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1/10 is a site that helps students connect with tutors to help them in their homework. Though the site was built with a positive thought, helping students with their homework can be quite a tricky thing. It teaches them to be dependent on others for their work to be done. Nor will they understand concepts on their own, neither will they try to complete them since such sites provide help. Though the site claims to be easy and fun, they do charge you a whopping price for the answers they provide you. is a site that claims to be reliable, cost-effective, and professional. Students need to learn to get their work done by themselves as would improve their understanding capabilities and makes them independent in these areas.

Everyday there are plenty of questions posted by the users to which the options to view answers cost around $20. Now that isn't a great deal after all. There are mostly three types of services that students require first being writing essays or papers, then finding specific answers to specific questions and finally for proofreading assignments. There isn't any guarantee about quality of the work you will be provided with. The website lacks in a lot of areas and doesn't look like a legit site from where you can expect any kind of real help. Once you post a question, it entirely depends on the writer if they want to work with you. The writer's expertise is usually not shared on the site also there is no proper way to verify the credentials. Now let's have a detailed homework market review.
Types of services

The services offered by includes providing answers of the student. There are three steps you can follow, the first being to post your question on the site. The next step involves selecting your tutor. The final step includes getting the assured help from them. The prices can vary according to the question you have asked. Different tutors charge accordingly. Also, the prices are dependent on various tutors. Some charge more, while some charge less. Though the website claims that the prices are negotiable, most tutors have fixed prices and aren't ready for any sort of discount. takes a commission from the fee.
The only problem here is the pricing. All students do not have part-time jobs to spend their money on these websites. And the ones who do part-time jobs don't earn enough to support such activities. Other students get some pocket money from their parents, which isn't feasible to cash out on such things. The entire system here is quite flawed. There is no proper navigation available here. Lack of consistency is visible on the website. The owners of the website have nothing to do with the communication between the student and the tutor. The prices too are decided by them. There is a process wherein you can file a complaint and request for a refund in case the tutor does not provide the assigned work, but the owners usually don't respond well with such requests.
Hence it is better to stay away from such sites. There are plenty of other websites that are actually reasonable and help students with their work. The process is pretty difficult for tutors as well. If you want to work as a tutor, there are several discussions and registrations. It is very difficult to understand everything and how everything works here. Nobody would want services from such a website.


The quality of any website is linked to its ability to provide the best services to its users. First let's discuss the level of the tutors. There are various prices quoted for different authors yet they seem to be inexperienced or lack the knowledge that is actually required to help students out. The next factor being delivery speed. We know that or are much better in that. Though some of the tutors are fast in delivering in the required time, a majority of them lack discipline and are often late in delivering their answers. Users have often complained that the tutors are sometimes not even available or don't respond to emails on a quick basis. Other factors including the availability of tutors. Students might need help from tutors at even odd hours at times.
If you doubt 8 in the night, there are tutors available, but the downside is that they charge higher than what is usually paid. The reason for this being the urgency for the answers. Finally let's see about customer service. Customer service is one of the most crucial aspects of any website. In this case, lags behind. You cannot be assured to have all your questions answered with the level of integrity it really needs. You need to wait quite a long time to get a revert from their end.
Prices and Payment

The end-user cannot have a look at the prices. Though you can see the bidding of the specified question, the website isn't precise on the price details and the basis for what they are charging. Some of the answers have tender of up to $10 for simple questions that are way high to afford for a student.
Since the site was created to help students with their homework assignments, they should have maintained a basic charge or an affordable price that all users can afford. There have also been reported cases of delayed or no payments for the tutors, which don't make it trustworthy. In such cases, tutors won't be willing to work with such websites, which degrades the quality of the services offered.

Guarantees does not provide any guarantees from their end. If you check their website, it does not offer any guarantees of any sort for the students or the tutors. If you pay money to any tutor on the homework market, there isn't any guarantee that they will provide you with high-quality assignments.

