paid MasterCard for payment of all three papers. 

We also discovered that 99Papers offer other payment options, such as Discover, Visa, PayPal, American Express, and MasterCard. 


The guarantee is another area in this review that surprised us. 

We interacted with the support agents individually and read their ‘money back guarantee’ policy thoroughly. We discovered that we had a good reason to request a refund. 

When we requested a refund, we were asked to pick another writer. But we insisted and told them the project was already late, a condition their policy states would warrant an immediate refund. Unfortunately, we never received a dime. They kept asking us to choose another writer.

From our experience, we can boldly conclude that is a rip-off. They also do not abide by their money-back policy.

During this review, we had to interact with the support agents on various occasions, and here’s what we discovered. 

The customer support agents at are quite friendly. But what we didn’t like was the fact that they couldn’t do anything regarding our refund. 

Response time is also an issue, as it took longer than expected for the agents to respond to us when contacted. 


  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Friendly customer service agents.
  • Professional-looking website.


  • Poor quality writers.
  • Papers lack depth.
  • No professional proofreaders and editors.
  • Price isn’t a reflection of quality.

After going through other 99Papers reviews and doing concrete research, we can conclude that 99Papers is not a reliable writing service. 

The quality of the papers we got from this paper writing service was below par. The paper was very disappointing. If you’re seeking premium quality papers, isn’t for you. 
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By Mark

Hi there! I am Mark. As being a part of RankMyService team my job is to provide you with qualified reviews of different writing services. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and only a few of them are certainly the ones you are looking for! My experience as editor gave me a great ability to inspect and catch all the tiny errors and oversights and this is my weapon against wrong grammar, misspelling, logical issues, etc. Every paper should be written in a proper way! So just keep calm and let me find out whether it is a great writing service or you should pick another one.

  1. Situations are different and so I needed to use the writing service. I had never used them before. And I can’t say that I liked the first experience, the quick one was not good. The research did not meet my requests at all.

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