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If you are looking for a proper online writing service, then you might want to find something better than websites like Although the website has a good user interface it does not have all it takes to meet your needs academic necessities. Our EduGeeksClub review is not to praise the website, we bought an essay from them. Our EduGeeksClub review is based on the essay we bought, and a couple of other Edu Geeks Club reviews we read on the internet. From our research, we got a response that was a little unsatisfactory we think it is probably a service to ignore.

Initially, we had high hopes for their service. From the mature look of their website, one could tell that they weren’t the type to let us down. Unfortunately, they did let us down in some areas especially the customer service. Also, it was annoying to see they had their prices were a little on the high side. They claimed to only use certified Ph.D. holders for their projects. Although that might be hard to verify, but then, the quality of the job and the Edu Geeks Club reviews on the internet speaks for themselves.
Types of services

The website offers a wide range of services as you will see on the website. To use any one of their numerous services, all you need to do is select the service type, choose your deadline and select the number of pages you want. Almost immediately, the website will show you the price as well as the details of the writers that will be taking the job. You can then select the writer you want and then proceed. The following are the services the website provides.
  • Dissertation and essay writing
  • Term paper writing
  • Assignment writing
  • Research paper writing
  • Case study
  • Research proposal
  • Thesis
  • Essays
  • Coursework writing
  • Proofreading and editing
That is a massive service offering when you think about it. In addition to all of that, they also offer assistance to students in high school and the university. Their blog section contains tons of information that students will find helpful for their schooling activities.

Our team decided to check online to see EduGeeksClub reviews from past users about their services. From what we saw, the service remains one of the top choices for Ph.D. candidates. 

The EduGeeksClub reviews we saw showed that they write dissertations. Their team of writers and editors handle almost all types of challenges.


You might be asking yourself; “can I trust” that is a good question because nothing is as valuable as good quality service. That is why we always talk about quality before price. For our EduGeeksClub review, quality remains a crucial element.

To judge the quality of the service properly, a member of our team ordered a chapter for a dissertation. After careful consideration, we decided to order for the literature review. We did this for two reasons. Firstly, we noticed it was the chapter most students ordered online. Also, we did that so we could compare the writeup for the chapter along with an introduction chapter already written by a member of our team.

All we did was to give the writer the chapter we had already written and asked that she completed the literature review. We were hoping to see if she could match the quality, style, and argumentation we had in our first chapter.

The results we got were shocking, to say the least. First, the delivery of the work took time. We received our essays about 24 hours after the deadline we gave. We weren’t going to jump to conclusions as we felt the extra time was probably for extra quality. Unfortunately, the paper came out badly. You could tell that the writer only just listed out the sources and did not do any description. The piece wasn’t original content and it wasn’t written in native English. The context didn’t match what we had from before and the arguments were arranged in an illogical order. Even without been told, it was very easy to see that the writer was an amateur who did not know English properly. The sad part was how the writer did not see it fit to keep us in the loop throughout the process. Even though the website says they offer up to two free revision requests, they did not allow us the chance when we requested one.

So, to answer that burning question “is EduGeeksClub legit?” No, they are not.
Prices and Payment

Our review on EduGeeksClub will never be complete until we tell you about the pricing. That's because we are always looking for the best quality service that will give you the best price at the same time. We believe that's the goal of every student out there. The question is, Is EduGeeksClub safe?

After looking at a couple of other websites; it is safe to say that is overly priced and there are better options out there. Their pricing ranges from about 19.99 dollars to 46.99 dollars per page for desertification. The price of your paper will depend on the quality and how fast you want the job. Usually, the range of deadlines for their desertification is between two days and two months. The faster you want the job done, the more expensive it is.

Essays are a little more costly than desertification and they cost between 19.99 dollars and 52.99 dollars per page. The price difference is because essays have a shorter deadline period compared with desertification. For essays, you can have your write-ups within three hours or ten days. The faster you want the job, the more you will pay. Also, a job with higher quality will demand a higher price.

The good news however is that as a new user on the website, you get a 15% discount on your first payment. You will find the discount very helpful particularly if you are ordering a lot of pages. More so, the website offers loads of loyalty discounts for its numerous customers. Depending on how active you are as a member of the website, you could earn as much as 5 to 15% discount on your projects.


If you decide to use their service, EduGeeksClub offers you the following guarantees:
  • The website will not reuse or publish your commissioned work at any time.
  • All essays are freshly written from scratch.
  • All essays are 100% unique and written with your exact instructions.
  • The website offers 100% confidentiality. That means your personal and payment information will never be given to third parties.
  • All writers on the website are native English speakers, trained and tested by the company to ensure high-quality delivery.
  • You can order up to two free revisions.
  • The website verifies that all written content is 100% plagiarism-free before it gets to you.
  • You will receive your assignments on the date you fill on your form.

To further answer your question “Is EduGeeksClub a scam?”, we checked their customer service section. Just like in the Edu Geeks Club reviews we read testified, the agents did not respond to our calls.

We first reached out to see if there were any available writers for our paper. We were surprised to see that there was no one on standby 24/7 to take our request. We had to wait till early the next morning before we could get an agent

Although there is a live chat option, it’s almost useless as you are only talking with robots. The agents spoke politely and in a professional tone. The writers also kept a professional tone while addressing our requests.


  • They keep to deadlines
  • Different payment options are available


  • Pricing can be a little expensive.
  • Late delivery time
  • Poor customer service

We did not have a positive experience using Although the website has a great user interface, we were disappointed with the quality of the test task we gave them. There are many other services out there suitable for all students including those studying for their PhDs. Their services will only help you complicate issues. Although, anyone wishing to find educational resources will find their blog helpful. The overall service from the website is not satisfactory. The team takes too long to respond to their client's problems. Their editors do not do well to fix all grammatic errors, structural problems as well as logical flow issues before they deliver your work to you.
What is is an online platform that offers a wide array of writing services. However, many students say that the company doesn't deliver on its promises because its essays are poor.
Is Plagiarism-Free?
No. While the company may deliver your essay quickly, it will have plagiarized content. In most cases, the writers list the client's sources but plagiarize the essay content.
Is a Good Writing Service? is not a good writing service because it delivers low-quality essays with plagiarism traces. Also, the company is a little expensive with late delivery time and poor customer service.
Is Safe? is not safe for a student who wants an excellent grade. The company delivers low-quality essays, and getting a free revision is a complex process. Thus, your scores won't be safe if you use this service.
Is a Scam?
This platform doesn't respond to calls from customers. Also, doesn't have a writer on standby 24/7 to take customers' requests. The live chat of the platform is also useless because it uses robots. So, is a scam.
Is Legit? is not legit because it seems to have amateur writers without a proper mastery of the English language. Also, the company doesn't allow customers to request free revisions when dissatisfied with their work.
Is Reliable?
No. doesn't deliver on its promises. The platform doesn't have writers on standby 24/7, and it doesn't produce quality content with zero plagiarism. Thus, you can't trust it to help you with essays without hurting your grades.
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