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In case you have once asked the question, ‘what is Edubirdie?’ Edubirdie is a well-known academic writing service. This popularity is not surprising as the brand gives more time to advertising than improving its services.

Students who use YouTube a lot must have come across one or two ads of this brand. The rigorous ads have landed the brand in serious criticism when people discover some of their dishonest acts.

The brand is owned and managed by a Ukrainian company called Boosta. The company has its head office in Ukraine but spreads its tentacles across Europe. Interestingly, the brand claims to employ only native writers, which is far from the truth.

Whether the company knows it or not, some writers on the platform are not native. Edubirdie has found itself in a lot of scandals lately. First, it was the accusations of sponsoring YouTube influencers to paint the brand as good.

BBC also joined the accusers by investigating and supplying the list of top influencers that was paid. However, the company denied the allegation by stating each influencer is entitled to their respective opinion of the company. Some writers on the website were also discovered to be fake.

Strict Edubirdie reviews carried out by some concerned bodies revealed this Edubirdie illegal claim. We also further ascertained it, and we discovered that some writers claim qualifications they did not have.

In all of these, we have also compiled our Edubirdie review. This option is essential to give some particular conclusion about the brand. We have subjected factors such as the option of services, quality of services, prices, and discounts.

Likewise, we analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the brand as pros and cons. In the end, we were able to give a verdict about the brand based on our opinion.
Types of services

There are a variety of services offered by Edubirdie. Have students asked various questions like does Edubirdie work for PhD students? You need to know that students of all levels have access to all manners of academic services on the platform. The following are an array of services you can access on Edubirdie;
  • Essay writing
Edubirdie has writers who are specialized in essay writing. Regardless, Edubirdie essay writers can write for different categories of students. Some writers help in the writing of admission essays as well.
  • Research paper writing
Research paper writing is one particular assignment given in colleges. Science students especially have to deal with this paper a lot. You can find writers who claim to specialize in research writing on Edubirdie.
  • Coursework writing
Edubirdie offers coursework writing services to students. Some writers can write coursework in different fields, including science, art, and business.
  • Dissertation writing
Dissertation writing service is one of the premium services rendered on Edubirdie. This service is available both to graduate and master students. You can also make use of Edubirdie for your Ph.D. thesis writing.
  • Speech writing
One of the unique services offered on Edubirdie is speech writing. Some writers specialize in crafting speech. You can get a writer to write your speech for any event on this platform.


An Edubirdie review without a reference to the quality of service is incomplete. We must intimate you with the quality of service rendered by Edubirdie. Our submission about Edubirdie quality of service is not discriminatory.

It is purely based on what we have tested and specific Edubirdie reviews we had from past customers. Edubirdie's writing platform is legit, and there is no doubt about it. However, the legitimacy of a brand has nothing to do with quality service.

Judging by the standard, this brand quality of service is not too good. Much is expected from a brand with widespread awareness and advertisement. It is impossible to detect errors when you order for a small task on Edubirdie.

However, ordering voluminous assignments can expose the weakness of the brand. We have identified many grammar errors, spelling errors, and punctuation errors in the writings delivered.

Different Edubirdie reviews from past clients also justify this. Research papers are expected to be 100% plagiarism-free. If not, it should possess plagiarism as low as 90%. Some research papers ordered on Edubirdie are discovered to have a high rate of plagiarism.

This act shows the level of laziness and irresponsibility on the part of the writers. It can also jeopardize the grade of a student.

Writers on Edubirdie have mastered the proper formats. They are perfect for formatting assignments to any format. We could not pick a fault as regards formatting. Formats such as APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago formats are rightly done by the brand.
Prices and Payment

Many students have asked specific questions like 'how much does Edubirdie cost?' and 'is Edubirdie expensive?' The Edubirdie price system is somehow unique. The brand makes use of a grade price system that allows the user to choose their desired package.

Each package offers the same service but does not promise the same quality. The available packages are standard, premium, and platinum packages. Likewise, Edubirdie uses a bid system of order within a package. You can find writers who either bid higher or lower than others.

In most cases, the new ones bid lower while the old writers bid higher. The difference in Edubirdie prices is not an assurance of quality anyways. The lowest price of service on Edubirdie is $20. This price is considered high compared to some other academic writing services.

Likewise, if you want the platform to assign your assignment to their best writers automatically, you are expected to pay an extra $9.99. You must be aware that this is not an assurance of quality as you may want to save $9.99 for yourself.

There is no such a thing as a free essay on Edubirdie. The brand does not offer discounted prices either. New customers and high order customers maintain the same budget without any difference. However, you can earn $25 when you refer a friend to use the platform.


