Eric I. Howard
Writer and Reviewer

Eric Howard is an accomplished author and researcher passionate about literature and history. After high school, he joined the military, serving his country for five years. During this period, Eric developed a keen interest in history.

After his time in the military, he focused on history in depth. As he studied history, having enrolled for a BA in History at American Military University, he discovered he was interested in writing and putting ideas, thoughts, and concepts on paper.

Thus, after completing his Bachelor of Arts in History, he joined Michigan State University for MA in English, where he mastered writing and researching skills.

Armed with experience, he joined Rank My Service to help students, professionals, and business people with any research and writing needs that they might have. Due to his excellent work, he has authored several books and has been featured in numerous publications. He has also helped many scholars with academic work and worked with various businesses worldwide.