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Most students do not have the luxury of time to do all the homework assigned to them. And that's why they do consider outsourcing their essays to credible online writing services. However, it will not be a good idea to blindly outsource imperative assignments to some random online writing service.

To know how credible an online writing service is, you have to review what past users say about them. This is why in this article, we will be sharing our unbiased review of FastEssay. In this review, we will cover important aspects, such as About; Types of service; Quality; Prices and Payment; Guarantees; Customer support; Pros; Cons; and Verdict.

This FastEssay review will cover all the mandatory aspects of any writing service. Let's check through this review to see if this writing service is worth your time! is one of the many online essay writing services that claim to offer the best academic assistance to students at an affordable price. But is this true? And are they legit? Well, let's keep reading to see. has a very good online rating of 4.92 stars from 44 reviews; this points out the fact that most customers are satisfied with their purchases. But can this review be trusted? Most of the reviews online seem pretty satisfactory, which shows that their customers are satisfied with their service. However, there are some disturbing bad reviews we see about them online, and most of their customers emphasize that mostly. We will get to that as you read further.

The FastEssay website appears user-friendly. They also create a medium for direct communication with your writers, which not many services can offer. They are also client reviews regarding the writers that handled their project. At least this is enough transparency.
Types of services

In this review, one of the things to consider is the services they offer. From the website we can see various lists of academic services that they offer to students. Some of which include:
  1. College essay service
  2. Assignment writing assistance
  3. Essay writing service
  4. Custom Writing
  5. Nursing essay help
  6. Dissertation writing
  7. Coursework writing
  8. Law essays
  9. Research proposal writing


Judging the quality of FastEssay with just a single review is not helpful, and this is why we searched for several reviews. FastEssay seems to produce fairly good papers. However, there are complaints from some clients about getting very poor scores on their papers. This could mean that the quality of papers from this writing service is mostly a hit-and-miss thing. So, while you may get a good paper today, you may not be as lucky tomorrow.

They allow for effective communication directly between clients and writers. This enhances better rapport and collaboration between clients and their writers. The writers seem to be professionals as there are only a few complaints about plagiarized content. But the poor score complaints seem consistent. And then it took them quite some effort to reach the writers.

So, whenever you place an order on this website, make sure to pick writers with solid history in order to be on the safe side. However, this could be a lot of work as you may have to scroll through many writers to find one that’s perfect for you.
Prices and Payment

Now, let's examine this FastEssay review based on pricing. There is no specific price for the service offered. This writing system makes use of the bidding system. This requires you to create a user account and then post your project with your budget and then have FastEssay professional writers bid for it.

Their average price for a single page of three-day duration is $16. If you need your delivery in 2 hours, which is the earliest you can get them, it will cost you $31 per page.You may be able to bargain for a different price depending on your project type and the writer. Since they know that students love affordable options, they made provision for some discounts.

Regarding payment, a customer is expected to pay the total amount charged for the assignment into their FastEssay wallet before any work is done. When the job is done, the customer will then make release of the money in exchange for the project.

The payments are made into Fast Essay wallets by bank transfers or debit/credit card payment methods (MasterCard/Visa).


The FastEssay writing service has many guarantees. Some of these guarantees are aligned to serve the interests of the customers, while some serve the interests of the company. The guarantees include:
  • Refund Policy
Unlike some other writing services, has an existing refund policy. This means that after payment is made, you can still request a refund. This will be given to you in regards to the situation. It might be partial or full payment, depending on how far they have gone with the project. However, each refund case is reviewed separately by their team.
  • Confidentiality Policy
FastEssay reviews assert that they take the confidentiality of their clients seriously. They advise that you do not share sensitive personal contact with your writer.
  • Plagiarism-Free Paper Guarantee
Just like every other online writing service, they assure you of providing 100% custom papers. But you can’t really depend on this as there are a few customers who have complained that the papers were plagiarized.
Customer customer support uses the email address system. This website claims to be accessible at all times. However, there are many complaints about their customer support being really slow to answer questions or offer support. So, if you send an email to them, it might take a few hours to get any reply from them, if you do get any at all. If you're in a hurry, you might want to avoid turning to their customer support for help.


From the reviews online, we can see that nothing really makes this writing service special. The pros of working with this company include:
  • Pocket-friendly prices.
  • You get to have a personal rapport with your writer.
  • You get to pick your choice of writer.


Here are some cons that working with this writing service agrees to. This includes:
  • Poor graded papers.
  • Under qualified writers.
  • Poor customer support.

Now, for a final verdict on the writing service. We would like to establish the concept that is a legit writing service and it should not be seen as a scam agency. Their website is user-friendly, but the quality of their service is average at best.

One thing that is remarkable is that they do offer the option for fast delivery, so you can get a paper done for you in as little as two hours! However, there are a few complaints about express assignments being poorly done. Why would you guarantee students that you can deliver high-quality papers in 2 hours if you can't?

This writing service seems to be a bit pricey. Paying $16 per page for a 2-day delivery time doesn't seem like a good deal. There are other top-rated writing services with better deals. What's perhaps more disturbing is that you will have to pay high amounts to get your paper delivered quickly. But even after you pay and the paper is delivered, you can't be sure that you'll get a good grade on it.

It's rather disturbing that you cannot get live support from their customer service. In this age and time where companies have upgraded their customer support departments, it's sad to see that FastEssay is still in the stone age.

Of course, there are tons of writing services with better total packages than FastEssay. Here are some of the top writing services that you may want to look into!
What is FastEssay?
FastEssay is an online writing website that claims to offer high-quality academic writing services.
Is reliable? promises plagiarism-free papers but it is not dependable as there have been complaints of plagiarized papers. Since you can’t depend on the certainty of a plagiarism-free paper, it’s best to write your papers yourself if you have the time.
Is legit? produces not good papers. Some clients have expressed their dissatisfaction with the grades they received on their assignments. This shows that the quality of papers produced by this writing service is a matter of chance rather than a consistent one.
Is scam? is a legitimate writing service and should not be viewed as a scam organization. Although their website is easy to navigate, the company's customer service is at most mediocre.
Is safe?
It’s best not to share any confidential information with any of the writers. Also, look out for writers with a good track record.
Is a good writing service?
FastEssay is not a bad academic writing service. However, they may sacrifice quality for speed, especially when you need to get your paper done very quickly.
Is plagiarism free?
Overall, FastEssay is an average writing service. The customer service is poor and you are not certain of a good paper after payment. The websites have expert writers but you have to do a lot of searching to find them.
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