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99papers is a well-known academic writing service but does not make the top research paper writing services list. This brand is said to have been in the industry for quite a while. However, we could not lay our hands on first-hand information about its owner and management.

99papers is reputable for having a long list of services rendered to students. They offer writing services such as essay writing, research paper, term paper, and dissertation writing. Interestingly, this brand offers solutions to assignments such as mathematics, statistics, and accounting problems.

Editing and proofreading of articles and write-up are available to students and non-students likewise. Non-academic writing services are also available on 99papers. Speakers can request speech and presentation writing on the platform. Powerpoint presentation service is also available. It is safe to say 99papers have got all you need in writing.

99papers also boast of professional writers in different fields. The brand claims their writers are university graduates who are either master's or Ph.D. graduates. We couldn't get proof of this claim, though. Nonetheless, we discovered that most online 99papers reviews are sponsored. Hence, you must be careful not to trust every 99papers review you find.

99papers is known for aggressive marketing. There is a 99papers review almost everywhere. As such, we saw the need to carry out our evaluation of the service. This 99papers review considers essential factors such as available services, quality of service, price, guarantee, and customer support.
Types of services

99papers has a long array of services. There is practically a service for everyone on the website. Both students and people outside of school can order services on the website. Available services on 99papers are;
  • Essay writing
The essay writing service is available for all kinds of students on 99papers. High School students, college students, and university students can order essays of all kinds.
  • Research paper writing
You can find a writer on 99papers to write your research paper. There are writers in different academic fields capable of writing research papers.
  • Term paper writing
College students can have their term paper written on 99papers. You can save yourself the stress of combining many assignments.
  • Dissertation and Thesis writing
Undergraduate students in different courses can order a thesis paper on 99papers. Dissertation writing for Ph.D. students is equally accessible on the platform.
  • Mathematics/Statistics/Accounting problem
Mathematics, statistics, and accounting assignments can pose a significant threat to weak students. There is no cause for alarm as you can get your problems solved by writers on 99papers. It is a service unique to this brand and few others.
  • Editing, proofreading, and formatting service
Editing of already written write-ups is available on 99papers. Other services such as proofreading and proper formatting of papers are also available.
  • Quiz creation
99papers offer quiz creation services.  Writers on the platform can help you compile questions for online quizzes and other types of quizzes.
  • Speech and presentation writing
Speakers can have a writer write their speeches and presentation for special occasions on You only need to give the writer the highlights and necessary information about the event.


We must make mention of the quality of service in this 99papers review. This aspect is possibly the most important of the review. It is what everyone wants to know, including our readers.

The truth about 99papers is that the brand offers a good service. The writers are efficient and could write everything you need. The contents are simply great and on point. Nevertheless, there are typographical errors and a few that could be regarded as spelling errors.

Checking through the assignments ordered on 99papers, it is difficult to pick a fault by a non-professional. However, we can detect some irregularities about the brand. The papers are not 100% perfect but at least satisfactory. You may need to spend extra time editing the paper on your own.

The assignment from 99papers passes the plagiarism test. The writers are meticulous in developing unique content. That is no doubt worthy of commendation. Likewise, formatting is not an issue from the work we got from the platform.

Interestingly, there are a lot of positive reviews about this brand. It spurred us to carry out extensive research on students' 99papers reviews. We discovered that few students had issues with assignments and requested review before getting a good paper.
Prices and Payment

This review also takes into consideration the price and payment options on the platform. No doubt, 99papers feature one of the lowest prices you can find in the industry. High school students can order a page of essays for $9 on the platform. This price is the minimum cost of service you can find on the platform.

Discounts are also available for customers. Nonetheless, the discounts are not made public and are easily accessible to customers. You only request from the support agent to know about the discount. You can claim the discount with the code given by the support agent. However, specific terms and conditions are applied to the discount offer.

The order page is more cumbersome and unkempt. The brand can do better by removing unnecessary sections on the page. You can proceed to the payment page from the order page. You can make payment via the card payment option or the e-wallet payment option.


These 99papers reviews must also consider the guarantee at stake for users. This aspect gives you an idea of what to expect when you order from the page. 99papers no doubt offer a good service.

You are assured of receiving a paper with the right content and relevant ideas. However, you cannot rule out the possibility of finding errors in your paper.

There is a guarantee of less plagiarised content on 99papers. The writers are doing an excellent job in maintaining a low rate of plagiarism. Nevertheless, 99papers has more acclaim than what they do in their online reviews.

The brand also features an excellent refund policy. You can request a refund if the overall quality of the paper is terrible. However, you must be ready to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to receive a refund. You can only receive a 70% refund for a low-quality job. 100% refund is only given when they could not assign your paper to a writer.

This 99papers review also takes into consideration the customer's support of the brand. The reason is that customer support is vital for a good experience on a platform. You can judge customer support of 99papers as average and fair.

It was a bit difficult to get a response from the support agent. However, the agent was polite and friendly when we got to speak with him. He gave us adequate information about the refund policy, which has been hidden from the main page.


  • Timely delivery
  • Affordable cost of service


  • Poor quality writers.
  • Papers lack depth.
  • No professional proofreaders and editors.
  • Sponsored reviews and overzealous advertisements

After much evaluation, we have exhibited this 99papers review. We must make our stand regarding the service known. It is to set our readers right in choosing a writing service, notwithstanding other reviews.

99papers has a long list of services that a student can offer. Non-academician can also find some services on the platform. Nonetheless, a long list of services does not equate to excellence. More is expected not of the brand in terms of quality offered.

No doubt, 99papers offers a good service. The writers are good and with a good sense of professionalism. However, they could always do more. They must be meticulous in ensuring the assignments are free from simple errors. The brand can do better by making the refund policy public.

In conclusion, we do not recommend 99papers to our readers so you can avoid simple errors in your assignment. Regardless of how relevant a paper is, typographical and spelling errors are a deterrent to good grades.
What is
99papers is an academic writing website with very little information about its ownership. The service offers multiple writing types to students of various levels and non-students who need quizzes, proofreading, editing, speeches, etc. They offer a variety of services to numerous customers.
Is plagiarism-free?
When it comes to providing plagiarism-free content, has non-careful contributors and we cannot guarantee the uniqueness of the articles delivered to you.
Is 99papers a good writing service?
99papers isn’t a good writing service. Their content has grammatical and spelling errors, which already signifies unprofessionalism. Furthermore, although their write-ups are ok, they leave a lot to be questioned when reviewed by an expert.
Is safe?
The service is safe only when you are prepared to review the content they provide you with. Otherwise, there’s no guarantee that the jobs will meet your standards for grammar and typography. And they will only give back 70% of your funds after you’ve proved that their work was of poor quality.
Is a scam?
99papaers only provides vague information about their refund policy, that is, unless you contact their customer service. And this isn’t exactly an easy task. However, if you manage to get across to their customer service, you at least get friendly and somewhat transparent service as a consolation prize.
Is 99papers legit?
The 99papers site is legit because it does provide writing services. However, these services can best be described as essential and unprofessional. Their legitimacy can also be brought to question because they have fake reviews and doctored ads.
Is 99papers reliable?
99papers isn’t a bad service when considering basic writing work. But, when patronizing them, it is advisable to read through the content they provide. 99papers is a legit site, but the fact that they do not provide legitimate reviews brings their reliability to question.
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