The backbone of any website is its customer support service. If this is where they lag, that is a sure shot sign of downfall. As discussed earlier, is late when it comes to attending to queries. The website also does not have an email through which we can communicate with them. The only service they offer is they expect you to write down the issue and wait for their response. Also, there are no contact numbers or emergency IDs for this purpose, which is a bad sign.
The website also does not have a user-friendly interface, along with a weak FAQ section. There is no live chat option available in case of immediate need. In case of quality issues, you do not have the option of reaching out to them in a faster method.
Also, there is no option of reporting any fake accounts as well. The process is too complicated for both students and tutors. It isn't trustworthy to spend your time and money on such websites. It lacks clarity with no proper navigation or instructions on how to proceed further. All you have is yourself to help you wade through this.


The website can be helpful for students who earn quite a lot of money. It does help out people trying to earn money by becoming tutors on the site. It can be useful for solving basic questions, and It is a good source for sharing knowledge. It enables students to answer their queries. Also, the website keeps your identity confidential, so the tutor helping you out won't know who you are.


The functionality and design of the site are inferior. No discounts are available for the students. There are no contact numbers or email support available. The quality of the assignments at times is very poor. An interface is a messed-up place with chaotic settings. The website is not reliable for long-term projects, nor does the site have any filter for the tutors.
The writing work is all over the place and does not seem to be done by professionals. Compared to other writing services, does not provide any samples, premium content, discount coupons, or special offers. The website does not give details on the pricing and payments, and you directly have to talk to the tutors to get the correct information.
The identity of the tutors is mostly fake. It is understood that students need not reveal their identity, but in the case of tutors, it is a must to know their background to provide services to students. No on the spot help for customers using the site. The website looks shady overall, with many missing elements of a basic and well-designed webpage.

Let’s have a final take on homework market reviews. There are multiple services that offer help to students for their homework. Though many don't look well designed, the developers and customer service were excellent. The same cannot be said about homework There are no proofs or guarantee that you will receive high quality written stuff. The photos of the tutors are stolen from different sources; hence if you choose to trust the site, you would never know whom you paid your valuable money to. All reliable companies offer immediate assistance to help their customers. The lack of any such feature means if ever you are stuck in a problem, there will be nobody from their end to help you with it.
Plus, the company does not offer any guarantee of the money you pay. There is no revision policy, the privacy policy provided by the owners. In this case, if you pay a tutor and they fail to deliver it on time, it's just your loss. The company would not have anything to do with it. There is no such policy wherein you get back your money if the tutor does not provide you with the required assignments. Other reviews on are equally negative. There is not a single good aspect of the website that could be pointed out here. There is also no proof of the tutor's excellence in their respective fields. The process of the services lacks clarity, and we totally have no idea how it works. The prices on the site are completely decided by the clients and tutors, thus making it a bit exploitative for the students.
What is is one of the many essay writing services that does not deliver on its promises. Unfortunately, we’ve had a very unpleasant experience with this service.
Is plagiarism-free?
Everything we received from was full of plagiarized content. They didn’t even bother to rewrite some of the phrases; they just copied and pasted them from other sources.
Is a good writing service?
We consider to be one of the worst writing services we have ever tested. The essays were full of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Not to mention a complete lack of structure and logic.
Is safe?
In our opinion, is not a safe website. We don’t know who runs it and we did not receive any responses to our emails and messages from the moment we made the payment.
Is a scam?
Yes, is 100% a scam. They simply took our money, promised to send us an “awesome” essay in 5 days, and then sent us a completely unusable text full of errors.
Is legit?
No, is not a legit company. Whoever runs it is just after money. We even doubt this service has any academic writers on staff. Stay away!
Is reliable?
It goes without saying that is not a reliable website. You should not trust this service to deliver anything worth your money. You have been warned.
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  1. Terrible attitude towards the client. Got my job with spelling errors and when I asked them to make some edits, it turned out that there won’t be any free writers anytime soon. Not professional!

  2. Unfortunately, this service doesn’t match what they write about themselves on their website. When placing an order, I was told one cost, and as a result, when calculating, the amount increased by one and a half times. When I asked how it happened, the support service couldn’t give a clear answer. I don’t recommend it.

  3. Do they really know what a deadline means? How could they miss the agreed date by three days? I have been penalized and my grades reduced! Scam! A fraud! Very unprofessional!

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