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3/10 is yet another online writing company with a bidding system. The platform works like several other writing services out there: you place an order, writers on the platform bid for it, and you hire your own writer. This means you get to choose the writer that will handle your assignment or project.

This platform also has an auto-assignment feature, which comes in handy for some clients. This feature allows you to skip the process of choosing a writer, leaving it for the firm to assign a writer to your assignment or project. Bid 4 Paper claims to have writers in all academy levels, ranging from Bachelor to Ph.D. If you are looking for promo codes, this is not the right platform to turn to. Bid4Papers' average cost is a little bit above average and you should not expect any discounts from them either.

Frankly speaking, the cost of a paper on this platform is quite expensive, especially when you consider the quality services and customer support of this platform. Is Bid4Papers legit? Well, this platform charges a high price for the services it renders but it is legit. However, all responsibilities are handed over to you: if you hire the wrong writer, the platform will not do much about it.

This writing service employs both non-English and English-speaking writers. This means you can get your paper completed in several languages.
Types of services

Like other writing services, Bid 4 Papers offers a wide range of services. However, we were not able to find a clear and full list of services this platform offers. Well, this is understandable since it is a bidding system where you can place an order for almost all types of writings and academic works.

Nevertheless, there are certain types of writing or academic projects that you might want to do and you might not find a writer for them. You can place an order and not get any bids. When an event like this unfolds, you might need to take down your order. They render the common, everyday writing services that most platforms offer. There is nothing special about the list of services you can get on this platform. Some of the services this company provides include:
  • Essays
  • Article reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Movie reviews
  • Coursework
  • Research and term papers
  • Case studies
  • Creative writing
  • Business plans
  • Research proposals
  • Chapters of thesis and dissertation
  • Speeches
Well, the list is short but it is still a bit impressive. Other services you can find on the platform include:
  • Editing
  • Essay writing
  • Writing guides
  • Featured order – where the firm marks your order as a top priority for more authors to see and bid for it.
You will not find some extra, useful services on this platform such as grammar check, writing tools, and plagiarism checkers. This means you have to take your work to other platforms to check for grammar and plagiarism.

However, one of the unique services of this platform is on its section. In this section, you can hire writers for complex assignments on subjects such as Physics, Mathematics, Programming, Chemistry, Statistics, Economics, Accounting, and Biology.


The quality of writings you will get on this platform is on average. However, the quality of your assignment or project depends on the writer you hire. There have been several complaints from clients about the quality of the paper they got from the platform. There are complaints about a lot of grammatical errors and misuse and adequate punctuations.

There are also complaints about plagiarism from some writers, as some of them just copy or rewrite content from the internet. However, most of these complaints came from those that hired low-bid writers. We believe if you hire a more expensive writer you might get a much better paper.

This writing service does not guarantee revisions. Many clients have asked for revisions, which do not come in handy most times. Some writers will tell you that they will revise the work if there is an issue, but not all of them do. Nonetheless, there are still many good reviews from other clients on this platform. Many are still getting good value for what they are paying for. We recommend you should stay away from those very low bids, as you are more likely to get a low-quality paper from them.
Prices and Payment

Bid4Papers is one of the most expensive writing services online. The price of services on this platform are on the higher end of the price spectrum. This company uses a bidding system, which is also welcome. However, the price of your project depends on what the project is about and how urgent you want it. As we earlier said, this is not a platform to consider if you are looking for promo codes and discounts, as Bid 4 Papers does not offer any of those. Other factors that determine total price formation are the number of pages and the academic level of your paper. You are likely to get lower bids when you place your order. However, as we said before, low-bid writers might not give you want you want. You might even end up spending more money to get the job done again.


Writers on this platform promise an unlimited number of revisions provided the order is in progress. This means you can ask for revisions as many times as you want and the writer will work on the project without additional cost, provided the revision is in line with the initial instruction. Nevertheless, once the writer gets the final payment, you are no longer entitled to any more revisions. This platform also guarantees to refund your money if the initial payment to the writer is not released. Nevertheless, you should forget about getting your money back if the order is marked as completed.

When it comes to customer support, you will be disappointed by this platform. Bid4paper customer service is poor and they do not have a live chat. If you have any issues, there is no live chat to help you out. To rectify any issues, you need to register on the platform first and then place an order. It is only after you have placed an order that you can send a message and wait for some minutes to get a response. You will also find on their website that the average response time is about 8 minutes.


  • Bid 4 Papers is legit
  • Choose a writer on your own or allows the platform to choose for you
  • On-time delivery


  • High prices
  • Absence of live chat
  • Awful customer support
  • No discounts and promo codes
  • Writers hardly respond to revisions.
Verdict does not make it to the list of best writing services, but they have been able to meet the needs of many students. The company needs a lot of improvements, starting with its communication and bidding system.
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  1. Hi! First of all, I would like to advise you to look for a review of the service you want to use, it will protect you from unpleasant consequences. Like what happened to me.
    In a nutshell, I received the order very quickly from the selected writer, but speed does not always mean quality. As a result, the work had to be rewritten 4 times! I can’t say I’m happy with this.

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