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Edusson Review Visit Site is an online website that claim to provide services to the user to buy essays, research papers, assignments, academic writing services within the specified deadline decided by the costumer. For using edusson writers you must be familiar with some terms of that site such as customer- who makes order on edduson site, writer- who completes your task ordered by customer, order- the online request done by customer which includes instructions for the writers that how you want the work to be done with, what are your requirements and within what deadline you want it to be done, product revision- the final edited version delivered to you is called product revision, support team- which provide you with assistance for your orders and requests and queries, QAD- which stands for Quality Assurance Department, the staff of which assist you with quality of your papers . Let’s go through them deep to find the truth together.
Types of services

Services they claim to provide:
  • Custom written article or any writing services
  • Customer can give their own deadline
  • Free revision provided
  • Easy order system
  • Easy communication between customer and writer
  • Money back (no one got it yet although)
  • No resale of your paper
  • No plagiarism
  • They claim that they provide it in great discounts also
  • They take orders from any subjects
  • Guarantee the quality
  • And also says that they provide original content that is professionally written (although people doubt it)
  • 24×7 customer support
  • Easy user interface
  • Quality product delivery


This site first came into existence at that time when there were no competition providing such services with high demand of writing services needed in the market. In starting obviously, they provided quality service but as time passed their services degraded as most of the writer left the company due to getting so less payment in market at that time. But the site continued with giving chances to other writers. Most of the writers now are non-native English speakers such as from Kenya and Russia who do work solely for money rather than having any passion for writing. They do grammatical mistakes, punctuation mistakes, and mostly copy paste the content from the help of internet and broken English is part of their each and every project. Most of the edduson reviews by the customer will show you the reality that how difficult it is to use this site now.
Prices and Payment

Let’s talk about the services they provide. It basically has a bidding system where sooner you post the project; the writer starts bidding for the project and looking at the bids, which mostly hovers around $30 and I don’t think that it’s affordable price for all, specially students. Have a look at for comparison. As most of the client are students that want to complete their essay and assignments with almost less or no money. To place your order on, first you have to register yourself on the edusson site. After you register yourself on the site with your basic information, it will take a minute or more, and then you will need login yourself to the site. Then it is a three-step process for your order. 1) Filling the order form with all your requirements following the ‘Order now’ button which will refer you to the order form. 2) Order form is divided into two parts and the first part demand you to fill the information regarding which kind of paper you need. Then you will need to fill the topic followed by selection of your subject, and then you will need to specify the number of pages you want. One thing you must know about that its standard paper has 250 words per paper with double space and approximately 550 words when single spaced. You will also need to fill your deadline with exact date and time you want your result to be. Once you are done till here, then you need to navigate to the upcoming page and specify the services you required between the three, that is weather is it editing, rewriting, or writing from scratch; you can then select the writer you prefer, with your required quality of standard between two options - premium and platinum. You must also mention the sources number and citation format. 3) Then next you have to make the payment from all the provided payment options. There are options like credit card, PayPal, Skrill or Payoneer and once it is done, you will get your completed project within the given deadline.


Being an old site now they make so many false guarantees that is often seen and can easily be judged by finding their work mostly plagiarized, copy pasted from the internet sources, broken English used for projects and so many grammatical and punctuation mistakes in the writing. They also claim 24×7 support system to the writers as well as customers but they often keep one message on hold for query for so long time that it’s doubtful to say this. The writers are found mostly offline and cannot be contacted in any other way rather than which is a big concern among the customers. They claim to give you big discounts which is nothing but a sales strategy. This all in a way comes under edusson scam. So, it’s better to invest your money on other sites to get better payoff of your money and time with almost no hustle.
Customer Support

We know how important communication in these types of academic work is as here we are trusting each other without having a face to face. Although the customer support is simple and easy to use, it is tough to get relevant answers from them regarding your order or complaints. They have a history of customer's completed orders only to show how good they are at their work, but again when it comes to reality, they get exposed. They also have a support team interface from where they monitor customer and writer’s works in progress and enables you to communicate with your writer. They claim that they provide round the clock 24×7 support help to both the client and the customer, but they keep every message on a long hold with an excuse that the writer is not available to take their call.


Although so less in counts but it has an easy interface for the users and you can give detailed information to the writers on how you want your project to be with anything special you want in it. It is an easy to go for writers also that they get a clear-cut idea of customer’s need. It also benefits them as it is a prepaid job for them. Although claims that they can alter your project even after submission but it is nearly impossible. Most of the edduson reviews will take you through the concern of your money getting trapped. According to most of the reviews the premium writers takes almost 30 $ to complete their project that claim to be done by professional writers. But in return they get their project to be found done unprofessionally that will not gain any marks to them. Even after following up with the writers they end up doing their work on their own and losing their precious money.


There are lots of cons in using, so don’t get your money trapped in it. Most of the writers are not professional here. They do this for only for money and try to complete the projects only for completion sake. They are not native English speakers, although the website claims in the beginning that all the writers they have on board are native speakers. For students the creativeness and grammar matter a lot as it carries most of the marks in the course. So, at the end you would be forced to do your own project. They make you pay in advance and this is where they trap you off your money. Also, they provide you with so poor customer services that you will end up getting frustrated and will think of quitting the paper. Many students have even failed in their exams due to the poor quality of work delivered by their writers.

So finally, is edusson is kind of legit? Obviously not. Anyone is advised to not order on until and unless they want a poor result and low quality in return. It will be better to use other better and professional sites to take this kind of services to avoid this much hustle with almost half or less money spent. Other sites have better price offered and have better support system for the customers as well as writers. Today there are no limitation in sites for providing writing services so use other sites for better experience. So, go surf the internet, find some good paper writing services, check their feedback and ratings given by both the customers and he writers and then go for it. Feedbacks and reviews are the most important factors in judging if the service provider is effective enough to deliver quality service or no