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The online writing service industry is a very large one. This lucrative and highly competitive market is saturated with both authentic and scam writing services.

To know how reliable a service is, you first have to check what past service users say about them. That’s why in this article, we’ll be sharing our unbiased review about In this edusson review, we’ll be covering the writing service under several headings such as About, Types of services, Quality, Prices and Payment, Guarantees, Customer Support, Pros, Cons, and Verdict.

This edusson review covers all the important aspects of any writing service. Delve into our edusson review and see whether this writing service is worth your money! Don’t place an order until you’re done reading this article! is a relatively new writing service when compared to the others. A domain search affirms that this website was registered in 2014 in Bulgaria. However, the Edusson writing service began in 2016. So this, to a large extent, makes us believe that this website is authentic.

This writing service has a 3.15/5 rating on review sites like With only 94 reviews. This means that this writing service is average. It needs more marketing to bring awareness to them because obviously, they are not popular among students.

The website looks professional. But one thing that draws our attention is a “Don’t Buy Accounts” sign on the website. We thought it was a warning to customers, so we clicked it. Apparently, this sign is warning potential writers not to buy Edusson writers’ accounts from old writers or anyone at all. This seems like a big issue to them because they have a whole page dedicated to this warning. They make people understand that such accounts will be banned. We think that this is to ensure that they hire and maintain highly experienced writers on their team. This is a very good move if you ask us because bad writers will quickly crash the company.

Another thing that we see is that their writers are tried and tested before they can join their team and part of the requirements is a college degree. Also, customers give public reviews on the writers they worked with. This is to help other customers in their decision-making process.
Types of services

We shall proceed in our edusson reviews by discussing the types of services they offer. Edusson offers several writing services -both academic and non-academic writing. The academic writing services include:
  1. Essay Writing
  2. Dissertation Writing
  3. Thesis Writing
  4. Research Paper Writing
  5. Assignment Writing
  6. Book Report Writing
  7. Coursework Writing
  8. Lab Report Writing
  9. Homework Writing
  10. Literature Reviews
The non-academic services include:
  1. Personal Statements
  2. Speech Writing
  3. Capstone Writing
  4. Case studies
  5. Movie Review Writing
  6. Article Writing


From the few online reviews that we could find, we were able to see that the quality of their papers is not exceptional as they can only handle easy papers. This particular review from a Ph.D. student claimed to have ordered 4 papers from them and flunked them all.

We believe this review because the minimum requirement to become an Edusson writer is a Bachelor’s degree. So there is a possibility that a Bachelor’s degree holder wrote that paper for him. You can’t possibly expect a Bachelor’s degree holder to understand the complexities of a Ph.D. report.

There are also other Edusson reviews that state that the writers are not English languages natives. There is also a possibility that these reviews are honest because there are pictures to prove their claims.

Edusson reviews also claim that their papers were of top quality and are satisfied with them. One Edusson review writer even claimed to have gotten an A on the paper he submitted.

So, considering all these reviews, we can say that their “average” online status is befitting to them. If you have more complex papers, we advise that you take them elsewhere.
Prices and Payment

Now, let’s explore edusson reviews based on their pricing. Once again, this website makes use of the bidding system. There is no standard pricing on the papers. You simply post your project with a budget and have the writers bid for it. But of course, you should know that higher budgets attract more bids. So you should start receiving bids from about $10 depending on your project and deadline.

All payments are made into your account on the website and when you approve of the job done for you. The Edusson team would release the money to the writer.

You can make payments into your account via credit/debit card methods. Please note that you have to pay a service fee before posting your project and receiving bids. The reason for this is not specified.

Guarantees has a few guarantees, but they are not different from the other online writing services. Their guarantees are not easy to find on their website as they are more focused on getting new orders and new writers. So we had to read through their terms and conditions to find them. Their guarantees include:
  • Revision policy
Their revision policy states that you can only ask for revisions 3 days after you have received your order. After those 3 days, your offer has expired. This revision policy comes with more conditions. Your revision request must be in accordance with the topic you asked for; otherwise, it would be ignored.
  • Refund policy
The refund policy is quite a tricky one. Simply put, you can never get a full refund. If you are not satisfied with the job that was done for you, they can either reassign you to a different writer or give you a 70% refund. Once again, you have to place the order for a refund within 3 days or lose the whole thing. If you have released payments to the writer, this automatically denies you access to a refund or a revision. This sounds like a rip-off, so be careful.

Once you open the website, you are greeted by a live-chat pop-up. This live chat feature is very good when it actually works. Some edusson reviews complain about the amount of time it takes to get a response from them.

There is also an email address and a phone number on the website where you can reach them. These are pretty impressive customer support systems. Another interesting feature is that they have an app where you can track your orders.

These measures are good, but it would be better to shorten their response time and make them more effective. Their 24/7 availability guarantee is simply a marketing strategy because there are complaints that sometimes it’s impossible to reach them.


There are a few benefits of working with Some of the Pros include:
  • Multiple choice of customer support methods
  • Affordable Prices


The cons of this service include:
  • Frustrating and tricky bidding system
  • The quality of the paper varies depending on the writer.

Our final verdict on this website is that its inconsistencies in paper quality and tricky refund policies make it a dangerous path to tread. There is also a possibility that the positive reviews on review sites are fake.

Edusson paper writing reviews call out this website for ripping them off their money when they applied for Edusson paper writing positions. This could be the reason they have a whole page dedicated to warning aspiring writers about buying Edusson accounts. It could be fake damage control strategies or legitimate warnings. We can’t tell.

Also, the fact that you have to pay a non-refundable service fee before posting your project is a red flag. This service fee is not included in the writer’s fee. It is outrageous.

The Edusson paper writing service is too tricky and vague for our liking. Ordering a paper should not seem like you are gambling. So you should find a better alternative, like this best research paper service.

Considering all of the above, we do not recommend this service to our readers. The truth is that there is nothing unique about them, only suspicious. We think you are better off finding another alternative. But this does not mean that is a scam. You can patronize them at your own risk. You just might be lucky.
What Is Edusson? is an online writing service that caters to the writing needs of its customers. They offer a wide variety of services – both academic and non-academic writing services. They have a team of qualified writers that can produce the papers you need.
Is Edusson plagiarism-free?
There are a few reviews that complain about their papers being plagiarized. There are not many of these kinds of Edusson paper writing reviews, but you should know that there is a possibility of that happening. If you would like to patronize them, you could ask for a copy of the plagiarism report of your paper just so you are sure.
Is Edusson A Good Writing Service?
They can give you good papers for a good price, depending on the complexities of your project. Edusson writers are all college graduates as that is the minimum requirement to join their team of writers. So we can agree that they are average writing service.
Is Safe? is a secure website that values the privacy of its customers. They claim that they do not divulge the personal information of their customers to external parties. All payment transactions are carried out on secure platforms. But you mustn’t give out sensitive information to anyone on the internet to maintain your security.
Is Scam?
No, they are not a scam. They deliver papers to their clients before the deadline, which is a good thing. They have been in the online writing service industry since 2016. They claim to have provided services to over 1000 customers and counting. So we do not doubt their authenticity.
Is Edusson Legit?
Yes, they are legit. When you place an order for a paper, you are guaranteed a paper. It is the quality of the paper that is debatable. But is not a scam. Their processes might be a little questionable, but they are authentic.
Is Edusson Reliable?, in our opinion, is not exactly reliable because you really don’t know what to expect from them. The inconsistency in their paper quality is a huge deal breaker. Also, they don’t handle complex papers really well. So if you have a complex paper, look for an alternative.
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