Mark M. Cornelison
Writer and Reviewer

Dr. Mark Cornelison did his undergraduate at Binghamton University, where he got a BA in communication specializing in digital journalism. After he completed his undergraduate degree, he continued his studies at the same university where he earned a Master’s degree in English.
While pursuing his Master’s, Mark counseled students struggling with their studies. He also worked with undergraduate and postgraduate students to help them with their essays, research, and coming up with topics, a thesis, and dissertations.

During this time, he discovered that he had a passion for writing, editing, and producing exceptional content. In pursuit of doing what he likes, Mark acquired a doctorate and narrowed it down to academic writing and copywriting.

While at Rank My Service, he has worked with students in some of the best colleges in the world. You can depend on him to know all about how it works. He also offers great advice to business owners and upcoming tutors.