Edubirdie writing service claims offer some vague guarantees to customers. Some of these guarantees are true for some users, while it is the opposite for some. As such, they cannot be called guarantees as such cannot be replicated for all customers.

One of the guarantees you will find on reviews is quality paper. We have discovered that this is not true. Some Edubirdie reviews affirm this claim. However, some assignments done by writers on Edubirdie are filled with grammatical and spelling errors.

It is not a guarantee as the writer could not maintain a high standard write-up for all customers. Another guarantee on Edubirdie is the availability of Native writers. Some of the writers are native English writers.

However, we found that most writers, according to the Edubirdie review, are either lying about their descent or qualifications. Edubirdie also guarantees your ability to choose your desired writers. This claim is valid but based on how high you can bid for the writer.

If you don't want to go through the bidding process, you can pay a fee of $9.99 to have the best writer. Another guarantee Edubirdie can boast of is a plagiarism-free write-up. Nonetheless, there are still some claims in specific reviews of their assignment having high Edubirdie plagiarism. Nonetheless, we can ascertain a low plagiarism rate from our end.

Customer support is an essential aspect of review. There are various options available to users to reach out to the support team. You can make use of the live chat option available on the website.

There is also an email option and a telephone option. The live chat option works well for newbies on the website, and you can make inquiries about the service and prices option. Responses, in this case, are swift.

However, whenever you attempt to petition for a lousy task, you will be put on hold for a long time. Eventually, you might be referred to contact the team head. You have to make use of the email option to contact the team head.

This option is not reliable as you have to wait for a long time to get feedback. There is also no assurance of getting positive feedback as they try as much as possible to vindicate their platform.

In most Edubirdie reviews, customers have complained about the unavailability of the telephone option. Either you did not get a response, or you are put on hold for a long time. Generally speaking, Edubirdie customer support can be judged as fair.


  • Ability to choose your writer
  • Right formatting
  • Low plagiarism rate


  • Grammatical and spelling errors are present in the assignment
  • Non-native writers claiming native English writers
  • Writers with fake qualifications
  • Poor customer support service
  • High cost of service

After critically analyzing the service rendered by Edubirdie writing service, it is not out of place to give a verdict about the brand. This act is essential to give you a headway whether to choose the service or not.

You need to understand this judgment is based on factors important to give you optimal satisfaction. Factors such as types of service, the price system, quality of service, and customer support are all evaluated.

There are a variety of academic writing services available, as seen in the reviews. The services are also available to all levels of education. Meanwhile, the quality of the service is not perfect. Slights errors such as grammar and spelling errors are noticeable in some deliveries.

These minor errors are capable of jeopardizing students' grades. Furthermore, the Edubirdie brand has been fingered in a lot of scandals. There are reports of how the brand paid social media and YouTube influencers to recommend the brand. This scandal means the advertisement was faulty because the brand failed to meet up the standard they claimed.

Writers on the brand have been identified to make use of fake identities. Some of the writers on the site also claim qualifications they never had. All of these factors are enough to judge Edubirdie as an unreliable writing service. We advise you to consider other writer services if you genuinely desire quality service.
Is EduBirdie reliable?
Edubirdie cannot be completely said to be a reliable platform. Sure they often provide quality services but some writers in the team are very unprofessional.
Is legit?
One fake aspect of Edubirdie that threatens their legitimacy is in their writer's profile picture, when photos of their profile pictures were fed through a reverse search engine it appeared to be fake. Another aspect lies in the fact that chats received from writers are mostly automated.
Is EduBirdie a scam?
A client would likely make payment for a high-quality essay and in return be provided with a low-quality one by the writer. Whether or not the assignment meets the client’s demands, it is almost impossible to get a refund once the assignment has been delivered because of how complex the refunding process is. Most people would term this as a scam.
Is EduBirdie safe?
Edubirdie is an online platform and just like many others, their safety can be questioned. Transactions are encrypted and thus safe but registration requires inputting personal data.
Is a good writing service?
Complaints have been made on the platform’s poor time management. Writers have been reported to be late with submitting assignments, not following directions, and sometimes not reviewing assignments. When trying to contact the customer service team to report such an incident, clients are often met only with a “sorry” response for the inconveniences.
Is EduBirdie cheating?
EduBirdie is not cheating. They offer academic help to students who might find writing to be a difficult task. No regulation condemns a student caught using EduBirdie.
How much does EduBirdie cost?
EduBirdie makes use of a bid price system. However, the lowest price you can find on the platform is $20.
Is EduBirdie plagiarism-free?
Imagine having a class of 20 students write the same assignment using the same platform, certainly, similarities will exist in them. Since Edubirdie is a platform that outsources its writers, it should be expected that not all written assignments would be plagiarism-free.
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