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Edubirdie Review
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What is edubirdie? In simple words, edu birdie is an online writing company that claims to offer professional essay writing and editing services. The company has a team of writers contracted to write custom essays from scratch according to the client’s instructions. If you have a written paper and you need to make it perfect, you can use the company’s editors to get rid of grammar and syntax errors. Clients can also benefit from rewriting services. This is a great option if you want to work on old paper to improve your grades.
It only takes a few steps to start using the website. The first step is to register with your email address to create an account. After signing up, you can order a paper by filling out the order form with information about the essay. Edu.birdie allows you to browse writers’ profiles, reviews, proposals, and rates so you can choose a writer who seems to be capable of doing the work.
Have you read many edubirdie reviews, and you still don’t know the truth about this writing company? Well, worry no more because we have written a comprehensive edu birdie review for you. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the company, including its services, paper quality, rates, guarantees, pros, cons, and customer support. Does edubirdie actually work? Is eduebirdie legit? Read our detailed edubirdie review to find answers to these and other burning questions.
Types of services

First of all, we want to answer the question “does edubirdie actually work?” Yes, edu birdie works as evidenced by reviews from customers who have used the company’s services. If it works, what services can I expect as a customer? Thanks for asking. Edu birdie’s writing services include essay writing, coursework, dissertation, case study, research proposal, thesis help, term paper, research paper, business plan, capstone project, dissertation editing, essay editing, and research paper editing. jobs fall under three major categories: Writing from scratch – The selected writer will write your paper from scratch following instructions from your tutor. This service may include inserting reference materials and using referencing styles such as APA, MLA, and AMA.
Editing and proofreading – The main purpose of this service is to check and correct errors that might lower your grade. It’s all possible because of edubirdie’s team of experienced editors.
Rewriting – If you don’t have enough time to wait for a writer to write your paper from scratch, you can opt for the rewriting service. You just need to provide an existing essay, and the writer will make it perfect for you.


Is eduebirdie legit? Can clients expect high-quality papers? What’s the company’s success rate? Well, we have gathered information from the company’s official website and edu birdie reviews sites to answer these and other questions. Based on what we know, edu.birdie seems to be a legit custom writing website for students. The fact that there are reviews on other websites means that it’s not a scam.
Now that the company is legit let’s look at what clients can expect when it comes to quality. On the company’s testimonials page, the average score based on feedback from customers is 4.72/5 based on over 5,000 edubirdie reviews. This means that around 94.4% of the company’s customers are satisfied with the services. However, the company claims that 96% of its customers are satisfied. We don’t know where this number came from, and we can only assume that testimonials on the company’s website are from real clients.
Of course, the quality of the paper depends on the writer you choose. There are three categories of writers: All Writers (beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert), Premium Writers (advanced and expert writers), and Platinum Writers (expert writers with an over 95% success rate). According to edubirdie, “the higher the level of the writer is, the better the quality of your work will be.” Based on this statement, you can only blame yourself if you choose the wrong writer for your paper.
Upon checking edubirdie reviews on various sites, we came across complaints, and we think you have the right to know customers’ experiences. One of the problems we found was that some clients have complained about low-quality work, bad English, grammatical errors, and an unresponsive customer support team.
Prices and Payment

According to the information collected when doing our edu birdie review, the price of your paper varies depending on the type of service, the number of pages, urgency, and the writer you choose. The lowest edubirdie price for writing a paper from scratch is $18 per page, which is more expensive than on The company claims that a further deadline may result in a lower price, but it’s not clear how low the cost can be.
If you are paying for editing and proofreading services, your edubirdie price starts from $7 per page. This is the cheapest service on the site. The company’s rewriting service will cost you $8 per page. These prices apply if you are ready to let anyone write your paper without worrying about his or her experience.
Luckily, you can increase your chances of getting a good paper by selecting the “Premium” or “Platinum” tab when placing an order. The price of your paper will be 10% more than the standard price if you choose a premium writer and 20% more if you want your paper to be written by a platinum writer. If you don’t mind, you can pay an additional $9.99 and let the company choose the best writer for you. As you can see, edubirdie’s prices are generally high. The company has tried to justify its high prices by claiming that low-priced papers are likely to be written by amateur writers. However, this claim may not be valid all the time. In the FAQ section, the company claims that its high prices make it possible to hire highly qualified writers and provide 100% original work.


What is edubirdie doing it terms of guarantees? We have responded to this question by focusing on the company’s money-back guarantee process. If you need to cancel an order, the first step is to contact the company’s support team via live chat or email. Once your order is moved to “Under Investigation”, the funds are put on hold. The investigation process takes up to 3 business days. A refund may be given based on the results of the investigation and the company’s refund policy. Also, the company has to be responsible for the reason you need a refund.

If you need to contact customer service agents at edu birdie, you can communicate with them via various channels. There is a specific email for writers, another one for customers, and another one for media representatives with PR related inquiries. In case you need an immediate response from the company’s support team, you can use the live chat feature. Someone will respond to your message within 10 seconds. This feature is also available 24/7, which makes it a great communication channel.
There is also a contact form for people who want to contact support for general injuries. The only problem with this option is that you don’t know when you will get a response, although the company promises to get in touch with you as soon as possible. Additionally, we have noted some negative edu birdie reviews due to unavailable support services.
You can also contact edubirdie representatives on the most popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Other contact details include a phone number and the company’s physical mailing address. Even those looking for edubirdie jobs can use these communication methods.


  • Clients can have their essays written in just 3 hours.
  • You get the opportunity to browse writers’ profiles. This makes it possible to choose your preferred writer based on his or her qualifications, experience, and reviews.
  • No revision limits – Customers can ask for revisions until they are satisfied with the paper. This ensures that customers get the perfect paper.


  • The starting price for writing from scratch is $18 per page, which is somewhat high for many prospective clients. The cost of getting the best writer as suggested by the company is also high. You can easily get a high-quality essay from other writing sites at a lower price.
  • Many customers have complained about low-quality work because of failure to follow instructions and plenty of mistakes.
  • There are negative reviews regarding edubirdie’s customer support team. Some clients end up being frustrated because they don’t get responses in time.
  • The website looks good, but you will have difficulty navigating it.
  • According to some reviews, the company’s marketing skills are not the best. Changes such as clearly stated discounts are needed to attract more customers.
  • You may get a refund upon canceling an order, but it’s not clear whether you will get a refund if a writer fails to deliver a high-quality paper even after revising several times.

Now you know what clients can expect when they visit edubirdie, thanks to our detailed edubirdie review and the information we gathered from online edu birdie reviews. Overall, edubirdie works fine if you are looking for an academic writer who will give you good grades. You can choose your preferred writer, ask for as many revisions as possible, and get your paper 3 hours after placing an order. You can even allow the company to choose the most qualified writer for your paper.
However, we can’t ignore the downsides noted when writing this review. Looking at the prices, there is no doubt that the company’s services are expensive compared to what you can get from similar companies. If you think expensive translates to quality, then feel free to try out edu birdie’s services.
Of course, there are good reviews online, but some customers have complained of disappointments due to unmet expectations, errors made by writers who are presumably inexperienced or unqualified, and an unreliable team of customer service agents. Another significant problem is that there is no clear money-back guarantee if you get a low-quality paper.
Overall, edubirdie could be helpful if you are looking for custom academic writing, editing, and proofreading services. Based on our review, your biggest hurdles will be the price, vague refunds policy, and negative reviews from customers. It’s up to you to decide.
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